Behind the opioid crisis: Republicans and Obama cleared the way for corporate murder

By Patrick Martin
16 October 2017

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The Sackler bros and Purdue Pharmaceuticals pushed Oxy on middle America with bogus scientific journals to trick doctors. Anyone who didn't push dope was called names.

How could the free market let this happen ;~;

But I guess that wasn't real socialism.

At the very least, they should have imitated the British and forced some other country to buy these drugs.

I see Kratom brought up a lot when it comes to the opioid and benzo crisis. Anyone here ever use this stuff? Curious as to why the DEA has such a hard-on for banning it when it seems like a harmless thing.

I've tried it. It tastes worse than the devil's sweaty taint, but as a pain reliever it's not too shabby. If you can manage to choke the stuff down, anyway. I've heard some people mix it with chocolate or put it into capsules. It's a pleasant high, and from what I've seen it's not easy to abuse. At least, the circle I'm in, those that tried it enjoyed the stuff, but once it's run its course they found it really difficult to take any more for several hours/until the next day. This is extremely anecdotal though.

I'm not an expert or anything, but my experience was a pleasant, full body, stimulated high, and I could see it being an effective pain treatment. I know some people that take it after exercise to mitigate muscle pain, but I can't really say how it would fare against excruciating pain.


That does help, thanks. I'm curious to try some myself. I'm a former benzo abuser and almost died on an OD once. Which has me confused as to why the DEA is coming down on the Kratom. The only bad stories I found were probably due to other narcotics in addition to kratom.

She shouldn't let people see her panties…

I don't have any evidence to say it's "safe", but the effects I experienced were pleasant. Stimulation somewhat stronger than coffee, with a bit of a buzz sort of like tobacco.

I really recommend putting it in caps first, but failing that mix (REALLY well) a generous teaspoon or two into something thick like a milkshake. The powder I originally got was hydrophobic as fuck and just trying to take it raw was awful. Aside from the taste, it coated the insides of my mouth and throat and gave me a coughing fit for a while.

Iirc it can also be denatured with alcohol similar to weed extracts, but I'm not super sure on that. Doing that might make it more palatable as well.

In any event, it's a pretty mild drug imo. The only reasons I could see (aside from maybe some scientific revelation detailing the harm) that it was scheduled was because it a) made people feel good b) was cheap and c) there wasn't any corporation getting a cut from it. I don't know and haven't heard of anyone having a bad time with kratom alone (not to say it doesn't or has never happened), but who knows for sure.

Godspeed, courageous psychonaut. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Nah, it's just the right amount of lewd.


It's still immoral.

Kratrom does taste bad. I mix it in fruit smoothies. Always found it to be more of a sedative than a stimulant, but that might be the strains, dosages ect.

I knew someone who was a heroin addict and she said Kratrom is not even close to the real thing.

Because kratom isn't produced by the guys bribing the DEA and is cutting into the oxy sellers profits

The level of corruption in america is amazing. It's third world levels, but much more sophisticated.

Oh for fuck's sake

americans will never blame capitalism, they've been mindfucked to consider it their best friend

WSWS has some solid journalists working for them.

It's a shame that they're so mindlessly sectarian and call literally anyone who has a different opinion than them on literally anything "psuedo-leftists".

absolutely disgusting

This is true, we learn that the market is our best friend in elementary school, not even meme-ing