PSUV gets at least 17 / 23 governorships, one still pending. YANQUIS DE MIERDA, WE'RE GONNA DO IT, FUCK IT!

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how is this good?

Some of you kulaks are alright, don't go to Caracas tomorrow

Wow whatever happened to that massive popular movement against the establishment in Venezuela that CNN was telling me about?

fuck off retard

Probably shot themselves in their own feet with all their antics, destruction and murder.

It's still there. The Venezuelan people are all 100% behind the opposition, the counter-demonstrators were all bribed by Maduro with food.
t. American media


They lost a couple but won Miranda, which is an opposition stronghold.

It was real on their minds. People are sick of PSUV but not enough to trust the opposition nor they reject Chavez and Chavizmo.

Actual American headlines:
Opposition vies for landmark victory in polarized Venezuela
Venezuelans face long lines, confusion in first major vote since violent election
Venezuelans go to polls in vote seen as gauge of Maduro's grip on power


guarantee the burger press will start accusing them of rigging the elections now.

lol it's already happening

and btw
even though im not a mark-soc
at least mark-socs at least attempt to be socialist in nature





now I get it, you succdems are all pessimists who don't care if countries get destroyed and people starve, thinking that will somehow lead to socialism.
ask yourself who the real idealist is.

see, this is the logic Stalin supporters use to justify state repression and authoritarianism. But Venezuela has had nearly 2 decades, and rather than do any of those things, they're still trying to suck up to the bourgeoisie to let them have social democracy.

Nowhere did I say "Venezuela is socialist." Fuck off gusano.

You're not even trying to hide it anymore. Get the fuck out yankee fuck.


Whoo boy the CIA shills sure are coming out of the woodwork. Hope they pay you faggots good, maybe you should unionize.

Imagine being this knee-deep in idpol

Read Marx you piece of shit.

The American empire needs to be destroyed. The emerging alliance between the anti-American powers (headed of course by Russia and China) is key to this.

i hate the U.S and its foreign policy as much as the next bloke but stop this delusional bullshit

maduro and chavez were to Suc-dem idiots who ruined their country
i hope the U.S dosent overthrow them but i also wouldnt give a fuck if people in venezuela overthrew them of their own accord

Hahaha no


I said Maduro wasn't remotely like stalin, and hence the justification doesn't work. learn to read.

holy fuck Social Democrats are retarded.
the majority of their economic failure is because the VENEZUELAN bourgeoisie refused to comply with Chavez'/Maduro's economic policies, and used their power to destroy the economy. This would have happened with or without US involvement you bloody schizophrenic.


Can you give me more details about what their economic policies were?

I would support anything short of Satan himself to destroy American hegemony. The unipolar system has got to end.

That's why they didn't diversify their economy, didn't produce shit with what little they nationalized and slurped up all the oil money to give shit away to the poor so that they would vote for them?

What difference would there be between the American empire and a Russian/Chinese empire?

price controls that made it harder for the upper class to profit off of exploitation, so they simply stopped selling.

The hypothetical Russian/Chinese empires would not be the sole superpowers on Earth. Multi-polarity is a key ingredient for socialist revolutions.


Maduro really should just seize the MoP.

leddit is talking. go ahead and drop some redpills.



What kind of businessman would pay other people to consume his products when they can buy a plane ticket elsewhere and have people give him money to buy his products?

Are you sure that you know what "selling at a loss" means?

when he can buy*


Supporting Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution should really be a no-brainer. They are Marxist, and have been implementing some wrong policies, but they are actual leftists who are trying to build some sort of cooperative economy. The Bolivarian Revolution is a proletarian movement with mass support, and grassroot democracy. You don't have to like or endorse their ideology but it's definitely something that needs to be defended from imperialism and proto-fascist reaction.

When you are so opposed to anti-imperialism that you won't even show solidarity with a genuine, mass-supported left-wing movement because they haven't read Bordiga you are beyond saving

They aren't Marxist*

The price controls made them sell at a loss, the new prices weren't enough to cover the manual labor + the materials.

