The Rothschilds and Hitler

Hi /lefty/friends,

I'd like to know what you think about the capture and release of Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild.

I'd also like to remind you that; "Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the people most directly responsible for the Holocaust.''

It's rather confusing, at least to me, that baron Rothschild made it out alive.
He was one of the main aspects of the Jewish oligarchy, and contrary to a lot of less wealthy Jewish people, he was allowed to life.
I feel like, if the Nazi party was truly against the Jewish oligarchy, it should've been the other way around.

Would anyone be so kind to offer some insight, and explain the actions of the Nazi party to me?

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Honestly that looks like something very typical to happen.

interesting find OP, have a bump

nazi fuckboys will say it was a great victory for the aryan race since the nazi leadership got a lot of shekels from the ransom

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What are you complaining about, leftykun? Isn't taking shit from the rich what this board jacks off to 24/7?

Any look at the individuals and ethnicities exempt from the Nazi's untermensch status will demonstrate that white supremancism was nothing but a rallying call and tool for controlling their idiot followers, not a geniuene aim of their political agenda.

Corporate whores being corporate whores. No really that's literally it.

That includes German porky as well you dumb cuck.

Most of the German jewish bankers and porkies were allowed to live or escape abroad as long as they made 'donations' to the nazi party. The nazis loved the financial banker oligarchs, even the jewish ones. It was the jewish workers and workers in general who suffered the brunt of nazi oppression.
Basically nazis being corporate cocksuckers as usual.

While I do not consider myself well enough acquainted with this board to call myself a leftykun, I believe this board jacks off to the destruction of oligarchy, not to leaders getting bribed by them.
I honestly believed Holla Forums was mostly the same, , but it seems that I was mistaken.

Sadly, and when you consider that the total cost of the war for Germany was around 270~ billion in dollars, 21 million isn't really going to help you very much.

Yea, the more I look into it the more this does seem to be the case.
It's disheartening to see many people, who promote Nazism/fascism out of their love for their people, sell them into slavery without realizing it.

The concentration camps weren't death camps, they were labor camps. There are people born inside Auschwitz who were able to leave. Children put on stage performances and nobody cared. The camps weren't that well guarded either, you could bribe the guards with cigarettes. One man "escaped" and returned 9 times.(you could do worse)

literally hit and run shitposting


I'd hardly call the nazi leadership porky. They bent over for the lords once in power but Himmler wasn't exactly born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

No you're right he just stuffed the silver spoon in his mouth later.

What industry did he own, exactly? As far as I'm aware

Nice deflection, most of the Nazi leadership were super-rich whether they were “legitimate” business owners or not.

Hitler was a billionaire tax-evader, Goering and his buddy Flick were dollar-billionaires at a time when that meant a hell of a lot more than it does today.

From what I’ve heard Himmler was a landlord on a massive scale and had a great deal of the possessions he stole from Jews and others laundered for the SS.

Kinda funny how the Nazis let a member of one of the most distinguished Porky families and the emblem of everything the Nazis said was wrong with European Jewry off the hook. I guess it was all 4D chess tho killing poor Jews and communists while letting super-rich Jewish capitalists go free…

*by the SS

Yeah, I just finished saying that the Nazis cucked to the rich and lords once they got in power. I personally think that taking their wealth is the best punishment for them, so I don't see any issue with the way they "let off" Rothschild.
OK buddy


Had the rest of the world taken the same action, it wouldn't have been an issue. You can hardly blame one nation for enabling international capitalism/Judaism.

Wew, I knew I was gonna get a response like this. You can blame a nation that did nothing but preach against international Jewish financial bankers in their propaganda while practicing their own “Aryan”-style kleptocratic corporate capitalism at home when they don’t do the one thing they say their going to do.

The Rothschilds were a lightning rod that Hitler used to deflect from the broader issue of capitalism itself and the Nazis couldn’t even bring themselves to execute one Rothschild just for political theatrics.

The Western allies made no bones about the fact that they were openly for democracy on the principle of capitalism. Sure, they suck for keeping capitalism but you can’t say they made hating “Jewish capitalism” or the Rothschilds their only issue the way the Nazis did.

Meanwhile, Flick and Goering were richer than any individual Rothschild. The Nazis only cared about advancing German corporate interests, which couldn’t be done without taking German business global which given its underdeveloped state had to be done at bayonet point.

Capitalism becomes international out of necessity, finance is part of
capitalism and no call for regulation or whining about Jews can change that. The world didn’t share German autism for good scientific reasons that are lost on econ theorylets who dabble in conspiracies.

The world couldn’t have addressed the problem of international capitalism or “judaism” as you put it without giving up capitalism. Not even the Nazis wanted to do that even if they attacked some of the less than attractive aspects of the system.



This, and it's completely fucking obvious.

See the entire concept of an "honorary Aryan."