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is this what right wingers trying to sound intelligent looks like?

it's what future gulag prisoners look like

Weird how reactionaries latched on to RLM. The cast seems rather apolitical, but it wouldn't surprise me that brainlets think snark = conservatism.

Well me personally I LOVE the alt-right.

literally "everything I don't like is postmodernism"

I think it's due to the Nazi Stoklasa meme and the fact they're from Milwaukee, going against the pervading coastal cultural centers. Also the whole working-class hard drinking aesthetic. Overall they don't really strike me as political and I'm pretty sure beardfat is your typical nerdy liberal dude.

They've mentioned communism in a negative way at least once. Not a real critique or anything, it was just something offhanded, something very close to
But to a brainlet that might be enough to tell them that they're totally /ourguy/ nazis in disguise. I've seen the alt right latch onto people for even less, they're absolutely fucking desperate for friendship because they know everyone hates them.

This kind of delusion is unhelpful.

Is this a new Posadist flag or something?

Nothing particularly reactionary in that comment chain. Most don't understand and don't like postmodernism, I don't particularly care for it. And It's true that we're in a postmodern nightmare.

That just sounds like what apolitical/moderate normies think of communism.


Postmodernism is pretty much fascism but very dishonest about it.


What do you gain by comparing shit to fascism? The only trend to which this belongs to is the emptying the meaning of terms.

Based China protecting their citizens.

While it's pretty embarrassing watching turbo brainlets trying to explain postmodernism, I don't think many people ITT can explain it pretty well either

post-modernism was a reaction to fascism, silly

actually on that note I suggest you read Beginning Post-modernism by Tim Woods, great introduction to the whole thing

there's some irony here

me, personally, I loved this comment chain

Who has time to read Derrida anyway?

that's the symbol you get when you buy an Holla Forums pass