How bad do you think the 2020s will be?

How bad do you think the 2020s will be?

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1920's were wicked as fu k

First as tragedy, second as farce

Probly shit

Reality and fiction will be indistinguishable

Hopefully dominated by mushroom clouds.

I, for one, welcome our new Discordian overlords.

I don't like thinking about it.

Probly shit

I'm already building the bunker


Right wing populism will be dead. So 2020 will be pretty good.

probably like the 2010s


What if Trump is the end of history?

There will be more direct taking of power of Silicon Valley technocrats and Goldman-Sachs bankers. These bosses of mega-corporations or finance moguls will directly run for offices. This will all be done through fearmongering about right-wing populists, who will gain more and more tractions. The left will most likely be complicit in this.

China's economy will stagnate. As a result, they will increase the prices for rare earth materials. Since rare earth materials are the backbone of our modern civilization, the west will double down on the DPRK and eventually risk war.

There is going to another war in the middle east, and another "color revolution", probably in Kazakhstan. It's gonna turn into another frozen conflict. Venezuela might turn bloody as well.

There is a serious chance EU citizens might actually get microchipped. Liberals will support this and will insult critiques on that as "tinfoil hats". This might be installed as a result of a catastrophe, which might be either a) increasing social unrest due to an impoverished mass of old people or b) a potential nuclear exchange in Korea.

Water will become scarce in Central Africa. As a result, the EU might start to fund islamo-fascist North African regimes to build massive fences and walls to keep migrants at bay.

Greece might elect either a communist or a fascist government. It doesn't matter since the result would be the same: They'd become a rogue state and get sanctioned.

The EU might fall apart as a result of many of these things and transform into some "Special Economic Zone" which is Germany and some client states.


More proxy wars between imperialist powers. Getting ready for WW3.

facing the 20's

with a picture that came from 2002.

the future is gonna become like some sort of cyberpunk dystopia

and the 2020s is when this dystopia's gonna start


I just hope rap music dies out like punk and metal

I always ask sauce for this gif and I'm always disappointed.

Google says it's Olympus Overdrive, whatever that is

I know, it's some shitty webcomic.

Fuck you
What music do you want to become popular anyway?


that shit is popular in japan

rightly so

Great, tbh.

No its shit, like most electronic music. Rap doesnt need to die, it needs to go back to its roots back when it was anti system and not the commercial garbage we have now

Rap is garbage

most lyrics of any genre are total shit tbqh

What the fuck are you talking about, lolicore is fucking great


I don't disagree, but rap particularly represents the worst aspects of capitalism and modern consumerism. Vapid pop songs about teen love are more or less harmless, rap actively promotes crime and spending all your money on useless shit.

This has real effects: Now all the black kids are obsessed with brands that sell shirts that cost more than a monthly salary.

Yeah they are faggot, they're nowhere near as popular as they used to be.

As to what should succeed rap? I don't know, I just hope its different

you forgot the most important part

My favourite song!

Agree, but hip hop used to be about rebelling against social norms and about exposing capitalism and its systematic racism: artists like 2pac, ice cube, public enemy. The list goes on, tho we still have things like immortal technique who still follow the old school hip hop trend, if you are tired of the commercial garbage you should listen to him, he has some real revolutionary music

hi Holla Forums

There is still some anti-establishment rap out there, the fuck are you talking about? It never went away, its just different/more underground now. Also, when was anti-establishment rap ever the mainstream? Its bling rap all the way down my dude.

It was promising but the author simply did not had the force to make it work

You didnt read?
2pac, NWA, public enemy. Those where anti establishment rappers and they where the most mainstream rap back then. Care to share those underground anti system rappers please?

And im talking about actual rappers who talk about the evils of this systems and not just about how much they wanna kill themselves, im refering to the dark trap soundcloud rappers


Parapapparipa paaaah
Pa pa pa pari pa pa
Donnoou donnou watchu dooooo

It's a beautiful thing that you can be
When I'm standing next to you
Everything is suddenly better
Don't know, don't know what to do

Maybe I'll throw in my 2 labor vouchers on hip hop from a lifelong fan
Firstly, yeah, you don't listen to mainstream rap for the lyrics. It's really for turning up with friends and shit, bumping in a car with subs, just like a soundtrack for having fun. Some songs have good lyrical content (XO Tour Lif3) but all the popular ones are about the usual shit; drugs, women, money, banging, and ofc brands which annoys me the most. However the production is what I listen to that shit for. I really think the production today even for somewhat popular soundcloud artists is better than it's ever been. Magnolia ( is the best example of the new thing where the 'rapper' is just a part of the song to accompany the production. Producers carry the fuck out of hip hop today, aint no one care about how fast you can rap and that shit anymore. Does it sound cool? Can you bump it in a car? Can you dance to it? It's gonna get played.
I'm still mostly into soundcloud artists because they really nail production and aren't afraid to try new things. xxxtentacion and them basically invented lo-fi punk for rap. DIY shit, extremely loud bass, aggressive/retarded lyrics. It's not serious really, it's for the audience. It's absurdist as fuck. Everyone knows that Lil Pump is fucking trash but it's funny as the production is enough to carry it and get it played.
But for real, if you don't like that stuff there's PLENTY of stuff to listen to that's not for turning up, and has lyrical content that doesn't include brands and fucking your bitch. Earl Sweatshirt is one (, Danny Brown (, Vince Staples (, Run The Jewels (check this out even if you hate rap it's pretty awesome of course Kendrick Lamar ( and although he's more mid 2000s I have to shout out MF DOOM ( Hip hop has never been bigger, it's bullshit to say there's nothing out there that's good.
tl;dr mainstream rap is popular because of the production not the rapper, there also exists less popular artists that are more lyrical and frankly better. listen to earl sweatshirt

I expect either World War III or a successful socialist revolution. Maybe both.

