Holla Forums BTFO: ‘Allah’ Is Found on Viking Funeral Clothes

Will they ever fucking recover?

“Then I remembered seeing them in similar Moorish designs in silk ribbons from Spain,” she said. “I understood it had to be a kind of Arabic character, not Nordic.”

The same patterns have been found in mosaic grave monuments in Central Asia.


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they unironically believe in "white islamism" and "jihad" so their ego will only be partially hurt and confused


I wonder what Varg has to think about this.

Arab swedes of ancient times
Can't make this shit up

It seems they cannot argue they are protecting their heritage anymore.

Every time I see one of these fuckers talk about the Vikings I'm going to show them this shit


sounds awfully like revisionism and wishful thinking

Most likely the owner did not understand the significance, or the extent of attested arabic in Sweden before the modern era would probably not be one silk with Kufic designs. At most this is one convert, which is extremely unlikely

Viking contact with the Eastern world is well established, that doesn’t mean vikings were muslims

Not even a muh heritage larper, this is just common sense

I wonder what dead civilization Holla Forums will larp as next

How is it revisionism, this was actually uncovered

Then why was it of funeral design? With a corpse? That's an oddly specific thing to just randomly have on a grave.

The Gauls lol

It suits them.

Vikings traded with many other cultures. This isn't surprising. Trying to mentally construct some muh diversity in an alternative liberal reality is just reverse Holla Forums

Both Holla Forums and liberals are at war with historical reality

This kind of thing really isn't news at all. They've found mixtures of all kinds of artifacts in viking graves. Iirc, they've found a gold crook from Ireland, glass beads from Morocco, and a little Buddha all in the same grave. It would be silly to think that the vikings only brought back silver and booty.

But the problem here is that vikings where known to raid and pillage all over the world, and took what they stole back home as treasures. Hell, some where even known to sail all the way to India and raid shit there and take it back home. So the most probable is that some viking raided that shit, or bought it from an Arabic trader, and was buried with it.

No, these were graves that were marked with similarity to Grave Markers found elsewhere in Central Asia. Why would they have that? It shows they understood what they were doing.


Viking Jew here.

The vikings pillaged several parts of the world and took whatever they could. It's not so much that they were all a bunch of Muslim converts but that they took what they admired. There are plenty of viking graves with Buddha statues as well.

You could even make the case they were some of the first universalists.

Then why was the design specifically meant for graves? It shows they at least knew what it meant.

It really doesn’t raise any questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia, there is zero reason to believe the owner was a muslim.

It’s a silk, no different from other riches. It is not religiously significant.

But the silk shows similarity to funeral sites in Central Asia…so that's correlation.


Everyone should give it a read btw. It's a real trip.

Except just about every detail of viking burials was religiously significant.

youtube.com/watch?v=nJZBqmGLHQ8 pt 1
youtube.com/watch?v=uu2gN8n15_A pt 2
youtube.com/watch?v=7Db9sG1PSsQ pt 3

Ancient euro germanic tribes are well known to be gentetically diverse. They were nomad merchants, pillagers and pastors akin to (surprise) arabs, berbers ecc. Franks for example were never homogenous they were a bunch of tribes from asia same for saxons goths or whatever


So much for Muh Uniquely Isolated Heritage


That’s because they got the fucking silk from Asians, do you think they wove it themselves?

The archaeologist is trying to create something out of nothing, she acknowledges that Arab coins are well attested in Scandinavia from the Viking era and yet all of a sudden the existence of two Kuffic designs in some silks means the owner knew what they meant and appreciated the religious significance. She doesn’t even claim they were muslims herself, just makes some mystical “they shared a worldview” bullshit.

Of course they did.

You're missing the point. It doesn't matter that it was silk. It matters that it was similar to other grave sites found in Central Asia, in a Grave Site. That means at bare minimum they understood the context, and possibly even the language on the silk. Which opens up the possibility they understood other cultural aspects of what they were borrowing as well, it's not out of the question to suggest this at all.

There's nothing mystical about the implication here.


The idea that Vikings and European cultures were isolated islands with isolated cultures is a unique one that has no historical relevance, and we'll see this fact hammered home in the coming years as Archaeology advances.

Something Holla Forums doesn't want to hear.

relligion confirmed for IRL video game


Diocesses and petty, shorelined fiefdoms.*


Sounds like a real stretch. There were arabic characters on the silk and her argument is that the silk was a central asian design therefore there were muslim vikings? Maybe some arab merchants made silks in central asian styles for trade. Maybe it was restitched, maybe the lady doing the analysis is mistaken in thinking its a central asian style.

You're letting your hatred of Holla Forums make you retarded.

It's what the vikings were known for


Nope. The findings suggest the Vikings understood aspects of Muslim culture, and possibly language. It opens up the fact the Vikings' culture was not uniquely their own.

Nope. The findings speak for themselves.

Read the thread and the findings.

Is it any wonder, she very clearly has a liberal bent to this interpretation.

She very badly wants muslims with Asian heritage to have existed to some non‐marginal extent in middle ages Sweden, but the evidence is scant.

Wow the word ‘Allah’ in Kuffic was found in garments from Central Asia just like it was found in garments the Vikings got from Central Asia.

No, it means fuck all. There is absolutely nothing significant about Muslims being buried in garments with the minimal Kufic inscriptions and less about Vikings being buried with their riches. The article also mentions they were buried with gold, so were the Egyptians for that matter, that must mean they are also of 100% ancient Egyptian stock and spoke fluent Demotic right?


Assumptions based on nothing.

No it isn't.

You misread again. It's the patterning that's important, and it does not mean fuck all, as the patterning was found on multiple individuals in a grave site.

And the patterning is literally from a grave site found hundreds and hundreds of miles away
That suggests they understood another culture, not just picked something up and threw it at a grave.

She literally says "I’m not saying that these are Muslims". She is saying the obvious which is that with so much trade, pillaging, contact and sharing of goods the Viking culture must have been influenced at least in very minimal ways by the Muslims that they interacted with.

This is retarded, apply Occam's razor. The simplest explanation that fits all the know facts is that they traded or stole a bale of fabric that the buried lady or her family like enough to put in the grave. You're imagining things that way exceed what you can reasonably conclude based on what is known.

How is it retarded to suggest grave designs used on a grave implies that they knew it was for graves. That's not retarded at all. I'm not imagining things, that's what the findings imply and what was concluded.

i think the cultural enrichment went in the opposite direction

Viking culture being influenced by the the artifacts and cultures that they interacted with is also a simple explanation, not imagination, not exceeding anything based on the evidence.

It was probably both ways.

The only way to trade a cultural idea is if other trade comes along with it. Culture does not exist in a historical vacuum.

