Today is the legislative election in Austria.

Today a 31 year old from ÖVP will win the election and will make a coalition with far right FPÖ.

People made a lot of fun of FPÖ for losing the meaningless presidential election in 2016, and now they will be in government with ÖVP as a coalition partner in the election that matters.

Party overview:
SPÖ - socdems
ÖVP - conservashits
FPÖ - you know em already
Greens - they're greens
NEOS - liberals
Pilz - Greens 2.0

There are no big left-wing parties.


In about 4 hours and 30 minutes you can watch the results here:

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we need stop just throwing this term around

Oh fuck no, I dont want a Haider 2.0 electric boogaloo
Critically support Slovene minority road signs in their fight against Austrian imperialism

whats with this trend?

I'm slovene, I shitpost a lot and I always post with an EU flag
I think that about covers it

so this FPO group wants only German on street signs even in regions with lots of slovens present?

Haider was leader of the FPÖ in the 90's and 00's (before he died in a car crush in 2008, drunk on his way home from a gay bar I kid you not). He was an unironic naziboo that held rallies to "redeem innocent austrian nazis that fell for their country" and shit like that. His favourite hobby was harrassing the traditional Slovene community in Koroška/Kärnetn (he was the governor of the province) mainly by removing billingual signs.
To put it in wikipedia terms

Reminder this man was a long time leader of the FPÖ, really anything you need to know about those fascist idiots

Reminder Haider had a village sign deal negotiated and the SPÖ sabotaged it because they didnt want him to have that success.

how do Holla Forumsyps make sense of this and reconcile it to their persecution complex

oh so he WAS a Holla Forumsyp



they were literally "didnt even fight" tier during ww2

they didn't exist in that time period by own choice you dunce

They did - on the nazi side.

Austria-Hungary was always built on a pre-enlightenment structure of feudal allegiances, not stupid nationalist dick waving, which is why it never had real cultural/linguistic repression of peoples before the 1918 downfall.
Ergo your comparison of the monarchy with your gay nutsac homeboy over there is retarded and belongs in the bin

United Socalist States of Greater Austria when?

only in Liqqy II and my wet dreams, unfortunately.

That somehow reminded me of that Slovene guy I once met who claimed to have detailed plans for every major military base in Slovenia and ways to infiltrate them as a first step to revolution.

I don't fucking know what was up with him, but he seemed to be quite serious about it.

Even though he is just a student.

Maybe he was bullshitting a little bit, but it wouldn't be that surprising tbh.
You can traverse Slovenia from east to west in two hours by train, most of it is (beautiful) dense forests, and there are less people there than in the metropolitan area where I live, based around a city which isn't very relevant in Europe.


really cooks my bacon

Nationalism is the destruction of culture.
In France, Bretons, Alsatians and Basques were forbidden to speak their regional languages at school and beaten if they did from the 19th century till pretty recently. Almost no one know how to speak Occitan in the south nowadays.
That's why I laugh when Holla Forumsyps pretend to defend white culture™. They are the half-witted defenders of American imperialism, the commodification of traditions and the transformation of the diverse Western ways of life into a dull and uniform Anglo-dominated modus vivendi.
Something like communalism makes way more sense if you want to preserve culture.

Exit poll



this but unirnically
read Maurras


So is nominating attractive young guys Porky's latest tactic? Have elecions really become completely dettached from politics now and become what the Ancient Athenians derided them as: popularity contests?

yes, and it works. actually it's brilliant. nominate some young noob without experience or opinions, finance his campaign, win election, seize government, control legislative process.

call it democracy

hey i tip my hat to our porky overlords, fucking flawless.

Macron, Lindner, Kurz, Rivera, Baudet

who are the others?

Trudeau, probably others in 3rd world shitholes.

He looks like an erstaz Patrick Bateman, not some dashing figure ala Macron.
Imho he got elected mainly for publically sticking it to the Turks and Erdogan where a lot of other politicians kind of just remain silent.
He also REEEEd a lot about immigrants on TV which is sure to get him votes

I'm beginning to see a pattern

why do so many people on the far right have such a hard-on for the 80's?

I'm not talking Brad Pitt-tier here. He's definitely on the luckier side of the attractiveness bell curve, which is more than can be said about the vast majority of politicians. And he sure as fuck isn't worse than Macron either, have you seen a close up of him?

