Are sjws still a problem or are they dead now.

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They never were an actual issue. Just a distraction


pretty dead tbh.


Worse for the board because we've had some imported here recently, but in decline elsewhere.

The worst product of SJWism is anti-SJWism.

Um what? Sounds like you need to read this:

now we have #theresistance which is basically the same shit, i.e smug liberals

Back when I was Holla Forumstard it looked to me as if SJW's are absolutely rampant and hiding in every single college campus and most workplaces. I remember when I got off the Holla Forums meme to actually spot any SJW's (blue-haired, marxist, moan about white cis males) but I could never find a perfect combination like that (probably because I'm eurofag not burger).

So yeah, SJW's are not a problem. But I do see horrible lot of people who sympathize with nationalism to the point where they wouldn't mind the form of fascism that would scapegoat immigrants instead of jews.


They only exist in any real numbers online. Beyond that they’re subject to being on campus clubs and irrelevant bullshit like that. They just exist as a big boogeyman online because imageboard users and deep twitter users are “extremely online” people.

They bully actual leftists all the time though.

They only bully autists. I've yet to see a single SJW bully Žižek.

Online or on campuses? I haven’t seen any significant cases of it happening elsewhere outside of maybe individual altercations. It seems like the general populace doesn’t have much more patience for them than anybody else, at least not outside of more ultra lib cities.

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included."

Marx u cheeky cunt

SJWs basically stopped even being a thing almost two years ago
Holla Forums and all the radical-centrists are basically just chasing ghosts at this point and using a now dead movement that never had any real followers to push their own bullshit

They will infiltrate your org

Remember Occupy

They're currently pupating. Trump dealt them a serious blow, and they completely lack the self-awareness to realize they were the ones who got him elected. But when his sheer incompetence and insanity brings him down, you can bet SJWs will come back stronger than ever, painting themselves as saviors of the world, and of course, they will never admit to any wrongdoing or mistakes whatsoever. They ruined the world by getting Trump in the White house, and will ruin it twice over when they take his place.

muh SJWs

You were hibernating during the Hillary campaign and the aftermath of Trump's victory then?

liberalism is an issue tho

especially if it's liberals trying to co-opt actual leftists

Most people hated both of them.

Exactly! The alt-right don't exist either because most people don't like them.

underrated post

don't let liberal co-opt your shit

All the worst SJW shenanigans happened within the past two years, though. Just the other month we had all that retarded shit going on with the confederate statutes, don't you remember?

*statues, that is.

pic related

SJWs don’t exist

The only people who say this are people who agree with everything the SJWs say.

I've really never felt like they were a big problem that affected me. I always just hear about it from othet people. Of course I don't use reddit or twitter.

Probably because it's still going on. The last E3 was essentially "Black Woman with a Fro - The Promo Show".

In general, I feel like those who say things like "I only ever hear about SJW stuff from other people" are bizarrely out of the loop. It's not like you have to go on social media to encounter this crap. Just follow the news as they will inevitably report on the stupid social media nonsense anyway.

You people just as annoying tbh.


White idpol is dumb.

The thing is, I don't even give a fuck what race/gender the characters are. The problem is that the games themselves are mostly utter trash and the companies use SJW nonsense to shield themselves from criticism. They use idpol as a marketing trick to get people to buy their games for ideological reasons rather than gameplay reasons.
Holla Forums should hate the games industry because of how abhorrent their business practices are. Just look at fucking loot boxes and day-0 DLC, not to mention DRM.

Gaymer activists are more concerned with idpol than actually fighting against things like DRM or DLC.

Speak for yourself. I might be a filthy lifestylist, but I've been boycotting the games industry for a few years because of their shitty practices.

The only idpol that annoys me is when companies start using their characters as mouthpieces for actual SJW idpol (eg. parts of the comic book industry).

Absolutely. Every major socialist party in my area now puts identity politics first and foremost and have nearly completely ceased reaching out to the workers in favour for the "WHAT ABOUT DA WOMYN" student vote.

Honestly I think student activism within parties should be banned.

Is there anything more reactionary than video games?

Yes. Declaring entire mediums of entertainment to be inherently non-leftist.
Even the most ardent right-wingers would have to be very brazen to declare that an entire medium belonged to them exclusively.

I read that in his voice

yea marketing was all about the gameplay beforehand ¬ ‿ ¬

it's not like gamergate and Holla Forums actually give a shit about gameplay anyway. they just want to reinforce conservative idpol

Haha, it's not like capitalism wasn't awful before Marx started criticizing it.
Marxism BTFO!!!111!