We have been living the definition of cyberpunk since at least the '00s.

Socjus will come back in full force after the Trump fad crashes and burns. No longer just an influential current in liberalism, it will have become the very definition of the word, its mainstream manifestation. Thus sociopathy will be a basic and glaring ingredient of both Democrats and Republicans. Remember the new depths the liberal media has reached since Trump started rising. Remember all the harassment SJWs deal out to anyone who so much as disagrees with them. Remember how both media and SJWs (which are nearly synonymous these days, anyway) are filled with people pathologically allergic to dialectics and incapable of admitting to mistakes or wrongdoing all the way until all their skeletons are exposed to the world. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a men's-sized women's shoe with reinforced high heels stamping on a human face — forever.

There will definitely be oil shortages, and maybe famines, depending on whether oil goes to agriculture. If oil gets used by something other than agriculture, then there will be food shortages, starvation deaths, and cannibalism.

Oil won't be facilitating the main lines of conflict, it's gonna be rare earth materials. Literally our entire modern civilization can't exist without them. And guess what, they are all in North Korea lmao

A battle over metals would imply that energy is plentiful enough to support both war and extraction. I'm saying energy shortages will make that impossible, because poor allocation of fuel would undermine food security. You can have a war for a resource you might not win or you can have a well-fed populace, but not both.

I'd much prefer us living in a Steampunk world thank you very much

Energy can't be generated without rare earth materials though, oil refineries, pipelines, solar panels, etc. are made of it.

Well, what's the ratio? Which is the limiting factor?

That's when VR technology is supposed to take off along with self-driving cars. I don't think it'll be bad, it'll slip along the dystopia of the extreme ridiculous overwhelming comfort of capitalism that drugs and kills everyone slowly.

Maybe. Or that theory of creating battery cells out of carbon fiber could become reality.


Not sure what developments have happened since this.

It still requires lithium, and would need to be charged by a grid running on some type of fuel (oil, coal, nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, etc). It might use less lithium, but that would just mean more disposable batteries, because when something is cheap people use it more.

I don't think they all need lithium.

I'll probably off myself before then.

With a SJW left and the right taking the lead for the alternative in the middle of a new crisis?

European Wars 3

Alright, as research continues, scientists may replace lithium. Beyond the perfection of the battery, the larger context of a grid to charge the battery is still open-ended in a time when a lot of machinery runs on oil and the oil market is going through supply shortages. So the battery is a great idea, but it relies on a grid.

My guesses:

A market crash will occur before 2020.
It will start off looking less significant than 2008, but things will continue getting worse. Whether it be the housing bubble, sub-prime auto-bubble, corporate debt bubble, I can't say for sure what will happen to spark the fall - perhaps the oil shortages projected around 2020 - I suspect that as cheap energy resources continue declining we will see increasing financial chaos on top of the market crisis that already exists.

Brexit will actually be happening (if it happens) in the early 2020s, but I bet we see similar events (like Catalonia) happening more often. Refugees will still be flocking to safer nations, inflaming tensions upon already financially stressed and culturally evolving Europe. This will likely see the rise of more European Trump-like candidates (think Berlusconi mixed with Duterte mixed with Le Pen for the prototypical 'New Europe' candidate). Those people will win some seats, and their opponents will all be Macron-type neoliberal finance-friendly entrepreneurial-fetishizing half-wits that will be 'the only sane choice'. These people will be unable to effect significant change in the life of their subjects, and will likely be replaced by the New Europe type candidates as the years roll on and things stratify more and more.

America will either re-elect Trump or it will opt for whatever neoliberal bank/technocrat shill the democrats put on stage. Neither choice makes much of a difference.

We'll probably see sorties with Iran by the end of the 2020s. Maybe they'll be covered up, or maybe we'll have escalated to full-war with them sooner than that.

North Korea will still be North Korea, unless Trump really needs a war immediately to divert some negative media attention. There will be a lot of lies around the event to make the event look like NK struck first, but this would likely be manufactured. China would be most displeased, but they'll likely be in tougher economic straits, so maybe they agree to help disassemble NK as long as there is still a DMZ to keep a western ally off of their direct boarder.

There will also be some AGW-jacked weather events. Droughts, hurricanes, floods - I would guess that the 21st century will see both the largest human migrations in history as well as the largest famines. The 2020s will see those trends accelerate at a rate faster than anyone anticipated.

Nationalism will be more common in the west as global trade breaks down due to regional conflict as well as increased energy prices.

Basically the 2020s are going to really suck, but they're going to set the stage for the real shit-show from 2030-2050.

I'm betting we cross 2C of warming by 2040 or so - which will have people questioning what the world looks like at 5C of warming predicted by the end of the century.

And then industrial civilization begins its end-game.

Holla Forums you're not as sneaky as you think you are

… yay

A world that is perpetually discriminating against white nationalists

Doesn't sound too bad tbh

/mu/ would have a field day with you for this ignorance

This is realistic. Although I believe me might see a serious war by the end of the 2020s, probably asymmetrical again, as I don't believe Western powers would turn on each other, and China and India still have untapped potential in expansion. DPRK might actually a good bet. Think about it: The rare earth materials in North Korean deposit could sustain post-industrial civilization for another four decades, without even being reliant on China or Africa. While I don't see the DPRK surviving this, I do see them to be able to launch at least three nukes, depending what kind of development they're going to reach by the mid 2020s. In any case, it woould be a unprecendeted human catastrophy.

