Maximum Autism

This thread gave me an idea. Since we don’t seem to be having a revolution any time soon, I thought it would be fun to make up an ideology based RPG that could be played in threads. It might be a cathartic way to get over sectarian infighting, and could help educate newcomers on different ideologies / text formatting / dice rolling / input fields, so that we won’t have so many people that coming from twitter / reddit / youtube that don’t know how to operate an imageboard machine. It would also prove that we are more fun than Holla Forums. We could do a weekly thread with a campaign and rotate through DMs.

I started making up classes very loosely based on D&D. My idea was to have each group of classes be made up of ideological opponents who nevertheless have something in common: hence Non-Social Anarchists with Italian Left communists (too smart for democracy), and Ansyns with Tankies (existing socialism). Snowflake ideologies can use hybrid classes.

Here is what I have so far. Give suggestions, criticism, etc. I'll type up a handbook once we figure everything out.


Mages (Anti-Bureaucracy, Books ‘n Shit, Gets to cast spells)
Warlocks: Anarchists
Anprims: Druids
Market Anarchists: Merchant Sorcerers
Egoists: Necromancers

Wizard: Italian Left Communists (Bordigists)

Warriors (Existing Socialism)
Heavy Swordsman: Marxist-Leninists
Light Swordsman: Anarcho-Communists and Anarcho-Syndicalists

Paladins: ==NAZBOL== - Warrior/Spellcaster Hybrid - Divine Magic - Fights to appease NazBol gods

Classes Needed (Ranger, Bard, Rogue and are all available)
Communalist (Monk perhaps?)
Orthodox Marxists (DeLeonists can be a hybrid between this and Light Swordsman)
Dutch Leftcoms/Council Communists
Hegelian Marxism (AW should get to pick this one if he so chooses)
Democratic Socialists
Social Democrats / Reformists
Christian / Muslim / Theistic Socialists

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Is this the /leftytg/ thread?

Spooky. Gish is best build.

Lol. It's not supposed to be D&D, but communization theory is basically Gish.

Communization should be ancom called something else.

…or DeLeonism if we merge Orthodox Marxism with Italian Left Communism.

SocDems - Assans

Isn’t DeLeonism Syyndiclist?

how good is this

Does mercenary fits into D&D? If it does mb we can assign Christian / Muslim and other religious group to em

If we can use Pathfinder classes, I propose that Insurrectionary Anarchists be Alchemists

Yeah its a synthesis of syndicalism and orthodox Marxism.

chemical bombs on cops fam


Let's use RPG maker to create a Deus Ex-style story where towards the end you're forced to side with one of the major Socialist schools and recreate society according to their guidelines

The extinct Siberian ethnic group?

DemSocs should be Bards, Theistic Socialists can be Clerics

That sounds pretty solid. Any objections? And should social democrats and reformists SocDems be lumped in with DemSocs? Or excluded?

They are all literally the same thing with the same counterrevolutionary rose symbol.

Socdems should be rogues and obligated to betray the party every campaign. Or maybe that should be trots.
Take your time OP, there doesn't seem to be that many people on right now

Honestly, everyone should be obligated to betray each other at the end of the campaign

I like the idea of making Trots rouges.
I'll just lump socdems in with demsocs.

Pretty good I say. Do you think Orthodox Marxists should be with Italian left communists? Or with Dutch leftcoms? Or be their own thing?

IMO they should all be Wizards. You can then divide them up into hybrid classes, depending on which other ideology they're closer to
Rangers would totally fit with Communalists, BTW


I will prefer a very different approach.
Either a game agnostic setting that teaches leftist concepts with its narratives or a setting agnostic game that teaches with its mechanics and breaks out of the D&D mold.
For the setting I imagine two factions, socialists live in utopias can use tech and magic but their numbers are small and capitalists have big numbers but nothing to fight with, some capitalists can use magic and tech, they use it to control other capitalists and only have those things because they're class conscious. There will be many different races but like in Wakfu they are all humans with coats of paint.
For a game I imagine something were each class has very contrasting mechanics, like a class whom all their attacks are resolved with rules like CeeLo or another were all attacks are resolved with poker hands. But beside that other stuff will be pretty rules light.

