Kotimaan politiikkaa ja henk. kohtaista vitutusta

Fucking asshats, why would I support someone who I specifically voted against on basis that I don`t want to see the party begin run by the women`s union within the party? Why would I want to support this hostile takeover by these non-leftists, specifically when I have been arguing against them since the day I joined the party? Just because I supported the party on its municipal and parliamentary elections does not mean that I would in the name of solidarity help this worthless fat cunt and her ambitions of turning the party into feminist party the Finland edition.



I get spammed by at least 2 emails from my party to support Miss 0,3% here in her failed presidential campaign and I'm not overcome by seething rage

Its more about the madness that is consuming the party, I`m sure we will get around 11-9% of the vote like previously but I`m far more concerned with the internal coup that has been slowly burning in the party since 2012.

First this cunt became the chairwoman of the leftist alliances union of women, followed by promotion to party secretary and then to the party`s leadership organ the party government.

She almost won the chairmanship over our former leader during those years with solid support of 36%. I`m worried that once Li Andersson`s staying power is gone that she and her cronies will take over.

Presidential elections in Finland?
Will FinBol or his party run?!

His party will run and will probably get 0.2% of the vote like usually. Small parties at least get to have one presidential debate at the start of the elections, but I think that the communist party of Finland(whom`s chairman I know personally due to being relative of his) will probably beat finbols party like usually.

The Left Alliance has a strongly Eurosceptic wing. The party is divided on this issue: The younger generation of the party is more pro-EU than the older. Also, the younger leadership has been gradually changing its politics to quite Green-aligned positions, thus losing some working-class voters, but gaining then a threshold support from young people in bigger cities in the South.

So essentially your party is drifting from blue collar socdems to student activist socdems, is that it?

What is the difference between finbols party and the communist party of Finland?

For the most part, there is still small undercurrent of Marxists(particularly the eurocommunists who transferred over form the Finnish People's Democratic League) in the old guard but they are slowly dying out.

Finbols party are ultra-tankie deluxe+ dinosaurs

The founders of the KTP were former supporters of the SKP opposition and as such came from the brezhnevist tradition of Marxism-Leninism. The critique of the late Soviet Union has been, however, included in the party ideology from the beginning. In 1998, for example, the KTP announced that the estimations made on the nature of the era, during the 1970s and the 1980s, were no longer realistic or correct. Yet the Marxism-Leninism of the KTP is far from Eurocommunism. The party leaders may quote Joseph Stalin and traditional Leninist rhetoric is required.

The existence of an independent Communist party, which is not buried in any unprincipled coalition, has always been one of the central political issues in the KTP. Markus Kainulainen, probably the best known politician in the KTP, was one of those who, already in 1969, in the then SKP, was in favor of a new party unlike the majority of the party opposition. In the 1980s, the KTP used to criticise the SKPy for not officially registering the party.

The KTP is strictly against the European Union, the Euro currency and Finland's participation in these capitalist formations.[citation needed] The party has consistently boycotted the elections of European Parliament.[citation needed]

The KTP wholeheartedly supports the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and its current leadership. The party has published writings of Kim Jong-Il and many members of the KTP are actively participating in The Society for the Study of the Juche Idea.

Communist workers party(the one that finbol is part of) is ML in its nature and pro-DPRK. Communist party of Finland is mostly just Eurocommunists and the former majority communists form 1970`s Finnish People's Democratic League.

Also this shit that has been going on between the 'left' alliance and the construction trade union.
For non-finns, there's a feud between some people in the mainstream-but-not-as-milk-toast-socdem-party and some in the construction trade union due to the former signing a bill proposition whose aim is ease the importation of third world slave labour, naturally in the name of pro-refugee idpol.

Oy vey, the audacity!!! Go away with your liberal appeal to reformism and conformity.

Any Idea how to help FinBol?

Why do elections seduce people into such crude idealism?

Could you at least elaborate on the problems with her party instead of attacking her because of her gender?

Have you tried reading the post to which you are replying or will idpol duckspeak suffice in every situation?

There is no helping a dying party that probably will not even stay alive for next parliamentary elections as they are likely removed form party registry before that due to aging of supporters.

She is leading pro-immigrant,pro-Eu and liberal faction within the party looking to take it over and weaken the unionist wing of the party. We might share the party but our factions are wildly different.

Is she pro-immigrant or pro-refugee? There is a wild difference between both
Could have said just that instead of calling her fat cunt, thanks for being fuel for her idpol I guess

Feels bad. I like FinBol.

They are effectively the same, both are drain on the few resources that fatherland has to use.

Running non-attractive female politicians can only hurt our share of the votes.

Feels bad. I like FinBols videos. Hope he will still continue to make them. Anyway, I wish only the best for Finnish workers.

There is always the change that workers communist party will join together or its members might migrate over to the communist party of Finland eventually, I doubt that his brand of politics will die off anytime soon.

I hope so

''Saatanan vittu, kun viherät ja vasemmistoliitto pistävät vihaksi kun he vaikuttavat maalaavan vasemmistolaisuuden kaiken kansan edessä jonkinlaiseksi maahanmuuton sokean kannattamisen ympärillä pyöriväksi aiheeksi ja sensellaiseksi pienporvarilliseksi maailmanrakastajien perseilyksi.
Tässä maassa ei tällä hetkellä ole yhtään puoluetta, jolle voisin antaa täyden tukeni. Kaikissa vaaleissakin olen äänestänyt pikemminkin henkilöä kuin puoluetta, mutta puoluepolitiikka ja ehdokkaiden sekä edustajien jatkuva pokkuroiminen puolue-eliittien ruotuun tuntuu vievän siitäkin ilon.
Uskotteko, kun sanon että vituttaa? Olen tuuliajolla. Jotain apua?''

Fucking hell, the greens and the left-coalition make my blood boil, as they seem to paint leftism as some sort of topic revolving around blind support for immigration-centric ideals and petit-bourg world-huggin' fuckingabout such alike.
This country has currently no party that I could commit in full support to. Past elections I've been voting more for a candidate than a party, even though party-politics and how candidates and representatives constantly kowtow to the party-elites seems to suck all the joy out of that, too.
Would you believe if I'd say I'm pissed? I'm adrift. Some help?

I feel lost, as my choice seems to be between watered-down mainstream-succdemism (no offense), somewhat popular idpol, and more or less ideologically blind and more or less ignored split-tastic dinosaur-tankism.

Implying women always have to look good only makes their point clearer.

Oispa SKDL vielä elossa niin et joutuisi tekemään tämänkaltaista päätöstä äänestäessä. En kumminkaan usko että vallankumouksellinen aate tulee palaamaan populaariin politiikkaan erityisesti kun vuoden 1948 kenraaliharjoutukset kaatuivat.

Suosittelisin kumminkin äänestämään omatuntoasi vastaan ja jos et muuten niin ainakin niiden vähäisten työläisten oikeuksien ja niitä ajavien etujärjestöjen mukaan.