The spectacle has been doing some weird things lately

The spectacle has been doing some weird things lately.

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We need wolfenstein where you play in german occupied moscow or something



What's weird about this

Just the fact "fuck nazis" isn't the bland political stance it was 10 years ago, and is actually being used to sell things due to controversy.

I am 200% sure the Wolfenstein devs are trying too piss off alt-right types: they have a "so much for the tolerant left" talk between too nazi death squad members.

I can't wait to see how butthurt the TotallyNotActuallyANazi centrists get over this.

pic related

The whole reason they are the enemy in Wolfenstein isn't because it's controversial, but because it's super controversy-free to depict him whatever.

If anything, the public opinion shifted in our favour. 20 years ago, communists were just as much of a generic enemy in western entertainment. You won't find any commie slasher movie or game at a present time any longer.

wasnt the new wonder woman movie about fighting the soviet union?


what is comedy

Called it you niggers

tankies confirmed for not understanding humor

Germans in WWI

The new Wolfenstein games are actually subtle nazi propaganda tho.
They portray nazis as bad asses muthafuckas while the resistance is pic related.
Young impressionable kids and teens are going to obviously side with the nazis and grow up thinking nazism is bad ass and cool while people against it sucks. This is an advanced psychology technique where you pretend to attack what you actually want to promote.

Kinda true, New Order depicted nazi tech that was fucking crazy. But then again, its fantasy

I see nothing wrong with this.



I'm still waiting for a game where you can play as a third world guerrilla fighting against imperialists

Red faction
Its a game about the revolution happening in a mars colony

Rising Storm 2

You calling the red army a third world guerrilla group?

Did you miss the part where BJ Blazkowicz, the main fucking protagonist of the games, is a goddamn Aryan ubermensch stereotype who hates Nazis?

I don't know that dude looks pretty cool where can i get his clothes



Rising Storm 2 is set in Vietnam and features the PAVN and the NLF as playable factions, and I think they may be adding the Khmer rouge in the new expansion.

There was that cool turn based tactical strategy where you play as a Soviet spy infiltrating West Germany, preventing Nazi Capitalist plans of igniting WWIII

Oddworld series. Take your pick, every single game is about a downtrodden native tribe fucking over imperialist porky scumbags.

Lorne talking about the ramifications of the first game (Abe, a slave, ruins a meat processing plant that was intending to slaughter and sell for meat him and all the other slaves) in the total story remake of the second.


What's wrong with that?

I want more games with black chicks with natural cuts.

it's controversial now, unfortunately.

Crazy Nazi superscience is hardly a recent trope, user.

Did you call it in 1931? Otherwise you're not demonstrating the revolutionary foresight you seem to think.

You image is also cancer. You talk like you're some hardliner for repeating the most stale red-liberal shit

My comrade

It kind of is in that basically anyone who speaks badly of Nazis without saying anything about the other side aka using horseshoe theory is basically treated like they're just a whole bunch of radical communists who want call everyone that disagrees with them a Nazi.

The easiest way to spot a fascist is to say something bad about nazis. If their first response is something like "Yeah but the communists were pretty bad/just as bad" then they are a fascist.

I've talked to a few self proclaimed libertarians irl and they've unironically pulled this card before.

That what happens when they dont cut their hair. She dresses stylishly while fighting nazi's, how can that be construed as bad?

This is correct, but I should note it also applies to tankies like you.

Whataboutism is generally a sign a person's opinions are to be ignored.

The Hezbollah published a FPS video game where you take on Israeli targets. It's garbage, but here you go. It's called Special Force 2: Tale of the Truthful Pledge (the supposed first game in the "series" can't be found anywhere).

Reminds me of Ethnic Cleansing.

Holy fuck. I want to get this. Where can I find it?

It's funny we end up talking about this actually, because I have posted cutscenes of the game on YouTube and the ending was recently censored on the grounds it contained terrorism-related violence — which is true but is also compliant with YouTube's terms of service considering I made it clear in the description the cutscenes were made available for educational purposes only.
The MediaFire upload is still available thanks to some miracle, I didn't expect it to still be available after that many years.