SPÖ 27.1% (53 seats)
ÖVP 31.5% (62 seats)
FPÖ 25.9% (51 seats)
Greens 3.9% (0 seats)
NEOS 5.1% (9 seats)
Pilz 4.4% (8 seats)

The Greens just fell below the 4% threshold and lost all their seats (they had 21 seats and were projected to have 9). They got BTFOd

Hello, lads. Just got home after being away the whole day. PLEASE JUST NUKE THIS COUNTRY ALREADY!

Consider them checked

Absolute STATE of the Greens


Where are all the left wing parties bro?

There are none, not anymore. It's all ogre.

I don't know. I been away at a family birthday party. All those old people talking about politics (thankfully they kept it very short). I think left-wing parties would be too depressing anyway.

Sort your fucking shit out Europe. As much as it's nice to have someone on the left like Corbyn close to power, he'll be powerless if the international community is dominated by right-wing reactionaries.

In Portugal the "Socialist" Party has the support of the Communist Party and Left Bloc. The right parties are at an absolute minimum (34%). This left-wing "coalition" of sorts is at 57.5% and growing.

Well, I guess now is the time for the SPÖ to get its shit together and pull off a Corbyn for the next election.

If they get thrown into the opposition, they might be able to grow some balls again.

SPÖ can go fucking rot (heh).

Dude, the UK is literally : No fun allowed - the country.
Your government routinely passes laws to investigate your porn habits and what kind of food you eat in order to predict if you are a potential terrorist or not.
That said, it is not getting better in France either

tbh, I would much prefer the KPÖ to get into the Nationalrat, but let's stay real, that won't happen for a long time

the only thing they achieved this election was meme status because of

just what we needed, a condescending island monkey. thanks for posting itt, thanks for your solidarity with the austrian left.

Social democracy is dead. There's no point trying to prop up parties who claim to be left yet support the very neoliberal policies that are driving people towards these right-wing reactionaries.

We've seen time and time again recently across the Western world - when "leftist" parties place too much emphasis on idpol they get absolutely crushed at the polls. Radical economic approaches need to be proposed in order to capture the hearts and minds of the populace. Otherwise they just make it way too easy for right-wing parties to blame all of the countries issues on immigration and Islam. That's not to say the growing creep of acquiescence to Islamic cultural norms isn't an issue but allowing right-wing parties to focus on that allows them to get away with economic policies that do nothing to improve the material conditions of workers.

You guys need to champion entryism. Getting proper leftists in control of these succdem parties will go a long way to instigating change.

and there's our problem. the left is extinct in austria. there simply are hardly any "proper leftists." Do you have an idea what it means to live in a country like this? please stop lecturing us. you obviously know nothing about austria.

What's going to happen with the Greens? Are they going to join the Green Youth in the KPÖ or continue being cuckolds?

at least the socdems remain larger than the far right winch is very much damning with faint praise

Hey someone actually reposted the Zizek picture I took while I was in Slovenia

fuck germans seriously… i have no information about the germans ever doing anything other than opressing slavs and conducting war. honestly they should have just been wiped out after ww2.

Hopefully they'll just disappear.

How left-wing do you think the Labour party was before Corbyn got in?

Blair quite literally obliterated all power held by the left wing of the party and even changed the constitution to make it more neoliberal friendly. After Blair we had Gordon Brown, another full-blown neolib and after that Ed Milliband who was essentially neo-lib light.

It's funny to see other countries behaving as if Corbyn's rise was anything other than near miraculous. Of course now we view it as if it was inevitable considering the disquiet of the working class but that's more hindsight than anything else. To put it in perspective, Corbyn had a 1000-1 chance of winning the labour leadership at the start of the contest. Not forgetting that Blair even joked while he was in charge that the UK didn't need to worry about Labour bringing in socialism because "it's not like Jeremy Corbyn is the leader".

Corbyn came to prominence by tapping into the disquiet of the working class. By being more radical than any labour leadership candidate in 30 years. He quite explicitly staked his entire leadership bid on destroying the economic status quo.

So please don't fucking act as if we've always had a prominent left-wing presence in this country. And by the same yardstick don't act so fucking defeatist. There's always hope. Build up from the grassroots. Slowly take over local succdem organisations. Increase your influence. It may seem an insurmountable task now but it seemed the same over here until Corbyn came onto the scene.