Read the article again, the only evidence given that they understood aspects of muslim culture is that the silks were made using elements of central asian design. Not viking, central asian. The only significance of this seems to be that persian style silks may have been produced further west than was previously thought. Honestly the researcher who made this finding may have just been horrifically misquoted in order to squeeze this entirely unexciting finding into some political gotcha article.

Let's be honest, nationalist politics never had anything to do with reality anyway. We could come across proof that the vikings were gay, Islamo-Jewish SJW communists and they would probably hand wave it and go back to jerking off to their fantasy novel vikings.

Read the article again. The Central Asian design is for a GRAVE SITE. The design was found IN A VIKING GRAVE SITE.

What was it doing there, and how did they know it was specifically for a grave? The answers are what was concluded, and completely logical to conclude.

Stop grasping for straws, why does it matter if the Vikings borrowed burial customs

So many many expert archeologists and historical anthropologists in this thread. Glad you're sharing your hot takes on this find

It was on fabric, get it right. People don't always understand what patterns and text on fabric means, they only like that it looks pretty. Do you understand how normies think?

Vikangs traded/did raids on the northern African coasts all the time, if they say saw something that they thought was pretty they traded for it/stole it, it doesn't mean they were muslim, why is this board so fucking dumb?

It's a gigantic stretch to imply patterning meant for graves found on a grave doesn't imply whoever was responsible for the funeral (or let's be honest, the person being buried themselves), actually didn't know it was meant for a grave. That's the more illogical assumption.

The article is worded in a really confusing manner so I'm actually not judging you here but what they literally found was that the patterns on a silk band were similar to patterns used in central asian grave sites. This means the literal patterns on the fabric. There is no mention of similarity in the burial customs.

They didn't. The article is deliberately worded to imply that but all they found was a design on a silk was similar to a design on grave sites in central asia.

She expects the genetic results to come back with Central Asian DNA, so at some point there must have been a Muslim in middle ages Scandinavia for this to have happened.

The article ends on this note because establishing this is the purpose of this discovery, it is absolutely intended to paint the well established fact that Vikings had contact with the Eastern world as evidence that Sweden had Muslims as early as the middle ages.

The pattern literally appears everywhere all over the Arabic speaking world, you literally could not pick a more prolific word. The fact that it crops up on multiple garments is insignificant, it appears within an otherwise ornamental design, it isn’t a T‐Shirt that says “I love Allah”. There is absolutely nothing notable about decorated garments from the Muslim world being adorned with the only thing they practically ever fucking were adorned with in that area.

This isn’t a fucking Quranic verse, this is literally the word ‘Allah’, it no doubt appears on some amount of coins they stole/traded for from Asia as well.

They just magically stole what was specific for a grave site and put it on a grave and didn't know. They just magically went everywhere but didn't borrow culture


Islam will rule the world and your waifus will be made to wear veils. Why can't you accept this?

That's not what I said you imbecile, I said they didn't know what the pattern meant. Which is not a stretch, it's a fact of daily life.

Holla Forums thought the "blue men" were just a rumour/propaganda?
They raided the African coast and didn't make prisoners? Very unlikely.

No, the pattern was meant for a specific event. A burial. And it was found on a grave. You're obviously being defensive about nothing.

No it isn't.

You're ignoring the patterns were meant more for a grave site. It's been found in grave sites. You're implying they found something that was more general, but this isn't the case. I'm going to trust the source more than I'm going to trust you on this.

Not surprising at all, vikings were renowned traders and had routes all the way to India. It is not particularly fantastic to think that some Islamic souvenirs or, marginally at most, influence, would be brought back. We already knew Vikings had Buddhas, why is this a shock to anyone?

Also, I would like to remind everyone itt that liberals will smugly use this as justification to their policies of arbitrary need of diversity and Muslims will feel as if they have any claim to anything in the Nordic countries. The only good thing, is some perverse way, to come out of it is that it will show liberals' true colors as opportunistic nativist reactionaries when it validates the protected group of their choice.

I find that unlikely. At the bare minimum what was found establishes they understood the context.

Could be that they learned about this aspect of their culture, liked it, and incorporated it into their own. It happens literally all the time with every culture that has ever existed.
Doesn't make them neither muslim converts or staunch isolationists hellbent on preserving their culture from foreign contamination.

Viking burials were extremely important, they didn't just throw fucking souvenirs at the dead

I would consider your point if this discovery was anything more than an exception.

nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing related to ideology matters. Drop ideologies, into the trash they go.

That's all what was implied, but once again we are at a point where we have to conclude that Viking's were stupid and just threw things at graves (burial was extremely important to them, but let's forget that) because they were warring noble savages who didn't borrow customs and if they did, didn't understand them at all.

I find that assumption not only dumb, but insulting to anyone's intelligence

Why? If you found a Greek book in a Viking funeral hoard, would you immediately assume him or one of the people in his tribe knew Greek? I hope not, because that would be a stretch.

Literally where does the source say that the pattern →exclusively← appears in graves?

You are literally making this up, an extremely simple and ubiquitous motif appearing on dead people does not mean it was exclusively used for funeral rites.

I don’t think you have a proper understanding of Islamic art or language if you think there is something notable about a decorative garment containing the words ‘Allah’ or ‘Ali’ in Kufic script

I like halal nyc street food carts we should make nyc 99% somali and Palestinian NOW

1) Viking burial was extremely culturally important. That they borrowed tokens like Buddha statues probably meant that they were putting things they thought were spiritually significant on them. This finding corroborates that.
2) The designs were meant for a grave, that the Vikings identified put something A) They thought they were spiritually significant B) Identified with central Asian grave sites suggests C) They understood and put them there with purpose.


Other sources go into more specificity about the findings then just this article about it.

Silk was fucking expensive back then, nobles were the only ones who had any chance of affording silk clothing. This was the reason why muslims have the whole silk thing for paradise, to highlight how rich and opulent they would be in the afterlife.
Now put on a Viking who also values silk greatly because it cost as much as jewelry (if not more) and since the Vikings had the whole taking stuff with you in Valhalla then it could just be a Viking wanting to show off his best threads to Odin or some shit like that.
Yes, the off chance that it was a convert is possible but even then; only northern reaver who somehow converted doesn't mean shit about Islam being a part of Viking culture. It's like saying the Christianity is part of Native American culture because some converted.

What are you implying, that they thought locally made clothes were for whores?

Oh other sources do? Probably won't be hard for you to find us a link to these other sources then since you absolutely read them and they're totally real.

You don't read very good do you.

Viking culture was probably influenced by all they came into contact with. They were not an island and they do not need people farther in the future to defend them from the charge they might have been influenced in any way. Stop being salty.

Vikings were actually muslims

Holla Forums is finished.