I'm not sure about the climate change. I don't know too much about it and the predictions are contradictory

They aren't already?

Every day suicide looks a little more appealing.

Little reason to kill yourself when the world will likely kill you before too long anyway.

That's true I guess. Either way I think I'm going to be dying sometime next decade.

Probably. Honestly, I don't care anymore either way. It does not take that much effort to remain alive at the moment, so I'll continue doing it for now and maybe kill myself when the world degenerates enough for it to become a real struggle to keep going.

Oh god what a terrible thought.

It's gonna rule.

I'm scared of the future too user but we have to keep going. I guess our choices are die behind a computer screen or die in a revolution/war/ecological catastrophe

We just had the last few decades demonstrate why it doesn't work, user.

If you are already this desperate, what stops you from staying alive by living off welfare, drinking, taking drugs, play videogames as you watch the world crash and burn?

This is a way more appealing alternative for me than to just off myself. Death is scary.

The last few decades have been the rise of neobliberalism and the gutting of the welfare state genius.

Surely you're not so dumb that you can't make the connection between the phenomena you describe and the content of my post?

Hopefully another great depression i'm bored and need another economic crash to spice things up a bit.

From "Revolutionary Suicide" by Huey P. Newton.

A great depression without anything that made that depression great.

Hello Hell.

Trump will win the 2020 election. How do you think the 2020's will be?

As someone about to hit 30, to generation Z:

Just spend the rest of your life playing video games and mooch off your parents for as long as possible. Everything is going to suck and video games might be the least harmful addiction. Just don't play any super violent games. 100% sincere. k thx bye

Thanks for the quote comrade

Trump is just going to get lukewarmer than he already is, deep state will assimilate him more and more. Only his rethotic might survive, but really he is just gonna go out like Bush

I'm glad I live in New Zealand, we're isolated from any potential huge swathes of refugees, have no oil or rare earth mineral reserves, a low population and shitloads of agricultural land. If SHTF globally there would likely be some suffering here but I could see it managing fairly well assuming our population doesn't explode in the next decade or two.

Holy shit Huey was so based.

New Zealand has the special risk of being a place a lot of Porkies plan to flee to, though.

(While perpetually obsessed with moving there, I always wonder if this would mean that in a collapse scenario NZ's working class had the best living standards because Porky needs to keep us on-side, or if you'd wind up with people trying to sail the Tasman in milk crates to escape to the Republic of Australia.)

Even if I was a Holla Forumsyp, have I said anything wrong?

Words like "white nationalist" don't mean the same thing to them as it means to the rest of the world, user. Remember, they operate in a cult-like mentality. The term has no meaning in and of itself. It's merely a signifier, like several other terms like "racist" and "transphobe", that the accused party is part of the outgroup and has been deemed a threat to the ingroup and so ought to be neutralized. As far as they're concerned, we become white nationalists the second they deem us undesirables. Remember, if there was a revolution, we would be the Old Guard and SJWs would be the arrivist sociopaths staffing the secret police and purging us.

Some potential "positive" predictions

TBH I'm expecting the '70s. I also don't think the world is headed towards any sort of major inter-power war. It's really just too risky and nonsensical now. Wars between major powers are gonna be proxy, if they ever get hot at all, and will increasingly be technological / economic.

Hopefully I'll be dead by then.

I'll hopefully be in socialist Britain by then and avoid most of it. As long as we can tackle climate change there's hope for the future. Tbh the best we can hope for is a resurgence of eco terrorism.

I can list ten artists off the top of my head that don't fit that description. A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, The Roots, Blackstar, Noname, Digable Planets, Jeru the Damaja, Large Professional, Common's later stuff. But I'm sure you won't listen, since you're just basing your opinions on racist preconceived notions rather than reality.

*Large Professor
this is what I get for posting on mobile

How the fuck do you imagine that'll happen?

One does not simply 'tackle' climate change.

In order to even begin to address the issue we must degrow to sustainable levels. In order to do that, 6+ billion humans must stop 100% of their emissions (die) while everyone left uses third world levels of energy in the smartest, most energy-efficient ways possible.

Industrial civilization turned out to be a one way street that leads into a population trap. eco-terrorism is not enough. Not even close. If humanity wants to save any measure of global civilization then organized and wide-spread eco-fascism (or as I would market it: global socialization of earths remaining resources and the intelligent management of our collective ecology - something anyone who isn't an absolute retard realizes that an intelligent species living on finite planet requires) is absolutely going to be a requirement for survival.

The folks on this board seem to have a reasonable grasp of what the political future might look like for their respective countries, but they don't appear to have a comprehensive understanding of how far global warming has already gone (if 100% of emissions stopped tomorrow we'd still cross 2C of warming within just a few decades), the extent to which positive feedback loops have already kicked in, or how resource scarcity makes most hypothetical technological propositions to 'tackle' these problems farcical.

Pandora's box is already open, my friends. How humanity deals with the new reality of living on this planet is what decides the future, but there is no fixing this problem, just reducing the pain it brings us and being smart about how we adapt to this change - and so far the only step global leaders are taking to address this issue is to pour more gas onto our collective planetary pyre. Because what else could they do? Humanity is going to be mainlining oil and expanding itself as far and as wide as possible until it absolutely cannot expand anymore (just like cancer, huh), and on that day, when we truly reach the limits of growth on this planet, we will truly see the beginning of humanity's unraveling - and it will be a horror unlike any that humanity has thus far encountered.

