Why can't anyone in the right (classical liberal, alt right, fascist/nationalist, basic bitch conservative, etc.) tell liberals from the far left? Is it because of the cultural marxism meme? Does J Petersen legitimately think that liberals/sjws are 'secret marxists' or something? He's obviously smart enough to get a Phd, has he read any political theory outside Orwell and Solzhenitsyn?

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Ironic considering 90% of the right qualifies as liberal


Because they are right, there is very little difference between you. If you were different you would not parrot each other constantly or cover for each other

They're stupid it doesn't matters.

Varg probably realized it's better if Leftism takes power in the world for a natural perspective. Nature has way more chance of prevailing with Leftism than Capitalism, Fascism, Rightwing shit. He is wise but a dumb ideologue at the same time.

I feel like what you're describing is mainly a US thing. The European right has a more nuanced look

Liberals want socialism?
News to me.

because american political discussion has been rendered so meaningless that even the very words they use have been corrupted and distorted. this means that when average people discuss politics, they are basically yelling gibberish back-and-forth. you can substitute the words "liberal" and "conservative" with "gooblegobble" and "herpaderp" and the actual content and substance of their discussion will be unaffected

These aren't necessarily right wing. Spook harder.

A lot of liberals are basically formerly extremists who have "evolved" to see the value of compromise yet keep the spectacle going by throwing money at it.

Talking heads on both sides conveniently ignore the fact that some right wingers support supposedly liberal causes like marijuana legalization, environmentalism, LGBT rights, amnesty for illegals and protecting the Democrat Party. Every time these causes succeed lefties want to take all of the credit.

The Fascist is rightwing.

In reality nothing is left or right wing, metaphorical wings don't exist through.

Because honestly Holla Forums and other supposedly far left groups are still overflowing with idpol bullshit. At least half this board agree with 90% of SJW rhetoric - they just think class is more important than gender. It's a very small ideological difference compared to the gulf between the right and the left. It should come as no surprise that the right don't really acknowledge that difference.

Such as?

This. It doesn't help that they're stupid already, and then the political "education" they receive is based on whatever bullshit they get from corporate media or internet jpgs.

Fuck off retard.

Because the far left are currently, and have tended to be, allies of liberal capitalism. This was not entirely the case during the Cold War, but the communist states took feudal relations, replaced them with state relations and introduced a free market lol
Currently, antifa is cheered on by the capitalist press (although this has started to become less the case) including while explicitly identifying them as anarchists and communists. Antifa also attacked an anti war rally organised by the alt-right and repeatedly physically attacked Trump supporters, who wanted an anti-establishment candidate, as well as free speech advocates (free speech being a generally useful thing for criticising capitalist elites).
The view of a global capitalist and a global communist don't have that much different. Communism and capitalism teamed up against nationalism and a revival of traditional morality last time, and they do it today.
As Gnome Chompers said, capitalism is currently anti-racist.
I mean, what was Marxism from the beginning? A wealthy Englishmen and some wealthy Jews spreading Faustian civilisation and an industrial economy to Russia via the back door of utopian ideology. I'm not suggesting this was a sinister plot, but that's what occured. Jews are Sonntag Juden for Goyim.
With that said, something like UBI will probably occur and we'll probably get something like colourblind fascism in the future and the end of liberalism so why not part like it's 1989?


It's probably because they see the far left as simply an insult for the liberals. Like calling conservative's Nazis etc.

well if we're to switch from capitalism to socialism we've got to make sure feudalism is dead, nation is a liability to be purged completely

because they correctly recognize that Communists in Western countries are more or less useful idiots for progressive liberals. progressive liberals can rely on Communists and Anarchists to get out and vote for the lesser evil in the name of anti-racism, protest for various progressive causes, and generally support progressives on cultural issues. however, they're almost never a serious threat to the established order. if they were, do you really think we would see so many Communists and Anarchists in universities? No, we would have purges like in the McCarthyist era.

this is a fake quote, faggot

What the fuck is varg anyway? Anprim? Nazbol? turd positionism?

a völkish primitivist

Burgers. USA came up with this bullshit that liberals are actually SocDems. Can an American explain how this meme was started? "Liberal" means right-wing in almost every other country. There used to be plenty of "social liberal" parties before World War II but they all sank into obscurity.

And now the burger autism spreads through the Internet and now even in my country people who spend much time on the internet refer to leftists as liberals. The newest shtick is to use "classical liberals" for actual liberals.

I think if somebody were to convince Varg that the world doesn't end tomorrow and that communism would theoretically be sustainable and not destroy the earth he could become a legit leftist.

I don't think he would ever give up his views on race though. He is way too deep into that shit, and his wife, an anthropologist, seems to hold them as well. Does anybody know if somebody had tried to tell him to read Dugin?

Convincing a race realist that race isn't real (except for other species) is like convincing someone two plus two is five. Short of some heavy brainwashing you can't do it.

I just don't have the time or interest to study a semester biology, anthopology or neurology just to debunk race realists. Whenever someone brings up race, I'm just going to ask him why does it matter, why is this important to politics. If capitalism/fascism or whatever is equality of opportunity anyway (as they claim), then what's the problem

Because the only difference is the level of self-awareness.


why havent you been banned yet

Because most of the groups you described are liberal and can't think outside liberal ideology, so they can't comprehend something beyond liberalism when confronted with it.

I was told it was JFK calling socially progressive policies to be liberal.

Everything is a leftism boogeyman in US so the government can do whatever it wants as long as it's not remotely progressive, it's fine.