Here, let us look at what the article actually says

Kufic (what ‘allah’ appears in the pattern on the burial clothes the article is documenting) is the ONLY script well attested in mosaics containing Arabic. Ergo, to depict the word ‘Allah’ in a mosaic (which is fucking inevitable in the muslim world) they would literally HAVE to use the same way of writing it as was used decoratively in this garment for the exact same reason, because it is geometric.

There is therefore absolutely nothing notable about the manner of inscription (if you deny this you are just displaying your ignorance of Islamic art) and there is certainly nothing notable about the fucking word Allah appearing in garments literally produced in the fucking Islamic world

You are guilty of the same wishful thinking the Archaeologist is guilty of.


Larsson says the tiny geometric designs on the funeral garments were like nothing she had ever come across in Scandinavia. She realized that they were not actually Viking patterns, but ancient Arabic Kufic script.==

In a press release posted by Uppsala University, Larsson notes that it is often presumed that Eastern objects in Viking Age graves were a result of plundering. But Larsson suggests the Kufic lettering was specifically an attempt to write prayers to be read from left to right to the dead.

The phrase “for Allah” was once identified as being inscribed on a silver ring found in a female tomb in Birka. But the woven inscription found recently by Larsson is the first-ever Kufic symbol for the name “Ali” found in all of Scandinavia.

Vikings and arabs lived along each other in sicily and soithern italy and exchanged genetically between them and local population there. Vikings being nomads they returned home and exchanged there too. Frederick II reign in sicily is an easy example. Anyone denying significant exchange between nordic and arab populations is a fraud

Varg is finished too.

The only one being wishful is you. You're implying the Vikings were idiots who just threw shit on their graves. That's not at all how things happened, and your only basis for suggesting such is a New York Times article I linked not going into further depth.

Plenty of other people find it significant, why don't you?

Projection. You want the Vikings to be pure.

No need to be upset friend


You're just citing other articles written about the same press release.

Because the New York Times article is bare as hell.

This is why the left keeps losing

Literally getting upset at the mere thought a traveling people were influenced by their travels in their spirituality and culture.

Oh no a debate and not infantile bullshit

better make sure I don't get buried with anything that says "made in china"

You're right, this is the intellectualism Holla Forums really needs

Better make sure you don't have non white DNA either just to make sure that nationalists at a later date don't get bummed out when they think you're ethnically pure

Lmao do you actually believe symmetric examples of Kufic are so you can read it left to right? If that were the case it wouldn’t be just one word that every Muslim knows by heart.

The fact that the garment bears a name that could not have belonged to the person it was buried with makes it obvious that it was of the same nature as the rest of the shit they were buried with.

The significance is that it was valuable, there is no evidence to the contrary

Yes, this is all well attested and I don’t deny it. I do deny that there were people of Central Asian stock afforded Viking burial rites in Sweden (what the archaeologists desires to establish with this) until I see the evidence more substantial evidence.

Evidently none of you know anything about Islam.

What? Why does it matter if they were dead and when they died?

I think it's interesting.

Your yellow fever and hapa children you will have gives away your fake ethno-purity.

Holla Forums can't read, who would've thought.

they know it's brown = good
and leftist electoral assrape continues


You're right. It was also Ali.

The nature being spiritually relevant to that person.

Wrong. Somewhat. It was spiritually valuable.


>"We know from other Viking tomb excavations that DNA analysis has shown some of the people buried in them originated from places like Persia, where Islam was very dominant." bbc.com/news/world-europe-41567391

we egoists now

So the leftists here are similar to the Vikings in question?

Here, have some undeniable proof that nature is happy and not scary at all.

Are you having a stroke over the findings my lad

Finding the question mildly interesting and being actively invested in the answer are worlds apart though, and given that the possibly answers are "just trade" or "a few converts" I don't see this question as being particularly Earth shattering. If we found out tomorrow that there were 12 full on Muslims living among the vikings what would change unless you were LARP tier like the Holla Forumstards who actually devote themselves to this stuff?

smoking anime not allowed


top kek

Yes, I am.
Because it's retarded as fuck and there's been 111 replies that didn't call it retarded as fuck.

Ali is a name you fucking idiot

Here let me read to you my favorite Islamic dirge that mashallah the Central Asians decided to inscribe left to right in a coincidentally pretty and symmetric pattern so my dumb Western brain that is nevertheless literate in Arabic can read it

Dude you are evidently retarded

Where is the citation for Persians appearing in Viking burials? I can not turn it up.

Does something have to be Earth Shattering to be important?

Twelve Muslim converts being found wouldn't imply there were only twelve muslim converts ever to be found in the area. It implies there might be more, although there might not. Regardless it would be pretty significant yes.

I was being rhetorical, only people who have had a family history of strokes can believe shit as stupid as you believe.

You're a brainlet but an amusing one. Stick around please

where's the mosque?

ahh, nice, let's extent the hate leftists have for traditionally nordic culture to muslims, now that they're "officially the same thing according to totes real non biased research"

Phew, this is good, I can get now to not living like a viking, raping and pillaging all the time, while at the same time rejecting cultures that have excellent residues they probably got from their contact with vikings. Phew, vikings were so bad, and we should reject those muslim vikings until they learn that nordic european culture was terrible.

Ali is one of the most important figures in Islam. So, you don't know what you're talking about.



It says Ali also.


Stay mad archaeologists and historians don't care about your feelings.

This thread is just proof that leftists hate white people and will pull at whatever straws they can find to elevate the status of shitskins.

The archaeologist finds this notable because it means some words face left to right and the Scandis read left to right ergo the scandis could suddenly read Arabic because they are too dumb to read right to left despite being evidently bilingual and otherwise literate and despite the fact that there are known right to left runic inscriptions

Ali was also is and was a common given name, my point is that two names (Allah and Ali) to not constitute a burial rite like the Archeologist insists was written left to right to be read by Europeans even though that is absurd

I'm surprised it doesn't also contain John 3:16 to please the "lol larpagan vikings immediately converted to christianity the moment they saw the church"


What did he means with this?

Is this really going to be your point? "It doesn't say Allah dummies" despite the fact that other Islamic artifacts have been found in Viking remains?


Proof like the Vikings traveled to non white areas, and apparently did jack shit according to you

You can literally just look at the pic and know it wasn't an accident. Of all the criticisms and denials by serious academics, not a one says "probably just a coincidence" because that's fucking retarded. Yes, you are the most unintelligent person in this thread. Just say it was a raided muslim cloth of some value buried as loot. It's at least not a desperate hand-waving.

He's incoherent, someone get the adrenaline shot

..and continue to act bewildered when getting raped in elections

The Vikings valued a multicultural lifestyle, apparently you don't want to live like your old culture.

