Favourite Anarchists

Who are your favourite anarchists? I really like Stirner, Bakunin, Renzo Novatore and Kaneko Fumiko. And Alunya, of course!

Kropotkin, Proudhon

Charlie Chaplin.

Fumiko Kaneko

I've never read Proudhon what makes him so good?

Malatesta is a cool guy.

My favourite anarcho capitalist is joseph Stalin, he owned lots of pRivate property and charged rent to the damn kulaks, when they didn't pay their rent he slaughtered them, as that was the terms of their Voluntary Agreement ™

Batko, Kropotkin & Stirner.

David Graeber, and I'll always have a soft spot for Chomsky

Paul Kantner and Lemmy are underrated

Chomsky is more a Minarchist. He cool tho. but like every individual has flaws here & there. His view on antifa vs the right is wrong, he is overestimating the intelligence of the right. Doesn't know how retarded they really are, they're their own worst enemy. He has never lurked Holla Forums once and read the shit there lol.

Joseph Stalin

He's getting soft as he ages.

Pierre Clastres

Stirner & Renzo are my boys. Also Alunya is non-sectarian.

A non-sectarian anarchist.


marry me



Marriage is bourgeois. But we can still hold hands.

He was only an anarchist up until the 00's. But nonetheless

Malatesta, Stirner, and Chomsky.

Chomsky is not a minarchist you brainlet. He is an anarcho-syndicalist who understands that reformism isn't useless.

I would hardly call "vote for the dems" praxis reformist, though. Other than that he's pretty chill.


i guess that settles it. alunya is ===leftcom=== gang

communalism is based but yeah bookchin a pussy who dropped it.

she represents anything free and socialist. period.

So she's an anarchist.

Here's Chomsky's answer to the question.

yes. see her neckerchief.


That made me like him a lot more tbh.

It's a great answer and now I feel bad about my own post.