So nothing will be done? That's it? We're finished?

You must either be underage or a bad parody of the anarcho-liberal

Fuck man. Are you implying all the crazy shit Varg says in his videos about the upcoming collapse of industrial civilization is real?

Reminder that the SPD literally destroyed human civilization.

Not that guy.
Humans will go on, just at lower numbers. I honestly want to be one of the survivors, but that means being 1/7. Not very good odds. To avoid this same problem, humans should have pushed birth control and convinced women to have fewer children as industrialization and globalization rose. Instead that didn't happen, because the most powerful governments focused on killing people and taking their stuff so that more could be consumed. Humans are not capable of overcoming the historical cycle of the empire. When empires fall: famines appear, infrastructure decays, medicine becomes scarce and disease runs wild. We have to live through this because we were born in this time.

Not that guy, don't know who he watches.
Idk where Varg heard that stuff, but I heard it from people like Morris Berman and James Howard Kunstler. There's a woman named Alice Friedemann who wrote "When Trucks Stop Running". It's all based on either historical cycles or the material reality of resource depletion. There are multiple people in this thread talking about oil shortages. That's one the big problems looming over civilization. How can you have a living body without blood?

The SPD and Poland.

Nothing will be done to prevent this, no.

That isn't necessarily 'it' for humanity. I won't hazard to speculate where future communities will form or what they will be doing for food, but humanity has survived some seriously nasty times with a lot less understanding of the world than exists currently, and some places are bound to be more hospitable than others - heck the Tiaga might be downright pleasant after 10C of warming.

Seriously though, do a little googling about the temperature change predictions that the IPCC and others have done through 2100. 4C of change is about as hopeful as it gets, and the reason 2C of change is/was a big deal is because agriculture can really get difficult after that point depending on where you live not just because of droughts and floods which the new temp. makes more common but because plants are, at the end of the day, kinda' sensitive little things. Ever done any gardening? One day everything can seem fine, the next? Shit is infested, eaten by animals, dying on the vine, and it can feel like there was nothing you could have done - and sometimes that's just the damn truth of the matter.

This climate shift will happen on top of resource depletion. Modern agriculture without phosphorous is basically not possible at the scale necessary to sustain large populations. Renewable energy sources like solar panels and batteries to store their energy require stuff like lithium and antimony which we only have a relatively small amount of. I could go on about this, but in essence, modernity requires a lot of rare shit, and we're running out of that rare shit, and the bits that are left require a fuck-ton of energy to dig up and refine and ship around.

So no, it isn't the end of the world, it's just the end of industrial civilization at-scale, which is basically the apocalypse for 99+% for us, so I guess it kinda' is the end of the world.

Drink up, and have good times while you can.

Most certainly:

Class warfare will only get worse
Neonazism will continue to grow and more mindless racism, distracted by the true problem that is capitalism/corporatism
Pedophilia will become widely accepted by neolibs
The amount of Feminazis and Hipsters will also continue to grow, creating two popular radical feminazis vs neonazi parties.
Morality will continue to go downhill
Drugs will become widely accepted because of health issues and economic status.
Lots of companies sell-out or merge with larger companies, creating a sort of corporate/super-capitalist fascism
More mental-illness
Addiction will keep being embraced, not just drugs, but all and any counterproductive behaviors
Radical ideology will consume the masses, more than just Feninazi, Alt-right and Antifa. Logic and reason will be lost and ideology will be mostly based on reactionary opinions.

Yeah, I really doubt it. More likely, 2D loli becomes more widely and seriously criminalized, and through the power of Google's spy network will become used to imprison anyone who's fapped to it and causes trouble for the ruling elite.

I want to get around to reading this but the paper-back version is like $40 for some fucking reason.

I heard her give a talk on Chris Martenson's YouTube channel and, here let me find it-

and it was really good information. She was a better speaker than I had anticipated. The logistics of modern society are vast, complex, and massively interdependent. Definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't read about global supply networks (networks which literally dictate our lives, btw).

Any general timeframe when this really starts kicking in?

Here's a torrent that contains the book:

She also has a website called which is the most comprehensive resource that I've found so far.

Reminder that if this thread was made in 2007 and was about the 2010s you'd be saying the same shit as you are now.

"We" only have a small amount of the rare earths that are required for computer components as well, yet they are and have been massively manufactured for a very long time regardless of this. Recycling the materials that use these rare earths makes this a non issue, as if they just disappear and integrate into the product that is being made. You're a fucking idiot and will grasp at straws like this to fuel your doomer fantasies.
Do you seriously believe this kind of shit is possible? How fucking stupid do you have to believe to think that the means of production that make up industrial civilization will all be permanently destroyed because of climactic shifts. You people are fucking retarded. Go back to NatureBatsLast or wherever you came from.
How about you stop trying to prevent real praxis with your nihilist hedonism? If not then get the fuck out and go to 0ch or something.

wtf I love neoliberalism now?

Please leave any aluminum foil induments outside the board.

I'd be more worried about phosphorous than lithium tbh, though I'd say even if we had decades more of the rare-earth materials it wouldn't make a difference if you can't mine them, transport them to a refinery, process them, transport them again for construction, transport human laborers to the construction facility or run mechanized assemply, transport them again and so on without a cheap, dense energy supply, and the only thing we have that fits that bill is oil. When the oil isn't as cheap a lot of what you're talking about won't be on the table.

