Who should've taken power after stalin ?

who should've taken power after stalin ?

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stalin killed every good bolshevik, so literally no one.

the proletariat.


Molotov should have succeeded Stalin, he could have ruled another 30 years without revisionism and completed the socialist project.


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There's literally nothing wrong with Khrushchev. He almost nukes America and put humankind in space. Brezhnev needed the bullet though

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The workers

Enver Hoxha

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Molotov or Zhukov

most ascended bolshevik tier suggested in this backward thread

There won't be real socialism as long as a majority of leftists like you keep cocksucking these useless faggots.

vyacheslav molotov wasn't always useless, particularly during the october revolution


The Internationale.

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The party.

It's so ascended, out of this world even, since Radek was already dead by 1939 so he'd have to resurrect to follow Stalin.

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I agree, he was the one who was groomed to lead, but kruhschev couped his way into power like a cunt



This is the correct answer. By the way, Kaganovich literally lived a hundred years and died 5 months before the dissolution of the USSR

Nobody. People should have been elected.


he chose when to die. he felt more and more helpless as the years of revisionism washed over him, and didnt want to see the USSR sold away.

The working class