I was mocking the argument that criticism of the games industry isn't valid because the criticism only became widespread recently.

this tbh

do they think what zizek writes about racism here makes him a racist? or seem like a racist?

You are not a bright one, aren't you?

The only valid criticism against the games industry is that it is an industry.

Petty bourgeoisie SJW activists are all about tearing down other left-learning people (especially actual leftists.) It's part of how they establish themselves as "thought-leaders." It's pretty dangerous honestly. Call out culture is simultaneously impotent (with respect to its ability to actually create change) and incredibly disruptive.

Žižek has crazy SJW calling him a fascist everywhere he goes

Lol holy shit that guy is beyond retarded

So what are you saying? All art and leisure is reactionary because it is part of the spectacle?
I mean, it's a position you can take and probably justify, but it isn't going to win you any friends among the people who need that stuff to keep them sane while they wait for the revolution.

Also, I think you're making the mistake of implying that all games are commodified. There are plenty of free software games out there, although they're generally not as popular.

Yes, sit back and wait for the revolution, just follow the passivity of the Spectacle dictated by your shitty video games.

Which booru did you get that image from and why were you wasting time there rather than organizing the revolution?

It's from Holla Forums, the hash changes because cloudflare compresses the file before allowing you to download (to save bandwidth)

He also praised Merkel for welcoming refugee against the opinion of the people.


Normie manchildren (i.e. a majority of over 18 gaymers) are by far the most annoying group on the internet. Why don't you fuck off back to youtube and r/socialism?

I suspected as much. You don't give a shit about people wasting time. You're just here to police culture.

I actually agree with you that anime is vastly superior to most video games, but it's stupid to try and argue that games are inherently reactionary.

Unironic hatred of anime is unacceptable on image boards. If you want to shit on weebs just for liking anime (and not for, you know, wanting to be japenese despite not knowing japanese or anything about their actual culture besides the idealized depictions contained in their favorite shows) then head on over to r/FC.
Never said this, though I do think that games are mostly shit. This is especially true now that big money is involved. It's just generic title after generic title. Definitely not something worth developing an identity around.


what if both of you are half-right!!?p=2873134#post2873134
see pic

It seems we never actually disagreed on anything in the first place. Keep up the good fight.

Why don't YOU fuck off?

You are able to hate anything you like, but be prepared to be called a faggot.
There's a difference between something being physically possible and something being tolerated by the community.

Ooh, Oh noes, that will surely hurt my feelings.
Coming from manchildren retards eternally stuck in their child and teenage years that will sound as a compliment.

Anime is shit. Never understood why people pretend to be retardedly protective over it.

"I am interested in dialectic"
Also, its still kind of a problem in the local schools in my area, muh privilege walks are stupid

because it's all they have
i would feel sorry for them but it's a condition entirely of their own making

to the weebs:
stop watching anime
read a book
read an article
watch a film
listen to some music (not anime soundtracks)
you will be a better, more well rounded person for this

This sounds very spooky.

Jesus guys I mean really. Zizek is ironically more in favor of authoritarian implementation of equity between people than any of these SJWs could ever dream of and this is a good thing.

Reading you loud and clear, bud.
I think you've set the bar too high already.


Never keep your guard down, never relax, never let that poisonous ideology in your midst and don't legitimise their theory. SJW's are gone only because the left is neutered and powerless beyond recognition right now, when thing inevitably turn, they will be used.

That's why we must organize as explicit anti-idpolers

Also remember that SJWs oppose leftists: it was JK Rowling who was a major labour criticiser of Corbyn.

I like that poster.

They've been dead since 2014


Download gimp and help me make more, comrade

One question: why orange?

In america it's a color firmly associated with manual labor. Our "MEN AT WORK" signs are orange. I'm not the guy who made those tho so I'm just guessing.

Then you crush them with harsh reality.

Liberalism only survives if it's removed from the problems it claims to champion, hence it's prevalence on university campuses and online.

They never were a problem. It's just an internet made hoax by reactionaries that they somehow after widespread when it's a tiny minority that acts that extreme

How do I be BIG brain like Rafiq?

I could ask you the same thing: why Red? After all the bad rep Communism has been given in the United States, we need a new approach in order to attract the good working people that have been brainwashed into hating red flags, hammers and sickles.

Hearts and minds, comrade.

Oh mate i am all for hearts and minds, just Orange over here (in the UK) is associated with the lib dems so…

But yeah, good stuff: I would work on your prose though ngl. There is a good Orwell essay on "HOW TO WRITE" and basically how to be able to communicate a message to the masses in a way that is effective and not patronising.

