Stop bowing down to false idols

Reminder that if you have bought a Coca-Cola beverage, dined at McDonalds or own a computer that runs on Microsoft operating system, you have knowingly contributed to strengthening capitalist mode of production, when it's not absolutely essential for you to eat junk food or own a computer with Microsoft operating system. At least under feudalism, you had the option of not utilizing serfs but just your own family members for sustenance.

Literally a fucking product placement. Žižek literally was paid cold hard cash to promote a corporate product that is non-essential for survival in an anti-capitalist movie. Žižek is a businessman like Michael Moore who sees avenue in anti-capitalist movie and it's edgy audiences in order to get that sweet product placement money (which is also how most youtubers get paid since everyone uses adblockers and ad revenue is non-existant).

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Do you need an iPhone for survival? Why can't you just settle for a used phone running on open source software? Gratz, you have just fallen for the capitalist "brand image" meme.


No. I have a Galaxy S8™

Then what other motivation he would have to promote Coca-Cola? Do you think such a smart sniff man guy like him is so dumb that he would advertise a product for free?

that's not proof and even if he did good on him.
why advertise for free?


He didn't promote it, he used it as an illustration for his argument about commodities.

Those chicken mcnuggets tho, i cant help it. Its not like i can do anything.

He literally preceded this advertising scene by going on a long rant on how you can be a communist and still drink coke without feeling bad, by mocking all these companies who donate to charity but companies who don't to be "less pretentious" and then shows up on mountaintop drinking coke like a eastern-european coke-sniffing closet pedophile that he is.

Calm down Noam.

assuming he was paid to advertise it
of which no evidence has been given
whats the issue?
people need funds to live on this planet as of this moment in time

Even if he was doing it as paid advertisement, I actually enjoy the supreme irony of it.

So how many of you actually live like this? Serious question.
I've been trying to cut down on consummerism but there is only so much you can do. There is no such thing as ethical consumption in capitalism.

Literally a meme you tell yourself to feel good about being a consumerist asshole who probably eats hamburger with a beef in it

into the trash this thread goes…

You say that while you use a computer or a phone produced by child labor in China wearing clothes made in a sweatshop yet feel good about eating 'organic' shit and paying a ton of cash for your lil soyfaggot food that most people wouldn't be able to afford


Dude, fucking everything is commodified under capitalism.
Every trade, no matter the ''morality" of a commodity's conditions of production, strenghten capitalism.
The only way to opt out would be to live completley inawoods off the grid, but even then i'm pretty sure you need to buy some material to do so…

Oh to be 13 again

"ethical alternatives" literally do jack shit to hurt capitalism and further prole rights
it also helps further distance "leftists" from the workers

mass action is the only thing that can end capitalism
buying "fair trade" coffee does nothing in the grand scheme of things to help the people

OP is an infintile faggot

btw i love how arbitrarily OP is drawing the line
PC is okay to have (because he uses a device to access the internet) but it's actually having "microsoft" on it that's the problem
the resources wasted and the toxins workers are exposed to: no problem
microsoft running on it: omfg you reactionary! it's evil!


I'm not saying fuck them I'm just saying you are a big hypocrite if you think your organic veggies and 'fair trade' coffee and chocolate are gonna make a big difference and if you think you are superior to people who don't buy into it

Is eating at McDonald's a micro-accelerationist act?

So americans despite being reactionary move us toward communism?

If not for the supercilious manner in which you posted this, you've all the hallmarks of a standard lifestylist - though how loathsome a term that is. The establishment of a new universality, independent of capital is not won through petty moralism, how you'd cry for the "gulag with a human face" likewise do we now see the petulant and infantile cry for the "capitalism with a human face". Your concerns bely an inability to effectively articulate your position as anything but a relation to the present. That utopian fantasy you harbor and with which you so generously bestow upon us, in the way of a smug and vindictive declaration, only goes to show that you, too, are wholly unfamiliar with Žižek, as well as the historicity of the development of capitalism.

Oh woe, that we be so enjoined as to exist as consumers, that there exist for us the metaphysical niceties of commodity which vex and tempt. It takes not apology, but critique to dispel those poisons of ideology which afflict so many. Would we, so easily, find ourselves compelled to reproduce the necessary presuppositions of the individual and collective reproduction of capital if we were, to say, abandon the excess (a wholly idealist proposition regardless) and live as we are already instructed, wholly displaced of power in such a way that we foster neither the fundamental rejection of state authority as such but are afforded our "style" - typified with red hues and scarlet banners and fuck all else because that would just be playing the game. What height of apologia, and what fatigue must we endure to finally be rid of torpid lice like you, though the answer is already clear: You're neither aid if kept, nor loss if removed.

Piss off and finger wag at some other group, you obnoxious fuck

Wubba lubba dub dub

Everything we do that isn't inherently destructive reproduces capitalism, since capital encompasses everything. Every time you eat a meal or go to the gym you replenishes or improves your labor power, thus ensuring capital's cycle of reproduction. The only acts that do not strengthen capital's reproduction are the ones that are purely destructive, both to your self and capital's infrastructure.

