It is time to learn my pronouns or get punished!

It is time to learn my pronouns or get punished!

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though taking kids away because of that shit is fucked up there is literally nothing wrong with calling someone what gender that person identifies as

When is the gender meme going to finally be over?

I swear, this gender shit is going to be the phrenology of our age, they might as well start shilling the "science" behind Pentecostals getting possessed by spirits and devils. There are zero genders, gender is a spook.

Sterner posters need to stop
gender is literally just a word that someone can use to describe themselves and how that person feels mentally in line with their phisical form

its not that hard to understand

children are idiots and should never be listened to, they should only be spoken at

Which is a spook. It's nonsense. It's a made-up social fiction based on outdated social norms.

If you have this set of reproductive organs, you wear these clothes and do these rituals and perform these jobs, but if you have the other set, you wear those clothes and do those rituals and perform those jobs.

Maybe I'm wrong. Tell me, outside of what I just described, what is "maleness" and "femaleness"?

when you act like a male
when you act like a female

stop with this pseudo-intellectual crap

That is something that in the main should concern only the person him or herself. It should not be too much to ask that in their interactions with the outside world, they conform to existing norms and practices to a reasonable degree - pick either male or female pronouns and be done with it, none of this they/them or invented words like xir nonsense. Being social means making sacrifices for the society sometimes, and not expecting that society perfectly accommodates every little queer feature of your own individuality.

Holla Forums please you're going to kill me with laughter.

And what does it mean to "act like a male" or "act like a female"

Wew. Can you guys ever not trip over your own dicks?

Gender exists as a social phenomenon, but there is no inherent, observable biological gender.

Fish don't have genders, dogs don't have genders; only people do (because we're spooked.)

You're probably the most shit poster I've seen in a while. Congrats.

im not going to go on with this shit
im not playing this pseudo intellectual game
no it wasnt it was a U.S sponsored Fascist coup
all the "Hungarian """"revolution""" was socialist" shit is just something people use as made up excuse to hate on the SU"



It's not complicated m8.
If you're a man you act male.
If you're a woman you act female.
If you're Holla Forums you act like a pretentious faggot.

gender is not a material reality, only biological sex is, radfems have been saying that for decades but might as well call them evil TERFs

did i claim that?
there is no evidence that socialist reforms and councils were undertaken during the coup attempt
there is evidence that fascists were part of the initial uprisings and that NATO had smuggled prominent Hungarian fascist emphasizes back into Hungary

i dont agree with most of the stuff cornman did but it had to be done or it would have set a dangerous precedent to NATO

I know you're a Holla Forumsyp but this is actually the correct, progressive, gender-critical viewpoint to hold. There is no wrong way to be a man or a woman. A biological man with long hair and painted nails is still being a man. The frivolous performance of gender does not change that.

This is not a hard question.

This falls to the very lowest pits of crank pseudoscience if it falls apart at "what does it mean to act like a male or female?" This is what I mean when I say that this is going to be the phrenology of our age.

Yeah, I'm gonna need some proofs my dude.

your the one who made the first unbacked claim that it was a "socialist" uprising
prove that first

You're being biologically essentialist. Male or female being is an essence that is only ever revealed to the individual themselves, which is why when a biological male says "I am a female, because I know it in my deepest being", he is in fact a female.

No. Sex is not a warm and fuzzy feeling between your ears.
Moreover, since we're gendered according to our sexes at birth and slandered/controlled/legislated according to our biological function, it's more than a little absurd/offensive for a man to lay claim to the experience of womanhood without the ovaries to match.

Their leader, Imre Nagy, was a communist and helped form the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.

When a biological male says I am a female, because I know it in my deepest being" it means he is mentally ill, like an anorexic says "I'm fat" when she is 30kg, it is called body dysmorphia.

evidence that he ever implemented council communism?

so when someone sees a human with a penis and testes, their immediate reaction should be "that's a female"?

Exactly. A man can never know the experience of womanhood because he hasn't experienced it. Fuck.

All they can do is approximate the performance of femininity (often through the lens of male-pandering media like anime and pornography.)

This is the sort of vague, flowery language you see in all sorts of New Age woo. This is supposed to be scientific, right? Then there should be some specific, material explanation for gender.

Seriously. I believe body dysmorphia is real shit but how many of these people are fetishists?

He was only in power for 23 days.

I have sympathy for Turd Worldist when it comes to TransIdpol. It seems like a huge attack on mothers and I will never call a women a "womb bearer".

And the weirdest thing is that so many of these trannies these days claim to be MLs. Like I could understand anarchists being mystical woman-spirited idiots, but…

Browse a reactionary board like /g/ or Holla Forums and you can see them at their best. It's almost 100% pornographic for them. They think being a woman = getting fucked in a hole. Funny how they never want to bleed every month.

They also hold very misoginist views even though they consider themselves fully women, but I'm not really surprised at that.