Yeah I'm sure jorg Jorgensen wiped his ass with a koran once in the 9th century, in fact there is archeological proof of this, lets import another another three million sand niggers Islam always had a place in Scandinavia amirite


Raped in elections like the time not too long ago in Britain where Tories lost more than they ever had in a little less than a century


No one is going to make policy based on this find you histrionic SJW nitwit

Lmao you think Vikings thought the same about wiping their ass as they did about burying their dead

You don't know shit about the people you even want to defend

the left lost yes that's what I said

Why would muslims add mirror allahs and alis on their clothes?
It's dumb.

And why aren't they everywhere?

Maybe it's just a cool logo or some ancient fashion designer?
That's about just as likely.

The viking formerly known as >dot matrix printer pattern

How come you guys go into weird interracial breeding grounds rape fantasies all the time? What does it say about you? What does it means?

The Vikings would have. Why do you hate your culture?

Yes, corbyn lost because archaeologists don't cater to your feelings

absolutely incredible post

These are the dumbest archaological questions asked in this thread. Well done establishing nazi academic literacy.

They already do it all the time
They are

You are a brainlet. Just admit it

Stupid dumb brainlet scum

Also why is Holla Forums exalting the new York times so much anyway it is literally a neoliberal bourgeois propaganda rag. Are you going to quote their articles about how microloans are eliminating poverty in rural Bangladesh next, because people are going from making a dollar a day to three dollars a day next?

Kill yourselves, this board is nothing but red liberals since the election.


THIS is your rebuttal to being called the dumbest person in this thread? You are out of your depth here. Scuttle back home and talk about how brown people are still bad, I'm sure it's all you can handle

holy shit guys…

the archaeologist is right, clearly single words being written in square kufic, where symmetry is desired, in a non right‐to‐left direction means they were intended to be read by non‐Arabs

therefore the middle design in this inscription was actually intended to be read by the Mongolians who read top to bottom and the Batak who read bottom to top, at least I truly see

Seriously if you think she isn’t pulling this out of her fucking ass you are retarded. I’ll wait for the full left to right inscription to appear, surely it will happen one day.

Jesus christ will you ever stop embarrassing yourself?

We aren't

It was reporting on a press release


Why are you using the New York Times as a source? :v)

Sort of like Nazis?

Where is the proof Abdullah and Rahman lived in 9th century Scandinavia?

All we have is proof is that some Viking raiders considered their tapestry pretty.

If you love Abdullah and Rahman so much go move to Qatar or Somalia don't bring Somalia and Qatar to my back yard you pathetic red liberal.

The person you're replying to is holding that it's not even arabic, that a viking accidentally wrote mirror arabic as part of a design. You're having an entirely different argument

europe will be 100% muslim by the end of this centruy and there is NOTHING you can do to stop this

Nobody cares what anyone in the 9th century thought, none of them had soap they were all gross, savage mud people, even the ones you want to LARP as

Conjuncture, there is nothing easier than getting a stitching pattern backwards by accident, especially when copying unknowingly.

Nobody implied that. Just that they were culturally influenced by their travels.

You apparently don't understand Viking burials, why are you speaking on behalf of Vikings? You know little about them.

You're having a stroke. Nobody is even bringing up immigration except for you

Didn’t mean to reply to that retard, it is obviously Arabic. However, Kufic absolutely appears in multiple directions when used in motifs.

A viking didn’t write anything, I dare you to find an academic source that suggests Vikings themselves produced silks with Arabic inscriptions.

Kek, I told you guys this is prime triggering material.


I don't think anyone ITT is saying a viking made it (and that person is either dumb or reaching with his conclusions). At most it would be some convert who got it off muslims in his travels.

So Swedish women wearing headscarves was traditional Viking culture all along?

You are very, very bad at reading. Not that anyone would have guessed otherwise

ur race, culture, language, traditions and so on will be replaced. there is no reason to even try to stop us

we cultural marxists are all powerful

and leftypol loses again lol

I mean she probably knows more about Vikings than you considering she's on an expedition for a Viking grave site, and studies Vikings

Yes. Vikings were even known to be burried with Buddha statues.

Nobody is saying this.

Nobody is saying this.

Nobody is saying this.

What does this even mean

You're having a stroke

What did he mean by this?

does not compute, let me guess, if we kill the enemy, they win

Yeah, just like holocaust experts know more than I do, etc.

Why are you bringing up immigration and elections?

The bigger dumbass here is you now for writing all this bullshit for him

t. thinks he's a master geneticist

can you imagine believing that this pattern was done like this so scandis could read it despite the fact that there are tons of rotationally symmetric inscriptions like this all over the islamic world where people have exclusively read right to left for their entire history

also note the swastika lol I guess they were also hindus right

Why are you bringing up the Holocaust? What's a Holocaust expert? Why do you think you know more than Archaeologists? What?

If you read the pixels of my posts in a mirror at 500% magnification then they actually show a talmudic text.

I mean it wouldn't be surprising since Vikings have been known to be burried with Buddha statues

Nobody is saying they were Muslims anyways please read.

If you actually read about Vikings at normal magnification you might get epilepsy

Given that all of your "knowledge" is from shitty artifact laden jpegs from Holla Forums I'm guessing 500% is an exaggeration.

Why do you blindly accept anything posted by random scientists when science is so freaking pozzed?
Especially -immediately-.

here is the verdict.
you and the religious fanatic Islamists are cancer. case closed.

Because they've studied the topic they're speaking about at a university level. I'm probably going to trust an archaeologist unless further proof is given their results are dubious.

So far you are spitting and drooling on everything in the room while shaking uncontrollably and I'm going to have to ask you to leave

Sorry I meant of Indian stock, they clearly merely shared a worldview with Hindus

After all, swastikas are found in Hindu grave sites from the Indian subcontinent.

I am confident when the DNA test comes back this woman will also be found to be 50% Dravidian

How does that conflict with Holla Forums. It makes more sense that either the viking split some mudslime's head open, or purchased some pretty silk.

Galaxy Brain I should trust you instead Flat Earth Confirmed

We don't, which is why we read past the headline and extrapolate for ourselves based on other, easy to find and collate information. Why do you think infographics on Holla Forums are a substitute for serious research?

Nobody is saying these Vikings were Muslims.

Because this research has precedent as similar things have been find by multiple other scientists.

What does pozzed science means? When you don't like the results?

I mean probably not. They were historically friendly with one another. This isn't even controversial. Apparently none of you even had the time to read about the Vikings

It's politically charged conjecture at best and you're merely appealing to authority because it is convenient for your red liberal agenda.

And I am not saying they were Hindu, I am just saying that the swastika is found in Indian burial sites and that it is clear they share a worldview with Hindus and that I expect the DNA test to reveal recent Indian DNA.

He means Science is AIDS when it does what he doesn't like he's going into Nation of Islam mode

nip this silliness in a bud right now, young man! this is not Holla Forums, you can't just say queer things like that!

best post
i can't stop laughing

No it isn't.