I second rangers being communalists, but I wouldn't want this to reinforce the notion that Italian left communists have anything in common with Dutch left communists. Dutch left communism has more in common with anarcho-syndicalism Bordigism.

Third times a charm?

I second rangers being communalists, but I wouldn't want this to reinforce the notion that Italian left communists have anything in common with Dutch left communists. Dutch left communism generally has more in common with anarcho-communists.

Third times a charm?

Third times a charm?

I think Hegelian Marxists would be good Mystics. The source of a mystics power is mysterious so it plays well with dialiectics being a meme no one understands. Imagine having a Hegelian Marxist in your party, he saves your ass, you ask him how he did it abut he just says it you need to have "faith in the dialectic"

This would definitely be cool in an unironic way for an irl table top game. For an in thread
RPG I'd rather go with a cheesy D&D style game though. What do the rest of y'all think?


Ah yes, I forgot it must be a game we can play by post.
Well I can remove the cards out of the mechanics I imagined if that is what you want.

Mages (Anti-Bureaucracy, Books ‘n Shit, Gets to cast spells)
Warlocks: Anarchists
Anprims: Druids
Market Anarchists: Merchant Sorcerers
Egoists: Necromancers
Insurrectionary Anarchists: Alchemists

Wizards: Left Communists and Orthodox Marxists
Italian Left Communists: (???)
Council Communists: (???)
Hegelian Marxists: Mystics

Warriors (Existing Socialism)
Heavy Swordsman: Marxist-Leninists
Light Swordsman: Anarcho-Communists and Anarcho-Syndicalists

Bards: Democratic Socialists
Rouges: Trots
Clerics: Theistic Socialists
Communalist: Ranger

Gish: De Leonists
Paladins: NAZBOL


Sections that are yet to be completed are in italics.

==1.== DM makes a thread. They describe the scenario in which the campaign is taking place in plain text with italics for emphasis. This may include a discussion prompt. They also will link to a recourse with game rules and class details, which is yet to be created. At the end of the OP, in CAPITAL BOLD TEXT they specify a TARGET PARTY SIZE (henceforth referred to as n) and TURN SPEED (henceforth referred to as t).

==2.== The first n anons to post their class in Bold text and either an image or a name in the name field to identify themselves, are in the game. If not enough anons want to play, then the DM can start the campaign early. For the rest of the game, classes will be indicated by corresponding flags. Self builds for snowflake ideologies are allowed as long as their stats and abilities are reasonable.

==3.== To start the campaign, the DM will post COMMENCING CAMPAIGN followed by a brief description of the party, acknowledging each member. In the same post, the DM will introduce the first enemy and/or obstacle. Technical details about the enemy/obstacle (HP and other stats) will be at the bottom of the text in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS'.

==4.== Party members will take turns responding to the obstacle or enemy. Each class will have a set of abilities to use, which are yet to be determined. Their post will contain plain text, and greentext comments which can have whatever content they like (ideological shitflinging is encouraged as long as it is not a distraction), followed by a bold text specification of what ability, spell or attack they are using. Spells will be cast in ==RED TEXT==. The player will roll a d20 in this same post (located in post options & limits). Even numbers will be hits or successes for attacks and abilities respectively. Hits will do damage equal to the number shown on the dice. Odd numbers will miss. If the player whose turn it is is offline or does not post within t minutes (or hours for slow games, which will probably be most games), the turn will pass to the next player.

==5.== If it was successful, the DM will respond with an updated description of the obstacle or enemy following the same format as ==3.== If it fails, the DM will respond with a consequence if it is an obstacle, or a retaliation if it is an enemy. They will roll a d20 in order to determine the damage dealt by the enemy. If a player is dealt damage equal to or greater then their HP, they will be excluded from the rest of the campaign.