I find it humorous though unsurprising that you find it difficult for you to even imagine that industrialized society could cease to function. I've talked to people who balk at the idea that humans could have to go back to living like its 1850 (despite the fact that many still do) yet simultaneously believe that we'll be terraforming and living on mars on the outer-edges of their lifespan. I understand your anxiety regarding the subject, however.

Climate shifts will destroy careful balance that sustains the plants, animals and humans, not the MoP, user. All that cadmium and iron will be safe in the earth, but the people that walk it, who depend on relatively static climates to grow food, they are the ones in for the wild ride. I guess you could call plants the 'means of production' in that basically all life on earth is dependent on them existing as they are. Hard to have production without a fuel source, after all.

Sir, the only praxis that matters is human survival. Everything else is LARPing.


man you must suck at parties

Really? This is the insult you go to?

i'm sorry your take on rap music is indistinguishable from my grandparents user, please continue being smarter than me

Considering we are on the topic of the 2020s here, I have my doubts that the transition from oil to renewables will be too much of a bumpy ride considering the boom that renewables have experienced the last few years and are continuing to experience. Capitalists are investing more into renewables and electric means of transport as a result and cause of this, it is essentially a feedback loop.
The industrial revolution was in full swing at this period. I've seen this copypasta used by people like you all the time so you obviously just got it from another doomposter from /r/collapse and didn't actually do any research.
You seem think about climate change as if it is just some one big event that happens overnight where everybody wakes up to empty stores and fridges. Iron can be found in almost any metallic object and be resmelted, while cadmium is being gradually phased out from industrial production due to its toxicity. You claimed that industrial civilization would be destroyed as a result of climate change, which would require either the means of production of which maintain it to be destroyed or the people who maintain the means of production to stop using them, in which the latter scenario is complete bullshit because it would require the extinction of mankind to happen. The way I think you are speculating the cessation of all industry to occur is that food production drops to such levels that no industrial means of production can be operated anywhere on the planet.
You literally said in your former post "Drink up, and have good times while you can.", I really want to know how this helps ensure human survival in any way.

Rap music isn't for everyone, just like Pop isn't for everyone.

Well you're not wrong

It's not going to die out, in fact, it's going to get more and more popular
because more and more people are starting to give up on reality.

The more emotionally unstable people there are, the more people who
listen to rap. I personally don't really like or listen to rap, but I understand why the typical millennial would

Expecting rap to die is like expecting weed to die. removing these things from society would only make people find/create other substitutes that fit their mental state.

Most of raps canon reflects a stark and depressing reality which, if you approach it critically, can force you to acknowledge the decaying society we live in, so.

also you can make this escapist argument for literally all of music that doesn't have an explicitly political tone to it

Okay that's a reasonable reason to listen to it, and theres some people who just simply don't like to dwell on negatives or dislike how rap makes them feel or how it sounds.

Thing is that rap is growing in popularity, and unlike rock or metal, it will be mainstream for another 15-20 or so years and grow rapidly.

For me example, I try to think of ways to solve these issues, not just hear them and go "man, what a fucked up world we live in", when despite social and economic issues, they are still balanced with good things in the world like friends and hobbies.

At least for me, I already know the world can be fucked up, and hearing someone tell a story of something that obviously happens has no interest to me.

The whole methane thing is still an issue of great debate amongst climate experts, I'm not exceptionally sold on it yet.

Well I would say that this conversation has transcended the 2020s, though anyone concerned with the next decade would presumably be concerned with the one after that as well, and the effects of climate change, resource depletion, increasing population, etc. are all centuries in the making.

Then you don't understand how energy is used on the global scale. You should at least listen to that interview from Alice Friedman, she talks in depth about an electronic transportation system that is being constructed in California and the limitations of such a system - its something that you might find interesting.

This isn't really an argument… Not to drag out the molymeme, but yeah, what I've told you is true, and you're attempt to reject it by saying… what exactly? That because you read it on reddit that there's no truth to the fact that 7.5 billion humans use a lot of resources and that there isn't an infinite supply of everything?

Simply wrong - though that doesn't mean that some places and peoples throughout history haven't experienced fast collapses like this.

What I'm saying is that there will be persistent weather events combined with increased energy prices combined with changing global temperatures combined with decreased accessibility of fertilizers along with several other factors (economic, political) that will make traditional agriculture fail in many regions within a relatively short period of time, and that that culmination of unfortunate events will cause societal destabilizations which will, over enough iterations cause wars, famines, mass relocations and increased popularity for fascistic identity movements which will further exacerbate these problems.

It is never just climate change or just resource depletion or just the fact that we add something like 1.5 million humans to the planet every week, it's all of those factors and a million more, mashed into one clusterfuck, and that's what I see in the future for humanity.

Last note, I'd rather my comrades here drink up as opposed to commit suicide. I find that to be better praxis, though they should understand the world they live in.

I honestly don't care if someone personally doesn't like hip hop, i just take issue with acting like it's dumb and bad on principal I guess

Yeah I don't think it's dumb, I just think it often applies to people who can relate to these harsh conditions or are usually in that mental state.

I find it hard to believe that you or others listen to it solely for educating yourselves on ghetto life, but that you relate to it and feel the same way the rappers do. All I ask is to not focus on the negatives too much because the world is balanced with positives outside of the economic realm.

I don't, and most people don't, but if you have to approach music from an critical angle I was offering up a defense.

You'll need to mortgage your kidneys to pay the interest on your other twenty-six loans, and you'll need those twenty-six loans just to have a roof over your head and a beat-up twelve-year-old clunker of a car.