Peter ´Make Austria Siblerstein Free´ Pilz did it.


Liberal shitgreens BTFO eternally.

Isn't there a chance of the OVP forming a grand coalition with the SPO?

I thought I read somewhere that it was a real possibility, but I'm politically illiterate tbqh.

Jeez, I knew he was young but…
something weird about seeing young politicians.

No. They had a coalition for 8 years and after before the election they made it pretty clear they are now divorced.

Literally the protagonist of American Psycho.

I can believe this explanation for U.S. and a few other countries, but the rise of the far right in continental European countries like Germany and Austria is clearly due to the migrant crisis rather than "liberal" tout court.

I highly doubt AfD would've entered the German parliament without the migrant issue. If you look at exit polls, a strong majority of AfD voters thought the party didn't do enough to divorce itself from far right trappings. Their #1 issue was immigration and without that issue, many of them would've voted for Die Linke.

You can run on a the most genuine Socialist economic platform ever, but if your immigration policy is bonkers, the far right will still make gains. This doesn't mean you have to go full ethno-nationalist. It just means you need a more moderate immigration policy that imposes some restrictions on the flow and prioritizes assimilation. You can't just sweet the problems with assimilation under the rug.

This might be the case with AfD, but FPÖ has always been in Parliament and their best result was in the 90s.

SPÖ 26.7% (52 seats)
ÖVP 31.4% (61 seats)
FPÖ 27.4% (53 seats)
Greens 3.3% (0 seats)
NEOS 5.0% (9 seats)
Pilz 4.1% (8 seats)

greens btfo


young people disagree with you

Guess I damned them with faint praise prematurely, they don't even deserve that.

We don't have to see this result as a defeat, we have to use this result to purge all the fake leftist. Seriously, we need terrorism.
Violence without virtue is fatal, Virtue without violence is impotent.
We have to fuck them intellectually and then kill them. Antifa is just a bunch of reactionary who defend the neoliberal status.

Are they really that shameless now?
Openly calling themselves neolib and win votes?

The reaction of the mainstream (and specially the business) press to this election and the other "populist uprisings" has been hilarious.


yes. yes they are.

Strolz' first speech in 2013 was "no, neos does not mean neo-nazis :^) we are the other neos"




Y tho

But the FPOs' dude is a 50 y.o.

Austrian Holla Forums meetup when?

feels bad, mang. They had my vote.

austria, the only country where even the left uses fascist symbolics. somebody kill me already.


Nerd, please.

Pleb, please.

we need to gather the top minds of Holla Forums to Karl-Marx-Hof and plan a counteroffensive

I think its safe to put Austrians on the list of 'worst nationalities in Europe' along with Poles.

pic related just appeared in my mind

accurate, except there is no armchair
there would have to be a token smug autist leftcom for a TOP MINDS meeting

If the left wing of the party had been in control of the SPÖ it would have imploded like the Greens. The only reason why the SPÖ managed a somewhat decent result is that they shifted to the right in terms of immigration policies. The party leadership was heavily critizized for this move by the left-wing factions within the party like the Socialist Youth.

what really grinds my gears is that nowadays people think left = uncontrolled immigration fro everybody.
i don't know how this narrative was hammered into people's heads. it's obvious that mass immigration favors the right: there's pressure on the job market for workers, wages go down, more immigrants mean competition for low-cost housing, rents go up. porky is happy, he has tons of cheap labor and can collect high rents. the people who call themselves leftists and favor mass immigration are hillary-tier neoliberals, nothing more.
none of the so-called left parties in the austrian parliaments makes politics for the proles. all of them accept the neoliberal agenda. thanks for listening to my pointless rant.

shit sux. I guess most of those voted for SPÖ to combat Black-Blue.

Wien 22 here, I'm in. Do we have more anons from Graz or Vienna?

We have to make left politics while not calling it left. Oh yeah, and we need a front man with a mother-in-law-compatible face.

Well, you partially answered it in your post anyway. "Leftist" parties only stand in opposition to the right-wing so if FPÖ etc. say something about controlling migration, the others will do the opposite.

I'm not sure. I think in the first thread we had some months ago there were two from Graz (including myself, although I don't live in Graz) and two from Vienna.

