Implying there is any real ideology that actually gives a shit about the masses

For sure I'm going to fight in the revolution to work under a commissar instead of a capitalist! Amazing!


So you're going to fight to live under a capitalist instead?

Most of us are actually anarchists here.

I'm not getting that impression lurking the board

maybe you can do as that good ol' saying said,



you need to suck more cock

North Korea is democratic because it says so in its name.

read Bordiga

you unironically need to read more about communism. know your enemy and everything.

How do you know what I want

What about Real Capitalism?

What a meme of an anarkiddie you are to say that.

Why do Marxists call people "anarkiddies" for telling the truth?

For sure I'm going to sage


Why do you think this

Because communism in practice has nothing to do with your armchair theories it means that the people have nothing to fear when they are reminded of Russias Work camps and Cambodian Death fields because that wasnt REAL communism because it didnt fit your theories?

the amount of spooks in your post are off the charts. take this with you.

Until you guys can explain to OP your ideologies aren't bullshit, he's going to continue to think they are. And the fact that not a single one of you has come up with anything is really telling.
If a capitalist told you to read a book on why you're wrong, would you? The whole idea of an imageboard is that we can discuss things on them. And if he still disagrees, then what? Are you going to tell him he read the book wrong?

Don't care. stay sage'd

I don't think anyone really cares about shitposting ideologue #275612. Especially when he acts so smug while reciting the usual verse.
Or are you saying you'd want us to explain things *to you*?