What will you do post-revolution?

What will you do post-revolution?

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Biochem research, like I always have.

Still working, but without i'd feel less like a shit because patients unable to afford treatments would be much less frequent.
I wonder what the shitposting here would looks like or if Holla Forums would completley die out?

The same thing I already do, but without the constant impending threat of destitution.

Have a giant party commemorating the solidarity of humankind, then get back to work building our new society through what I've always done–mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

I need to take that stupid flag off. Keep forgetting.

Repurpose enterprise resource management systems (programs which companies use for internal planning) for public use

Get a cute trap wife male


wax nostalgic about how fun it was to organize with comrades back before the revolution and feel empty because the journey is more fun than the destination

Obviously I will be benevolent dictator for life.

t. every tankie ever

run as a council

wait for my death happily ever after

Wake up

Dig a fucking hole
Make a fucking garden
Eat fucking potatoes
Enjoy some fucking architecture

I am studying for programming focused mechanical engineer. After revolution I most likely will work in green energy, vertical farming, construction or production engineering.

smoke weed everyday

learn2fun you workaholics

Same thing I'm doing now, which is biomedical research, but I won't have to worry about paying bills and such so I'll have more time to devote to pure science, and possibly growing food on the side

Well, being a soldier is what I do best, so maybe organize militias to help defend said revolution against inevitable backslash, I guess

Be a teacher and work at the communal gardens during weekends and summer. Live a comfy communist life.

The book I'm trying to right would not be anywhere near as hard hitting post revolution, I'd try and get into robotics or sustainable energy

Good for laughs guys, keep it up.

Move to my grandparent's village in NE Scotland and help run the community.

I want to go into politics though so I will likely end up a part of whatever entity comes after the revolution.

My current job won't exist anymore so whatever.

I'll be long dead by then anyway.

I'll be your cute trap wife male


Probably try to become a wildlife/game officer or some other profession that lets me hang out in the forest all day.

protect the revolution from reactionaries and other enemies

That job wont exist. That job can only exist in a free market society. I love how commies think. "I play video games in mommies basement so after the revolution" I will go hug trees for a living." You guys have no idea that if you are not skilled in any form of labor in a communistic society you wont be living in the cities. You will be working labor farms not being able to keep what you raise from the land. refuse and its a gulag prison. Don't believe me look at Mao or even Stalin.

Are you some kind of Eurocuck or just a citiot who has never been into the bush before? Do you know what a wildlife officer is?

Secretary of the central planning committee of course seriously trough probably something related to public administration since I`m educated in that field .

You know man, like, make art, dude.

Also, smoke weed.

Stalk elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center.

lets do an orgy dude

I actually live in the woods. Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri. I will bet 30+ years of my life living off the land you have never asked it to provide you with your dinner on a daily basis.
I will be willing to bet that you couldn't even fathom that existence.
As for conservation officers that even tells me you have no Idea the powers a Game Warden has. Just book learning for you eh?
Instead of talking about the "bush" be about it. Get out of your city and try living in it. I keep 90% of my land in a "natural" state. only 8 acres are cleared for agricultural use. I hunt deer, turkey, and wild fowl here. I plant vegetables and collect wild grapes and berries. I live from and by my land. I also work a regular job as a journalist for my local newspaper.

if you live there illegally don't say your location please. I don't want the state or a landlord fuck trying to get you out of there. The Planet doesn't ask you for money, the land is for whoever works it.

Nope this property was purchased by my father in law. owned legally My lineage goes back to the war of Texas independance. My grandfathers father fought with Sam Houston. My wife's family come from all over the Ozarks. Personally I went to school with the Legend. Midlothian High Class of 1993.
Again think. If you do not have a skill set valued by any communist regime you are on work farms or gulags. Attempting to be a troll or SJW from mommies basement is not a "valued skillset".

I want to help educate people, so probably something related to that.

With that being said I call you on your BS. Commies always get outed more so than Homosexuals. I doubt you made it past Boot Camp.

I want to work in the secret police and kill autistic right wing maga Holla Forumstards and stormfags

the thought of ripping out the teeth of right wingers, crushing there testicles (or clitoris) with a hammer, and then using a chainsaw to slowly hack them to peices sounds glorious

lol you guys forget. the majority of this country do not think as you. even the center left hates communists.

Enjoy the quiet to read and write, help my parents and neighbors, go back to working in a field or go help build my family house out East. Most probably just end up getting back to playing my violin all the time, that sounds like fun to me

Bud, nobody gives a half-fuck where you grew up, what you grow on your ass and sustain yourself with, or your rag journal newspaper. All of this is theoretical posturing, so come with some humility or in honesty to debate - acting discourteous just makes you look like a cock

Bruh I'm out in rural Ontario and I'm having grouse I shot myself for dinner tonight. But before this turns into a dick waving contest about who is more authentically rural you need to explain to me how you can be so retarded as to think that wildlife regulation only exists in a free market society when game wardens are government agents.



maybe get a gf or a hip replacement.

start another one





Lining the remnants of the bourgeoisie up against the wall and by then id have my degree in physics so probably that.

