Daily News Thread 10/14

Islamic State faces imminent Raqqa defeat, Syrian YPG says

Islamic State is on the verge of defeat in Raqqa, once its de facto Syrian capital, and the city may finally be cleared of the jihadists on Saturday or Sunday, the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia told Reuters.

Syrian troops capture ISIS stronghold Al Mayadeen amid major offensive

Syrian troops have entered Al-Mayadeen in Deir ez-Zor province, one of the last strongholds still remaining in the hands of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), a military source told SANA state news agency.

U.S.-led coalition says 100 IS fighters in Raqqa surrendered in last 24 hours: spokesman

Around 100 Islamic State fighters have surrendered in Syria’s Raqqa in the last 24 hours and were “removed from the city”, a spokesman for the U.S-led coalition against Islamic State told Reuters on Saturday.

Damascus demands ‘immediate & unconditional’ pullout of Turkish troops from northwest Syria

Syria demands an immediate pullout of Turkish troops, whose deployment to Idlib province amounts to “flagrant aggression,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said as quoted by SANA.

Iraq conflict: Kurdish Peshmerga 'given deadline' in Kirkuk

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters say Iraq's central government has ordered them to surrender key military positions in the disputed city of Kirkuk within hours.

Iran nuclear deal: Global powers stand by pact despite Trump threat

Global powers, including key US allies, have said they will stand by the Iran nuclear deal which US President Donald Trump has threatened to tear apart.

China confirms will amend party constitution, likely to include Xi's theories

China’s ruling party has agreed to amend the party constitution, expected to embed President Xi Jinping’s political thought, ahead of next week’s five-yearly party congress in which Xi will further tighten his grip on power.

French agent accidentally texts radical Islamist suspect he was spying on

Sending a text to the wrong person can be embarrassing in any circumstances, but imagine how one French operative felt when he realized he’d mistakenly sent a message to a suspected Islamist radical he was collecting data on.

Austrians Lean Toward Nationalist Government Led by a Millennial

Austrians profiting from the fastest economic growth in six years look likely to ditch their current coalition in favor of a new government backed by anti-immigration nationalists and headed by the world’s youngest leader.

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Spain to take control of Catalonia if gets ambiguous reply on independence

The Spanish government will take control of Catalonia if regional leader Carles Puigdemont replies ambiguously to Madrid’s question about whether he has declared independence from Spain, the interior minister said on Saturday.

Russia reaches outline debt restructuring agreement with Venezuela: RIA

Russia has reached a general agreement with Venezuela on restructuring its debt to Moscow, RIA news agency cited Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov as saying on Saturday.

Philippines’ Duterte winds down drug war to please ‘bleeding hearts & media’

President Duterte says he’ll no longer lead the crusade against drugs after suspending the Philippine National Police operations against narcotraffic earlier this week. The country’s Drug Enforcement Agency will now singlehandedly lead the ‘War on Drugs’.

Free books no more: Greek students storm education ministry after publishers suspend scheme

Students in Athens clashed with police on Friday while attempting to storm the Greek Ministry of Education building, a Ruptly video shows. Publishers suspended the free distribution of books citing payment delays from the ministry.

Fresh Ferguson arrests as #SLVerdict protest reaches one month mark

Five people have been arrested in front of the Ferguson police station in ongoing protests following the acquittal of a former St. Louis police officer in the fatal shooting of a black driver.

Satellite images reportedly show North Korea readying missiles for launch ahead of US-South Korea drills

Satellite images obtained by US spy agencies showed North Korea moving its ballistic missiles out of hangars, possibly in preparation for fresh launches ahead of a US-South Korea joint naval exercise, a South Korean newspaper claimed on Friday (13 October), citing a government source.

Hertha Berlin players support NFL protests before Bundesliga game

Hertha Berlin players and officials kneeled in solidarity with the recent NFL protests ahead of their Bundesliga match against Schalke on Saturday.


How Reuters Lost What Little Nerve It Had On Venezuela

Reuters leads its readers to believe that Venezuela was “flourishing” until “socialist rule” disrupted the prosperity.

Arctic on Fire


Following Trump executive orders, Democrats offer Obamacare “fix”

Any “compromise” on health care reform is a conspiracy against the working class, premised on the subordination of the need for health care to the profits of the corporations and the capitalist market.

Thank you!

Thanks based newsanon!

Thank You Based Newsanon.


Strange stuff.

tyvm newsie

Trump’s neglect has created ‘perfect storm of death, disease and decay’ in Puerto Rico



Imagine what never makes it to the news and what we don't hear about.


Literally the guy from American Psycho

really disappointed in reuters, they have a good long record of being impartial and they've fucked it up.

holy shit

Holy fuck I actually thought those were both movie frames for a sec

Trump Administration Supplying Puerto Rico With Water From Toxic Waste Dump



This is beyond anything that I can describe with our limited vocabulary. I don't have the words for this.


haha this will trigger the libs
good to see trump is sticking to the MAGA plan


world class reporting right there

So then, Erdogan is a thorn on Russia's side, and increasingly inimical to America. Intredasting.

And now the independence referendum threatens to send Iraq into an even bigger civil war. Also intredasting.

Good one, Clouseau.

Also intredasting, but I doubt it will result in any violence beyond very isolated cases.

Greek activists remain among the few left with some balls.

I keep saying how this "Venezuela used to be the richest country in South America" is a lie cut out of whole cloth. The biggest news agencies aren't ashamed to just plain make shit up.

Only thing better than Greek Antifa is Kurdish Antifa. I'm surprised they haven't stormed a military base yet

Somalia: At least 230 dead in Mogadishu blast

A massive bomb attack in a busy area of the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday is now known to have killed at least 230 people, police say.

How shitty does your life have to be to believe that blowing up a place that is already a blown up shit hole will do you any good? You see attacks in the western world ( which I'm not condoning just saying seem more legitimate) and think you'd rather blow up a garbage dump.

First-worldist drivel there m8

Get smart tier

Ok well what will this accomplish exactly?

I was ironic there but my point is that when people have a strong desire to commit an act of violence, they will do it in their familiar environment, most likely as an act of revenge to get at people they consider as traitors, not enemies. There is a solid reason why Breivik killed so many fellow white leftist norwegians instead of going at brown people residing in Norway - because when you are gonna be violent, you want to kill a traitor first, enemy second.

The life of someonewho does this is still bound to be fairly bad though imposed on them through religious dogma and capitalism. I guess the 'going after traitor first' thing makes sense to me though. Thanks user.

They'll fucking try.

Being a burger is suffering