It's the sexual equivalent of "I can't be a racist, I have an Asian girlfriend."

so he was only in power for a insignificant amount of time
never attempted to implement council communism
and on top of that even offered to hold "open elections"

dosent seem quite socialist t b h

I remember now, someone I know was in a female reproduction/menstrual cycle FB group, there was a thread about menstruation and some trap started to sperg it was transphobic talking about it because it excludes them. It's so fucking retard it looks like a troll

The alternative analysis of sex you propose is based upon bourgeois materialism however. Sex and Gender are not simply a matter of biological taxonomy that is independent of the particular historical development of a particular society, but describes entire framework social relations and production of subjectivity, which does not exclude the possibility of transgression. Moreover there is been more then enough scientific research that shows biological differences (particularly neurological) between trans women and men if you even want to go that route.

Much as I hate to agree with you cunts you're right on this.
The fact that most trannys give themselves porn star names is a dead give away.

This guy gets it.


I give up


Those are the only pronouns you'll ever have


This doesn't mean anything. If I were autistically fixated upon Thomas the Tank Engine to the point where I believed I was meant to be a train, you'd also witness abnormalities in my brain scans vs. those of healthy men.

The question is whether tranny brains = lady brains. Since "lady" is not a mindset, the answer is no.

Why do people give so much of a shit about pronouns? When you talk to somebody you use second-person pronouns. Those don't have gender.

I've heard this before. That trans-women have "female brains".

Well, if there's such a thing as male and female brains, then we should know specific things about maleness and femaleness by the differences in neurology. So, I ask again, what is it? What is the difference between male and female neurology and what does this say about what it means to be "male" or "female"?

Further, if we can determine gender by looking at a person's brain, shouldn't doctors take up the practice of determining gender by taking a scan of the child's brain?

he COULD have been a communist himself but he was still likely just a useful tool of U.S.A/NATO

most Hungarians i have talked to dont exactly describe the revolt as socialist
in fact most like to think of it as a nationalist event

How is this different from helping kids who are forced into arranged marriages or aren't allowed to be gay in their family? I also don't think a kid can just say "I'm a girl" and then be carried off by Child Protection.

transsexuals want power over others, because they feel powerless weak. controlling language and demanding others address you in a certain way is a way of making one feel 'big'

Most modern Hungarians are themselves nationalists, if the success of Jobbik is any indication, so it's not surprising that they would hold this sort of revisionism.

But what Nagy did to get invaded wasn't anything fascist, it was attempting to leave the Warsaw Pact and go neutral.

Because if a parent does the right thing and protects a child against having his/her doubts preyed upon during an extremely vulnerable time in his/her life, and tries to prevent the child's gender non-conformity from being medicalized and exploited, they can be overridden by the state. Puberty is an extremely confusing and anxiety-ridden time even for "normal" kids. It is not the point and which they should be able to make medical decisions with permanent consequences.

When I was 14 I hated my sexual function and how awkward it made me feel. I wanted to castrate myself and be at peace. Thank God there was no sick subculture that would have fed those misgivings and egged me on–much less one backed by a government.

If a man wants to perform femininity (or vice-versa) as a body mod/tattoo kind of deal, then that path should be available to them regardless of how gross and sexist it is, but only after he/she is an adult.

This is total sensationalist bullshit.

No the Canadian government can't take kids away from their parent if the parent disagrees with their gender identity. It can't do that any more than if the kid converts to a new religion and the parent tells them it isn't true. What it does do however is extend already existing protections on emotional abuse and neglect to issues surrounding gender identity.

male and female fish dont serve their own purpose in each gender?
I have both a female and male dog, one has a penis and one has a weird little pussy thing

Perceptive and smart
*Gigantic brain galaxy*

That's biological sex, and animals are acting upon instinct.
Gender is a society-specific set of codified behaviors. Unlike instinct, it fluctuates wildly across time and space and can't be pointed to as something inherent to a given sex.

Instinct: a parent protects his/her child from danger
Gender performance: girls like the color pink

You're talking about biological sex.

People have recently made a distinction between biological sex (penises and vaginas) and gender (maleness and femaleness). I've understood the latter to be the social fiction surrounding the sexes, but the prevaling dogma around it is that it's some sort of essence a person is imbued with at birth.

The argument we've been having is if this essence is a real, material, scientific thing or if it's a New Age crankery that a handful of scientists and academics have bought into.

It is new age crankery they bought cause it's profitable for big pharma and medical market if people decide to change their gender, no big deal

Oh that, I never really understood it I believe that no matter what you do the biological sex you're born with is what you have to stick with. I can agree that gender could be considered fake sort of given it was created and named by humans but all in all if you're male you're male and if you're female you're female. The whole pronoun thing is just overly confusing especially with the tens of thousands of new pronouns that we'll now HAVE to learn or we'll be rounded up and shot.
what the fuck is a zer and ze, what is the point tbh I just think it's some kids being kids and wanting to stand out and garner more attention half the time, the ones who actually suffer from gender dysphoria should be helped though.>>2156257

"Gender roles" are an extension of biology.

this is what I meant
how in the name of piss am I supposed to remember all these and their pronouns, it's just a waste of effort.


