Egoists of Holla Forums, what is the union of egoists, and how does it work?

Egoists of Holla Forums, what is the union of egoists, and how does it work?

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the bilderberg group

open up those images.
Simply put it's friendship, the most basic of unions. I practice it almost every day.


the union of egoists can also take many forms.
communist, communalist, mutualist (most of the time it's this), autonomist, etc.
In reality all I'm saying, all those "forms" are things humans already practiced a million of years ago without giving the concepts fancy names like we do today. It's very basic we have practiced too but due to spooks we forget it.

We get together under a bridge to shoot heroin and the first one to sober up gets to nick everything from those still being high so he can buy another shot. Everything we can make ours is our property so we opportunistically align ourselves when stealing batteries, one of us fakes a spastic attack for distraction and the rest fills their bags. So yeah, we're basically the most despooked union of egoists, although I'm starting to doubt that following a philosophy which presents life as a game theory setting has much to with uniqueness when it forces everyone in adapting the same strategy of maximized self-interest with those who don't being prey to those who do.

read the last 3 or 4 pages.

You with your friends in the middle of nowhere. In say a forest. Would do that? Well everyone does in the union whatever he/she wants. Nobody said you can't be retarded if you want to, whatever satisfies you.

You can't have union without the principle of reciprocation, you can't have reciprocation as a strategy for personal gain that is abandoned when doing so leads to more personal gain. No honour among egoists.

Marxism is the union of egoists. Just the ones who aren't teenage edgelords and understand that the common interests of society are the ultimate expression of their personal interests.

you don't know what a spook is then, read the book + stirner critics.

it's not Marxism in the sense you understand it, only it's method of analysis is useful to the individual, to expose Capitalism as a hierarchy which subjugates the productor.

P.D. Marx didn't invent socialism or communism.

to my surprise some one already made a video:

I didn't read Stirner at al to be honest… Too impractical, therefore, unmarxist heresy and a waste of time. I'm judging by how it's used.

Can Stirner's egoism be used to organise a mighty political organisation? Produce some wealth? Predict some economic or political crisis, or at least a person's reaction? Maybe score chicks, at least? No? Sorry, too spooky, I mean, idealistic.

I see, egoism doesn't lead to what I described because stirner says it doesn't.

What a load of shit.

You went to la-la land there, think about your current condition.

You're not mighty yourself to be saying those things. We're is your party? Never been. Do you think you have the power to subjugate me in your ways to make me "practical" for your ends? Where is that State? Really?
Not even your number of friends is greater than mine or physical capacity, or skill.

It's not "used". You don't use a friend, a friend protects, helps, works with those who satisfy him. They can produce wealth, they can predict economic crisis, score chicks/dudes anything they wish.

You seem to think of an Union of Egoists as something political, of the imaginary. It doesn't practice politics or dogma if thats you question it's something very basic. Communism is an example of an Union of Egoists.

Yes. I'm saying you're a stupid weakling with power fantasies. Deal with it.

You have went full ad hominem. Not my first time at all, so no problem dealing with it.

I didn't touch mine or yours' personality at all. I express the Marxist idea that every theory has to stem from practice, and its' validity is determined by practice. Due to a total absence of Stirnerite practice, I conclude that it is a highly unsucessful and, in fact, bankrupt theory.

I did not talk about some sort of friends. I talked about a theory. And using it is about the only thing you can do with a theory, apart from discarding or revising it. So my judgement is 100% valid.

Stirnerites believe everything they do is stirnerite practice as long as the blessing of stirner is invoked.

No we're aware that every practice we do is our own.

Egoism is no political theory or dogma. I clearly told you. You're political (and powerless), not me.

Good friendships. Healthy romantic relationships. Mutually enjoyable sexual relationships.

I am pro comfy Stirner.

when ur mom tells you to take out the trash and you go even though you don't want to but it's in your self-interest because if you don't she'll have her dog rape you in the ass while she films it and posts it on zootube…

…does this count as stirnerite practice or nonstirnete practice?

Stop treating Marxism like a religion you retard.

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Beginning reform is beginning revolution.

I like Egoism.

Thank you.

be strong like the lion homie.

Anyone who took Union of Egoists seriously other than a loose description of how people would unite each under their own interests is a foolish fool. Take into context the whole quote:

Imagine how many interactions that go on in daily life, how many of those are actually under our pretense and how many are just stately situations. Stirner never fully developed how social situations would be really handled, rightly so as a development of The Unique which is filled with unique content.

this is why ideolouges will never get it. They're too spooked.


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