I'm appealing to the universities because they actually study the topic. You haven't even shown me you know about Viking history at a basic level beyond listening to Black Metal bands

The fact that you believe this has serious political ramifications while we don't says otherwise. You're the only liberal here, friend

I knew this news would give Holla Forumsyps a stroke. They're all incoherent

Someone put a spoon in this man's mouth! He's biting his tongue! He's spitting! Someone help please! He's having a seizure!

Not an argument

It wasn't an argument, it's just really funny

leftypol promoting religion to fuck with pol

the left is reactionary now, depresing

How is this promoting religion

Archaeology is promoting religion now by learning about the past wtf

Every time some evidence of a morrocan sultan making embassy to a 17th century port city in the Netherlands surfaces it blows up and the EU neoliberal establishment and their toadies (various far left parties sympathetic to the immigration) attempt to frame it in a specific way. They attempted to do something similar a few months ago where they found a ring in Sweden with Islamic calligraphy on it.

The political agenda is obvious. People merely are not as stupid as you think they are.


Is there really nobody in this thread who knows about square kufic and is remotely familiar with Islamic calligraphy and art?

You don’t have to be a braindead nationalist to see the conclusions the archaeologist is drawing are unclear.

Vikings/Germanics have always been pathetic. First they oppose the Roman Empire, then they pretend to be the Roman Empire, then they claim they were Romans all along.

I never understood this talmudic argument.

Yeah they did. They would bury you with your most valuable possession. If you had some rare silk from Arabia, or jade from China, or India they'd bury you with it.

That way being "I don't like this please help me I don't like this I don't like this"

Really? Because this isn;t the first time something like this has been found, Vikings have been found with non white cultural artifacts in spiritually important places for a long time now.

Speak for yourself bud. You're having a stroke over an archaeological finding that doesn't conform to your identity politics.

Have they ever found Native American artifacts in Scandinavia? I've been led to believe that the two cultures were highly aware of each other clashed a lot in what is modern day Greenland and Canada.

No, they didn't.

What this means?

Someone put a spoon in this man's mouth! He's biting his tongue! He's spitting! Someone help please! He's having a seizure!

Yes, the smart, incisive political play is to play into their premises and accept that the implications matter politically - and then just debate them on the terms they set. Seriously, how are you not liberals again?

Can someone translate this? I think I'm reading Kufic

Yeah they did.

Look into Rabbinical argument tactics. Specifically the stories about rabbis arguing with god.

What did he mean by this

Reread duo.uio.no/bitstream/handle/10852/26661/Master_Thesis___f[1]..pdf?sequence=1

Really made me think

Niggas are really reading the Torah and shit to learn Jewish mind tricks and shit

Is that like, when you argue against a university thinking you know more about a topic than a university when you can't even be assed to read about traditional Viking burial

It's not about viking history it's about ((viking)) history stay woke



goy tier

Holla Forums literally cannot discuss this without bringing up anything else because they don't know fuck all about the Vikings

This is hilarious

Things Holla Forums has brought up so far instead of the Vikings

That a lot of leftist sophistry has it's roots in rabbinical tradition.

Nothing in there conflicts with what I said, not to mention the vikings weren't one uniformed culture. Many different clans had different burial rituals, other cremated their dead, some did bury their dead with precious possessions.

Tell me more

It's over 100 pages, how far did you get before you came to that conclusion

🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

I'm sorry am I watching Memri TV or reading a post


For the tenth time, he refuses to bring up the Vikings. He has truly lost all purpose in the thread, and will make it about him before he ever approaches the topic. He is truly a Holla Forumsyp

Just read some Marx and then read some Torah. You're head will spin.

🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

But what about the Vikings

I thought this thread was about the Vikings

>not to mention the vikings weren't one uniformed culture. Many different clans had different burial rituals, other cremated their dead, some did bury their dead with precious
Either you can't read, or just blatantly ignored that for the sake of your argument. Very rabbinical of you.

There is no proof that Vikings understood the inscriptions and found them religiously significant. Saying they really cared about their burials so they must have known is a non sequitur.

There is absolutely no proven religious significance concerning funeral rites specifically of the items known to bear Arabic inscriptions dated to the middle ages in Scandinavia, and I really hope you are not going to argue that owning religious items that have intrinsic material value is necessarily religiously significant to people famous for being buried with their hoards.

I already addressed at length the archaeologist’s ideas concerning the kufic inscription, you do not need much more than a cursory knowledge of Arabic calligraphy for the idea that symmetry means it was designed to be read by non‐Arabs to ring hollow, and they were clearly purposely misleading as to the significance of the same motif appearing in grave mosaics.

I am most curious about these alleged persians appearing in Viking burials, does anyone have a source for that?

That makes it eleven.

wtf I understand viking culture now

That's what this thread is about………………….

11 posts

Buddy you're way behind, you need to talk about rabbinical marxism and its influences on viking culture interpretation now. Catch up

Nobody is really making that argument except for people who aren't university educated condemning her for not being thorough as you describe. The university thought the discovery good enough for a press release, and has so far gone unchallenged.

Until it is challenged, the findings are not dubious but criticism of it should be considered dubious.

It's okay Holla Forums, you fell for another click bait article motivated by mass migration apologetics like the good red liberals you are, it's okay just pack it in and move on.

Tell me more

Burial rituals, or rabbinical arguments?

This is a university press release covered from the New York Times to National Geographic. What else is click bait, the next time they discover a Dinosaur and they cover it as well. Talk to me about the fake clickbait dinosaurs Holla Forums,

The projection is incredible

Tell me more




Nice appeal to authority. Once again you betray your ignorance of islamic art in thinking that there is significance in one of the most common words appearing in multiple inscriptions.

That's not what an appeal to authority is

Thanks, universities still know more about any given topic than you do and should be considered an authority on a subject.

Oh, also until the University considers it dubious because of conflicting findings.

Sorry could you attach your university degree before replying to me?

I am challenging it and I clearly know more than you about Arabic and Islamic art, why won’t you defer to me?

Ah, now you're starting to get it. I'm afraid you're still not quite there yet

I'm not speaking on behalf of anyone and do not claim to be an expert on Islamic Art. I claim the archaeologists do, and your criticism of them is pretty dubious if any other hasn't gone to challenge it yet.

It's obvious the author was jumping to conclusions. Just because they had good from the Arabic world doesn't mean that the vikings were living among Arabs. If that's the case then there must have been tons of rice burning in Rome since they had tons of Chinese silk.

Nobody's arguing about weather or not they graded with Arabs, but weather or not if there was a sizable Arab, or even Muslim convert population in viking society. Again, you're twisting words like a rabbi.


Go challenge it and see how far you go bud.

I mean, yeah that's pretty stupid.