==6.== This will continue until the obstacle is overcome, and then ==3.== will be repeated (with the exclusion of "commencing campaign") until the campaign is over.

==7.== DM may award increases in player level at the end of the campaign to MVP anons, but this has no practical use.

==8.== Anything not specified by the rules, is up to the discretion of the DM. If the game is moving too slowly or too quickly, the DM can modify the turn speed by specifying a new turn speed in CAPITAL BOLD TEXT. The DM should include images that they think reinforce the themes and atmosphere of the current scenario. Throughout the campaign, reddit spacing and proper text usage is mandatory for all participants in order to maintain readability. All participants, including the DM, must use the name field to specify who they are. Non participants may comment, but they are respectfully asked to omit images, and to limit their text to plain text and >greentext.

Does this look good to everyone? If so, we just need to come up with abilities for each class, and we will be on our way. I suggest two attacks/spells, and one or two non combat ability for each class. We can add more mechanics once we have a few trial runs under our belts.

Red texting seems to be broken.

Good lord, item three got fucked up as well. I have brought disgrace to my family.

The draft looks pretty good, though I'm a bit worried about the damage mechanics. It seems a little too random, and there might not be enough room for differentiating classes and antagonists if they all roll the same dice, though I guess it's kinda necessary to have hit dice and damage dice be the same in a play-by-post game.
I'd personally suggest rolling two dices. You have the same odds of rolling even and odd numbers, the damage is more predictable, and you have more room for things like crits (doubles) and damage modifiers. You can even vary the numbers based on how strong the attack and consequences are, so you might roll 2d4 for weak attacks and 2d8 for strong, etc. Anyway, it's up to you. I don't have a lot of experience with this format.
Also can't we have some cooler names for Ancoms and ML's? I was thinking Ancoms be barbarians (smashy and no lawful morality) and ML's be fighters (tanky).

Mark-Soc class wise should be a mix between M-L and spy tbh

I approve of this.


pic related finally gonna be a reality

What about Holla Forumsyps, liberals, lolberts and other antagonists to leftism? What about races?

it doesn't work if you have anything outside the redtext in the same line, it's always been like this

example of how to do it
and ==how==
==to== no do it

you can just make your list like this:

If it was successful, the DM will respond….

w-where is max stirner? :c

forget it found him. he always cheats tho.

Fascists are Observers. Because of heavy surveillance and shit. Capitalists are pig men/women or Drwarves but Drawves are cool.

Primitivists (just primitivist no anarcho needed) have to be without a doubt Orcs not the the Tolkien way where they're industrialists but more in the TES way. They're pretty neutral towards everything happening outside, they can be bros or murderous hoes.

Adding to this, you can underline text by bracketing it with a pair of underscores.

Leftcoms can be bards since they're both useless and do nothing of value

Leftcoms are monks because nobody has enough INT to read all those books, enough CHA to properly explain their ideas to people, enough WIS to know their pedantry is unhelpful, and enough STR to carry the weight of all that theory on their shoulders.

spoken like a true intimidated brainlet fresh from Holla Forums

you can also check the site FAQ for more text formatting options


Rules are spooks.

I lol'd.

Death is a literal spook.

I agree. How about we keep the d20 die role as the base damage, and then each attack or enemy can have a modifier and additional effects.
I agree. Idk about those names in particular though, as ancoms and ansyns aren't really the smashy kind of anarchist, and I would like the ML name to be more tank sounding. Knight? Heavy?
Just "Tank"? Fighter is kind of vague.

Leftcoms are already wizards, and bards are already DemSocs.

Antagonists to leftism can be enemies. The DM could just make these up. They could have ancap goblins, stormfag orcs, and bourgeois pig demons. As for races, are they necessary? It seems like they may just convolute everything while bringing nothing. We could just have the player get to pick whatever race they like and include it in their player details, but have it be inconsequential.

