It's time for reviving Rote Armee Fraktion. World needs true anticapitalist and antiimperialist violence...

It's time for reviving Rote Armee Fraktion. World needs true anticapitalist and antiimperialist violence. Reactionists and right wingers can't lead this fight because of their blindness.

Hello FBI
but seriously people like the r.a.f did much more harm then good to leftism in German and shouldnt be looked up to


they were infantile retards

over there their viewed as the German equivalent of school shooters and are hated basically universally…

wow a conservative classcucked society and former u.s. satellite hates radicals. whodathunkit?

we need more RAFs. more killings, more bombings, more violence, more upsetting the status quo. otherwise nothing will change


That's retarded. You can't terrorize people into loving you. Even if you could succeed in toppling state that way (you can't) then all it would be is an totalitarian shithole infinitely more miserable for the proles than the average liberal democracy.

that's not the goal

If you don't have the support of the people then you can't build socialism.

if you don't destroy the ruling establishment and eliminate its enforcers, the conditions for socialism can never exist


"hey guys lets just start shooting rich people!" the RAF in a nutshell.
they are like the selfproclaimed communists you sometimes see at antifa, doing nothing but smashing stuff and that just because of fun.

still better than not shooting them

think about it for a sec

the problem is that people would have a problem with bankers being killed. that's what needs to change

Then maybe do something other than retarded terrorism.

You think you carbomb capitalism away?

you think you can vote or debate it away?

And how do you plan on doing that?

Capitalism doesn't have hitpoints that go down every time you whack a banker. This shit is worse than useless.

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Nah my man you are wrong

it doesn't matter but if you kill bankes you're winning not gonna lie. that user has a point. but you're summoning stronger powers to hunt you down if you do that, you dont want to be noticed by those powers as a criminal unless you're suicidal already.

No. But killing random people won't help us either. In effect, it certainly didn't.

Yeah, it worked so well that we live in global communism right now since revolutions started all across West Germany, Italy and France, thanks to the RAF, Brigate Rosso and Action Directe.


I think these groups should probably do some other things before killing

like start food programs and people's security units or something like that

They killed only two high-ranking bankers.
Okay, most other people they killed were also scum, but it doesn't change the fact that these groups were worse than useless. They were basically the Al-Qaeda / ISIS-affiliated terrorists of their time in the eyes of the general public ; tankie-tier LARPing taken to its own logical conclusion.
In the end, they did absolutely nothing to help the socialist cause. They just gave the bourgeoisie an opportunity to say "Look how bad these state-capitalists communists are, they even kill us in our free™ countries" and stifle any opposition to the neoliberal agenda that was starting to be enforced at the time.
Go on, create your urban guerilla, and will sardonically laugh when you will be killed by armed drones in your hideout while the European media will smear every social-democrat out there for having slightly left-wing ideas.

the paris commune had its commune due to it. Power works. But know the consequences of your actions know what it means later, fight fights you can win, avoid the ones you'll lose. Be sly.

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Yes because pacifism is totally what I am advocating, you kneejerking faggot.

No, you organize the workers, spread class consciousness and you arm them. I can't really say what happens next as revolutions don't follow a set formula. But for the mean time, we can only prepare ourselves.

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Do you have any argument against what I said, or will you continue to screech autistically till the end of times ?