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It's because you can shitpost on pol and can't here.

Why is the post:poster ration so high here? As far as I remember it's always been this way.

Having a good time.

Holla Forums is a bad board, I've been hanging out here since early 2016 I like it here

Fascism is economically leftist and actually reactionary; I'd rather vote for a fascist (Mussolini) than a milquetoast conservative/liberal tbh.


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Read the Fascist manifesto.

it's because Holla Forums reads.


I don't care about some hipster artist's opinion he was probably high on speed when he wrote that

I was talking about Hitler's outfit lookin like he ready for his first day of school

It was written by Mussolini, who wasn't racist or antisemitic and used to be a socialist.
He was /ourguy/

You're a brainlet.

do you think Ba'athism is socialism too?

Commies claim that nothing is socialism so naturally we must hold that everything is.


Are you aware that mussolini was appointed by the king and came into power Financed by weapon industry.
Manifesto wasn't even written by mussolini.

Holla Forums must be furious

No, it wasn't. It was written by De Ambris and Marintetti. As for the content of the document, it consists of a few basic tenants for workers quality of life which could be found in any bland socdem organization, and anti-socialist class collaboration.

Why mr?

How do you explain this?

Soros was a massive sperg that went from Marxism to Monarchism; a living horseshoe.

His work against Reformism is bretty gud tho.

I meant Sorel, fucking pol and their shitposting kek

Wrong. Read Marx.

You are a retard

Because Mussolini talking about Sorel's praxis and revolutionary tactics not his economics. Sorrel was well known for his advocacy of violence, not his economic views.
This would be very clear if you knew about Mussolini's history and the rise of fascism and not just use random AZ quotes.

this again

I think youll find that a shit load of people lurk this board. Its amazing that so few new threads get created and the board is super slow, but when its not a shitpost and is a hot button issue it gets 250 replies in a day.