…or a mix between heavy swordsman and merchant.

Lenin was right


wew lads

Leftcoms are the most retarded of all leftists

that's worse. you're an embarrassment

MLs should be knights

Tbh I think Leftcoms would be good bards but only because as I've played D&D they've been the best class. I think Leftcom would be the sort of class that's shit early game but incredible late game

Rules look good. Seems like the campaign won't be so long that it will lose the interest of players so that's good.

I couldn't have admitted to being wrong because I'm not
Are you slightly retarded, or just illiterate?

it doesn't matter tbh, it has more to do with you unironically being an intellectual deadweight

You two are pathetic.

Hegelian Marxist: Mystic
Flag related.

Obfuscate (Combat Spell): On hit, opponent is confused and will not be able to attack for three turns. Deals no damage.
Sublate (Combat Spell): Even rolls 12 and above remove the target object or opponent from the game. No damage is dealt.
Immanent Critique (Non-Combat Ability): Cannot fail; no die roll required. DM must provide more information about the opponent or obstacle at hand.

We need one of these for each class. I'll keep working on them, but y'all are welcome to chime in.

Rouges: Trots
Flag Related

Melee Strike (Combat Ability): Even roles deal damage equal to the amount shown on the die. +2 bonus against sailor and mutineer type opponents.
Critical Support (Combat Ability): One other party member of choice gains a +4 attack bonus, and it becomes their next turn.
Split the Party (Non-Combat Ability): Player may leave the party, taking any other members who chose to join with them. They will be given a new scenario by the DM, and will compete with the original party for the remainder of the campaign.

Do you mean rouges or rogues?

Rogue. My b.

Marxist-Leninist: Heavy Swordsman
Flag Related

Melee Attack (Combat Ability): Even roles above 4 deal damage equal to the number shown on the die +2.
Tank (Passive Combat Ability): All damage received is halved.
Assassination by Ice Axe (Non Combat Ability): Even roles above 8 will cause any Trotskyite splitters to die a swift and painful death.

Anarcho-Communist / Syndicalist: Light Swordsman
Flag Related

Melee Attack (Combat Ability): All roles deal damage equal to the absolute value of: the number shown on the die -2.
Wildcat Strike (Combat Ability): Even roles deal damage equal to the number shown on the die -2, and the target is blinded, meaning that only roles above 8 can hit.
Industrial Sabotage (Non-Combat Ability): Even roles will destroy machine based obstacles.

Could antifa be warriors of some kind, like a Berserker class, low armor, low INT, no theory or strategy just all heavy melee damage? Is that fitting?
Posadists are sabeteurs?

In regard to antifa they can deal very high damage (especially to orcs/fascists), but their attacks on certain roles passive damage the party as well, thinking something like that

Antifa isn't really a tendency though. It's more of an activity, and Posadism is just a tiny Trotskyist current. If we had a different class for every type of Trot we would have a books worth of classes on our hands.

That said, self builds are aloud as long as the stats are within reason. So if you want to make an Antifa or Posadist class, go ahead.

Nah was just a suggestion, I get the criticism. I figured I'd throw it out there since they seem to have kind of merged into this thing associated with the left and representing a certain praxis (punch political opponents) without necessarily being anarchist, ML, ect.

Democratic Socialists, Reformists and Social Democrats: Bards
Flag Related

Beguiling Serenade (Combat Ability): Even roles above 4 cause target opponent to join the Democratic Cops of America, becoming docile. They will not attack any players.
Inspiring Tune (Combat Ability): Even roles cause all other party members to gain a +2 attack modifier for the remainder of the scenario at hand.
Socialized Healthcare (Non Combat Ability): Even roles return all party members to full health. Cannot be used in a combat scenarios.


Where would liberals go?

Egoists: Necromancers
We don't seem to have a flag for this one, which is probably fitting.