Realistically how many non-binary people are you likely to meet in your life? And of them how many are likely to be offended by being referred to as "they"? Personally I have yet to meet any or even meet anyone who's met any.




Some people are really into tracking it. My girlfriend has some kind of app for it on her phone.

I understand because I like talking about bowel movements with people.

Probably none but I dont talk to people. The issue is that laws are being passed for not accepting a childs 'new gender identity'
they're fucking children, they dont know shit and you could have your kid taken away because you dont want them to have an operation which will affect their entire life.
I dont remember if that law is actually a thing tbh but I think i remember seeing something similar to it

Sounds like the law is even more superfluous then.

…And we're anchored despite the thread being full of decent discussion and people learning more about sex vs gender.

It's well known that the staff are flaming liberals on this issue. I've been banned for discussing it before.

If you bleed sporadically out of your genitals for a few days every month you would look for ways to manage it more effectively.

Okay but why publicly?

Why not?


I always considered personal hygiene personal.

Only they're not, laws have already been passed on childhood emotional abuse and this merely extends those laws to issues arising from the parent not accepting the child's gender identity. 90% of everything floating around about it, including the OP pic and basically everything else on Bill 89 is alarmist nonsense.

It's not a law in itself either, it's like one line out of a bill going over many things to do with gender identity.

Half and half. Some are, some aren't, and we can establish this empirically, as attempted by the researchers featured here , if it were not for the huge taboos that have sprung up around it thanks to the secular puritanism that dominates elite liberal circles.

Sure, I would do this - with my doctor, not people on facebook.

I wish Freudposter was here to see this.


I'd argue biologically they're built to be car givers and not fighters like men. Stuff like pink being a girls colour is just culture. I still don't think women should ever be in front line units but I don't give a shit if they want to wear trousers and their favourate colour is blue.

So trannies don't exist? It's just people not conforming to gender roles?


Trannies are confused people who sexually essentialize their gender non-conformity. If they don't perform traditional masculinity, it must mean that they are actually woman-brained.

They have my support and sympathy up to a point, but I think a lot of them are just flat-out reactionary creeps.


There have been millions of works of fiction since time immemorial built upon the premise that humanity is divided into male and female and that each segment typically has some social characteristics. We have an option of either renouncing countless pieces of art that could and have made the world more beautiful in order to ensure inclusiveness or realizing that there is such a thing as a "male" and a "female" aesthetic and, though allowing individuals to defy it, still allowing it to continue being used. I prefer the latter.

This. Around that age, I also hated being a boy, the pressure to be boyish, etc. I preferred the kindness and sensitivity of girls, and most of my friends were girls.
Now, I'm happy to be a man. I'm certainly not the most masculine guy out there, but I can walk by myself at night without fear, have less pressure to conform to the standards of beauty advertised by cosmetic companies and media, don't be sexually harassed by lumpenproles and bosses, and so on. In short :
I find the recent trend to "accept" underage transsexuality pretty dangerous. I have no problem with crossdressing or not conforming to the social expectations your genitals entails, but kids shouldn't go to through sex change operations because they don't like how their peers behave in middle school. This is probably only a phase, and regretting a sex change can fuck you up for good.

You are a closeted faggot. Also learn to read. That user has been arguing against that gender fluidity nonsense since the beginning of the thread.

No it's grammatical structuring that is applied to inanimate objects.

The only gender-neutral pronoun you'all ever need is "Comrade."

Of course all of those things have gender. Abstract nouns also have gender.

Girls are conditioned to like the color pink. This idea was first proposed by "capitalists" less than a century ago. There's no color that all girls or all boys are naturally predisposed to.

gender is a stupid word that shouldn't exist. it only exists so SJWs can force a distinction between your genitals and your pronoun.
your sex is the only thing that matters. if you have a vagina, you're a she. if you have a dick, you're a he.
this argument about whether "there is one gender or two genders" is idiotic in the first place, and people like you are to blame for engaging with these worthless people who want to regulate words.

Where the fuck did I say that? All I said was that the aesthetics of "anti-intellectual bodybuilded Chad" and "annoying fragile overdemanding Stacy" exist within our culture, and abolishing them outright is a worse option than acknowledging them but allowing individuals to subvert them.

what about the worker councils?

Gender is bullshit. There is only the male sex, female sex, and intersexed people which are rare and ought to be able to live as intersexed people without harassment. There are secondary characteristics like differences in brain development but they really shouldn't be used as rules to force men and women into specific social roles or enforce a division of labor. I know my mother had to take on the role of both breadwinner and caregiver, just like many single parents have to. Fuck gender roles and assumptions, it's bourg horseshit.

I guess thats what liberalism does to you