This is made explicitly for muricans, who are not like the euros; they have zero parties or Christian Democrats connected with Orange, soooo…

I don't know about orange. Have you tried that slightly greenish yellow colour a lot of safety vest and hard hats are?

Eh I think that would be too glaring: orange works quite well.

Btw does the Class and Labor Front actually exist as an org or what?

Eeeeh I don't know. It wouldn't look very good on flags. Looks almost like a pastel when flat. It also has to be made out in the white posters meant for printing

so thats what ACTA re branded to…
I like it

I mean for it to be an org for burgerland. I want to finish writing a rule guide and possible introduction first. The hundreds of burgers here would then go and spread it in their localities

Its amazing how most of us Rafiqdrones tend be way more no fun allowed than most Holla Forums tankies

I fucking wish

you sound a massive faggot

When you are going to realize that you are the SJWs here? I'm sure if Portal were released today you faggots would be whining about how it has no male characters and how Chell was specifically designed by jewish feminists to be ugly, etc, etc.

Don't let the idpol of one side blind you to the idpol of the other side.

it's been dead as an actual movement since 2014-15, but it'll live on as some boogeyman caricature until at least 2020 I imagine. If anything the alt-right has become the new SJW, at least in terms of as a boogeyman and dominating online discussions

Feminism died in 2015? How did so many feminists not get the memo?

one of the more retarded posts I've seen here
that said feminism is practically a meme at this point so its not a huge difference

They literally were never an issue and if you think they were, you're probably dumb as shit.

I've seen a lot of people getting to know leftism through SJW shit. It takes time but some of them get successfully radicalized. I just think it is just another phase of leftism just like nazbol are for former Holla Forums.

Do you honestly think that the anti-idpol left are just a radicalized version of the SJWs?
Then again, based on some of the posts I'm seeing here you might be right. The left truly is fucked.

I never said that. But most people who are radicalized are anti-idpol for many reasons, internalized hatred of women, don't wanna agree with mainstream, some writer said that feminists are evil, etc. I agree mainstream SJW is utter garbage but they think idpol is 1000% evil when it's the least of our problems and we waste a lot of time on it.


SJWs don't exist and never did. It was all a conspiracy by /r9k/.

That is true though and this one of the reasons why the left fails to communicate with the masses.

Yeah this revisionist bullshit by the SJW-sympathizer gang that has apparently decided to roost here is ridiculous. Liberal SJWs were and still are a major obstacle for leftists in the west.


They are an issue.


They're just feminists who feel the need to defend the SJWs because they agree with 90% of the SJW rhetoric. They want the far left to be a slightly more class-focused version of the SJW left.

This is wrong. Just look at all the people who called Pepe racist.

Just because they call themselves feminist, doesn't mean they are. First wave, best wave, only wave. The rest is a mistake that will catch the bullet.

Even first wave had an alarming number of sex-negative assholes in it.
Anyway, that doesn't change the fact that pretty much anyone who calls themselves a feminist these days is almost certainly complete cancer.

anti-class traitor action right?

I really want CLF to succeed

Get hyped boys

People who claim SJW don't exist are either Holla Forums trolls or tumblrs trying to be cool. Go to a university. Go to community meetings. Go on twitter. Read the popular opinion pieces, watch youtube, read Facebook. You will see SJWs.

I agree entirely with everyone here saying that idpol just creates drama and distractions. To the people who don't: what the fuck are you doing on Holla Forums ?

TBH I think there's a danger in antifa becoming a strictly anti-nazi action because it means they don't focus so much on capitalism. One reason why ACTA / CLF hopefully gain traction

Unfortunately, no, they are not. Look at plebbit and social media for example.

I'm not seeing how substituting one highly commodified form of media with another is going to somehow transform you into a better person, but then again I'm not as incredibly insecure about watching chinese cartoons as you seem to be.

I've seen parodies and trolls that pretend to be SJW that people thought were real. SJW is just a meaningless word anyway.
Social justice advocacy =/= SJW otherwise so of Holla Forums would be SJWs. Yes socialism is social justice for proles.

Yeah, when someone says their college is infested with SJW's I have no idea if they're talking about termites or lute players.

The recent Chapo drama shows that the SJW clique is still alive and well.

Is this a joke?

So have I, that doesn't make the genuine article any less cancerous, however. Lots of people false-flag for lots of different ideologies, that doesn't mean you can chalk everything up to people pretending to be retarded.