If you're interested you can read the article I wrote for HG101 a while back here:

Burgerland anti fascism never had anclass analysis anyway

?? what the fuck is wrong with the pic, looks cool as fuck mate

How'm I supposed to download this?

See the 12 MediaFire links? You have to download each one of these individually — they're all parts of a RAR archives containing the game. Make sure to access the links using their actual URL address, not through a simple click on the hyperlink contained in the archived page.

Actually I love their slogon. Make AMERICA Nazi Free Again!

I'm not sure how to open multi-part RAR's. Fug.

Bethesda has no chill…

Looks like Russia and Yugoslavia are still fighting.

Said in the game that the Soviets surrendered - I think the green areas in that map are occupied, rather than actually integrated.

You're not supposed to open them individually. Just download them all to the same folder, then open the first part and drag'n'drop its content into the folder.


Capitalism consumes all.

so much for the tolerant left


will it satisfy you?

So we agree then?

Not even that, even just a game where you're fighting Americans at all. The closest I can think of are games like Spec Ops: The Line, Fracture, Shattered Union, or Half-Life, where you're playing an American yourself.

Bashing the fash is fine if they start shit, and even if they don't, (nonviolently) opposing them if in your local area is also fine. Pretending everyone outside your bubble is fash, using this as an excuse to petulantly act out at the slightest disagreement, alienate all potential recruits to your cause, and provide porky with an excuse to militarize the streets or otherwise eliminate civil liberties, is not fine. Using this highschool-clique-tier slapfight as your primary form of "political" "activism" because you LARP neonazism as the greatest issue of our day is extremely not fine.

She looks like a crackhead compared to these girls.

Huh. I never would've thought that rightcucks are the more sensitive bunch.

they're the rejects irl what did you expect? I know. I was there when I adopted Holla Forums was my life's ideology.

Did they just get the modern Europe map and just colour random shit in?
inb4 leddit
yea people are mad that a game that is historically about smashing in nazi skulls with rocks is advertising killing nazis

Pure cringe, even maotist LARPers are less embarrassing.

I torrented the other Wolfenstein game and I really liked the music in the main menu.

This tells a lot about you guys prejudices and low I.Q.
Imagine a heterosexual male kid seeing pic related, armored bad asses soldiers that seem like something hardcore straight out of hell from one side and on the other side what they see? a chick that looks like a crack whore who hasn't eat anything in 3 days and is about to throw out the last remnants of whatever it's in her stomach.
Whoa, just whoa. The kid is obviously side with the chick ami rite? cuz she looks way cooler than those bad asses from hell doesn't she?
Why not put some buff ass nigga who looks like 50cent on the resistance instead? why not put a scene in the game where the buff ass nigga punches some nazi soldier in the face and breaks his helmet? that would be bad ass. Oh wait, we don't have that because those dumbasses (and you guys) are completely out of touch about what kids like and how their minds function.
If you are a faggot or a woman there's no need to reply, because you really just can't understand what I'm saying here.

Lol you're such a faggot. No, most kids don't turn into nazis because of how hot nazi armor is, and they certainly don't turn into nazis because one of the side characters is Angela Davis.

Some of them probably do. Wehrabooism is a real problem.

I again have to ask, have you even fucking SEEN the main protagonist of these games?

True, though I probably wouldn't keep saying "heterosexual" at that point.

No user, he's too busy being super heterosexual checking out all the dudes in armor. I'm sure when he gets to the actual game the protagonist will do something for him though don't worry

the Black girl in wolfenstein is extremely ugly, these people aren't.

You're telling me no one wanted to be Ripley from Alien and pilot that big ass Mech?
Yeah, you're talking out of your ass.

Random question, are you an amerilard?

that describes literally 99% of "the Nazis won" alternate history fiction

It is a pretty neat idea, walling up the mediterranean and draining it to make new, livable land.

