Commies have best flags?

Why do communists have the best flags? I'm not even a communist but I can't help admire their A E S T H E T I C S

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Don't desecrate the holy grounds, plebeian

it's the simple ones, really

Unironically the best one


old school soviet

Because we are smart, and smart people can figure out good design.



Bomb ass flag from an otherwise shitty party (PSP of Cuba)

Class and Labor Front flag for the amerifats, you'll be seeing more of it soon enougg

I want to start a movement with that flag jesus



Aesthetics made me a communist t b h

What are you a fucking faggot

You know people are serious and not just larping when you see the plain red flag out and sometimes the plain black flag.

Is the second one a british socialist flag? It's pretty cool


No, you are though

You are much more likely to see the black flag (even in political context) than the simple red.

You just said aesthetics made you a communist


They're all shit and unoriginal

I agree, though, we need grow out of the Hammers and Sickles. Hearts and minds, you know?

fucking class cucks.

Because communists came up with a dope, original set of motifs that don't have the baggage of the monarchist or capitalist symbols. It's also better than fascist symbols because fascists mostly stole their aesthetics from others without any of the context that made them good.




Communism with macaco caracteristics

in estonia communism = 70 quadrillion glorious balts being shot by the evil russian bastards




Pior que é mesmo


Don't forget the flag that started it all.