I'm not denying they exist but their existence is massively exaggerated as being some huge thing.

sjw ideology is being adopted by states like australia and canada and enforced by law. that's a problem

You should know what I mean. The term is far too vague to have any real meaning. It's just used as slander. For example an aut right will call you a SJW for not being racist

it's the only popular and practical term we have to describe people like this

I think that depends on who you're talking about. Holla Forums's idea of what an SJW is isn't the same as Holla Forums's.

Why does vagueness exclude real meaning?

I'd say it's exactly the opposite, words do not gain their meaning from other words, so it are exactly the words that have clear and simple definitions, that are devoid of meaning.

Racist is just used as slander. For example an aut left will call you a racist saying muslims are idiots.

They have the same idea, which is illustrated here difference being that Holla Forums likes to portray Holla Forums as this while Holla Forums doesn't like to be associated with it and therefor calls leftists who are cringy liberals.

>difference being that Holla Forums likes to portray Holla Forums as this while Holla Forums doesn't like to be associated with it and therefor calls leftists who are cringy liberals.
this is mostly correct except those people are indeed not leftists and we are right to disassociate ourselves from them

Because leftism is a handful of people on Holla Forums. This board reminds me of salafist muslims, the purest of the pure, who meet up in groups of 20 with all that takes places during those meetings being discussions about how nobody but them is really a muslim.

The vagueness means it doesn't properly communicate what someone who is talking about it means.

Muslim isn't a race. Go back to Dumbfuckcuckistan.

because actual popular leftism was destroyed through massive violence and propaganda and replaced with a faux leftism that posed no threat to capitalism. please read more before posting here

Not to me, maybe you're just bad with words.
Then why do people call negative statements about muslims racist all the time?
Not that I can't answer that question myself: because leftists don't conceive of muslims as people who actually believe in something but instead have their faith as intrinsic racial marker.

You keep repeating this, but there's never any evidence offered for it. It's especially ironic that you consider such a vast ideological shift as the result of a CIA or rockefeller conspiracy when you deny cultural marxism existing exactly for it blaming a conspiracy for a vast ideological shift. No ideology is a timeless equilibrium, marxists of all people should know this, its progression already being embedded in it's premises, grinding itself further powered by it's own logic. The logic of marxism being that everything is actually a tool of a demographic acting as a hivemind against a victim demographic, society being presented as a conspiracy so perfect that its conspirators don't even have to be aware of it. There is nothing in this constitutive paranoia that limits it to workers vs bourgeois, SJW's are merely the natural progression of this principle in the American environment, socialism with american characteristics so to say.

They are just useful idiots who distract our enemies.

your post is pure drivel and ignorance so i won't bother trying to refute you, as it would be akin to yelling at a brick wall. you're obviously not knowledgeable enough to understand the subjects discussed on this board. you should refrain from posting until you've read more

Please just KYS

By that logic, Muslims aren't right wing, please go watch sargon videos.


please go and kill yourself

How about you read a fucking book, you dumb nigger?

At least point me to the right book then, which of them made clear with convincing argument that marxism as an ideology is exempt from the conclusions of the marxist analysis of ideology, instead existing as an ethereal ideal which does not evolve based on it's own premises and the circumstances it finds itself in, its purity only being ruined by external corrupters?

Your response is typical of someone who hasn't thought critically about his own ideology, they don't know how to handle meta-criticism, they are not aware that their ideology is not simply knowledge that only has to be revealed through the reading of their texts.

read chomsky. he's not a marxist, so you might like him

Al'bout I put you in a reduction camp you racist piece of shit.

good poster but lots of misspellings

How about you read a marxist jew.

I already did, I read his book manufacturing consent after I was told to do so in a discussion quite like this one. This book brought to mind one question, if it's content is true, then why is Chomsky a media darling, why isn't he as vilified and legitimized by the media as KKK grand wizard? He is aware of this apparent paradox himself, his answer to it being that figures like him appearing in the media and being able to do their do say assists the capitalist establishment by giving the illusion of opposition. There are two problems with this, first, it is simply not true, Chomsky is a gateway drug to marxism and anarchism, second, if it were true and Chomsky is aware of this, it means that he is deliberately acting in the interests of the capitalists by appearing in the media.

Chomsky is a celebrity intellectual who formalizes pop-culture archetypes of The Man into easily digestible conspiracy that is only judged without the scrutiny applied to other conspiracies because The Government and The Elite are the most politically correct targets are.

Tried that, got bored, went back to anime. If other media actually produced interesting shit on a regular basis I'd pay more attention to them.

Social Justice =/= Socialism. Social Justice = reactionary, class collaborationist, now nominally secular version of catholic social teaching. There's a reason fascists (the '30s kind) used it as a slogan.

How about you read Marx himself?

