Is there nothing more snobbish and obnoxious than a self-declared socialist or leftist of any kind being...

Is there nothing more snobbish and obnoxious than a self-declared socialist or leftist of any kind being "anti-American"? A person who thinks America is the root of all evil around the world and thinks we exist in a unipolar world.

It's one thing to be reasonably critical of a nation or culture, it's another to dismiss them as being wholly erroneous.

There are people here who unironically think Cuba, North Korea and China hold more moral value and contributed more to society than America ever did.

If you think so, please leave because even Marx and Engels liked America.

If you are not anti-nationalist, you are not a leftist.

both of whom died long before its victory in wwii, and its subsequent war on communism and the poor

People here hate on America because it's singlehandedly done so much to combat leftism around the globe. Cuba, Allende's Chile, and Vietnam come to mind.

I'm personally also irked by the fact that Libertarians could easily be comrades, if only they weren't high as the flippin' sky on ideology. They could literally agree with you on every single talking point, but as soon as you mention that dirty word, "socialism", the ideology switch flips in their head.

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Richfags who whine about hard work despite being gifted their success by daddy. That isn't to say the anti-burger shit isn't retarded.


Your country is shit and its people even shittier. The faster you all get destroyed, the better.
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Anti anglo gang is cool.
Anti americans is snobbish.
Kys american exceptionalism is a real problem on this board too. Dog. Americans are cancer

If you're not anti-american then you have a severe mental problem. America is a fucking shithole filled with sadistic subhumans.

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This. If Marx lived 30 year longer he would have hated the USA.

Hate America, but not the Americans.

No. Every american is a monster inside. There is a bit of trump in every american. There is a soldier in every american. Americans are weapons they are too dangerous

That's pretty spooky, user. I didn't know countries were self-autonomous.

That's rich coming from a hapa.

ok don't trust them, but also don't hate them, treat them like you would treat aliens or very intelligent ai, it's better to try to be friends with them, but they also might want to destroy you

I just want to Katyn America's Deep State, put liberals in gulags and run over fascist sympathizers with tanks. is that so bad?

No, that's pretty reasonable all things considered.

It's only an issue if you wouldn't do the same in any other state.

Of course I would. I just think USA will need the most effort, and bullets.

It really isn't all that bad, I don't even like to call myself American.

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Not sure if shitposting or burger education. China is huge and has a history going back thousands of years. This century will be China's.

Imagine looking at the US's post-WWII actions and concluding that it isn't a cancer on this planet.

Of course there are. The PRC fights a war to fend off Western imperialism, then systematically harvests organs from political prisoners while trying to force their insane genocidal system on nice, friendly countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan. But will leftists apologize for siding with the communists during the war? No of course not. Leftists just gotta keep being leftists. America is the problem, not China. But China needs to send troops to Korea just to make sure they have a buffer state. Think about that. They desperately need to have a shitty country on their border just so they don't have to deal with the embarrassment of being next to a good country. That's the ideal that communists died for.

I wonder why a movement based on total lack of respect for property rights would be so attractive to dictators, jealous third worlders, gangsters, rioters, and childless women. Honest question, leftists. Why do you think the Western middle class wants nothing to do with you? Are you not troubled at all by the fact that civilized people reject your belief system? That you have to import voters from the ghettos of failed states in order for socialism to gain any political power? I think it's fair to ask why your ideology attracts so much filth.

This is what I'm talking about. You go after the Americans trying to buy and sell things while turning a blind eye to the ongoing atrocities committed by Chinese communists, people too stupid to stand in a fucking line without shoving and spitting and pissing their way to the front. But it's okay because they're poor and dirty, they're inferior, you relate to them. Stay jealous of the West, leftist.

Hate trump and was a political nihilist since I was 15(never even registered to vote) because I never knew of the True left until I got older and was stuck in the dumbocrat republithug game mentality thinking there was no way out.

Yes speaking as an American I can agree that American people are selfish human garbage but they are a product of the society they live in and the masters they serve.

If you live in America and you don't hate America you have to have something wrong with you

murica has become the big dumb brute that is used by the perfidious albion financial cartels and the sionistas to cause all manner of genocide and destruction across the world. It did used to stand for something despite its checkered past and its many crimes. Many good things have come out of burgerland and in many ways like it or not we are all americans. It is however still the military capitol of the atlanticist empire, and the sionista lizards that run the show very much are working towards a unipolar world, make no mistake these people will kill billions if they can, if you are not anti-sionista first and foremost you are the enemy

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These threads and the "Israel dindu" threads are two sides of the same autistic coin

According to this thread I can't hate America because there are leftists in America and that hurts their feelings. Very educational

Government censorship literally never happened.

That makes it worse, leftist. They're too economically weak to invade anyone else. You have to take ability into account. If China had the same power the US does it would be committing far worse war crimes. And it's not "riceniggers" doing it. Taiwan doesn't have a human rights problem. China does. South Korea is fine. North Korea is not. Communism is what makes the difference.

But what is the ✡✡root✡✡ of american evil?