The Efficiency of Jihadism

How come contemporary Islamists are so apt at killing so many people in almost every attack they carry out?

Even the deadliest terror attacks in post-war European history — the 1980 Bologna massacre by neo-fascists (85 deaths), the 1974 Dublin car bombing by Ulster loyalists (34 deaths) or the 1961 Vitry-le-François train derailment by pro-colonialists (28 deaths) — pale in comparison.

They almost seem amateurish when you think of the death toll associated with the recent attacks in Madrid (192), Paris (137) or Nice (87) — keeping in mind that those weren't carried out by highly-coordinated hardened militants who even received clandestine state support as listed in the paragraph above, but by a handful of disaffected lone wolves who wouldn't be able to find their own ass even if they were given a map.


the post-left anarchists groups should adopt and replicate the same asymmetric warfare techniques against the proprietors. Every man, woman and whatever the pronoun is a potential soldier capable of destroying the proprietary system. However we, unlike jihadists are able to understand the value each of our lives have, and thus we must deem absurd the sacrifice at young age.

A tendency of committing acts of rebellion at an elderly age should become the norm if we plan to destabilize the proprietary system. Any other form of warfare is bound to failure, as the proprietary system is very efficient at sabotaging any organization that is created. Asymmetrical warfare has the inherent advantage of being a purely egotistical act. Unless the proprietors are able to control and read our minds, the egotistical act cannot be sabotaged, cannot be controlled and more importantly, cannot be stopped.

There would be nothing to lose, as a rebellious act at elderly age means that each and one of use can live fulfilling lives without having to worry about the absurd way in which the proprietary system obliges us to act.

See you in hell or in anarchism

as usual ancoms turn out to be the biggest moralfags, asymmetrical warfare is our biggest strength.

If you have access to weapons and don't care if you die it's hardly that difficult to kill civilians. If the Jihadis start killing cops I might be impressed.

So how much warfare have you engaged in this week cumrade ?

Rightists love to kill civilians because they share the same spooks with different labels.

What sort of braindead idiot do you have to be to assume my opening statement condones Islamist terrorism in any way whatsoever?

No, but their strategies are useful for asymmetric warfare studies.

I'd say, Jihadism is no different form European terror. It is European security enforcement that sucks more.

Besides, modern technology is significantly more destructive. In the past, governments tried to compromise with the militant forces, but not now.

They are able to killl many more people because they use methods that will probably result in death or capture.

This. Most historical groups have attempted to minimize casualties, be they civillians or their own. The Red Army Faction had acceptable and unacceptable targets, the IRA tried to avoid casualties until their last years, and the loyalist fighters of the Troubles who targeted pro-republican civillians had no intention of being caught. Look at Anders Breivik, if you want to kill as many as you can and don't care about what happens to you after, it's not very difficult to harm very, very many people.

why would I waste my youth in prison when I can do it when I am 75 years old or so, what we should be asking is why aren't 70-75 year old anarchists engaging in warfare right now

did you ever read my text?

Loyalists paramilitaries targeted Catholic neighborhoods with little regard to whether they were actually republicans or not.

It's really simple there was an issue of inspire that detailed how simple it is to carry out jihad(s) with common modern tools, appliances and of course vehicles.

Jihadists appropriated practically effective tactics, methods of attack, organisation, and recruitment. Someone will double down on these free gibs for their sheer utility.

Oh and reminder that
turned out to be useless for anarchists. we ain't getting shit that way, let others be the edgelords

They have an actual competent, experienced organization to coordinate with and share tips. Lone wolf Islamists can still do a pretty bad job - the Tsarnaevs managed 4.

Also fewer qualms about who they kill, I think. I know leftist terror movements have shied away from large body counts because we don't want them - we're trying to kill Porky, not fellow proles.

hello CIA

prove me wrong faggot

I'm pretty sure CIA wants leftists to put bombs to they have a reason to crack down on them.

they sort of do, but they also want to prevent successful attacks because it embarrasses them and hurts their rep/public image