What if I steal from Walmart every time I'm there & what if I steal from the soda machine every single time too?

go back to where you came from, this is a stupid fucking argument.

the capitalist system is so wholly ingrained within the world that to accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for going to mcdicks or getting paid for product placement is something gay ass ideologues do, you live in a capitalist world, the resist the system by yourself is fucking retarded and doesn't do jack shit.

that is why you need a revolution, because individual action does jack shit, humans act, either consciously or unconsciously, in collectives.

Let us ponder…

I "used" to regularly steal water packs placed outside stores

stealing from big corporations is the true resistance. Because the need is there, if you're hungry, thirsty or simply want something and you can take it. take it.

OP is a butthurt analytic.

Communism is a not a life style its a real movement to abolish the present state of things.

or just steal. but don't be dumb know who you can win against and how. ;🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧))

You cant even survive in space without some form of communal services and coops. Space is communism.

Do you use a computer with a RISC-V, or at least ARM or MIPS processor ? You probably don't, so I want to point out that there is proprietary microcode running on your Intel CPU who does God knows what, but definitely has a hardware backdoor embed in it accessible at distance (see
By doing so, you also contribute to strengthening the capitalist mode of production, you fucking lifestylist, so get out of here.

I literally pirate anything I can. never payed for things such as music/software in my life.

same except games with great online play.

There is no ethical alternative to the germanium in your posting device. You are contributing to slave labor camps in Congo as everyone else here. Liteally worse than nazi labor camps. And you try to come here and moralize. And moralize about eating meat? Fuck you you disgusting hypocrite piece of shit, you try to make others feel bad when you should look at yourself. The supreme difference between you and a guy like zizek is that while you whine and can't even solve your own ethical issues that you readily project onto others he says "we don't need to focus on feeling bad, it's USELESS we need to focus on solutions. You fucking vegan piece of shit, as all the fucking vegans your morality is not centered on not being bad but on blaming others for not respecting your insane moral standards. To keep you is no benefit to destroy you is no loss

nice copypasta

Do you know how you spot an alcoholic? You state the fact that they are alcoholic and when they lash out and strike you in confusion to deny, they have a problem. Same with you meat eaters. Bowing down to that eastern european hack (who's constantly joking about being a stalinist) is debasing your debate on the level of "I don't take personal responsibility for none of the choices in my life, I just shape and mold myself to fit in with this cruel unjust world and never try to change it" - this is the low you stoop when being a Žižekian ML moron aka closeted red fascist regressive piece of shit.

I made this thread in good intention - maybe someone reads and agrees that accepting personal responsibility for shit and harm your pr0blematic behavior causes for the environment, fauna and working class people is a grown-up thing to do, but seeing as you all are drenched in proto-fascist mindset of defending corporate america because "lol defeatism", I don't think I see any comrades to be found in here.

I am going to write a piece about this place later and get your red fascism into limelight again

is pic related a game? what is it?

Dude never said I'm an ML and never talked about what are you talking about my post. You are confusing me with other posters you moron

OK I admit I'm feeling a bit sorry and have to tell the truth.
All my posts ITT with anprim flag have been shitposts out of boredom. I actually agree with everything you say in opposition of my strawmanning :ˇ)


If i kill a capitalist with a gun i bought an i supporting capitalism?

The Black Army of Ukranie. Where daddy Bat'ko came from.

Yes, you strengthen capitalism. Only not if you steal it. Even then, some worker needs to go without pay because you didn't pay for your product. Reverse-engineer products from capitalist guns and forge all your components yourself, using DIY iron melting tools.

I know some corporations do that and can get away with it but at least law defends most workers from this. Never worked for a place where if someone stole something my salary took a hit.

I worked in a factory once where they fined workers if they fucked up a batch on assembly line.

Android is like 50% Open Source software, if that's what you're talking about.
face it, there's no such thing as ethical consumption under Capitalism.

Shh, it's all going to be okay.

wtf i love capitalism now

If I had the option to comfortably opt out of capitalism I would take it.
Too bad shitposting with my Microsoft computer pleases my ego

That scene was the last straw that made me stop buying coke because every time I actually think of buying one nowadays I don't because it reminds me of him explaining how it only makes you more thirsty

God, you're fucking pretentious. Speak like a normal person.

I think there's something to what you're saying, it was clearly a product placement. I think its incredibly naive to think that the producers of this movie let it go through without wanting to be compensated (why not use Pepsi or another brand?) or that Coca cola was unaware that their product was being used in an anti-capitalist movie.

Yeah man, a guy is going to spend years talking about how shit capitalism is and then describe how empty it all is just so he can get that advertiser bucks from coke in one movie.

He said as he most likely typed onto a device that utilizes coltan, a known conflict mineral

The system is so pervasive that individual moralizing won't do shit. Only mass movements can get rid of it. Until that happens, you're going to have to live with the fact that none of us have much of a choice in the matter.

I mean, he has to earn a living. It's not he made this movie solely for fun - he was also paid for that too.

You don't think that making capitalists finance the life of a man who criticizes capitalism to be exactly the sort of ridiculousness that Zizek would find amusing?



You sound like a Holla Forumsyp