You've figured it out

argumentum ad verecundiam refers to the citing of an authority as evidence in your argument when the authority ~is not really an authority on the facts relevant to the argument~

As a matter of fact

nobody is arguing this

You're being fucking absurd

We were arguing about cultural influence in Viking society between East and West, and it's obvious there was cultural influence. Absolutely nobody is bringing up Muslim Vikings but you, it's beyond ridiculous

That's explicitly not true and even a cursory overview of this thread would disabuse you of this idea
really made me think

By the way did you finish reading this

I want to know.

You summed up leftist dialectics very well right there.

What the fuck are leftist dialectics

Then what's the point. Do you think that we deny that viking traded with other people? That this somehow hurts us in someway?


That Viking culture isn't strictly an isolated European culture and had influence from where they traveled

You can't be serious, right? That's like saying all Chinese are Christian. Pic related.

Look, it's obvious this hurts your feelings a little

Dinosaurs are the click baitiest of click baits, don't you know? The feather debate continues to rage on despite almost two decades of click bait about it. Most people with more than three brain cells stop considering national geographic as sacrosanct once they graduate from middle school dontcha know?

Who said this tho

Holla Forums not only dabbles in being an authority on Archaeology despite not knowing shit

But dips his toes in Taxonomy, Genetics, Anatomy, and Paleontology without knowing shit

You can literally obtain enough knowledge by googling ‘Square Kufic mosaics’ to know that

1. A symmetric motif of one word does not imply that it was intended to be read in the other direction by someone most used to reading in that direction, this is abundantly clear by just looking at fucking photos of square kufic designs and noticing that rotational symmetry is ubiquitous in areas where there was literally never a population literate in a language not written right to left.
2. Noting that the word ‘Allah’ which is of absolutely obvious prominence in islamic art appears in square kufic in an embroidery and tiles, both of which are well suited to that script, does not imply a correlation.

Saying ‘you are not a certified archaeologist’ is not an argument, these are very simple claims.

As a matter of fact I think fossils are pretty undebatable Holla Forums. So tell us more about the next topic, go on

Tell us about your Taxonomic theories about Dinosauria and Jews instead of the Vikings

I'm saying until someone challenges the findings made I don't believe you.

This is probably one of the most retarded threads I've seen on this site.


To what extent were they influenced? They never gave up their tradition religion until they were forced to by Christians. This is the ancient equivalent of a kid with a few Japanese souvenirs in his bedroom, doesn't mean he is greatly influenced by Japanese culture.

Literally nobody in this thread has said this.

Hmm I wonder

And many more ITT. This isn't proof of anything, nor is what I posted proof of anything, other than there may have been converts in both areas. It's happened throughout history.

It's funny watching Holla Forums sperg out though.

No it doesn't. I actually know a little about Paleontology and no Paleontologist today actually argues that Dinosaurs didn't have feathers anymore. In fact they're arguing about how early Quill Knobs actually evolved, when during the Jurassic, especially since Ornithopods have been found with Therapods, while traditionally only Therapods were thought to be Avian.

This puts everything in a Taxonomic frame where the split between Therapod and Ornithopod in the Triassic could be the point where Quills became at least somewhat common. Similar to Mammals and the adoption of hair.

Why you think you can just jump from topic to topic with a clickbait understanding while criticizing clickbait is beyond me

When the OP said Holla Forums btfo. He implied that this article contains something that would destroy what Holla Forums says about vikings, which would be that vikings were muslim. But it didn't. All that was stated is that vikings traded with arabs, and Holla Forums acknowledges that vikings were a mercantile people.

But this isn't Holla Forums

Like I said, the knowledge is extremely available. Sorry I don’t quite have the credentials, maybe if somebody who bought a degree does address this you can have an actual opinion instead of just taking an academic at face value.

I've been in this thread this whole time and nobody has been seriously arguing this. Your proof is two joke posts

Probably spiritually. Their religion.

Dinosaurs are prime click bait material friendo, I don't understand why you are trying to deny this if we're going to have a debate about epistemology in general in regards to national geographic and post hoc mass muslim migration apologetics.

Holla Forums is sperging out in the thread if you actually read it.


He's having a god damn full on stroke call 911


You argued that the debate whether or not Dinosaurs had feathers is still ongoing when it's really not, and has shown you have a clickbait understanding of Taxonomy and Paleontology, as well as this thread as shown, Archaeology

Post more stock photos of Dinosaurs fam I'm digging it, this isn't a stroke I'm watching

kick back and enjoy the ride, brother

Do you want to talk about Dinosaurs instead of Vikings now Holla Forums.

I love when children get curious about their education

is this the Logic And Reason of the far right?

Seriously fuck off

Feathered Dinosaurs are a conspiracy too I'm afraid. We can't trust these universities for a second.

The only part of a university that isn't a conspiracy is the part that agrees with his politics and the FBI

This entire thread must be a joke then.

I mean ever since Holla Forums started sperging about this discovery being a conspiracy, yeah

Yeah I think so.

Strawmen and misrepresentation is all you have left I see. You're a silly bunch Holla Forums.

Your argument was people are talking about Muslim vikings. If you read this thread that's not true at all, it's about cultural trade between Vikings and more Eastern regions.

How am I misrepresenting you

I leave this thread for an hour, only for it get bumped 122 times over.

Talk to me more about Dinosaurs Holla Forums

Then how was Holla Forums btfo?

This story is a nothingburget
Buddhist paraphernalia has also showed up in Viking burials They were avid traders.

It suggests that Vikings culturally exchanged with other Eastern Religions including Islam. Which puts a bit of a hole through the argument that their Nordic culture has to be preserved from the East.

I can talk to you more about Paleontology if you want.


A valuable grave artifact with a symbol in a language that they could not read isn't much. see

Vikings loved to dick wave by showing off valuables from far away lands. I've seen no evidence of viking paganism being influenced by Islam.

Cultural exchange is not synonymous with mass migrations, I own faux Persian rugs it doesn't mean I want my neighborhood to be overrun with Persians. Vikings stealing rugs with arab calligraphy in the 9th century is absolutely meaningless. It doesn't put a hole in anything at all.

Yet EU will continue to use for immigration apologetics and simpletons like you will continue to slurp it up.

Not really in burials though. Burials were pretty significant to Vikings, and they put what they thought was significant to an individual or their family there. They didn't just throw shit at dead people like a bunch of barbarians.

I don't know why the idea that Vikings culturally or spiritually exchanged with people they visited to be so controversial. It's obvious cultures don't develop inside of a vacuum.

If your argument is purely genetic than don't bring up culture.

Vikings didn't "steal rugs" see

It puts a hole in the idea that what you're protecting is the "unique" culture of the area. If it's just as much an exchange as any other culture you critique, than it fails to become significantly different. Your argument becomes less of a cultural one, and more of a purely aesthetic genetic one

You guys are desperately trying to push a narrative.
They liked getting buried with expensive exotic artifacts.

