Trump will keep us out of World wa–


Yes and I'm sure a no-fly zone over Syria would have gone swimmingly

I think she means "not tough enough"

Very few of us actually had a preference between the 2 during the election. Go tell this to the Holla Forumstards

I unironically find her sexy tho

Trump, through sheer ineptitude acted as a doorstop on American imperialism for almost a year. I knew he'd get either removed or subverted eventually.

Trump is still being a retard. He’s bold enough to break the Iran Nuclear Deal, but not bold enough to go to war with Iran. Hopefully this’ll end with Iran having Nukes.

The only way Iran doesn't get a nuke is if they have a war. The United States will not do this, and Iran knows it.

Iran doesn't trade its oil in US dollars, US wanted war with them ever since invasion of Iraq.

there's no rule that says they can't both suck

Honestly, Clinton was terrible but I don't understand how anyone couldn't see that she was the better choice. Trump if very possibly mentally disabled; I'm not meming, he seems to have very limited cognitive abilities, especially for a man of his age and with his muh privileged background.

peak liberal

The world is very complicated. Sometimes pushing something in seemingly the "wrong" direction can produce a desired result.


I can respect your honesty but I'm kinda disgusted

Get better tastes.

She was wife material until the 90's. She would be the hottest first lady , she's not the hottest only because she was already too seasoned.
Obviously I don't find her attractive today. That would be sick as fuck

Seriously, she makes melania eat shit

this is literally the only board I've been on where old lady fetishes are prominent.

Mature is milf for patricians.
Classy patricians

I don't often use the word revolting, but the thought of sex with those old ladies is revolting.

dude I just ate

you realize that's a Fox News Article? of course they're going to make propaganda about how Trump is strong and tough, and way way better than the submissive libcuck clinton. You think literally anyone reading fox values what Hillary has to say? do you even yellow journalism?

Idk, now that I'm thinking about it susan sarandon is pretty hot. I remember a thread a few months back where some user dumped a bunch of pics of her. I had never fantasized about sex with older women before. That thread changed me.

2 and 5 look like the children of the damned

Keep draining that swamp!

goddamn dude susan is fine as hell