Is all of this just theoretical masturbation? let's be real, a revolution isn't going to happen...

is all of this just theoretical masturbation? let's be real, a revolution isn't going to happen. why do think so many young leftists become liberals when they get older these days? did they grow up and realize communism isn't going to be achieved? obama was literally a marxist and now he's a liberal. i'm thinking i'll just be practical and be a socdemtbh

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Revolutions will not happen because our theories are shit. Soviet Union collapsed and we need to prove to everybody that socialism actually works.

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Most of those former radicals were maoists and other tankie forms, or were socdem to begin without realizing it. Other's abandon it and become apolitical because family repsponsibilities catch up with them.

i'm not saying obama as president was marxist. i'm saying he used to be when he was younger. he admits his early political influence was frank marshall davis, a marxist. his pastor/mentor was a marxist. he later became a centrist lib, which i said in the op. and no i'm not Holla Forums

marxism is not a virus you get from being influenced or having ties with people
you will not find a single passage of his claiming, or a credible witness attesting, that he ever considered himself a marxist or had more than perfunctory knowledge of marxist theory

obama's early political influence was a marxist, but obama wasn't a marxist. got it

That happens more than you'd probably think.

haha so true

ex-trotskyite necocons are a good specimen to demonstrate how meaningless this kind of thing is

t. person whose kids are gonna by milquetoast libs

We're in a double bind because as impossible as revolution and overcoming capitalism seems, it is even more masturbatory to pretend like the current bourgeois order isn't falling apart at the seams and leading us to almost certain ecological doom.

I personally don't think that revolution can be willed, the conditions have to be right for it and there is no theory that will tell us what those conditions are since they are product of historical circumstance. All you can do is survey the landscape, identify weak spots in the capitalist system, and strike when the time is right. Most of left activism is a waste of time and we would be better off thinking strategically, informed by theory but not limited by it, and agreeing upon the correct surgical action.

It will or Porky will kill us.

Hi Kentucky

If you wanna make a point you're better off using examples. Good examples, not just "the USSR failed", because a lot of shit happened in the USSR.
I think there's a couple of reasons for that. Apart from the nobookz folks who are passing through the stereotypical phase there are staunch communists that do know their stuff but as you say end up as socdems because of lack of effective action and growing weary as time passes. My grandpa's still a tankie. I don't think much can be done about that, but it's not a death sentence for leftism.
As said, influenced by a couple of commies does not mean he became a commie.
Sage because it's a shit thread.

the ussr era was the only time period revolution was possible. today, the armament is too advanced for a real socialist revolution to happen. we missed the boat.

If you can get the military on your side then all that armament is to your advantage…we have to corrupt the minds of soldiers.

and if you add in the history (lies) ingrained in everyone's consciousness, such a task is impossible

I think that increasingly people don't believe in the lies, e.g. America is the Greatest Nation or whatever. The problem is that people don't believe and yet they participate in capitalist institutions anyway - cause what choice do they have? Apathetic cynicism is at least halfway there to class consciousness in my view.