Chávez's Venezuela still had 20% yearly inflation.

I highly doubt they would be selling at a loss, this is the BBC we're talking about. I only posted that link to explain what his economic policies were.

America is still far more influential than either of them. Their empire needs to be dismantled. The US needs to be forced back into being just another shitty regional power.

not really, they are struggling miserably to uphold their sanctions against any country overseas besides Venezuela. it's likely that the eastern countries will eventually get shit of their childish bullshit and run campaigns against their whole coalition (although Russia kinda already is but against the EU).

Yeah right, all the elections were rigged and shit. Fuck off.
Go fucking have a look at their new constitutional proposal or actually talk to Veneuzuelans who have been self-organizing militias and shit for quite a while now
They currently have a social democracy but the movement clearly isn't just about that.
So you'd prefer a Pinochet style coup? How come Norway has almost the same policies? Clearly there is more at work here considering the material conditions in Venezuela, and the sanctions/oil price manipulation.

USA actually pushed China into being on board with the DPRK sanctions. That's not really "struggling".

Kill yourself CIA shill.

Rich assholes who should be shot.

Unless you have actually been to Venezuela and gone to the areas where Maduro's party is the most popular (i.e. a vast majority of the country) you haven't really spoken to Venezuelans. Right wingers in Venezuela and in the LA at large are essentially monarchists and need to be literally cleansed from this Earth and sent to hell where they belong.

y'all mind if if i…
support the bolivarian revolution??

i just think Maduro and the PSUV should hold actual open elections


Christ Commies will probably end up leading the revolution in burgerland. They have that righteous fury that only faith can give you. I respect it.

>the marksoc country

Did you literally just say elections are rigged because they are socialists? Jesus Christ this board becomes utter shit during burgerland hours

Well, then you'd need to provide proof now. You make the claim.


meanwhile here in colombia half of the presidential candidates want to overthrow venezuela, and considering we are a us puppet state, their claims would not be that unlikelu

That's not proof that the election was rigged, that's just some random-ass approval rating about a single person

Yo estoy muy impaciente de unirme al lado venezolano.

Did you miss 2016? All the election ratings came wrong in that year
Right now taking ratings is on the same level as astrology.

Damn really makes you think. Either liberals no longer believe in basic political theory or they are literally making shit up. America has a long history of fabricating stories and """facts""" about Latin America to suit their interests. You should never trust anything they say about the region.

Whoever wins, they lose. What's the point here?

la unica esperanza es mantener a uribe y sus secuaces fuera de la casa de nariño, y eso incluye a todos los partidos menos al polo democratico, tristemente la gente detesta a la izquierda, asi que seguiremos siendo un país reaccionario

While the lies about Venezuela are not as insane as the lies about the DPRK, they certainly are as heinous. At least with the DPRK you might argue that they do pull off whacky shit sometimes but Maduro literally doesn't do much wrong from a liberal perspective, it's a completely normal democratic process. I have no idea what more he could do so he would stop being vilified.


las elecciones no tienen por que estar arregladas, 50 años de propaganda hacen que la gente vote por el neoliberal o el conservador siempre, y si alguna vez se llegara a apoyar a un izquierdista el govierno sencillamente lo mataria y ya, y si por algun milagro llegara al poder, los eeuu sencillamente quitarian el apoyo financiero o harian bloqueos, lo que colapsaria este pequeño basurero que llamamos pais, ademas llamame idealista pero todavia me gustaria intentar

Maduro is based as fuck, i laugh at how he keeps cucking those white boy us backed retards

No se trata de propagan, el sistema politico existe solamente para los intereses oligarcas, no importa lo que se vote.

What, do you really think that Venezuela is a special case here?

Yeah, no.

A good part of my family was chavista (mom's side: poor-as-fuck barrio (mostly pro-government), dad's side: colombian immigrants (mostly opposition)) until 2014 or so. The PSUV lost support when they stopped giving free shit and things started getting worse for everyone of every class.

Wait, you mean Venezuelans with laptops and wifi hanging out on image boards and speaking perfect english aren't representative of all Venezuelans? Find hard to believe.