My sides

Where have you been for the last 50 years, where moral crusader conservatives had every aspect of american culture under ridiculously tight censorship? This whole 'the right loves freedom and hates censorship' meme that the right tries to push is the stupidest fucking shit. They have ALWAYS been sensitive snowflakes who have demanded ridiculously strict rules for making sure that nobody violates their safe space, and they're a hundred times more vicious and iron fisted about actually enforcing their censorship. The cartoon 'big mouth', which just came out, features one scene where they prominently show off a spread vagina. Conservative media doesn't allow you to say 'damn'.

its completely retarded

Apparently the game has a CD key. Will post if I find it.

I got off topic a bit there as I focused on censorship itself instead of talking about censorship as an example of them being a bunch of sensitive snowflakes who don't want anything challenging them, but the point still stands. The right talks a big game about freedom of speech and how they tolerate everything, it's all fucking bullshit.

I actually I agree with you, a bit crass but I do. Nazi aesthetic is unfortunately very appealing and this girl is dreadful looking.

I hear this sort of shit all the time from nazis. How everyone is secretly sympathetic to their views but just too scared to talk about them, and then every time they're proven wrong and shown that the vast majority of people genuinely hate nazis, they try to pretend like it's just some grand cover up or something. It's fascinating.

People wanted to pilot the mech, but I don't know anyone who wanted to be Ripley, other than feminists on tumblr or feminist journalists when talking about women in the infantry for some reason.

Ripley was cool, period. Another popular specimen was BuffPsycho!Sarah Conner from Terminator 2.

Nope. Arnold was cool. Twig woman was a side character. Nobody wanted to be her.

It hurts to see it turn out this way.

GG wasn't Nazi shit. It was literally just trying to get game journos to stop lying and show that gamers just wanted their games, especially for me it was localized content that got me motivated, so I ended up on my journey to just learn Japanese. Holla Forums kept pushing their memes about unity and bringing more redditards with them, and that's how we got here. GG was never about being a Nazi or hating women.

I can't help but think this is Holla Forums picking up on the personal prejudices that people only air in private, and thinking that is the sign of "well white people would just tell the niggers what they think, if it weren't for that PC culture." So far as I can tell, just about everybody has prejudices one way or another that they keep to themselves, but I think that's pretty far removed from everybody (non-whites included) being a secret nazi that actually is really down with the idea of expelling or killing all the other races.

The Zoe post took off on Holla Forums and /r9k/ and the original #gamergate video was made by MisterMetokur. GG was the largest and most successful Holla Forums recruiting operation ever devised.


If only you knew

And here we go yet again. Just because incels online are nazis doesn't mean that everyone else is. Most young white men are not virgins like you. You are alone, weak, and virginal.

I shiggy

Fascist virgins are pathetic. It's a sexual pathology for them. You deserve to be mocked by everyone for being a virgin and also for taking your impotent rage out of racial others. Because you are a virgin. Being a nazi doesn't change that fact.

Let's not get started again. It started mostly liberal and got even more liberal when it moved to Reddit, but got filled up with rightwing idiots because the almost entirety of left insisted in believing a press that they knew for a fact was composed of nothing but self-serving liars.

Ms Five Guys was posted on Holla Forums first, and Holla Forums only cared about gg because moot nuked their board.

Actually they do. It's the Darth Vader effect.

inb4 their next game is "fuck communists too! 60 gorillion" centrism.

GG was a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

No, the original post was about a woman with a shitty game fucking a game jounralist, it had nothing to do with pol or r9k. Also that fact that you call him MisterMetokur and not Jim or IA shows you don't know what you're talking about. GG blew up because moot banned the topic from the board without publicly announcing it, leading to a weird 2 week period where anons were getting banned for shit that wasn't against the rules and people got angry. That's what lead to the Holla Forums migration (the ones to 7chan and the like failed because they didn't give a shit).

It's good to stretch before bashing the porky.