Depends on the clan. Some of them burned their dead, and some buried them. Stop being so damn reductive. Very jewish.

I've sourced an entire paper about the importance of burial to Viking's, especially women (which this thread is about actually), in their culture. duo.uio.no/bitstream/handle/10852/26661/Master_Thesis___f[1]..pdf?sequence=1

This is fucking stupid. If you're going to post "Holla Forums btfo" and spam your thread enough to get it onto the front page, you better have something good. Holla Forums just being retarded again.

It doesn't depend on the clan which burial was important, that's depending entirely on your convenience to the argument.


It was good enough for Holla Forums to argue long enough.

see every Holla Forums post in this thread avoiding the point instead

Holla Forums was the one who brought up why we shouldn't trust information about Dinosaurs in a thread about Vikings. I don't think its us.

So? The student just failed to do proper research, just because someone from a university wrote it doesn't mean it's undisputed true. Look at Lamarck and Lysenko.

Yes it did. The vikings were not one single culture. They did mostly share the same religions, but they did ave different customs. As a said before, some didn't even bury their dead, they burned them. Now quit spamming that poorly sourced paper.

Yes, with things that were important to them. And the burning wasn't a disregard of their spirit or their grave.

You're being reductive about the very people you're trying to argue about.

That was one of you falseflagging

Can you read? One your guys claimed articles about dinosaurs are not clickbait when they clearly are and continue to be prime clickbait.

You haven't said once where they failed to do proper research.

Until something comes officially in conflict of it not to be used by a cited source by multiple people, until it becomes dubious, it is pretty much officially true.

they didnt say all vikings were muslim, they said that your amazing hwite civilizations of northern europe werent isolated from the rest of the world, and mingled with the islamic world.

No, somebody said this was just regarding an official press release, just like any press release about something else being found. You then went on a rant about how feathers on Dinosaurs is a debate despite it not being a debate, showing you have a clickbait understanding of everything, ironically


It's another damn conspiracy

Social sciences don't work that way brainlet, especially social sciences like archeology that were joined at the hip with politics since their inception.

And in absolutely none of them were burials an unremarkable cynical act.


I just went to check this. Haha it's true. Someone thinks this obvious sarcasm post is legit enough to respond to it. Fucking hell Holla Forums, I state it again, if you're going to post some dumb shit and say Holla Forums btfo and spam it to the top of the front page, make sure you don't make yourself look silly in the process.


The archaeological record is not debatable until something comes to make previous findings dubious. You can't just say 'social science" and expect it to stick

Nope. It's not officially true until it's been extensively critiqued by other well esteemed scholars.

I was merely describing the click bait culture behind dinosaur articles in general, I made no affirmative claim either way.

That wasn't a sarcasm post at all.

It's not official until reviews by other scholars.

That wasn't the point being made. It was about press releases, whether it be a Dinosaur didn't matter at all. You brought up some random debate about feathers and showed you like to talk about subjects you have no history with.

A press release usually comes a long time after the fact of a discovery. Even a year.

You can talk about Dinosaurs all you want in the Viking thread Holla Forums

how the fuck is this still on the top what's the bump limit?

Maybe this silk item of clothing was the most expensive thing she owned so they buried her in it.

This thread is a fucking heap, but the one good thing about it is that in looking to actually see if there were any examples of muslims living in medieval scandinavia I came across
and steal an ebuk of it.

That's rather too specific isn't it.

teach me how to do this, pls.

I'm not even the one who brought them up. Tell me more about dinosaurs then. The fossil record is not open to politically motivated interpretation like archeology always has been after all.

I'm not going to talk to you about Dinosaurs Holla Forums

Yeah it's okay. Treating soft science archeological interpretation as sacred and getting mad at anyone who is skeptical of it is more your speed. I understand.


All Dinosaurs are more avian then we realized even when feathered Dinosaurs ceased being a debate, because of fossils found in the Order
Ornithischia. Dinosaurs branched off between Saurichians and Ornithischians around the Triassic, so that means the ability to generate quills evolved far earlier than anyone was expecting. That means feathers are probably basal to all Dinosaurs in some form just like hair is to mammals.

This kind of killed the debate whether or not Dinosaurs had feathers, if extensive fossil evidence wasn't enough. Science now considers Birds themselves, to be living Dinosaurs taxonomically.

I didn't know the archaeological record was a soft science.

Did the Jews put the feathers on the dinosaurs, Holla Forums?

Is the board predominantly ESLs?


You said it sarcastically. Regardless, there are many English Second Language speakers here.

Esperanto as Second Language

No I didn't?

yes we speak Esperanto here.

akiri vivan hundon

Making people believe that dinosaurs transitioned from lizards to avians is just another step in the cultural marxist plot to normalize transsexuality in the main stream. In the coming days they will rename them into things like Trannysauras Rex and Tri-sexual-Sarah tops(male). Jewish science already made the frogs gay, and once they've completed their chrono-homoification of past species, they won't have to continue their work of destroying the white race in the present because making the dinosaurs gay will prevent the white race from evolving at all.

Screencap this post before the time-Jew finds out and

Are you a muslim too because if not that means you'll die with us. Not to mention there are plenty parts of Islam which contradicts communism.

I'm glad you're so interested in Paleontology.

well I guess that settles it, time to convert to Islam and read Sayyid Qutb


try it pussy

There's plenty of islam that contradicts modern capitalism it turns out that people will just come up with whatever the fuck to reinforce what they want to believe

Islam contradicts everything tbh in all seriousness though I wouldn't even say capitalism is a good thing so thats cool I guess

Yes, and it's a logical fallacy when the expert is not actually an expert. Every retard who has listened to Jordan Peterson talk about cultural marxism while talking about how academia has succumbed to the left and the left peddles in "appeal to authority" is a gigantic hypocrite

fucking lel

What a plot twist, it turned out you were the retard the whole time

Birds: Different colored Follicles
Trannies: Different colored Follicles
Dinosaurs: Birds
Paleontology: Pushing the Homosexual Agenda

I finally see the birds are the degenerates pushed by the paleontologists to make the white race effeminate

We come out of this thread knowing a little more about Dinosaurs, Vikings, Islam Homosexuals, Birds, and ourselves



You don't say?
Let's recap

< Muslims. 2 horns (the moon) on the flag

< Muslims. plundering is ok

< Muslims. subjugation is ok

< Muslims. Best thing is to die in jihad

< Muslims. Silk in paradise

< Muslims. ALLAH

Beer and pork seem the only differential, but IIRC during jihad you can rape, drink and eat pork, and the vikings were in a permanent state of war.

My question is, what is leftypol gaining from this association?

0.01 bitcoin has been transferred to your account

Don't fuck a girl with Red Hair

No they weren't you dingus.

she's a qt. idc about her tumblr hair

Look at this fuckin feminist


They were familiar with their culture and just copied a frew designs and wrog at that which is why it's mirrored.