Wtf I'm nazbol now

I did and found he honestly sucks as a writer, possessing the same neuroticism as which characterizes SJW's. The intro of kapital alone consists of nearly a 100 pages of butthurt nit-picking over details in publications and how this obviously means they're all a bunch of bourgeois acting as mindless of automatons in service of capitalism. Marx saw people conspiring against him everywhere, he was continually involved in quarrels and feuds and bore grudges against every philosopher whom he interacted with and couldn't turn into a groupie like Engels. But you're a fucking white male!, the notion that all those that contradict you are merely doing so by favour of being a member of a demographic that is on the opposite side of a constitutive tug-of-war, is directly traceable to Marx. Race hasn't replaced class here because of some conspiracy by the CIA, but because was Marx was a 19th century German, Germany being a country that was ethnically homogeneous except for some Jews and had a rigid and explicit authoritarian class system(which distinguishes Germany up to this day abet nowadays being more centered around on formal qualifications, a bit like the China and the status which was gained there by passing the imperial exams) , making class the distinction that is most prominent in the social conscious. In a multicultural country like America the consciousness of positions is centered around the interplay of ethnic and religious groups, expecting marxism not to evolve according to the conditions it finds itself in, is itself contrary to the marxist theory of history and ideology, being pure idealism as people on this board tend to call such thinking.

The self-defeating nature of marxism lies in it not being able to handle its victories, when a marxist revolution succeeds, its promises not coming through can not be approached introspectively due to the position of marxism as Big Other (this is where the read-a-book pavlov comes from, marxism is true by definition and all criticism is therefor merely the consequence of inadequate knowledge of this fact). What happens then is its leaders blaming saboteurs for this and their marxist detractors blaming the leaders as having corrupted marx, this eventually leads to a collapse or marxist teachings being practically abandoned and evolving into a godhead symbolic of the nation like it did in China.

Are you retarted?


triggered lol


I'm just memeing, chill bro

The liberals, yes. The own the media, academia and the IC.

They're still a problem, but it's a problem we can extirpate from the left. They are a cancer, but a manageable cancer. They are on the way out, but we must not make the mistake of defending them just because the right attacks them. They are not with us.

They are a problem. And they have grown, although there are some defections from the SJW space with the mainstreaming of MRA.

The alt-right turned the SJW space from a small group of non-political retards on Tumblr to an online movements with tens of thousands of people claiming to be the new left and organizing on every social media site. They are highly organized, but pretty ineffective at anything except shutting things down here and there.

There are heavy correlations btw the organized SJWs and your run of the mill white female liberal. In some sense SJWs are basically white female liberals on steroids and meaningless communist flags.

I used to not use the term SJW because it denigrates the idea of social justice which used to encompass things like feeding the homeless.

But the right built a boogeyman that eventually became real and large. And now they are self-identifying as SJWs. So might as well use the term. "Tumblr liberal" or "Tumblr leftist" also works.


Yea now it means hating the homeless for being catcallers. Feminism is a hell of a drug in the US.

That's kind of hard to believe. ISO and SAlt and SEP aren't that deep into identity politics and they have the most presence as socialist parties that aren't front groups for the Dem Party.

"Social justice" as a term itself is redundant bordering on inane, since both justice and injustice are inherently impossible outside a social context.

The better reason to dislike "SJW" is because, being a sarcastic insult, it easily goes over the heads of normalfags (and some SJWs, who unironically embrace it). Much like "butthurt" or "fedora", however, no alternative has been coined that precisely corresponds to the exact mix of quasi-leftism, identitarianism, postmodernism, outrage-mongering, organizational parasitism, witchhunting, and self-delusion that distinguishes SJWs from any other generally known group.

Anyone notice how 80% of the leftbook groups dedicated to leftist and communism and socialism, NEVER talk about leftism or socialism or communism. And only talk about gender and race etc?

This is a problem.

Leftypol get your Facebook game down. And don't use the term "brocialist". It's possible to get women involved in politics without relentless idpol.

Are we still doing this fucking meme? He got elected because 90% of americans are reactionary retards who loathed every second obama was in office. Yes, I include those who voted for hillary in that percentage too. It had NOTHING to do with petty internet wars like gamergate.

Most Americans did not vote for Trump, and the Democrats sabotaged the only other candidate that promised something other than more neo-liberalism. I get that hating Americans is popular here, but please stop being a fucking retard.


With good fucking reason, most americans are sadistic cunts. Worse than any fucking savage.

I'm trying to find an article detailing americans after 9/11 and their bloodlust; wanting to kill all arabs in the middle east. Sadism is fucking normalized over there - it's just a desparing shithole that I hate hearing about.