Not the guy that got his post deleted but saying that is retarded. The government literally had a program to give students laptops with wifi for free.

But I imagine they spend all day talking about baseball on faceboook

The shut-ins will still end up here though

Let me guess, you also believe that Bernie is going to seize le means and gulag xD Hillary and Drumpf? And that it's our moral duty to suck any shitty social democrat's cock, as long as they are in the 3rd world so that we don't have to actually do something apart from checking our privi.lege and smearing other socialists?

le gmil fayc


why do leftists do this?

Why do idiots do this?

Oh right, money. Cheap dead eyed money.

how come shit like Iran can and Venezuela can't

In this situation what the opposition wants is influence from America. So you're wrong that there was more than a choice here.

We will get you for this, we swear!

Venezuela is so fucking infuriating, why don' they just expropriate everything and organize a command economy, plus ban all parties except the Socialist Party. Begin mass industrialization to establish autarky. Madura has control over the armed forces he could easily launch a self-coup and kill/exile all opposition. Fucking liberals who cares about "human rights" kill me all.

What better way for America to find an excuse to remove you

Why is it that polls don't even slighty reflect reality anymore?

Same reason Chavez failed to redirect oil revenues into industrial diversification before the bubble popped: They just weren't smart enough.

I don't think the reasons are similar.

Because Maduro isn't actually a socialist he is just an egotist: he is not even an idealistic maniac.

I didn't know Maduro read Stirner

Also how come shitloads of pro-US countries are refusing to recognize the election and calling it illegal, then calling Maduro a dictator that hates freedom in the next breath?

Isn't having an election the most un-dictatorish thing he could have done?

The USSR had elections.

name one (1) dictator who doesn't have elections.

I mean an election that the opposition gets to participate in.

He can't be that stupid. Cuba made the same mistake, they spent all their resources during the Cold War fighting wars in Africa and financing overseas revolts, and then when the USSR collapsed they had no industry to produce anything for their people. Even North Korea were smart enough to industrialize, which is why today they are producing nukes while Cuba produces nothing.

yeah, and? They were more democratic than USA elections by far.

Is there any source for this apart from TeleSUR? I'd like it to be true but that outlet is a government rag.

That's faint praise.

I second this

Not a retarded reply at all, the left is gonna be bit in the ass no matter what it tries to do with porky all over the damn place,_2017

It looks like there were some shennanigans, including the last minute relocation of voting stations primarily in opposition areas, as well as including opposition candidates on the ballot who weren't actually running, increasing the chances of accidental votes being cast for them. These may have been enough to tip the scales in the government's favour, resulting in more wins than they would have normally got, however it still proves that there is a large portion of the population that still supports Maduro.

That's literally fake news. They are lying to get American support.

Because they aren't Brazil or Argentina to be able to sustain foreign boycott nor have enough internal power to kill all the piggies.
For a revolution to be successful in South America one of the big countries must be involved or at least have a big backer like Cuba with the Soviets. There was a window for that in 00s, but the internal contradictions of Brazil and Argentina didn't allow for a full on turn to Socialism, even light developmentalism proved to be too radical in Brazil's case which lead to a coup last year.
If you can read either Spanish or Portuguese seek Claudio Katz book on the subject(Neoliberalismo, neodesarrollismo, socialismo is the name of the book in spanish), a marxist analysis of the neoliberal period and then the neovelopmentalism in Argentina and Brazil and lastly socialism in Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.

They did, but had to pull back in 2007/08 during the crisis and later political climate didn't allow them for the return on that policy.

What is vote rigging?

This isn't a phone call poll or anything, those are official election results.

What's fake about "It looks like there were some shennanigans, including the last minute relocation of voting stations primarily in opposition areas, as well as including opposition candidates on the ballot who weren't actually running, increasing the chances of accidental votes being cast for them."? All of that happened.


Cuba has more arable land. They had a food shortage.

As long as they dont give a shit about my tranny pills then I for one welcome our Christ Commie overlords

The right will still bitch