Is there nothing in this universe that can liberate the individual other than power?

If so why not be striving to be stronger? Autonomous? Or strong in egoistic union/collaboration? Should be teaching this to others as well.
All I know is that I need to be better. For my own sake & that's what I strive for.

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Life itself is will to power, nothing else matters.

power is violence. most people are scared of violence, and this allows them to be ruled by the small minority of people who aren't scared to use violence to enforce their will

Power is not violence.

how else do you make people do things without violence or the threat of it?

Both of you don't seem to know what kind of power I'm talking about. It's Personal Power the only one that matters, you. The physical you, your skills, your knowledge, your strength, your sociability, etc.

You cat flag might know what I mean more. If everyone knew everyone used their power to liberate themselves and the others who they care fore there would be no ruler but their own.

Now what makes you a Monarch or an Anarch is how you use your personal power. You use it to subjugate? or you use it to only oppress oppressors (liberate)? One becomes ungovernable once he/she becomes strong and there are various ways to become strong. If everyone was strong, had the means to be strong every one would be free (be it production, skill, anything). In the future maybe the progress of technology will lead to that a communism, a mutualism, or simply an individualism because everyone has the tools for autonomy already, they became accessible & easy to produce.

Thats Tankie thinking.

do you have an actual answer?

Yes you should go full porky Max.

Thats the actual answer. If you don't know how to make individuals do thinks without violence then you're a social retard honestly.
Get some irl friends homie, stop browsing /r9k/.

Porky is not at fault. It's you and those who let him get away with using his power that way, with subjugation. You're probably physically stronger than him also, he is fat, lazy & relies on others too much, his entire survival relies on others. You shouldn't fear him.

Sure there is. You can liberate your own mind, you don't need anything for that. But as soon as you want to liberate yourself or others from things outside yourself, you will have to make changes in the world outside yourself, which requires you to exercise power. If a power is not working on an object, there will be no change in the momentum. If you don't exercise power, things continue as they were.

oh, so i refrain from shoplifting, murdering the ruling classes, and other exercises of my power, not because i fear the violence of the state, but for other reasons. makes sense

Death. But it's a different kind of liberation.

That doesn't satisfies me. I already did that.
Thats the Anarch of Ernst Jünger, it's a pussy who wouldn't be an opportunist if he saw a situation he could easily win against authority.


I agree with his stance, he has a point but there are times when one is stronger, those opportunities must not be let pass, for your own sake.

I shoplift personally. Not from individuals but from corportions obviously. They have things I want but I don't want to pay for them to maintain them, more importantly because I can and I get a trill from stealing to corporations, it satisfies me.

Your reasons like mine are your own. I don't use violence your way, in fact I feel like it limits my power (my number of friends), if I start being a dick.

that's nice. still doesn't answer

Well then, better get comfortable exercising power.

I'm but I do it my way to not be tamed myself, I need power to not get controlled by an external force and I want to teach others how to exercise theirs this way also. I wont make a hierarchy ever, I only want to make even more friends, get to know more unique individuals & enjoy life while it lasts me thats all.

Collaboration doesn't has to be forced. This is why you have few friends. Thank "god" you don't have individuals subjugated tho you could be worse than Stalin.

you have to give someone a reason to collaborate. either by promising some sort of reward (itself a form of power), or by threatening undesirable consequences should they refuse to collaborate

I know agriculture, landscaping, cooking and I'm a good shot, I'm pretty sure I can entertain you to make your life more worthwhile. We could build a bunker if you like.

Plus you love me, you enjoy being alongside me and I'll take care of you user. Even if you have a tankie mentality we must have things in common (or differences) we can enjoy from each other.

This is the basis of humanism, and exposes the folly of human error.

isn't humanism an spooky imaginary ideal of what is really "human", "humane". It's a you ought to, a we should aka bs.


I got a question through something I'm not sure of.
Is my want for personal power an spook? Is it an ideology dominating my mind?

Because I'm not satisfied with my current condition I want to be more. I feel like this struggle of mine will continue forever until I die and I don't want that. I don't want to never be able to feel self-relief again due to that. I honestly don't know anymore.

It's not a spook to want to be rid of your chains.

I want to get rid of the chains those who provide me satisfaction have too. But I'm not messiah, I'm not a hero, I don't have that much strength in me I'm human and that feeling of impotence kills me. It makes me follow an ideal form of myself that doesn't exist, it's the only think that I feel cripples me rn.
I'm becoming obsessed with such want. I didn't want this, I took the Nietzsche route by accident not the Stirner one. Maybe at one point I'm going to be satisfied, I don't know that but I sure as hell hope because I don't like this at all…


fucking primitivist batman with recycled animations

The truest power is Astarothian-Nazbol pact magic, begone from my sight with your newfangled "modern" notions of what power is.

This is the kind of liberal cancer that has infested Holla Forums.

