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Is a service a commodity?
Does the Law of value apply in a labor voucher society (lower phase communism)?

How do public industries keep up efficiency and remove lazy workers?

By firing them.

What would be the percentage of people working in essential industries like farming?


But shouldn't such industries be greatly decentralized, localized, and expanded to increase self-reliance and lessen the likelihood of large-scale failures like famine?

Agreed my dude. I was just shitposting.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever masturbated to?

What's your opinion of restaurants/eateries? I believe we should abolish them and let the fast food workers do something more dignified.

There would be no restaurants as such under communism, so that's a given. Those jobs should've been replaced by robots 20 years ago anyway.

Why didn't Lenin and Stalin abolish the state, class and money?

Why is the word "bourgeois" used to refer to the whole property-owning class under capitalism rather than something like "proprietorian"? "Bourgeoisie" seems like a synonym for "Bohemian", "Urban elite", or "Lanyard" that would define specifically the financial/liberal/urban/educated/cosmopolitan part of the ruling class, not the industrial/agrarian/national/rural part.

Is there any hope?

Everyone uses it because marx used it. I don't know why he used it.

That's Utopian and Undialetical.

Okay, what about infrastructure. As a Fascist, I have super autism about public road systems and good bike infrastructure makes me diamond hard. Should we restructure everything away from automobile hegemony?

it the economic calculation problem bullshit because communism have post-scarcity as a prerequisite?


Material conditions were wrong.

No its bullshit because modern technology solved it. It may have been a problem when it was released.

they we were overcame by monarchistic thoughts and power hunger. corrupted "socialists".

different individuals have different definitions of it. I see it simply as hierarch.

muh hiearchy

We should have a public transportation system above pedestrian/bike level while gradually abolishing cars.
You know about The Venus Project or Zeitgeist movement?

Why do they keep pushing forth the thing that cops are different from civilians? Cops do it too which as someone who knows the actual difference it really bothers me.

someone knows the estimate of people that will probably show up on november 4th? Is in the same scale of the unite the right or will be bigger?

I'm aware of the Zeitgeist Movement, yes. Just recently I watched Abolishing Capitalism. What's the Venus Project?

hey it's true lol.
bourgeois are always part of muh hierarchy
am I right or am I right?


Venus Project is a more scientific TechnoGaianism made by Jacque Fresco his designs are very cool, worth a watch. But it's futurism atm, not very relevant rn.

Everything you don't understand google it.

The Venus Project is something similar to Zeitgeist, they coorporated for a while but split because reasons.
Basically Jacque Fresco is a guy who designs efficient and sustainable cities that deal with a lot of the ecological/transportation/resource allocation problems we have while advocating for something that sounds like anarchism.

No. The law of value cannot exist in communism. Labour vouchers are basically just ration stamps that you earn by working, a sort of band-aid for when you've abolished value and production for exchange but haven't gotten rid of scarcity. Something's "price" in labour vouchers is arbitrarily determined and not driven by market forces, the only thing that "drives" it is how you want to regulate the distribution of a particular good.
Now, you could argue that it creates a kind of "supply and demand" dynamic, but the nature of that dynamic is quite different, since you're always seeking to increase supply and thus decrease the "price" without any regard for profit

You left the wrong flag on.

I didn't even knew that was a thing. But sounds reasonable to me, even through I know how to differentiate Lenin to Tsar that's still a good critique to authoritarianism.

What's a Google? :^)

I don't know if that's completely necessary, but I'm probably wrong. Either way, cities today are shit.

Wait what? Labor vouchers are like ration stamps? So would you get milk rations and meat rations or just labor vouchers? And how is this "price" set arbitratily? Isn't it the amount of labor that went into the commodity?

Here's a true /dumb/ question, but was the USSR True Socialism?

can you be a proponent of communism and racist at the same time?

Define 'Racist'.

No one agrees. M-Ls say it was but Anarchists/trots say it wasn't (because the state didn't represent the workers) and leftcoms say it was capitalism because it still had commodity production.

You can, but it's unlikely that you'll continue being a racist under communism. A lot of racism stems from immigrants being willing to sell their labour at lower wages than the hegemonous population.