Be content with this in the meantime:

Typical american sociopath subhuman.

So if I say I hate niggers, you should be fine with that too. This is somehow not idpol anymore.

I'm trying to find an article detailing americans after 9/11 and their bloodlust; wanting to kill all arabs in the middle east. Sadism is fucking normalized over there - it's just a desparing shithole that I hate hearing about.
I lived in America after 9/11. Most people were just scared, including my parents, and we're not Americans.

Are you retarded?

Most niggers are "bad" because they're either low Autism Level or come from hideous backgrounds that precipitates criminal behavior. However the distinction here is that they have this excuse. Most white americans are high Autism Level and come from wealthier backgrounds yet that doesn't preclude them from sadistic acts and acting like sociopathic scum. What is the white americans excuse? When we boil it down, it all comes down to normalized sadism and them being innately bad people.

Nice rationalization, most americans were vengeful - not scared. They wanted blood as they have done for the past century. How many times do they need to display their true colors for you to get the message? You dumb cunt.

1. Howard stern is the quentissential americunt; with his sarcastic, ironic "humor" mixed with his ignorance. Also histrionic as are most americunt pieces of filth.

2. Howard WASN'T the only person in the room expressing subhuman views.

Fuck you.

Idpol freak outs like this should be banned tbh


Anyone claiming SJWs are dead needs to actually read the news.

People give more of a shit about opposing actual or thought of social justice warriors than they do about opposing actual billionaires it seems.

How so?

181 replies to a thread about sjws but bring up a Billionaire's shady dealings you're lucky to ever have a thread take off. The same people criticizing others for consuming too much spectacle are stuck inside the spectacle of image board culture. IMHO

SJWs are the deferential white knights of billionaires, ready to meatshield anyone who waves the rainbow banner against even the slightest insult to their character. They must be purged from organized leftism and utterly destroyed.

Call them liberals. SJW is a fucking paranoid whistle that gets people to hyper focus on a demographic that's completely subjective, thus continuing image board spectacle bullshit instead of talking about the actual problem, which is fucking Billionaires

t. American scum

Nah you should be banned

Don't you think you're mistaking the contentiousness of a topic for the sum total of feeling about that topic? For example, if you posted a thread remarking that the sky is blue, would you expect many replies?

The only thing that makes this board good is that it's the only leftist board that allows an enormous range of opinion.

No. The internet is far more focused on the subjective political identity of what is an sjw for the purpose of entertainment, then they ever will be about confronting the bourgeois. And it just perpetuates itself. The contentiousness is the problem that more are willing to discuss this than anything else.

But what is there to even discuss of the liberals.

You should be banned faggot. If we where talking about england you'd be ok but anything that goes against your ideological shield known as american exceptionalism if ban worthy. Go fuck yourself, grow a pair. That poster was telling the truth

FYI: "Liberal" in the Holla Forums sense is an intentional sarcastic joke, much like the coinage of "SJW" (or, for that matter, "political correctness", also invented by left-wing communists), and doesn't correspond to the historically aware definition of liberalism.

Really, terms like "SJW" and "shitlib" need a decent and widely accepted substitute for use around normalfags, but we simply don't have one.

When that opinion doesn't meet a standard and is just shitting on i.q. statistics and race you aren't doing yourself or this board any favors. You just want to shit on the working class for being "unintelligent" or "criminal", which are two things not inherently bad in this society we live in to begin with.

I think its safe to call the people you described as liberals. SJW is such a tired fucking term.

Please. If someone freaked out like that about england I'd say the same thing.

I never brought up America.

This is antisemitic.

You've just decided to leap from talking about this board specifically to "The internet". You're not worth communicating with. Thanks.

I think that's a bit defensive.

Being low Autism Level doesn't necessarily mean you'll commit crime, it's only a cause of crime in conjunction with cutthroat capitalism.

You can think whatever you like.

Alright, I will.

If it weren't for the fact that there are 70k+ liberals pretending to be commies and anarchists self identifying with the term SJW, then yea I wouldn't use the term SJW

The right molded them and built them up, now we have to deal with a right wing fever dream turned real in our online organizing spaces. leftypol is shit for organizing. Facebook is great for organizing. Unfortunately FB is SJW central in terms of what is labeled as leftist.

Also, SJWs have a full lock on the mod positions in NSABook & Twatter.

I want to just say hey let's friend each other and create our own FB groups. I mean I know how to do it, I've organized with SJWs and modded 40k+ large Facebook groups.

