Muke is back and he's continuing his crusade against the skeptics

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Fuck off Muke.


Fuck off.
Mosley did nothing wrong, he is nazbol.



Hey gais, Muke here with a fresh new haircut and new content for you gais prs subscrabe share and like and retweet thx bye

How about we ~don't~ alienate those who are on the right track but not as far along the way yet?

truly an urgent task, the workers of the world thank you comarade

Fuck you for reminding me this leftcom exists.
> < —-muke is epitome of this

Muke made it quite clear in his last stream what he thought of having nazbols or social conservatives in the leftist movement.

He is looking to alienate these elements out of his precious "left".

Fact: alienating people out of a movement has a proven track record of strengthening a movement.

Very true. With union membership at an all time low in America and Hillary Clinton being the face of left wing politics it's clear to me that these great successes could not have been reached if we hadn't successfully managed to alienate the proletariat go fuck urself and ur spooky perfect left

In-group perhaps, but not the whole.

Which one is it then?
Go to sleep, Joona. You're drunk.

Making the in-group more unified while more alienating to the whole weakens the movement in terms of popular support.

I`m not even that drunk, specially since I don`t usually drink alone.

You are never stronger than when you have become a lone individual of unassailable ideological purity.
guys, it was clearly a joke, pushing people out of a movement is in principle weakening the movement, because it will have less people to work with, cases where it is good are the exception

Muke is good when he is against capitalism.

What about the red liberals?

he's always good you just disagree with him

Fuck off muke.

Sorry I took it seriously. A lot of trots irl say literally this tho so hopefully you can understand my confusion.


I'm not gonna bother watching somebody who makes video about Marxism but hasn't even read Marx' main work lmao

Jordan Peterson is a great man and mind, you euphoric autheist. Speakn't ill of him, cuck.

Even through trilbies are the hat of the social retard. he looks Rockstar with it. Maybe it's because he is British. You know 60s 70s classical rock, etc.

we don't need tankies anyway they just make socialism look bad. but thats sad I wanted left unity too bad man I wish you we're less weird.

Fuck off muke.

fuck off muke fucker-offer

I am non sectarian. I disagree with both Muke and FinBol in their civil war and support both in war against capitalism.

Fuck off muke.


could someone enlighten me?
last time i heard about Skeptics was 5 years ago, as far as i remember they were obnoxious fedora tipper and unstable feminist with flashy colored hair.

how have you not heard about the largest political group online in 5 years?

phoneposters to the gulag

Are you even understanding my complaint

If somebody makes videos about Marxism (and even lashes out against other Marxists) I can fucking expect them to have read Marx.

i didn't, what is it about?



An article, plural form or capital letter would be nice.

muke is pure and a good boy
pro muke gang

~Why cant we be friends?~

The tankies are still buttmad about the last few vids

This video would have been much better had Muke referenced content from the first chapter of Dialectic of Enlightenment.

Don't nazbols and social conservatives also alienate people though? We can only limit the number of people we alienate, we can't eliminate it as a problem.

people need to stop this reddit tier tankie larp bullshit
there is no reason to have socialism if freedom is non-existent

"Skeptics" usually refers to Sargon followers nowadays.


nazbols asserists of couse alienate. we need to get that cancer away. It's more suited for Holla Forums the containment board for shit discussion and smegma ideology.

muke probably ought to focus on his studies rather than thirstily chasing trickle down e-fame by making dull youtube videos on le skeptic phenomenon

People need to re-frame it as freedom from opposition, which is what the alt-right is really complaining about. This freeze peach meme makes it sound like we are pro-censorship.

tbf that level of theory seems a bit above his current caliber.

What has Muke read aside from Wage Labour and Capital and Critique of the Gotha Programme?

So what has Muke read aside from Wage Labour and Capital and Critique of the Gotha Programme?

Fuck Muke.

Why can't Muke read?

Muke clearly skimmed Critique, if at all.

Funny enough Philosophy Tube released this video today which pretty much is about the same thing.

Whose is better Holla Forums?

Muke can only embarrass himself and his ideology tbh. He can barely scrape through a debate with Sargon, how is he going to "beat" them in an e-slapfight when they have all the time to read and research counter points, but he will not do either?


tbh if you think that unironically then you should be the one debating and making videos. Weak.


I closed it after 5 seconds. He's really getting smug and "e-celeb-y", it's the annoying format. I don't care if Finbol is a dumb tankie, he's 100% more pleasant to listen to than Muke.

Critique is easy. He probally read it.

value price and profit, anti-duhring

Muke was amazing in that debate, he just said the ussr wasn't socialists so tankies are mad

State and rev, revolution at the gates

Nobody is "buttmad" you meme-lord. Muke literally couldn't answer to devastating criticism and shrugged it off with a 'meh' and now pretends that he has no intellectual responsibility to do anything about it. The cancer here is the fanbois who try to justify and normalize Muke's behavior that is not worthy of communists.

These threads, until Muke responds to the criticism leveled against him, until Muke learns to act like a communist adult, serve nothing but his view-count, his ego, his subscribers base. At this point Muke is an e-celeb parasite feeding on our userbase for his own gains.

why are chad legs backwards?

Not a very honest take. He just rattles of character flaws and pretends they are ideological failures. If people are lax in their work and study, maybe, just maybe, they are just lazy, in stead of ideological enemies. Their fault should be placed in the proper perspective, in stead of treated as fodder for an internal supposedly ideological witch hunt.
These kinds of takes only serve to create clubs with which to beat personal enemies.

finbol made a long video, so it /must/ be right..

His essential argument is that you can have commodity production and the law of value in a socialist society, on the condition that you have the state keep it all in check, and make sure that, despite those previous facts, production is directed for use, instead of for exchange.
This is fucking dumb, because it implies that, for example, fascism in theory (not in practice) could be considered a form of socialism. The bourgeoisie would theoretically be subordinated to the state, and production would be regulated towards use.
Not to mention that this form of """socialism""" cannot exist in a stateless society, because that would lead to the barriers that the state has placed over the incentives that the law of value implies being removed, and capitalism being restored.
Clearly we are not dealing with a form of socialism, but with a form of capitalism that is completely controlled by the state. To say that commodity production does not imply capitalism, because it predates it, is to miss the point. Commodity production at our current level of development can pretty much only lead to capitalism. Furthermore, socialism by definition is not supposed to have commodity production, regardless of how subordinated it is to state regulation.
You tankies really need to get your heads out of your asses.


Explain to me how it cannot. You have made it clear that you don't care whether there is commodity production or not, and that you consider that if the economy is controlled by the state in order regulate production for use. How is this any different from the theoretical fascism that claims to want to subordinate the bourgeoisie and the economy to the interests of the nation?

The state wasn't just "keeping things in check" in an otherwise capitalist economy, it was literally directing production. That is a very big difference between ML socialism and fascism. Corporatism is even in theory the state making sure that everything goes well and the interests of the nation doesn't get hurt under a capitalist economy and functioning as a mediator between the working and the capitalist class, similar to how trade unions work. This means that even in theory, corporatism is just authoritarian social democracy, which is not socialism, because the worker's state isn't directing production.

He's trying to go the contra points style over substance route.

Not to mention that this is precisely what happened in the USSR when Stalin died.