I'll post a good post from another thread

Racist as in "thinks group A should have a better life than group B on basis of race?"? Then you want the preservation of a ruling class, so no, you can't be communist.
Racist as in "thinks group B is worse than group A because of some racial characteristic?" Then you're dumb, and it's more likely you're going to engage in anti-social behavior than the average bloke, but I suppose there's nothing explicitly saying you can't be a communist.
On the other hand, if you mean Racist as in "have a personal aesthetic preference you recognize as arbitrary", or "recognize stereotypes as parts of culture that although social constructs can aid cultural vibrance", sure, I don't really see the problem.

One must define 'Racist'. If by 'Racist' one means simply the belief in the existence of the differences between the Human Races, then I see no conflict with Communism. If by 'Racist' one means Racial Supremacism, however, there can be no such thing as a Communist Racial Supremacist.

BTW, LeftCom looks… interesting to say the least.

believing there are different races, preferring to be separated from people based on their race

what if i dislike a certain race's culture? i can't help but hate "thug culture" but i can consider that it is merely a product of socioeconomic status, therefore communism may rid them of it. at the same time it's difficult for me to believe. there are thugs from every race especially when they come from poverty, but in my experience it is way more prevalent in a certain race. i'm not a biologist and i truthfully want to be proved wrong.

Kinda, just ration stamps that you get through labour, and how much you get for what labour can be whatever you (the community, commune, whatever) decide. Everyone could get the same amount for the same hours of labour, skilled workers might get more than unskilled, whatever is thought necessary to get the desired effect. You'd probably have a system where certain groups who can't do as much labour or otherwise need more than most people - students, parents, the infirm, etc. - get an allowance.
As for prices, they are set arbitrarily in that there aren't any laws that drive them like in capitalism, it's solely a matter of regulating distribution until you can produce enough for everyone. You might seek to de-price, say, food as soon as possible, or have it regulated under another system (like literal ration stamps) until you can produce enough that you can just let everyone take what they want. You might do something entirely different. The one thing that is constant is that the aim is always to increase the supply until you can scrap the labour vouchers altogether. Like i said, it's a band-aid

Oh trust me, anything's fucking better than the tsar. At least Stalin cared about his people and had a great economy

I've seen it all now


I see. So "prices" are not set based on labor time required to produce the commodity like marx says in critique of the gotha proggramme?

Hmmm, really made me think.

Hey, I didn't say it was bad

I'm not going to demonize him nor am I going to glorify him; we should do that with anybody. Stalin may have been a crazed, ruthless autocrat who didn't allow for, or at least was hostile towards workers' self-management and direct democracy, but at least he put emphasis on social justice and wasn't a collosal fuck-up. Considering the position of power he was in, I think people like him are of little worth, yet somewhat of a necessary evil

he did the best he could. he dindu nuffin

Why do people care more about spooks like race and nation then they do about there material conditions?

Because it provides easy answers to complex questions

Because sometimes people aren't sensible they want more than food and vacations they want flag waving and pride marches.

Where do japanese salary men fit in the LTV?

As far as I know, Marx didn't spend a whole lot of time talking about how his labour voucher system would work, and I don't think it was that important to him. That stuff was gonna be figured out in the revolution, anyway. Marx proposed that prices be set according to labour time, on the principle that you'd get for an hour's labour an hour's worth of labour of any good, which is certainly one way of keeping things balanced, but you can imagine a number of other ways of going about it. Marx's proposal doesn't take into account people simply not being able to work, or working on things not related to production. If you allow for them to have labour vouchers as well, you get a deficit on one side of the equation, which has to made up for by raising the prices or by giving less than one hour's compensation for an hour's labour (alright to be fair, he does actually take this into account when he says that part of the wage is deducted into a common pool).
Remember this was just Marx's proposal. The idea of labour vouchers is as a band-aid, "artificial" solution to the problem of distributing scarce resources post-capitalism, and such a system can take many forms. I was probably too quick to say that it was all arbitrary, if it was you'd get a horrible imbalance and it'd probably fall apart, but rather that the implementation of the system is completely at the discretion of whoever implements it. Ultimately it's the material circumstances and the people at the time that dictate how it's gonna look like, or if they even use a voucher-system at all.

except it explicitly does.

Which is why I corrected myself afterwards. Couldn't bother to rephrase it

Why aren't there more female leftists?