Despook (Combat Spell): Even roles above 6 will cause target opponent to become despooked, becoming nonaggressive unless further attacked.
The Unique One (Passive Combat Ability): Cannot be effected by spells, curses, hexes, or magic based hazards.
Revive the Dead (Non Combat Ability): Even roles 12 and above will restore a player who has been removed from the campaign to full health.

They can be an enemy type, or just be considered irrelevant.

I want to play as what I am tho.

See item 2 in the game rules. Self builds are welcome, as long as their stats are within reason. When you say liberal, do you mean social democrat? Or neoliberal?

If you don't mean neoliberal, then you can play as the bard. If you do mean neoliberal, I don't know if it would make much sense for the plot if you where even in the party, but I guess you could always make a bard-merchant sorcerer hybrid.

I mean classical liberal. I don't mind being the bard, but I'll only play classical music.

Insurrectionary Anarchists: Alchemists
Flag Related

Black Powder Bomb (Combat Ability): Even roles deal 20 damage to target, and 5 damage to all other players, opponents, and nuetral characters present. Target may be an object, in which case it is destroyed.
Flask of Mysterious Toxins (Combat Ability): Even rolls deals damage equal to the number shown on the die, and continues to deal this amount of damage each turn, -2 for each turn that has passed. Odd rolls have an analogous effect, but the damage is dealt to the player.
Healing Potion (Non Combat Ability): Even roles return a target player (may include self) to full health.

I know I made this one kind of extra, but I think its fair considering that both of his combat abilities have the potential to deal damage to herself.

'Aight sure.

in line 7, should read as "be".

Are we gonna have subclasses? Whether yes or no, what will Posadists be? Or will we have to wait for the expansion pack?

Posadists gotta have lazer-firing crystals from another realm n shit.

Posadists are a subclass of trot. Y'all are welcome to come up with the abilities as long as they are within reason. (or not in reason lol posadism is a meme world is a fuck)

Anyone is welcome to come up with hybrid classes abilities for any of the undeveloped classes.

These are what we have so far:

…and here are all the current classes:

> hybrid classes OR abilities

It would actually make sense to give trots the most subclasses because of their tendency to split. idk why you gave them rouge, would make more sense as ranged spellcasters vulnerable to melee attacks. all trots have -4 against Ice Pick attacks

Posadists - Summoners (or whatever is the equivalent of those in DnD)
Can summon inter-dimensional beings n' shit, heavy nuker

Italian Left Communists - Healer
Non-violent healers, have a bonus at pacifying enemies by being absolutely passive

Council Communists - Vanilla Mage/Wizard
idk Pannekoek was an astronomer so it suits him

Social democrats (in the classical sense of the term) don't get to cast spells. I gave trots rogue because of their tendency to split.

Vanilla Wizard and Healer definitely fits Council Communists and Bordigists. I'll do that one in a bit.

Although being a healer would imply that they are cooperative. Maybe I'll go with a more "spontaneous uprising" oriented wizard for the Bords.

This doesn't have to be my call though. Feel free to write up your ideas for class abilities and we can see what people like better.

Zizekians: Illusionists

Pure ideology: Target will attack a random character next turn.
Extreme sniffing: Whirls up a dust storm decreasing all characters' chance to hit
Nihilistic rambling about the futility of it all: Chance target will attack themself or do nothing next turn.

Theistic Socialists: Cleric
Flag Related

Wrath of God (Combat Ability): Even rolls 10 and above deal 25 damage to target opponent. All other rolls miss.
Protection Prayer (Combat Ability): On an even roll, all opponents must role 10 or above to hit target player for the rest of the given scenario. May be used on self.
Divine Healing: (Non Combat Ability): Even roles restore target player to full health. May not be used on self.

haha yes fucking added (Mystic subclass). I'm trying to stick with 2 combat abilities and 1 noncombat ability for each class though, any idea for how to turn one of those into a non combat ability?



Georgists (Rogue)

Lol do we have any Georgists on this board?