Jim, King Of Pol (lol), Hotwheels, Boogie2988, fucking Adam Baldwin. I remember all the streams. I remember the inital revelation on Holla Forums, the bannings, Holla Forums buying zoe's nudes from that suicide girls site and posting them. It was all cringy shit that started off okay-ish I guess but fuck did it become a blight.

It's pretty much a meme at this point that nazis pretend to be lolberts in real life.

It's not out of the realm of possibility at all, but it would be a big departure from the tone of the series going all the way back to 1981, it's always been the Nazis as the enemy.

The darth vader effect is about humanizing and sympathizing with the struggles of conflicted baddies. People like Vader and Snape that walk the line of grey into black but deep down still have good in them. Nazi cannon fodder are just that. There's no nuance to any of them.

King of Pol, now that's a name I haven't heard in a while.

His streams were hilarious, but fuck me what an autist.

leftypol, where even the Christians are Chad

volcel has always been the Chad to incel betas.

I hated that guy, and I hope anyone who got e-famous from GG dies in a fire.

Just downloaded it and unpacked it. The installer asks for a password though after the license agreement page.

pathological video games such as Wolfenstein were created by Capitalist vidya gaem piggies to turn proles into subconscious serial killers by-proxy (human meat puppet war machines for future capitalist wars)

theres levels to this shit fam

implying it isn't being called a virgin loser all of their lives and being ostracized by society that caused them in the first place

Ah, yes — I forgot to mention that. As often seen elsewhere, the password is just the website's URL address:

Yeah, but wolf has you be a mass killer of Nazis, so it's OK.

looks like you're getting your wish kind - high profile supporters are being outed as nazis and scammers and high profile antis are being outed as sex pests and rapists (and scammers)

Remember Indy did the same thing, though in both instances I bought (Crystal Skull & Infernal Machine) they came across slightly sympathetic unlike the raving monomaniacs the Nazis were portrayed as.


Iunno. I remember playing a commie in Call of Duty 1 back in 2003. It played up every bad trope about the soviets being incompetent assholes but they were still the good guys, y'know?

This is real antifascism.

Or maybe its just something that sells and humans have natural bloodthirst.

I am going to be seriously surprised if the red rebels that you are supposedly working with in this Wolfenstein sequel don't turn out to be "just as bad as the nazis" or "the REAL bad guys after all"

You're exaggerating.

There's certainly a possibility that it'll portray them being shitty, and also a possibility some will turn out to be traitors (video game twists are like that) but there's basically a zero percent chance that the game will say some underground reds are worse than the globe-spanning Reich

Nah, the real cynical stance is that they found a marketing angle and are running with it, and in a way commodifying ant-fascism. Wolfenstein games aren't big on the twist endings and they've had more radical left figures feature before as good guys.

I remember them being more based around dry humour than incompetence. Like when they had some Nazis holed up in a building, asked them to surrender, and immediately after they said no they took the decision to level the whole building. There was also a very mild gulag joke in there somewhere.

I saw a comment somewhere that in 2018, there will be an antifascist Coca-Cola ad

It's stuck with me. Capitalism's ability to clumsily yet effectively co-opt messages is powerful.

im happy as long as there is anti-fascist counter culture being produced, regardless of it lacking class analysis. that is for us to fill in.

of course, knowing how pissed libertarians, ancaps and other "alt light" garbage humans are pleases me immensely.

but yeah, kill all the nazis like the diseased dogs they are.

The music at the end is ridiculously catchy, is that an actual song or what?

At this point I'm just happy when Porky shits on the other guys.

Maybe that makes me a big ole cuck, but if I'm living in Hell I had might as well laugh when the devil stabs someone I hate with his pitchfork

Found this in the twitter comments for the ad. We really need to do something about the corn syrup.

Apparently in the game the opposition leader is a communist. This game will probably drop some pink pills every now and then

nah, he's gonna turn out to be self-imbued and a future potential dictator that you'll have to stop as well

Wrong, he's going to be a socdem with idpol characteristics.