Because they're all female (male)

so division of labor is when instead of having a skilled artisan make an entire product instead a number of individuals specialized in making a certain component of that product each make the components to that product which is then assembled?

so there is social division of labor and then division of labor within the firm.

we seek to do away with both, in favor of what Marx characterized as the "free association of producers"

How could you do away with the social division of labor? Would everyone know how to do any job is society? Could I be a janitor one day and a doctor the next.

yes, literally

So everyone in society would have the skill to do every job in society?

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How would that work?

This is a really dumb question but say if I were to paint a picture and wish to sell it would that be possible under communism?

Why does attacking capitalism "look like" a cat attacking a laser pointer?

The State owns your picture, so by selling it you are opposing of the revolution. Don't deny it or we'll rip out your fingernails.

communism would make it meaningless to sell anything. I can imagine if you reached some understanding with your local commune that you worked less hours to have more time to paint for whatever reason.

I've heard the argument that unions are good for the majority of the workers, but if you have the potential to ascend the corporate hierarchy then they would hold you back and lump you with the average masses, could that be true? Could some class traitor workers gain short term advantage by not being part of a union/unionizing?

Graphic designer here.
Could I contribute my workforce exclusively as a graphic designer under communism?

Why do some orangutans have such crazy cheeks?
How come some of them don't?

How will scientific research be different in a socialist economy?

Where does "leftism" end and center left begin?

imo there is no "center left." "centrism" in general is a falsehood

The orangutans with crazy cheeks are male. The non-crazy cheeks are female.

Research that isn't cosigned by e-celebs will get the Copernicus treatment.

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Is the alt-right (or fascism more broadly) a movement ultimately beholden to corporate interests despite the edginess and chic? The more I think about being on Holla Forums during gamergate the more it makes sense that the right wing (as well as most hardware wars and gamer idpol) is propagated by corporate stooges looking to fool alienated teenagers to a false revolutionary chic.

with these things I always wonder how much is true true and how much is kayfabe
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Please post the leftypol version of this meme.

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Does giving people what they need out of hand destroy incentives?

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Okay so Marxism is all about dialectic materialism right? But wasn't the Russian revolution an event coopted by idealists who had read Marx? I mean, Russia was no where near capitalism. The only reason why Russia had a communist revolution is because it was the will of a group of people. Isn't this very undialectical? Ideas being more important than material conditions?

Thanks for this

Groups of people including wealthy members of the German Communist Party and le Western "capitalists."

Broke: Nazbol
Woke: Mladorossi


why not just post it on the internet for all to see? it's not like you'd have to paint to feed yourself.


Define thug and stop saying certain race we all know who youre talking about. If you want an anecdote then I come from what is known as white trash. I assure you there a opportunist thugs from every race in an impoverished material condition.

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Ima speculate. I'm not even sure if I believe in a global communist society. So we can consider how abolishing social division of labor could work in a super optimist versus what I think is more realistic.

Optimistic: There is a crucial role played by computerized cybernetic regulation to deal with, essentially, unpleasant activities. Use random number generator to assign and shuffle people so no one is doing the same thing always but shit gets done as it were. Personally I don't find this very satisfying, but I mean for it to basically minimize drudgery.

Computers can also help us do lifelong education projects (even with part time work). So we can consciously give the people as many skills as they ask for.
On the flip side, communism should discard instrumental rationalization and the rule of measure. Just because work is delegated impersonally, work itself doesn't have to be impersonal. Get more people doing shitty work together, they get it done faster and build camaraderie. Perhaps people can even be optimized into their job role as per Huxley's Island (which had 3 types of people, one of which was like mesomorphs/somatotonics who did hard labor, etc). Finally, I think it would be ideal for this sort of communism to not actually dish out jobs impersonally, but rather to function as a hub where people with projects can post them and recruit people to join them.

The other speculation I have of communism is more primitive and small-scale. Clans, kin, and so on. Things don't need cybernetics to function because they work at a human scale.

Society of the Spooktacle

Yeah it's not like you'd need to sell it to survive.

Probably more blue skies stuff, no need for financial grants only the use of advanced instruments.

You wouldn't sell it but you would give it to whomever you wanted to display it. Or people would ask to be able to display it for X amount of time and it would rotate. Your work of contributing to art would be recognized as labor that creates value for society and you'd get a labor voucher or whatever if those are a thing.