I know you're memeing, but the Vikings didn't wear 2 horns on their helmet. It's a historic revisionism by authors which stuck on.

I thought the nazi poster was a 3rd worlder?

Are you Swedish? Spit some lines for me, bud.

It's nothing new, Vikings traded all over the world and brought home clothes and jewelry from as far away as Constantinople.
The Swedish left actually tried to make some earlier arabic coins finds out to mean just what some of you diversity-larpers are implying and were rightly laughed at by historians (including the more marxist-aligned ones).

They have Buddhist statue finds since ages back too.

every time

May want to read this:


The quick version: Viking Mercenaries from what is now present day Russia / Ukraine / Belarus worked as Mercenaries during the time of the Byzantine Empire and were extremely good at what they did. Byzantine Emperor had a special detachment used as his personal guard. They traded, pillaged, etc as they could between Merc duties.

Some stayed in the Empire, others ended up earning their keep and going home - or going back to general Scandinavia. Point being, Vikings and Scandis in general had plenty of contact with the Islamic world and could have easily gotten their hands on goods that made their way back to the homeland.

PS: youtube.com/watch?v=1x-5ZkTMyMc

Jew hating Whites …every fucking time.

Time to give Israel back to the Muslims.

Here's a nice flyer to post in Black and Muslim neighborhoods.



Did you even this fuckers replies in the thread? That was definitely not sarcasm.

Looked up their thread, Holla Forums seems to enjoy laughing at Sweden for some reason. I thought they'd be upset, disappointing.


Wait a minute is this why this appeared on my DNA test?

It's entirely possible.



I mean, I get that it fits the whole "subvert the idea of a White Pagan Viking culture" but one scrap of clothing from a dig site isn't going to do that, especially given how much Vikings (and that term is pretty loose) got around. "Vikings" in general had an impact on many cultures in terms of how how far they spread out. Plenty of them got down to Turkey. Plenty of them got into Russia. Others got as far as Greenland / Iceland, which probably remains the most "pure" Viking-based culture. (Because go figure what immigrant wants to travel to a frozen, windswept island in the middle of the Atlantic?)

Point being that Scandis were White, in general converted from Asatru / Shamanism to Christianity around 1000 AD when the Norse king effectively told the population to convert or die. Plenty resisted, even successfully, and a very small number still practice Asatru to this day. Islam and the Vikings surely made contact, but the history is what it is for a reason. If anything the later recounts of Odin far more closely mimic the Christ story (hanging on the tree for X amount of days to obtain the knowledge of runes) than anything in the Quran.


Pepe is like anime though, it's for everyone

wait a sec so vikings were muslims? holy shit..

I know this is a meme you've cheaply copied from people who are actually PEOPLE, but still man.


But isn't the implication that since she was buried in islamic clothing she might've been muslim? I mean it's still kind of dumb but it's fun to see nazis getting mad

So it turns out this story is fake, the style is anachronistic and the textile most likely depicts a pseudo-Arabic, of which there are several other Viking examples.

As always, the first victim of propaganda is the truth.

Really it depends on when she was buried and who this individual was. Norse culture was pretty ambivalent about God or gods. In general they were seen as something to respect, but if their own sphere. They would do their thing and humans would do theirs.

Viking contact with the Muslim world continued to various degrees for nearly three hundred years. I don't think it's reasonable that there wasn't a single Viking that came back with more than loot and silver, but in general I would imagine Viking converts would elect to stay rather than return to their pagan homeland.

So, while unlikely, it's not impossible that Muslim Vikings existed.

Some piece of shit website promised me a free ebook copy for signing up, and after throwing a burner mail away on it, it gave me an acsm file or something like that, whatever adobe's proprietary bullshit is. Evidently it's just a link file that downloads a copy of the ebook to your adobe book reader. I was able to get it through that without verifying my account or anything, and then using the free trial of a program that ripped the drm out. This was after checking libgen, but they didn't seem to have any copy at all.

Sorry I can't be more specific but I'm not at my pc atm. I'll try to convert it to a pdf or something later and post it.

News outlets are actually correcting their propaganda from the other week about how multicultural vikings were. Turns out the claims were totally baseless.


I guess Holla Forums is back to celebrating, if they weren't so busy shitting on Swedes to begin with.

This was how 99% of pagan religions worked. If you were Greek but in Egypt for whatever reason, you didn't wanna piss off Set or Ra or anyone or they'd fuck you up for messing with their land. It was also simply easier to get along with people when you didn't sperg out about infidels every time you wanted to trade for something. If a Holla Forumsack went back in time the vikings would throw them off the ship for ruining a business transaction.

Eh it's neither here nor there. I doubt if this was ever an actual "debate" but some scientist was looking to get famous and jumped the gun on a discovery and the media did what the media does: exaggerate everything to stir up clicks.

And you people actually believe that you're intellectuals.
Demagogue fuckwits.

it was one or two people who just posted a lot in autistic fashion, a majority of sensible poster like me called it from the start

As usual, I am having the last laugh.

We will always have the last laugh.

And we will ALWAYS be right in the end.

But you decide to be jewish golems, so you shouldn't be surprised that you'll always lose in the end.

Following the warped fancies of neurotic mutants will never lead you anywhere.


dinosaurs tho

also about the second pic: all fascist are members of the white working class =/= all white working class members are fascists
u fucking morons can´t even get basic logic right



Read a fucking book.


Didn't the Nazis basically raid every fucking bank account in Czechoslovakia by forcing banks there to buy garbage Nazi war bonds

I suppose looting isn't the same as debt. :^)

It isn't looting, just patriotic anti-communists fighting the asiatic bolsheviks by handing over everyone's savings to an invading force

Oy vey, gwailo.

13th Warrior confirmed for documentary

Last time you used the brainlet approach you lost an entire thread.

Why would you think you fools would have *anything* right about Hitler?

You are jew acolytes.

Literally NOTHING you think about has even the remotest base in reality or truth.

All your literature is OP tier, dumb psyop bullshit that you can't stop lapping up.

Just because you have been told the same dumb lies for long enough (aka, hey how can you doubt this archeologist who studied this for a long time?!) doesn't make them true.

Holy shit I can't even imagine people as stupid as you exist. Research and evidence is apparently no match for your Dunning-Kruger complex.

If you ever have the inclination to stop being a subhuman 60-I.Q. brainlet maybe try picking this up.

Oh look, another hitler assboy shitpost coming to its natural conclusion.

word "socialist"
is in
National Socialist German Workers' Party
will they ever recover

Why do right wingers always cite random inconsequential bullshit (usually embellished or made up too) and try to replace actual arguments with them?
t. gets his history from Holla Forums memes

but what about the dinosaurs user?