The starwars prequels and comics are pretty Lefty.

Anything i left out?

Lucas is pretty disilusioned about muh American dream and muh freedom (TM). That said, Star wars are pretty shallow to talk about its political impact. Not that it's Lucas' personal fault.

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Star Wars is utter trash. The only thing that it has going to for it are some aesthetics that were somewhat refreshing when A New Hope came out, and the whole Anakin Skywalker arc which is alright from a dramatical standpoint I guess but hammered into every fucking movie that you become quickly oversaturated with it.

Star Wars is for little kids.

Droids are the proletariat.

Star wars is the only movie series that has more bad movies than good ones.


I'm not even sure what to make of Star Wars, any political undertones in it are so half-baked that it's hard to apply any of it to real life. The closest thing to any kind of conclusion it seems to imply is that the galaxy needs some kind of Jedi theocracy since the galactic republic has failed hard every time it was tried.

Also I dunno why the "republic" had hereditary nobility in it either. Or why we're supposed to think it was a good thing since Palpatine already had absolute control over it from the shadows. Not to mention the massive poverty on places like Tatooine seems to have somewhat improved between Phantom Menace and A New Hope so it's not clear why the Empire is worse either.

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Because Star Wars plays with the childish tropes. Nobility is good when you use words like "princess" (female empowerment) "senator" (democracy) and knight (fighter for justice) whereas lord (feudal oppressor) or emperor (war-monger) are negatively connoted.

The republic was a shitty liberal oligarchy and the Jedi were priests of their state religion. The force is liberal as fuck. Kreia was right. It needed to be eliminated.

Oh yeah, and lets not start on the fact that the Jedi are LITERALLY space Janissaries.

If Jedi were forbidden to love anyway then why not just make them actual eunuchs on induction

They can have sex apparently, just not families.

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The jedi are proof that Zizek is right about buddhism.

If the Empire Nationalized more companies they could have been Nazbols. Chisses/EotH were Stalin-Titoists anyhow.

Support the Rebel Alliance and their noble struggle against Galactic Imperialism.

but 6 of the 8 movies are good. are you and I talking about the same Star Wars here?

Only the first two are good.


Milliard/Billiard/etc. is still a thing in other countries?

A billion is a thousand million in other countries now too.

I believe that the original Lucas plan was to show that the Jedi are as corrupt and cruel (even more so, and more hypocritic) as the Sith, and count Dooku was the real hero.

The Schwartz is stoic philosophy and the calls of jedi theocracy are nothing else than calls for "enlightened" sect dictatorship propounded by platonics who empowered feudalism with pretense of rationality.

Only the first two are good.

hello reddit. reminder the prequels are better.

Holla Forums tier contrarianism.

Objectively wrong

I don't see how it's contrarian. The prequels weren't shit on when they were initially released. The hardcore critics who labelled it the worst of all time came much much later.
Probably just a bunch of shills trying to get Lucas to sell his kino franchise. (which he did)


The Sith did nothing wrong tbh

The prequels have good ideas and a couple nice things (like the music and Ian McDiarmid) but they're as close as you can get to objectively bad. The character motivations don't make sense a lot of the time and bad acting direction undercuts what's going on because more often than not the actors didn't know the context of what the characters were doing. That and Lucas was literally splicing together characters from different takes, making reactive acting impossible. The entire first film ends up being basically pointless because of the timeskip (and Anakin ages much faster than everyone else). The second film is half nonsensical filler (the romance subplot) and half nonsensical intrigue that goes nowhere. The third film is pretty much the only relevant part of the trilogy, and by then the whole thing has you burned out (without an increase in quality to make up for it) and basically contributes nothing to the overall story. Oh and if you hear of star wars and watch the series in chronological order (like anyone would) then it ruins any chance that might remain of the big twist being a surprise.

Never saw that film

Actually, they make it pretty clear in additional material (particularly The Clone Wars) that the Republic is inherently corrupt and contradictory and all too easy to abuse, which is why Palpatine was able to get as far as he was. Nevermind the fact that later seasons of the cartoon and several books show that the Jedi Order ends up becoming just as bloated and corrupt as the republic, especially towards the end of the war. The only reason they're not working hand in hand with the government is because they have a personal distaste for Palpatine, given that he's trying to hog power away from the Jedi (which, again, is actually a good thing). Fuck, I mean it gets to the point where the Jedi Order starts coming under fire from their own padawans, one of whom bombs their temple.

Say what you will about how the movies portray things, but it's pretty clear from other sources that the republic and the Jedi Order were doomed to fall apart from their own contradictions and archaic bullshittery, leading things wide open for a powerful executive to assume full control (something that was already supported by Anakin and presumably many citizens of the Republic, as well as some other Jedi and government personnel, which is why the empire had little initial resistance)

Remember that the 1st film was written at the height of Watergate, protests against Vietnam, and hippie fascination with orientalism, so it's a bit thematically broad. Also, the OT were much less direct with the Foundation/Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire analogies.

Not just US & Rome, but also a bit of EU & UN, with lower-level divisions similarly retaining nobility or sometimes being 3rd-world.

Prequels were good movies even if definitely subpar compared to OT, but while they were shat on soon after release, it wasn't particularly organic, and all three films were record-setting box office blockbusters. In particular, I remember my brother and his GF (both a bit hipster-y, but generally good taste when they're being honest) going to Phantom Menace, being absolutely stoked about it, seeing it again 4 more times, and then next week when the "official" opinions rolled in from "critics" and especially internet "consensus", both of them about-faced and pretended they hated the film, parroting all the incredibly petty "critiques" that are now accepted as orthodoxy within the "fandom". I don't think it was a conspiracy, just a result of internet hiveminds developing around the same time.