A couple.
I'm an apprentice Georgist for the record.


Can you give me a quick rundown on your theories? Your libertarian market socialists right? What sets you apart from mutualists?

I'm still pretty new to it - but basically, we believe in a single land/land value tax. The idea is to have land as a public resource, and tax based on amount of it used and the value of the natural resources. Because someone could never really own land, landlords and real estate barons who buy large properties and leave them sitting instead of allowing anyone to use them would be at a huge loss from the land tax and empty lots/empty houses would not be profitable. Hiding money with properties would also be out. Those with more would pay more.

I think we still believe in publicizing monopolies, too - I'm not 100% clear on that, but I think it's a good idea and it's one of the relatively few other ideas Henry George espoused.

I can't speak for the other people on this board, but from what I've seen, I think it's mostly Georgist-Mutualists. I just consider myself a Georgist (but not the Gasden-y kind you sometimes may see) for now - it's a pretty straightforward ideology, and I understand it better than Anarcho-Mutualism/Mutualism.

Gotcha. Rogue is kind of already taken, but you could make a hybrid character, or just pick a different class and make your own build.

You are having Badwrongfun. Why don't you have a better class system, like the one in Pokemon Tabletop?

OP did I talk to you like a year ago about something like this? This shit sounds familiar.

Because this is supposed to be cheesy and accessible for newcomers who are more likely to be familiar with D&D then they are with Pokemon Tabletop.

That said, if you have an idea for a better class system, write it up and post it and we can see what people prefer.

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Lol no but I know a guy who ALLEGEDLY put like a gram of solid LSD in a cops big gulp when they got pulled over and where going to get searched. It almost killed the cop apparently.

It is clear to me that Stalinists are some sort of tank with stuns/taunts/silences?. It fits for so, so many reasons.
"The Party Line" might be a good name for a taunt ability, but sounds like it refers to something else.
Holy shit posadists should be a summoner warlock or something. They summon otherworldly being to advance society,( but there are sacrifices involved?)
Speaking of sacrifices, I think accelerationists definitely fit into some kind of pain/blood magic. That is more of a tendency but is fair enough as it's own ideology I'd say.
Does philosophy count? I could see Zizek being some kind of illusionist. "But what if it was the exact opposite" and all. Or a transmutationer, reality bender, w/e.
Third worldists should be Beast-handlers or something akin to that. I could see a thridworldist whispering in some monsters ear "You have nothing to lose but your chains comrade, overthrow your bourgeoisie orc overlords".
just checked, people seem to agree about zizek/posadists
Should abilities/classes related to countries at all?






my dude leftypol is gurbs

I going to finish this over the weekend, and hopefully run a test campaign. I have a presentation on Saturday to prepare, but I haven't forgotten.

I need this.

You'll have it soon. Here are two more classes. Just five more to go!

Italian Left Communists: Wizard
Flag related. This is mean to include Operaismo, Orthodox Marxists and Bordigists, but I couldn't think of an organic centralism based spell. Let me know if you come up with one.

Fireball (Combat Ability): Even roles deal damage equal to the number shown on the die.
Spontaneous Incineration (Combat Ability): Even rolls 10 and above deal 25 damage to target opponent.
Arcane Knowledge (Non Combat Ability): Succeeds on an even role. Can be used to overcome magic based obstacles, or to prompt the DM to provide more information about an object, obstacle, or opponent.

Council Communists: Astral Mage
Flag still related, one will need to specify in the name field or body of the post which kind of wizard they are.

Meteor Strike (Combat Ability): Even roles above 4 deal damage equal to the number shown on the die +2.
Solar Burst (Combat Ability): Even roles deal damage equal to the number shown on the die -2, and the target is blinded, meaning that only roles above 8 can hit.
Celestial Knowledge (Non Combat Ability): Succeeds on an even role. Can be used to overcome magic based obstacles, or to prompt the DM to provide more information about the current location of the party.