Do you honestly think the only thing preventing us from convincing the US military to lay down their weapons is a lack of social skills?

Do you really think I'm retarded to fight a power stronger than me? They're indoctrinated, tools but they're still stronger than me physically due to their weapons. I'm not playing with my life if I can't win.

You didn't pay attention to anything I wrote here then. But friends make me stronger thats a fact, having many is great. But the difference between the indocrinated soldeir and me is that I can shoot in all directions, the ones I want.

and I'm a damn good shot.

I thought power wasn't about violence. Can't you just get a life, make some friends, and win them over with your amazing social skills?

Power is also labor, skill, collaboration, etc.
You don't understand what power is thats your problem. And union doesn't has to be hold together with violence either. An union IS powerful but it doesn't has to be violent to its members to keep it united, there just has to be a mutual interest thats it.

Your idea of power = only violence is Tankie af thats why you're less personally powerful than me atm. Because you're no state, you only dream of being the state. When you show up in a tank I will fear you, now not at all lol.

And another thing the Soldier is individually, personally strong, he trained for that. But in reality he doesn't really has to swear allegiance to any spook, he can pretend to be loyal but not really be it just to not be bothered by the indoctrinated. He can own himself, ultimately we all own ourselves but most forget it usually for a sacred ideology.

In fact the sergeant is weaker than him usually, since he got into a more comfortable position of exploiting labor he stopped training. The sergeant is to the soldier what the boss is to the laborer by in military hierarchy form. Those who are hierarchs are usually personally weaker in the physical world by themselves but thats expected since they started relying and indoctrinated fools started being used.

The soldier has the most enormous power in his hands, and if they became thoroughly conscious of it and used it, nothing would withstand them.


I don't think so user. If there is anything like human nature in the world, part of it involves a yearning to be free when constrained (animal nature). Communism is humanism.

I would rather destitute the current power than take power. We'll see how it goes. I don't think people can behave without force, but it doesn't have to be a constant everyday one. The other way to make people behave is psychical coercion (not physical) and that has its roots in physical force used in the past, embellished in myth. Part of the anxiety of our times is in our old myths becoming undone. This leads to the opposite of good order, which is P A N I C

True. But it's easy to feel like a caged wolf under political systems because one is. It's difficult (but still possible) to practice your own self-determination.

Sure, I do not deny it. I mean, I might identify with another animal instead of a carnivore. As Perlman would say we are trapped in Leviathan's entrails. I think it's necessary to do some self-exploration and self-determination (to understand oneself at the deepest levels) but I hope you agree we need to work together as individuals against the system.

Power involves making others feel powerful.

Obviously. Union / collaboration makes us stronger see that quote from Darwin. But lets not do it on authoritarian ways, thats for the retards. At least in minarchy, or at least democratic (well aware this gets corrupted so easy tho), never fucking authoritarian. Getting your own self-determination is already hard as fuck for many.

For you. I'm not you. I don't take pleasure bossing others around. I give them advice, I can work with them as a squad but I'm not their boss, more a leader, a guide but they don't have to die for me if they don't wish so.

This is such a cute post.

You don't know what is will to power, don't you ?

You have an interesting philosophy OP, and so far you're the least faggy blackflag I've seen here. Did you come to these ideas through Stirner, Nietzsche, and Junger?

me after getting shoved in a locker for being a nerd

if it infringes on my Will it is

Nietzsche was a spooked retard that idolized "aristocratic values" and other various spooks. He was getting somewhere but he is no Stirner. He is more an emo poet nerd who fucked once and died of syphilis.

Power is just capacity to do shit, not related with violence only.

I'm bisexual, I fuck what I want, whoever satisfies me. So yes I'm a faggot but I couldnt give less of a fuck.

And Darwin. Yes.
But this is just the rejection of spooks and the adoption of reality as a world view. Reading Marx at least to Analyze Capitalism is highly recommended don't adopt any ideology through. Try to serve no one. When you get subjugated & can't win. Lie. To feign loyalty.

Humans have an innate desire to "work against" something whether it be nature, an enemy, an idea, etc. Modern man is however mostly removed from the more tangible forms of struggle and thus must resort to overcoming more esoteric and abstract forms of hardship.

As such your "will to power" and obsession with radical individualism is no more than a safety blanket to keep your mind off of the true meaninglessness and temporary nature of the world. In short you are just keeping yourself entertained while waiting for your inevitable death. So don't kid yourself into thinking that your little crusade is any different from anyone else's petty distraction.


Your view on "human nature" is a spook, it's the spook of a misanthrope.

this. The word is macht which comes from machen, to make or to wrought change on the world. It's more like the French puissance than puvoir (potential vs power). Locke used the word power in the former sense in some of his stuff back when.

huh, you're allowed to own grenades in burgerland?


then how the did you get your hands on this one?



You seem to be under impression that you're able to generate desires in others.

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Its only power yeah, foucault wrote about it.