How to stomp out autistic larpers?

How do we push the social retards to the back of our organisations?

Leave Matt alone you bully.

Don't associate with tankies, MLs & Nazbols.

Your force will grow up x100 faster and with more normal people (non-social retards which are useless).

Establish a dress code.

A dress code would be like a deflector shield for autistic LARPers and red liberals.


I didn't say we had to establish some fruity uniform.

You can dress how you want, we're just establishing basic guidelines and limits.

That said, you realize that the right and left attract largely different groups, right? The cancer of the right is attracted to the uniform thing because they associate it with being in a greater movement and because they have a culture of dog whistles where they think wearing the uniforms are a clever way of signaling to each other.

The left, on the other hand, tends to attract the more fringe elements of society along with a lot of bourgy liberals going through their "radical phase". These people are immediately repelled by something like a dress code. And every socialist needs to be aware that he may need to die for his cause. I'd be deeply suspicious of a person who can't even handle a dress code.


Great argument.

Can we just settle on not dressing like you're fighting a war when the country is completely at peace?

he's okay but incredibly autistic

ofc casual wear is best wear. putting stupidass rules on shit is something nobody respects. Except the autright but they have special needs.

Yes, but we could go further.

I think we should strive to look like normal people. Just have a semi-professional, neutral look. Neutral colored clothing, "normal" haircut, hair color that grows naturally on a human head, etc. Basically, what the average employer would expect, not cult shit.

the thing that you think is normal is not normal man. you're weird as fuck being brutally honest. dressing dadcore is not normal. At all.

how long you haven't been outside? serious question.

We should be focused on making sure the guys that wear baggy cargo shorts and goofy trainers be as far away from interacting with the public as possible

Fuck off. Cargo pants are genuinely useful

Maybe not in anarchist circles.

But you're not really the audience we're going for anyway.

And I've got a job, my dude. I want to attract actual workers to our movement, not college kids.

I mean sure, but they are a red flag for normies that you are socially inept.

You just have to be active and assign tasks to people.

All the different types of cancer in left-wing movements are only there because they think of it as an opportunity of being fashionably rebellious without any cost or risk. If you give them tasks to perform, most LARPers will avoid you. It doesn't have to be anything major, tell someone to do something in social media, in transcription or communication, but don't let them stay idle.

You've got your head rammed in your ass. The average worker isn't going to wear khaki pants and a tucked in shirt, he's going to put on jeans and a t-shirt because it's comfortable. He's also increasingly likely to have tats and an undercut or something "unnatural" if trying to go out and get laid. Your dress code will invariably exclude that and only attract autists who would rather play dress up than get anything done, thus recreating what you've been crying about happening without a dress code.

When did I say anything about khakis? A t-shirt and blue jeans are fine.

Where I live, normal people don't have tats or undercuts. In fact, its associated more with rich bourgy fuckboys moving in from other parts of the country, but I accept that this might not be the case everywhere, as I live in a fairly conservative area (American South). I'm just saying we should commit to at least attempting to look "normal".

At least having normal looking people doing the jobs that require interactions with people outside an org. Where I'm from undercuts and tats are pretty standard working class normie shit. We should just aim for our guys to look normal for the area.



This honestly. I don't mind weirdos with green hair or whatever. That shit is harmless. But having people in your organization who have weird lusts for power and hate fun, and jack off to genocidal dictators everyday? That's harmful

Beep beep LARPER ALERT please ignore all posts

He's not wrong. When push comes to shove you can expect socialist numbers to halve. The idpolers would likely make up the majority of drop outs.

Then 90% of punkboo gear is fine.
I'm from Houston and maybe 60% have some tats, undercuts are rarer but it and other "unnatural" cuts are common enough to be a daily sight. Given the jobs, I assume these are all proles. These are normal people and workers.
And there is a good chance your "normal" will end up looking abnormal.

Not exactly a conservative part of the country.

Let's just agree that "normal" varies from place to place.

Then your dress code won't apply well and will end up excluding workers in the unlikely event your organization spreads.

homie you're a fucking weirdo that's final. Fuck democrats but they're correct that diversity is strength, we're more, that's cool. I like having more allies.

t. Someone who has never organized IRL before. Anarkiddies may seem sensible here but they are absolutely awful in person.

Im sorry /r9k/ robot nerd otaku whatever you are. But even you know you hardly go outside, I prefer to be surrounded with physical persons who are useful af than virtual dorks who eat their own smegma. You can still help & by no means I would reject another homie cheer up will you bby.

you too

I have, you faggots were far worse to work with than anarchists and ended up doing less to boot. The only thing worse than a ML is a trot.

Umm Yoko is not a bitch…

I haven't watched anime since Gundam Wing in Toonami boy

delete this website


why do people use CPGB-ML as the main example of an ML when most other ML parties don't use Stalin's image anymore ? unless they're in a country where a large amount of people either see stalin as alright or don't have an opinion on him either way

My favorite character was Duo Maxwell.

That'd be playing right into the cliches about communists, comrade.

Who says it has to be universal?

You drive people away when you let fucking weirdos in.

There is nowhere in the world that isn't under assault from the capitalists and the fascists. War is all around, even if it's disguised in clever ways.

The cliche is that communists all wear boiler suits/green military fatigues.

The cliche is that in a communist society everyone has to act and look the same.

and makes the same money and can't trade, and it's about goverment even through communism is totally unrelated to goverment.

Think like Lenin you fuckers.

If he were alive today, you thinm he'd be using the hammer and sickle? No because that would defeat the purpose of a hammer and sickle in the first place: to be a symbol that represents the worker.

Not only does nobody use a fucking sickle, but people associate with Stalin, the USSR, muh hunnard million. Which regardless of your opinion of them, you'd be completely out of touch if you thought it was politically viable.

And don't cry about this sacred cow like a fucking stormnigger.

You're a communist. If shit isn't working for you, you do something different.

This is why we're in our current political limbo of progressive neolibs and populist circus-performer Right. Because any viable Left wing alternative cannot channel popular rage like it did before because it refuses to move on with the times.

Stop it.


That's the point of a dress code.

Lenin isn't a good example at all.

Matt Florence = Socdem with gulag characteristics

So Tankie?


leftcoms don't know when to quit

whoops forgot to turn off my shitpost name

That doesn't mean you have to be rude to innocent anime girls.

pic related is you

Rebranding communism is a topic that already has been discussed other times, most people think its pointless but I think just just don't want to let go their heritage



There's a wide berth between "here's your uniform comrade" and "try not to show up to the rally tomorrow wearing fishnets and a dozen piercings thanks"

Tfw when all major leftist orgs first and third world follow ML

In the same way that feminists pushed black women to the back of marches.

antifa is the largest therfore thats a lie


You're correct. I'm sorry homie.

Go luck at the mirror some day son

You know that's not a picture of me right?