You're gonna need to mortgage your liver to pay the fees to take out that mortgage on your kidneys as well.

The whole liver can grow back from a quarter, so you'll be able to sell three-quarters at a time to have it chopped up into 3 pieces that are then grown into separate livers. They don't grow more livers from those because human experimentation costs less.


Well considering northern europe, russia, and canada will become the new bread baskets they'll do pretty well for themselves. Anyone south of that is kinda fucked.

Is this the most retarded decade? I feel it's a mere omen foreshadowing the 2020's, but it is pretty lame.

Gonna repeat myself from another topic. I blame it all on Bismarck. He helped crush the Commune and later he created the modern welfare State.

Cultural Marxists have pulled the wool over our eyes yet again!

Good thing I'll be safe on Amazon (the new name for Mars after Bezos outbid everyone) because I'll be a billionaire soon enough. Just gotta keep tugging at these bootstraps.

I recall reading somewhere that Russians are already making plans for two wheat crops a year or something, and occupying the soon-livable Siberian North. Imagine that, a whole continent worth of land and resources that was just lying fallow dussenly opens up. Even in this catastrophe, Porky is rubbing his trotters in glee.

Man, I'm glad I don't intend to live to 50.


More advertisements,
better graphics,
stranger music,
"Illegal" Drugs will become widely accepted.
memes will more frequently be used by the government and corporations to "fit in" with the internet generation
More autists, retards and mentally-ill people than ever before
Nithilism could possibly influence the majority masses by 2020.
Radical political parts will become the norm for the young population: Neonazi Alt-rights vs Globalist Hipster Tumblrinas
"Ideology" will plague most of the young western population, logic and reason will become less and less used.
VR will become extremely popular, especially in a time where more and more people are giving up on reality.

This is the worst decade of the modern era and the 2020s are going to be even worse. I never thought I'd miss the early 2000s but that time seems like a party compared to now.

Humanity's got no future.

How so? Excluding le drumpf of course

The xenomorph is an ugly piece that would probably kill u if u tried to Put your dick in it
Mean while the new sex doll technology will let me fullfill my dream of being able to fuck the statue of liberty (at a more realistic scale)
That being said everything lese will probably suck in 2020

Reminder that last holiday season had low consumption, which everyone tried to ignore. It'll be even worse this year. People are losing the ability to buy shit and the consumer goods market is taking hits.

The masses cant be nihilistic and steeped in ideology at the same time can they? Unless its ironic ideology or an ideology society ostracises them into that drops when push comes to shove

That's the question.
Did we reach the peak yet?
If we did than that means that neo-liberalism will slowly become a minority view in the next decade.

Liberalism has been the ruling ideology for the past 200 years. I don't see that changing any time soon.


M8 check this out


We’ve been in Hell for a while but we’ve come pretty close to the final circle.

I laughed

You overstate the problem. Oil used to be over well over 100$ a barrel, and that was 10 years of (low) inflation ago, so in 2017 dollars it would be even higher. We managed just fine - trust me, I was there.

Conventional oil production peaked within the last decade or so. Shale has padded this out but the EROEI on shale is pretty garbage compared to conventional sources. The global economy depends on CHEAP oil. Look at oil discoveries being at an all time low. Look at how much oil we use compared to new discoveries. This is not sustainable, and renewable sources are in no way capable of replacing oil, especially in the areas of industrial development and logistics/transportation.

If big business starts to fail they'll just be bailed out again.

Best thread

man we are so fucked lol

Its more complicated than that. Shortly before making that post I had read about an overblown example of the mandela effect, the mandela effect is bullshit but people is taking it way too seriously. The thing is that there is people who claims to remember a movie called Shazaam starring the comedian Sinbad. This is just a fuzzy memory of Shaquille O'Neal's Kazaam but people has gone as far as making fake VHS tapes and the real comedian Sinbad even made a sketch themed after the imaginary movie. The mandela effect is bullshit because people doesn't want to accept memories are naturally fuzzy and imprecise and what I see is that in the future this way of thinking will become normal, people will only believe things that pander to their worldview and will have an amazing arsenal of methods to dismiss any different viewpoint.

On a personal level feel like this could be a good thing.
Have realized more and more what matters is not past events, but how they are framed.

Although really, my approach rests more on steering a narrative than leaving everyone to their own narrative. (Because if other people don't believe the narrative, and I know it's a manipulation of the truth, then it's pointless.)
I want to believe my own lies.


People in this thread acting as if depletion of oil resources will spell the end of capitalism. Capital does basically two things, grow infinately and react to and reshape around the crises it faces. If it can't ship things with oil-powered trucks and barges anymore it will find new ways to adapt.

There's more pressing concerns such as the looming private debt crises, overpopulation and climate destruction. These are things capital can't adress due to the contradictions they pose, while capital now relies on ever increasing private debts to finance consumption it will at one point reach a point where people are too indebted to buy. While it relies on eternally increasing the workforce it employs it will eventually face the fact that earth cannot sustain past a certain amount of humans. While it relies on producing ever increasingly more commodities, nature (which capital relies on to exploit) can only survive being dug up and turned into poisonous products and waste for so long. These are the things that threaten capital (and unfortunately with it humanity), not the fact that one of its many avaliable energy resources will soon run out…

Overpopulation is only an issue with the current lifestyles people have under capitalism in first world countries. When in China and India more people start living the same way, yes it's a problem and wars will spawn for it.
Other than that, overpopulation is just a meme





Don't you see what the RUSSIANS have done to the US it's fucking disgraceful.

