Why are communists so obsessed command economy when market socialism would abolish both classes and have all the...

Why are communists so obsessed command economy when market socialism would abolish both classes and have all the benefits of market economy?

No it isnt. Workers would literally own the means of production instead of the state bureaucrats.

Markets are the enemy.

Capital is still capital no matter what entity manages it.

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it's as utopian as mutualism tbh

The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking (as witness the recent tendency of radicals to espouse “market socialism” rather than deal with the failings of the market economy as well as state socialism). - Bookchin

Market socialism still gives firms incentive to cripple competitors' development, exploit the environment wherever possible, and engage in anti-consumer activity like advertising. It also breaks profit which renders the "invisible hand" that makes a market system appealing powerless. It's basically a pointless system only moralists who think capitalism's only problem is worker exploitation would choose.

I thought the enemy was the bourgeoisie. Market socialism would eliminate them.

Why is this a problem?

Visit your local supermarket to see the benefits.

Mutualist want a stateless society but we have worker owned cooperatives in many countries.

What is this, the 1930's?

The enemy is capitalism, not the capitalists.
If you want to know the issues with capitalism i recommend reading Marx. Wage Labor and Capital is a good start.

Someone has to be realistic when most socialists are utopian.

Competition in the economy is a good thing.
State has to protect the enviroment with regulations.
Why is it so horrible that people offer to sell you things?
Breaks profit?
And communism isnt moralist?

yeah, firm bureaucrats are totally different from state bureaucrats
any large factory is a little state mate


So none, basically.

If you're going to uphold free markets as the best thing since sliced bread, just become a fucking ancap. Workers owning the means of production but still producing for profit will eventually lead to capitalism again once the economy starts going south. Don't be an idiot


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What is wrong with jews owning the means of production? Are you some kind of nazi?

Market socialism collapsed in upon itself. It's the only form of socialism that has actually failed. Ironically it is also the only form of socialism that the west has every openly sort-of supported.


Have you even read any Marx at all?

No it isn't, it's materialist. Communism isn't good because it's just. Communism is good because it's in the vast majority of people's material self-interest and is pretty much the only end-stage of humanity that isn't self-inflicted extinction.

No it didn't Yugoslavia was not market socialism as is commonly envisioned, that is to say a market economy with cooperatives instead of private companies. Titoism still features planning and other such government direction as a major aspect of policy.

So are you saying that it wasn't "true" market socialism?

This is what titofags actually believe.

Capitalism isn't just a mode of management, it's a mode of production.

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capitalism by any other name

Fucking read Marx's Capital.

What do people think of market socialism as an intermediary stage between traditional capitalism and a planned economy? Normies are more likely to accept it since it naturally blends liberal ideas of invidualism as well as socialist ideas of worker ownership, plus the transition would be far less traumatic and leave the country less vulnerable to outside forces and descent into dictatorship. Add to this that the tendency towards oligopoly leads to the consolidation of industry into centralized worker owned combined which can more easily be fully socialized later on.

thats where you're ignorant of cybersocialism, kiddo