What are you doing to spread leftism?

What are you doing to spread leftism?

I stay comfy in my couch and argue with autists on the internet. Doing anything more than this would be opportunism.


what a stupid post

I thought leftcoms were averse to the idea of "spreading" leftism, not that they're literally do-nothing armchair huggers.

Worming class organization:
No students. No idpol. No cooky subcultures.

Also no Maoists

Meet the Anarcho-Leftcom

Practically, yes. They think history is an engine of it's own, and not influenced by individual actors.

I've asked Leftcoms how do they explain that material conditions allowed Alexander the Great to conquer the entire, perfectly healthy Persian Empire and got no answer

some ultraleftist and "modern" "leftcoms" are literally like this, but we know they're stupid for rejecting it and not even acknowledging the revolutionary currents as they took shape around 1917

Last year or so, there was this Leftcom here that advocated for "Marxist Nihilism" where he ranted in long blogpost that doing nothing is the most communist possible today as he was spamming autistic Eden Sauvage articles

Don't know if he was serious or cointelpro

is the most communist possibility*


I reccomend books to people I meet, am organizing a reading group, argue with capitalists, and am working on fiction that portrays communists in a generally positive light compared to capitalists.

I didn't archive the thread. It was a shitshow.

i am working tirelessly to bring despair to the liberal society

Holla Forums needs an archive






Hold on a moment, is there an online activist movement for leftypol? I want to help in the fight against 4/pol and 8/pol.

I talk to my friends and co-workers about socialism. It's the only real activism, because people tend to listen to those who they trust already

not really, especially anything formal

Not really.

Of course, we can foil 8/pol/'s plans. Expose stupid bullshit like /namibia/. But this board isn't a command center. At best, this place is basically a refugee camp for people who are sick to their stomachs of Trump fans AND Hillary fans across the internet. Coincidentally, the refugee camp is set up in the trenches around a no man's land called Holla Forums, with a fascist cult at the center of it called 8/pol/.

The fact that this place was founded by smartypants /lit/ people is just a lucky bonus, because instead of people bullying each other into playing more hardcore video games, we bully each other into reading books and articles.

vandalize things with sickles and hammers and slowly explain anticapitalism to my friends.


Feed them the Communist pill, by force if I have to

Shoving liberals into a wood chipper.

Not falling for consumerist neoliberal bullshit propaganda

we need more people trying tbh