I guess you're right. But as long as capital exists, this is an issue that must be adressed

Beyond its already invaluable uses for agriculture, industry and civilian transport, it really can't be overstated how cheap overseas transportation is absolutely vital for post-WW2 capitalism. It allows for all those untold millions of industrial jobs to be offshored to China and other sweatshop nations, since shipping the goods back to your own country costs little… for now. When oil gets too expensive, the good thing is that those offshored industrial jobs will return, and hopefully establish a more Marxian-type class divisions. But God only knows what will happen to the Chinese economy.

Probably terrible

Things'll get a whole lot worse before they get better, but unlike most people on this board I think things can actually get better. I for one won't be opposed when Capitalism with Chinese characteristics take the world by storm simply because they care about the environment. I also have an unsubstantiated amount of hope in Corbyn and the Democratic Cops.

Don't lose hope comrades, for what else is there?


Hopefully a return to real Maoism a no more “socialism with chines characteristics” bullshit.

The removal of cheep oil will be a huge blow to industrial agriculture and will force more people to more in agriculture so it will result in a more feudal class devision then an industrial one.

Saving for posterity

Lol get outta here kid

Imagine being such a brainlet that es jay double you's are, in your mind, the most important problem the world will face in the coming years

The shazaam movie wasnt real?




You forgot the part where rural areas completely deteriorate into African standard of living when there unable to stay economically afloat due to service sector economies not working in areas with low population densities.


The only point of this screenshot is to demoralize the rest of this board. Fuck off FBI.

They are not rare. Its just the west is so pathetic they are not willing to invest in the refining and processing capacities, and are happy to buy them on the foreign market. A government could nationalise a silent mine and get all they need easily, but they wont. However they wont go to war because theyd still need to invest in a mine afterwards.


It isn't to demoralize you, user. It's to make you aware of how fucked up things really are. You're here, so you probably understand to some degree the inherant problems that come with capitalism - which is good - but it is important, I would say paramount, to understand the true extent of the damage the industrial civilization driven by capitalism has brought to our collective ecology.

The earth belongs to humanity, not to whomever can best exploit it, poison it, pump it dry and live like a king having made everyone else's lives worse. Getting humanity to face the problems that we MUST FACE in order to survive as a species on this planet is, to my mind, a noble cause - and that entails pointing out the damage, much of which cannot be undone, much of which continues to this day, that the current system has caused.

I should have expected that. Get the fuck out of here. The only reason one would actually post arguments for why climate change will kill everyone on a place where everyone already KNOWS capitalism destroys the environment is to demoralize and try to make people think "why bother if climate change will fuck us anyway" it's fucking easy to see through your "it's just facts" or "it's for humanity, which will be dead in 100 years anyway" bullshit. Seriously, what other reason would you post doomer graphs for? You want us to become lifestylists or something?

Well the Thatcher post was mine, but the other one disparaging you actually wasn't mine.

I don't think everyone here knows all that much about climate change to be quite honest. Where did they go to learn about it? Do they have degrees in biology and study conservation science? How often are they attending symposiums on the subject? This isn't information that you'll see on TV or hear on the radio - no one is bringing it to people on a major platform at least as far as I'm aware of, and indeed this very information is being buried, at this moment, by the American government. People should be aware of the data available and share it with others.

Honestly, how is this not more relevant to people's lives than anything else being discussed on Holla Forums right now? It's a global issue, it transcends politics and nations - shouldn't that be something we can all rally around?

I'm sorry if I bummed you out, user, and maybe you are more versed in climate science than most of the other posters here and this is just a refresher to you on how fucked we are, but I feel the need to spread this information while its still available to anyone who might not know how bad things really are. Maybe they'll do something productive with the information.

Also: I got that random image you requested, and I kept it under 300 words, just for you.

Pic related is not real, its a forgery

Between urban exodus and Bezos being offered mayorship-for-life, it really does feel like capitalism will wrap around back into feudalism

Capitalism was always just feudalism with new management.


Rural to Urban migration is still greater then urban exodus. Not saying it doesn’t happen. Hell I fucking plan on moving to a rural area after education.

Don't forget 2060-2070 fossil fuels are going to become scarce and possibly run out, resource wars will be a reality, all just in time for Fallouts planned projection of a 2077 nuclear war between China and USA.

One thing is certain, don't buy into the whole 'we will colonize" mars liberal pipedream msm are feeding us, there will simply never be enough funding or the technology available for such a project. If Capitalism kills this earth and the people in it, it dies as well, like another poster said, it's like cancer, the efficiency of Capitalist countries making whole populations die for profit and land in the early 20th century is testament to that fact.

Realistic pessimism over climate pollution and resource scarcity isn't meant to demoralize or promote inaction. It's to shut down both the overzealous techno-capitalists and the FALC retards who think that somehow through global revolution and redistribution a post-work first world lifestyle will be granted to everyone on Earth.

The return of scarcity and the loss of cheap, easy energy will be a tremendous challenge to any egalitarian future. Yet a revolutionary change to a non-capitalist, non-growth-oriented system (which will by necessity mean more modest, localist living conditions) is the only way to preserve what abundance we still have, and keep the door open for a truly post-scarcity future.

isn't this an oc of some school shooter or whatev?

It's easier and more entertaining to have people kill each other in a war than to push for rational eugenics and be the scapegoat of some fundamentalists


What with global warming and an immense cache of unexplored resources, Siberia will see some interesting times.