The thing is there's no way for us to connect on here. It's just like… this type of thread wouldn't last 2 minutes on reddit or facebook.

Isn’t Marxist-Memes on Facebook though? They sound pretty cool and class based.

You might believe that the really bad ones are going to retreat further and further into their shitty little echo chambers and shrivel into irrelevancy. But they'll suddenly jump into action on twitter when you least expect it. See: the chapo traphouse thread.

When successful podcasters get accused of sleeping with mysteriously unnamed underage girls, and the twitter harpies double-down with "well, turns out we don't have a shred of evidence or a real source buuut we know women would never lie about abuse and we must take abuse seriously" then you will know that the ride is not over.

Confirmed for newfag.

They are, and there's plenty of pages like that.
This thread is just further proof that the Holla Forums fueled fear-mongering about SJW still has a good 3 years in it before we can finally lay it to rest.

Holla Forums's fear-mongering over SJWs is incomparable to anything else. Holla Forums is mostly dominated by a makeshift ideology of total McCarthyism against anyone who theoretically might just dare to criticize a pillow fortress comfort zone of fetish porno and barefaced racism. If you don't believe me, try going on any other active board on this entire site for five minutes and then come back and tell me that it's all the same as the mere whining that takes place on Holla Forums.

The thing is, Holla Forums should be more specific. They need to point out the SA goons on twitter, etc. They can't just repeat memes from four years ago about blue-haired hipsters.

The quote is just "nigga" you can call me nigga
The quotes are also taken extremely out of context. What next, will they have issue with him saying Ghandi was more violent than Hitler? Fucking liberals need to try reading a book once in a while if they want to understand metaphor and allegory.

Holla Forumsack here, nobody over there thinks lefty/pol/ and SJW are one and the same the general consensus is along the lines that you lot are trotskyists/tankists/an-coms

That's exactly it though.
I don't give a shit about video games
I don't watch television
I don't read trash websites like Kotaku
I live in a normal world with other people. I go to work and speak to colleagues, I spend time with family, I hang out with friends.
Outside of image boards, I have never heard of this crap. It's not us being out of the loop, it's you being obsessed with what some 20 year olds who have never worked a day in their lives are saying about you on the other side of the country. Fucking get over it

I think that's two problems. The first is the tremendous amount of effort needed to make people who hate SJWs recognize nuance on the left, and applies all over the internet.

The second is very specific to Holla Forums, and that is the monoculture enforced on 8/pol/ even against other right-wing ideologies like lolberts, where the BO and mods are all fanatically thin-skinned, paranoid stormbabies.

Remember, folks, SJWs are just as racist as right -wingers

Also, you just said that these Americans you hate come from wealthier backgrounds, but the fact is that most people in America are not the wealthy, and even then, being reactionary would only be in their rational self-interest if we go by a Marxist interpretation. So again, you're an SJW led by fee fees and not logic.

I lived in America, and you didn't. Seems to me you're just butthurt. Probably German, as Germans always seem to want to exterminate groups of people.



This proves it, SJWs are incapable of stopping themselves from inserting idpol into everything one way or another.

Come on son, I've been there, I've seen that nonsense

I can't be racist, I'm half black. 8====D

Of course the amount of ideological know how depends on the individuals understanding of the matter. You are liable to get mixed results with 145m posts in 4/pol/ while 8/pol/ is generally sharper.

It is partially because of your incessant raiding and falseflagging from other Holla Forumsacks.

I think there should be more cross board pollination so that the most reasonable ideological dataset will win the consensus in the end.
If that does not happen the current political situation will escalate and there will be no end to bloodshed after that.

One drop rule. You better apologize for slavery.


Hint: if you can put the word "nigger" in the space of Americans and not change the meaning, it's probably idpol

So yeah, hating people for their nationality because of some perceived national character is idpol. Now go hang yourself, faggot.


Leaf here, In Canada which is an idpol shithole as of late, we really could use something like this.
Here, orange is associated with the NDP who are socdems who generally are very union friendly but scared by socialism.

I never claimed it was or wasn't idpol, I just don't see how anti burger is sjw. I was under the impression that SJW only described a certain subset of idpol too.

I unironically hate burger culture the burger nation and burger foreign policy there is literally nothing about burgerism that I like except maybe the occasional individual burger but the burger collective nation and state is the worst thing ever

Went on >>>/k/ you’re wrong.

I've been to college, never met an SJW on campus in my life. Most of the kids want to smoke weed, get laid, and graduate with their bullshit degree. Occasional protest about environment or tuition

holy shit

That wage trigger thing is too reasonable to be lumped with the socjus shit, it ought to be replaced by other socjus nonsense.