Because empirically, that's mostly the case. Within SocDem and Green parties, the leftist, more "anti-capitalistic" factions are usually pro-immigration whereas those who are in favor of some restrictions are usually more centrist economically speaking. Outside of the parliament, most far-left groups also follow the "Refugees welcome" and "no borders" stance.

there are no "leftist" or "anti-capitalist" fractions in the european green and social democrat parties i'm aware of. these people are staunch neoliberals, they just advocate for "capitalism with human face" (i.e. you don't get jailed any more if you're gay, which is totally fine if you're gay, but it doesn't adress any of the fundamental problems caused by capitalism.)

this is an accurate observation and the only explanation if have for this phenomenon is edgy contrarianism against the fpö. imo there are plenty of reasons for checking mass immigration that have nothing to do with racism or xenophobia.

I wrote "anti-capitalistic" in quotations deliberately. Nevertheless, there are still groups within these parties who view themselves as more or less anti-capitalist; they often share views akin to groups like ATTAC; I'd call people like Corbyn part of the leftist faction of Labour, wouldn't you? I think the term "neolib" loses any meaning if you use it for everything that is not marxist/communist.

Btw, on the webpage of the Socialist Youth of Austria, one can still find a critique of capitalism that uses Marxist terms.

I think from Graz, including myself. Apparently Graz has a few more active Holla Forumss than Vienna.

Are you one of the guys I did NOT meet at the Zizek talk?

Indeed I'm one of them, fam. Didn't you also get there with Flixbus?

Things are starting to look up for Austria tbh

Yes, I am.

yes i would. i would also like to wait with any further asessment until he gets in power. i predict a syrzia-style betrayal of his ideals.
i don't consider myself a marxist-leninist. imo ML style socialism was a system about as bad as the shit we have now. also i think historical materialism is a method that answers some questions very well, and others rather unsatisfactory. inb4 some tankie tries to convert me, no thanks i'm not in the mood for dicussing my worldview with you right now. i know you consider everybody who doesn't suck stalins cock a an idealist pseud and hey, that's like just your opinion man.
cute. wait for ten years until they sit in the parliament or the administrations. they'll go full porky because hey, if you're a communist with 20 you don't have a heart, but if you're still a communits with 30 you don't have a brain right XD

I wasn't talking about marxism-leninism. The point was that socdem (and green) parties aren't a homogenous "neoliberal" mass, they have leftist and rightist factions. I'd agree however that those who explicitely endorse Marx are usually "only" part of the youth wing or Trotskyist entryists.

*Yes, I did.

Finally I am so retarded that I answer questions the wrong way.

Can someone elaborate? (I don't speak German and every English-language source just whines about the rightists winning, so it's really hard to get a good idea about what the guy actually stands for.)

I remember some Holla Forums anons saying they like his rhetoric and will vote for him. And regardless of his positions, it's really heartening to see a successful split from an entrenched establishment nominally-left party.

pilz party
-personal integrity
-uncovered a few corruption affairs in the past

-one man show
-no real program
-doesn't question the capitalist narrative, still considered a leftist by modern standards because not a full neocon. 30 years ago he would have been on the right wing of your average european socdem party.

tumblr style hillary feminists with dozends of gender pronouns. utterly worthless. i'm very happy that they lost, only good result of the election.

Fuck no, Slavic languages are unpronounceable trash. Hell, I'd love to still use names like Danzig and Lemberg if people knew which cities they refer to.

Thank you. Pretty much what I expected.

So, yeah, it's encouraging. If only as an evidence that tumblr needs to be and can be dropped.


i was gonna disagree, but then
Breslau vs Wrocław

SPÖ has really fucked up

SPÖ's voters are going to die away, it seems.
I recently talked to a friend and he said that all of his fellow workers will be voting FPÖ.

As much as I dislike them, it wouldn't have been bad if they were in the parliament.

Still find it weird how we were on the same bus and went to the same location and later finding out about it. Should have done a meetup in Stadtpark when the weather was better (although the last few days have been fucking amazing, don't look foward to the cold and rainy weather)

Bumping with Strolz dabbing

Why do politician do this? Think if a giant like Stalin started dabbing in public

Politicians are products.
No different than washing powder that is being advertised on TV.
The advertisers in this case thought they can sell this politician to an extra 0,23% of consumers if they told him to dab like the kids on twitter.


It's just a bit of fun.

At least I'm glad to see people criticize mass immigration without falling into an identity trap