Questions for "Real" socialists

What would you do?
Also what would stop this from happening in an ancom society?

Nothing probably
Nothing, except the fact that people aren't sociopaths and probably wouldn't do this shit voluntarily. It's a pretty meme tier scenario

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You have clearly never been to prison.

Notice the ""
It's a reference to the fact that there is no real socialists to you guys.


…and you have?

Can't wait for the guy that went to prison to chime in.

I haven't, but pointing to prisons as evidence of people being inherently sociopathic is meme tier as well. Sociopaths constitute less than one percent of society, if even that.


Yet, enough to make a scary mad max army.

I don't think you understand OP. In a real socialist revolution all the lumpenproles would get the bullet. There would be no inclinations to create a mad max raiding group because all the criminals would be dead, leaving the free and intelligent citizens to do as they wished.

Farming is more reliable than raiding

Begin making revolution against my new evil government

No you fucking haven't. You finished school last year you lying little shit.

this is me

You'd get the bullet first

Most "criminals" are a direct result of capitalism. People realizing the system is fucked, so there's no point in playing fair. Actual sociopaths will go against the wall, but at least half of them are already the same capitalist pigs who fucked things to begin with.

This is legit one of my most favorite images of all time. Fuck the autists that post the altered version.


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Fact the anti-lumpen tankies hate: Stalin was a super-lumpen kid from a single mother home, he ran protection rackets when young, and in his later years robbed at least one bank for the Bolsheviks. When he became the public image for the USSR he had to delete a load of his lumpen friends from history.

Wow, Stalin was always a thug, who would have guessed?

OK, and? Are you asking how an ancom society would respond to a raider army? Probably with armed militias.

No dude you don't get it, only the raiders will have weapons in this fantasy scenario.

Tell that to Africa.


What the fuck would you know you pious little prick? Stalin was beaten by his father until the drunk piece of shit got himself killed in a bar fight, and, crippled from an accident earlier in his life, had to project himself as some kind of fearsome presence. He took his earlier name "Koba" (yes, that name) from a Georgian novel that was popular at the time, the character that killed his father. He did this so he could run rackets in the neighbourhood because he was already crippled and to feed his destitute mother. Even though he ended up involved with the Bolsheviks, he later started trying to wind down after meeting the love of his life. They married, but several months after she died of tuberculosis. He went on to rob a bank for the Bolsheviks and because of that he was later put in a position to become leader.
It's pretty easy to think you're a decent person when you've never been dragged into a series of events like that, as Nietzsche said "I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws." The truth is you're no better than Stalin, you're just a literal who on the internet who thinks he's a precious little saviour because he's never had to make a difficult decision in his life.

So there would be an organized army in ancomtopia?

You're such a fucking brainlet

There would be a number of decentralized militias that could confederate into a more cohesive force when necessary

He could have become a good priest instead. He had a choice you dingus.


So this is the immortal power of Stalinism…

Why the fuck didn't you do this with a tankie flag for the memes? The one fucking time it was appropriate too

Dude Stalin isn't your dad. Calm down and stop acting like he's the only person with a shitty past.



Clawless faggot.

Stalin was a shitty father iirc.

Internet tough guy.

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No dude, you don't get it, Stalin had no choice but to be a shit dad. His dad was a shit dad, so he has to be too.

Dude we get it, Stalin had a tough childhood and there are mitigating factors. The same is true for 99% of street criminals right now. Would a random gang member in Chicago raised to a single parent be a good revolutionary because he had a tough life?

Well it's probably because he was too busy actually. You gotta sacrifice some things for other things ya know.

wtf im capitalist now

Mate, a army without a leader is shit.



t. literally 17 years old

This may come as a shock, but revolutions don't create well adjusted people. All the idealistic bookless twinks of this board that fancy themselves the more intelligent type would melt at the first difficult decision.

Ok but we're not talking about someone who's been through some shit as part of the revolution. We're talking about going into the revolution already fucked up

You have listened to the majority of posters here, right? I wouldn't trust the majority unattended inside my parked car, they're probably more unstable than Stalin.

Yeah if someone told me that I had to pick a leader of the new revolution and it's either a random Holla Forums lurker or Stalin I'd probably just kill myself

Your post of Mad Max is hilarious.

Ancom doesn't has votes, there is no voting in Anarchism nobody believes those papers with party names have any value, people just do shit because they want. If they wanna collab they will collab. If they don't they're gonna be doing another shit. I hope it's having an orgy, orgies are communism.

Wrap up a noose and prepare for a round of the "Guess what?" game.

You are an effeminate emotional faggot. Are you the hapa poster? Where's your stalinflag?

Let's not pretend the answer irl isn't gonna be "lol what revolution prepare to die as capitalism strips us of our last humanity"

Post culo. I want to see if you got raped.
but for real post proof.
also prisons are hierarchical, systematic and governmental.

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You're the sheltered brainlet who is so suburban they can't conceive what the recruitment pool for leaders would look like after fighting the state head on. Go fuck a woman, have a fight, and smoke your first cigarette and let me know your opinion after you've become male (m).

Wouldn't surprise me tbqh.

Wrong, only one person gets bukkake'd with the surplus value.

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Because strong armies need to be organized to be any good.

It's not spooked, it's a pretty good gauge on who is an actual person with a history of engaging the real world and who is a teenage autist larper whose existence is largely the internet and hearsay.

Nice. Liberal. Spacing. Post again when you've actually become a real human being and have relatable experiences to the point you can gauge whether a load of people blowing each other up is fertile ground for sane individuals capable of leading a movement. Protip: Anyone doing this is going to get fast tracked to leadership positions but be too fucked to stay stable.

This is the real black pill.

Stalin was a lumpen and that is why he hated the intellectual urban jewish Trotsky, he was jealous of people that were clearly superior to him in regards to intellect and so he resorted to russian populism to achieve his ends.

Did you just call Daddy Stalin a brainlet?

Yes, Stalin was certifiably a brainlet, nowhere close to Lenin or Trotsky and he himself was painfully aware of it.

The fuck is this shit? You're not an interesting dude with a troubled past who went on to do big things like Stalin. You're just a loser.

he worked in the Tiflyss observatory

I also always found it funny how lefties complain about reserve army of labor and structural unemployment and at the same time despise lumpenproletariat

where is the line between temporary unemployed prole and a lumpen?

oh, and he also worked as an accountant