Puerto Rico's streets crawl with heavily armed, masked mercenaries bearing no insignia or nametags

Remember when they were saying that lefty groups must be up to no good because they covered their faces and hid their identities?

Really makes you think πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”


This is some MGS shit

Didn't even know Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) was known as Academi now. Shows how behind I am. All these merc outfits make up names that try to misdirect what they do/thwart search engines and bots.

Yeah its "Constellis holdings" now. Does the name have to get gayer every time?

This is what you get for meming irresponsibly.

Guy on the right has an Australian flag patch. Weird.

pmcs recruit from australia among others


We need a RL Solid Snake.

What do you think the real death toll is?

I mean right now, obviously; it will continue to rise since most of the deaths are coming from the post-apocalyptic living conditions. We can expect the entire old/weak/sick population die die within the year if things continue at this rate.

They're trying to have their cake and eat it too, do nothing and let the island suffer, but deny mass casualties. They're trying to clamp down on the bodycount (45 dead lmfao) and the idea will occur to some brain genius, if it has not already, to hide or burn bodies.

I would put fucking money on privatized """morgues""" run by the mercs that take 50 bodies from the school gym and miraculously bury 8 popping up all over PR


Remember when the USA at least pretended to be about freedom?

The death toll was 70 in a non commie state hit by level 3 hurricane. It's probably 50 times this in Puerto Rico, at least.

I thought the US had lax gun laws?

Depends on the state. Some of them are super lax, others are worse than Europe.

Vegemites gonna veg.

Laws regarding firearms vary by state. There are federal gun laws but restrictions like those are set at the state level.

even the strictest US state isn't as strict as the netherlands



How it what!?

why does pic related have new zealand flag on his cap?

they… they got him

also polite sage


It's going to get indescribably worse these next 10 years aren't they?

Absolutely. Make a good group of friends now.

Meanwhile, the liberals

I both can't believe paying for mercs do to any killing for you, by a government, is legal, yet I am also not surprised.