Holla Forums are so thin-skinned they are trying to bully random coffee shops now


Holla Forums are so thin-skinned they are trying to bully random coffee shops now.


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google.co.uk/search?q=uclu gordon's cafe

Holla Forums it's retarded as always. But the coffe shop stuff is cringy as fuck


why even live

They accuse jews of using sneaky dirty tactics but every single fucking day Holla Forums has no remorse in utilizing the very same sneaky dirty tactics they accuse their enemies of using. Going after some milquetoast liberal university's cafe shop because they are not on board with "le god emperor xD" meme shit? Sometimes I can't believe some of the people actively posting in Holla Forums are grown-ups.


If some of the threads from the_donald about their users discovering Holla Forums were actually true, it might actually be worse considering that a lot of these new posters may actually be fascist boomers with fuck all else to do who've just learned how to internet.

It sends chills down my spine that there might be some of these living in my hometown without me ever knowing they are walking next to me on the street or at the mall or wherever.

If can, post some nice things about the coffee shop for giving internet nazis something to do while they wallow around in the recesses of late-stage capitalism.

google.co.uk/search?q=uclu gordon's cafe

What if I told you… the right is literally a mass projection project.

lmao. Do you have some of those?

fucking hell, you might be right



Funny, I typed my post based on Rafiq screencaps I was re-reading earlier today.

I laugh everytime

I am pretty sure they used "based" as a euphemism for "non-white" now.

I think I just got syphilis from looking at this

How braindamaged are right-wingers?


Often they are part of the class that benefits from increased private control of the economy. So not very braindamaged since these "reforms" benefit themselves. Also first worlders tend to identify with global corporate power in general as some kind of expression of political identity.

I went to r/the_donald once but after reading the thread about old people getting into Kekistan it feels like r/the_donald is a satire project with a bunch of people just taking the piss. This can't be real. Can it?


You underestimate the amount of cancer spreading in utterly normie circles.

rafiq unironically said it best
Don't you dare fucking make pretense to the past you disgusting, slimy, walking-talking, living, actual piece of shit. You odorous vomit, fuck off to 4chan why don't you, and quit blaspheming the heroes of our tradition. Your existence literally makes me sick - no, I mean it, I actually feel ill, just thinking about it, just thining about what it would take to be at your level, this filth, rottenness and poison. You are awaiting with open arms the impending world-historical tragedy and crime, you want it, secretly, because you're bored. You're bored with the world as it is, and you welcome the neo-Fascism, the impending doom, because in your mind, "Hey, at least it's something different!". Your homeostasis with reality is such that you are simply bored by it, much like the Evangelical christian.

I love the cognitive dissonance these people have, indoctrinated your own fucking kids with alt-lite bullshit but complain about "SJW brainwashing".

Also, hilarious how eating meat is somehow an identity for these people

mein gott, i have no words

This is what a fascist actually looks like. Just wanted to point that out.


daily reminder that brainlets saying stupid shit like this to convert many ignorant others is actually happening at an exponential pace every day
if you're not agitating for leftism against this reactionary trend, you're useless

At this point I wish Hiro would just shut 4chan down. Its original culture is long-dead.

What a sad existence it must be when you are middle-aged and your biggest concern is "SJW brainwashing". I understand when you are 19 and Holla Forumsyp I had a Holla Forumsyp phase too for 1 year when I got disillusionised by liberalism but when you are 46 and Holla Forums-memes occupy your full intellectual capacity, you are a moron. I am glad that I am not a burger but eurofag and have had the luck to witness pretty simple working class people who have not fallen into Holla Forums memes by a long shot.

That puts him in the top 20% income bracket. He probably thinks liberals are everywhere because his class is the one that is filled with liberal "professionals" who hate unions but only because they are "white supremacist" (I have literally seen this posted on liberal hangouts like Hacker News) and never stop talking about #TheResistance or whatever.


It clearly needs to die already.

it's almost like people grow older and change or something

No it's just that posting "like a 14 year old" involves """ironic""" fascism whereas before it was just being silly (but still edgy.) /a/ is the only board that has managed to retain a bit of that traditional feel.

Imagine being such a freak that you need to indoctrinate some drooling coffin-dodger with Kekistani lingo

Can we call it Mass Projection, it's sort of like Mass Hysteria but worse





so much for the moral right

This can't be real

This shit is so good

That's only increased

there's no moral high ground on the battlefield

Holla Forums's no longer cool lmaooooo

t. /r/t_d browsing brainlet

k lol

Who goes on r/the_donald here

We aren't Holla Forums


Do you think I'm going to return to 4chan to be datamined by Hiroyuki? Is that what you actually think I'm going to do?

a-are the two ends of the horseshoe finally gonna connect? is the fash going to smashie a starcucks?

where does he ask us to do shit? all he wants is for us to laugh at Holla Forums's idiocy.

fuck off rafiq.

I don't know what you mean by this, I've seen tons of videos of groups of blacks beating up a random white guy, but barely any of the reverse. The reverse tends to be a nation-wide news story.

This is also a straight up falsehood.

Le "triggered" meme is a reddit tier one from like 2014. Get with the times, commie.

Wow no shit, they care about censorship when their ideological opposition is censoring them. What a revelation.

What about that cuck who got himself tied up? That made the news.
Are you talking about Democratic Cops of America types and Bernie Bros? Being an actual communist gets you on a list, 100%. In my own European country comrades of mine can't even do their PhD because the Uni won't employ them as they are members of a communist party. CPUSA is afaik also 100% cointelpro, they are literal Hillbots

Yes. Admittedly I do not know much about you guys, but I'm quite sure you represent a very very minor subculture of "intellectuals" similar to the NutSacs on Holla Forums. I find you guys a bit less bearable though because I never have ANY idea what you believe in because of the 10+ layers of irony and refusal to ever engage seriously in discussions.

Also, fair enough bout the autistic kid that got tortured by blacks, but that was a really severe case.

ah yes, such is being a teen online

They aren't communists. They are social democrats.
These are actually quite well-defined currents. Google helps. For me, "National Socialism" is way more obscure to grasp as it mystifies itself instead of laying out a definite ideological framework.
Where did this happen? Usually Holla Forums comes here every day, making a thread aboht Jews, or wants to talk about Autism Level. From what I've seen people do debate their shit with non-communists, every fucking day, as long as it isn't obvious bait

The reason for that is we have very widely varying ideas of governement and economics that are often incompatable with eachother. That's where the infamous trend of sectarianism on the left originates. The far-right in general has much less varied thought that also tends to be more vague in every regard, which would explain why they tend to have better organization.

Also, COINTELPRO and similar such subversive operations against the left, and covert support for the the far right, perpetraited by three letter agencies is a well documented historical fact. You can however debate whether it continued after the cold war to the present day.

You're just figuring that out now?

Read a fucking book

social justice warrior