Stop saying shit like that in public, because someone is bound to believe it.

Amen. They are particularly attracted to the mere mention of Gamergate.

What's happening, exactly? Because as far as I'm concerned, Chapo are perfect LARPing SJWs.

Most likely a troll, but damn it, yes I mad.


I think you got it exactly backwards. SJWs begat the aut-right.


sortof. Alot of people had alt right beliefs before that though, unless you think david duke was totally apolitical prior to 2014

I am skeptical about the whole "SJW" issue. It seems to me that there were no actual "SJWs" and the whole "SJW" movement was fabricated by reactionaries in attempt to poison the well and to paint academics as evil agents of "Cultural Marxism." If you want historical context, you need only look to the 1930s in Germany where there was this popular conspiracy called something along the lines of "National Bolshevism" where proponents of the conspiracy would charge that artists were "degenerates" trying to "destroy western civilization" and that academics were "poisoning the minds of the youth." It's nothing new, really.

I am VERY skeptical of your claim. Holla Forums is filled with reactionaries.

The KKK and Stormfront weren't "alt-right", they were just generic neofascists like Aryan Brotherhood or whatever. The term "alt-right" was specifically coined in reference to a fusion of Ron Paul/Ayn Rand-influenced lolberts in the 2000s, with youth movements and populism in reaction to political correctness. The racism came in much later (c. 2015) as a result of "Swarmfront" taking over Holla Forums and injecting its influence.

I am fucking not skeptical at all, because I had to put up with them in every fandom (science fiction, gaming, weebdom, RPGs, etc.) and activism (atheism/skepticism, pacifism, environmentalism, tech, socialism, etc.) I was involved in, watching in realtime as they mutated from the mildly annoying "ominous alliance" PC-weenies of the '90s into the subculture-hopping inquisitorial witch hunters we now know as SJWs by the late '00s.

Atheism+, then GamerGate, then populists slandered as "brocialism" (Sanders, Corbyn, etc.) were something a LOOONG time coming.

26% voted for Trump, 27% for Clinton. 45% of Americans have given up hope on their shitty electoral system that they stayed home and didn't vote at all.


Every party that isn't a dem front is like 4 dudes in a room who can't even agree on weather stalin was a bad guy or not.

Trots may argue and split over stupid shit, but they're pretty united on their opinions of Stalin.

hi Holla Forums

pretty much same for me. weirdly its actually one of the things that started to re-radicalised me a few years back after a long period of apathetic liberalism. because the trend seemed to be to come into some hobby community and do the whole "just starting a conversation" routine (which was fine, if annoying and pointless) and then, when they received the slightest pushback from the oldfags, go crying to the huge, risk-averse and controversy-phobic corporations that had consolidated in the space and get them to start shitting on their communities for the sake of PR and chasing "new markets" (that turned out to be phantoms).

a lot of people seemed to decide that the solution was to try to counter them with the same tactics but from the right rather than the """left""" but it seemed more obvious to me that the solution was to remove the point of failure - the corporations and profit motive.

They are still living inside Holla Forumsyps head as a strawman.

This fits my understanding. All you need are a few dozen crazy idiots on facebook and tumblr, and the right-wing can signal-boost them until they look like a numberless horde.

And if they can't find a few dozen they'll just invent some. About half the time I look for the latest SJW thing people are mad at, it's an obvious troll or parody account.

I'll admit I take pause when I do something as petty as make a comment disagreeing with a leftbook post.

Honestly more afraid of being doxxed by them than the alt-right

How the fuck can you ask if they're dead after these last few days

What happened in these last few days? I've just come back

wew lad

Maybe its time for you to start paying attention then.

They were never a problem in the way that the right tends to perceive them (as in, this whole idea that SJWs are taking over academia/politics and enforcing an authoritarian police state).

The problem with idpol intersectionalist types is that they alienate leftism from ordinary working class people. Essentially they turn leftism into a joke.

I used to laugh at this as anons' fantasy of persecution years ago in cuckchan, deriding it as bigots whining about niggers and femoids and whatever invading my hobby. The Gamergate happened.

Well I was right to an extent, in as much as there always are bigots whining about an Other ruining his whatever with its mere inferior presence, but they are sort of the canary in the coal mine for the actual issue of a SJW invasion. They complain about a real problem for the wrong reasons.

Socjus is a very possessive memeplex.

"go whatch sargon videos" wasn't a tip off that he was trolling?

God this board is autistic as fuck

jebeni amerikanci
jedva čekam da vas drug kim pošalje nazad u kameno doba

me too Juraj