That's why I'm hoping with every fiber of my being that this Mars shit fails, and dream of any colony ships being shot down by socialists saying "nobody leaves until you fix your mess".

But who am I kidding? Capitalism will escape its first dying host and spread itself through the stars, neverding so long as there are more resources to waste and people to grind down. Capital is the one supreme lifeform in the universe.

America Can Into Serfdom

This doesn't let me read the article

It links to a WSJ article. It let me read said article, but I’m not subscribed to them. Maybe it didn’t work for you.

It's probably one of the newspapers that lets you read X articles for free per week or month. Whenever you run into a walled article, check for archived copies.

Just to add to the climate change thread before everyone kills themselves: There's absolutely no point in making all these apocalyptic predictions for 2XXX when the fact of the matter is that we have no fucking clue what's gonna happen 10, 50, 100 years from now. We can analyse trends and systems to make some sort of prediction, but these predictions are always limited. People used to make the prediction that our population would continue to grow exponentially until we all died of overpopulation and proposed various measures to "reduce" the population. Now our growth has been declining for decades, and it's now negative in some places.
That's not to say we shouldn't be worried about climate change. It is a problem, and we should have a plan for dealing with it (preferably one that is viable and not completely insane), but we can't fixate on every apocalyptic scenario that might happen. We need to work off the assumption that we actually have some ability to change things and that we aren't already doomed, otherwise there's no point in doing anything and we'll never know if it really was inevitable, because we did nothing to stop it. There's no point in worrying about things that are outside our control

Chances of reaching peak oil then? Or has it happened already?
Is that alone enough to fuck us all completely over?

This, minus the war with Iran. My prediction is that somewhere around 2020 the US will withdraw from most of its international commitments, possibly including NATO, because of massive pressure for more domestic spending.

I hate these fucking larpers, all the scientific signs point to the fact that the Earth is dying and these fuckers believe that we can just go to Mars and conjure up an atmosphere out of nowhere. And that's not even mentioning the immense resource cost of transporting materials and human personnel, the psychological effects of being in a closed space for too long, the cost of the research that will make all this possible, etc.

I actually met an user on /his/ (hopefully a troll) who fought it was more effective to mine coal in outer fucking space than it was to switch to renewables on earth. These people can only interpret the world around them through a belief in perpetual progress and expansion, fed to them by media about American pilgrims, the Wild West, and certain sci-fi shit like Star Trek. Anything that points to the fact that these trends are completely unsustainable is simply ignored, or waved off with a comment like "We'll invent some technology that fixes it."

At the moment I think only a small subset of porkies and wannabe porkies actually still believes in this ideology (Newt Gingrich and Elon Musk are probably the most prominent examples). By now most of them have gotten the memo that a big collapse is coming in the next century, hence the fact that they're building bunkers and buying arable land all over the world. But goddamn is it still annoying when someone brings it up.

Erdogan will become an even greater faggot.
More BS in MENA.
If EU doesn't get it shit together and tries to beat China to the punch in Africa, there will be hell to pay.
Trump won't be re-elected.
Brexit will turn out to be an even greater clusterfuck than imagined.
EU will get a standing army and a tax. The principle for the tax is 2 coins less to the state, 1 coin for EU.

Oh wow!

Wait a second…

Here's a guaranteed 100% accurate prediction then: capitalism will keep on getting worse and fucking everything up for everyone who isn't a porky.

I'd say that this has been the guiding narrative for climate scientists, governments and the media since the 70s or so. It was the response to Limits to Growth. It was also the response to An Inconvenient Truth. Heck it was the response to that 'The Uninhabitable Earth' article by David Wallace-Wells that caused some controversy a few months back.

My problem with this narrative is that it removes the reality of the immediacy of action that is required to begin mitigating the effects of the damage that has already been done and the damage yet to come. Building resilience in communities takes a long-ass time, it isn't something you can simply dump money on at the last minute expect to work. You can't relocate tens of millions of people gracefully in months or years, it takes decades - generations even. You can't bring back any of the hundreds of species that will go extinct THIS WEEK. I fear that this take on bad news lulls people into a perspective of 'oh someone else is handling that, I don't have to worry about it' - which, if I'm being a tad conspiratorial, is likely exactly what the capitalists want people to believe. To do otherwise would cause market instability, which means a drop in profits - even if it resulted in stronger, more independent communities down the road. This is similar in some ways to how no one wants to rebuild America's infrastructure. It's far easier to put it off, spend the money on something else in the now and let someone else deal with it when it really becomes a crisis. It's short-term thinking that benefits greed.

What if, after half a century of knowing about climate change and having a rough outline of the damage it could cause, what if we did nothing in that time? What if there is no plan other than drive the economy and ecosystem into a fatal tailspin because doing anything else would result in lost profits? If that's the plan, then shouldn't we be trying to get INDIVIDUALS to understand the gravity of the situation and the effect it will have on their lives? I guess I see that as the only way to educate people about this anymore. If our governments and corporations are going to bury data on the subject because it would negatively impact the markets to have a populace aware of how fucked the situation and if traditional media is similarly barred from covering the topic in any detail because it drives away a lot more viewers than it attracts, then what is the alternative?

You can change things, user. Maybe not at scale, not enough to 'save the world', but you can work towards building sustainability into your life. If you can do it, and your neighbor can do it, and their neighbors can do it, then you will have something real that will, to the greatest degree possible, protect you from the early ripples of damage to the ecosystem and economy. The closer you can get to having a community of people who are aware of this situation the better off you will be, is essentially my message.