I wish…


The worker can not have a gun in a communist society. Officers of the state would break the law of the state to feed themselves which is what happened in the USSR, China, and Cuba. i.e. they had to steal guns to steal meat. It was not until the hard line communist leaders had died off that gun regulations were relaxed to allow people to hunt.
Again There was no Game Wardens there were only military doing that work. And guess what. they were poaching to feed themselves.

Continue studying/researching math and physics. When I am not doing that I will garden, draw, paint, make ceramics, play guitar and piano, read, write, run, hike, and row. I will participate in local community events and projects such as community gardening and theatre productions.

Basically everything I do now, but I will have more free time and will be able to do projects with my local community instead of alone.

You, in quite superb form, just pulled that right out your ass.

lets see. I have posted several facts and again the center left in this country hates communists like you simply because of one thing. You demand honesty in debate and when you get beaten by your demands you then have to use labels to attempt to silence your opposition. So here it is. In a nut shell. Its honest and its true. It is not posturing.
So allow me to say if you do not have a skillset of value to the true labor in a communist society then you will be forced to either learn one or be imprisoned. That happened in the former Soviet Union and in Mao's China. Those are facts not myths as much as you will attempt to make them.

So you guys thinking that "I should have this degree or that degree" does not mean the degree will be a value of labor. There will be a limited number of those jobs at all positions and trust me nepotism runs rampant within all communist governments. That is why they all break down into totalitarian governments.

Many Bolshevik states didn't just allow everyone to have guns, but gave them away, or even required all households be armed:

The gerontic hand of hyperbolic American exceptionalism rears its head and bears its dulled fangs.

You'll not admit it, and we most certainly will not have you do so, but you've next to no idea (and that's being quite generous) of what you're talking about. Stick around and read a little, you'll find that the empirical standard doesn't stand as close to your pole as you might think

I can tell you that if it were up to me there would be a constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms as well as a Swiss style conscription model meaning an assault rifle in every house.

Probably starve to death along with anyone else who has any talent or skills, if not by famine, I'll die by bullet.

Right I mean there was nobody with any talent or skills in socialist countries, that's why they never made any meaningful scientific advancements.

the crux to that debate is this. the guns were all muzzle loaded. not much for standing against tyranny. especially when the government had breech loading mauser types.

I never said that I said the jobs to those with skills were finite. You guys are truly and sadly lost.

Are you implying that those jobs are infinite in modern society?


Also, why's your little writing gig seized by the police for the committing of a felony?

again sadly and truly lost. Look at America. lets say just on that on an off hand chance that a socialistic style revolution breaks loose. Now according to statistics there are 350,000,000 guns legally owned in America. (dulled fangs please put the pot pipe down for a bit its killing your brain cells) Where are the majority of those guns? Where are the majority of the communists. You guys honestly think you would win a protracted siege? And it would not be hard to do. Look at Leningrad the only reason it survived (I use that term loosely) is because the soviets managed to break the German lines. Now going by what is proven and known there is no way that by taking the major cities in america even all of them a socialist overthrow of the current government would be possible. To many of the American center own both land and guns.

Comunal farming.

like clockwork

Forgive me if I'm completely retarded, but I doubt that Farmer Brown is going to grab his shotgun and travel 350 miles to help lay siege to a city when he's worried about his own land being taken. The people with 60 guns to their name still only have one life and they also tend to be the type who aren't going to share.

Which is why it's smart to join DemSoc gang and implement socialism peacefully, or else change our tune to appeal to rural people. That's not as crazy an idea as you think, rural areas used to be hotbeds of leftist agitation.


wow someone can look it up and understand . Its a warning to those that would try and dox someone. Look up Joey Dauben Ellis County Observer. His first crime is why the domain I use as a screen name. He was convicted for Doxxing but in Texas it is considered something else.

Very familiar with Blair Mountain. But it has become cliche within modern times as more and more communists are touting the even in skewed form as you have here. 90% of my neighbors are vets. Most of us under 60. We may be out of the military but that does not mean we wouldn't go back. And there is no such thing as a peaceful revolution. History has born that truth out more than once.

pick one. Bruh is Burger intercity slang.

You're seriously going to compare a bunch of county hicks and gun collectors to the largest and most elite fighting force of the entire world at the time?
Most American conservatives aren't going to be the fucking Wehrmacht, they're going to be closer to the Greens in the russian revolution. Spoiler alert: The Greens were also dispersed rural types. They also got their shit stomped in by every centralized organized force in the Revolt.

I'm up for a good game of "what if" as the next guy, but honestly, this just comes across as wanky larping.
Realistically, most of us would be trying to pick up the pieces and hold the inevitable reactionary backlash at bay.
I'm just a dumbass factory worker though, so what do I know.

hopefully i won't have to do anything

Bruh is literally everywhere on normiebook. Smh tbh fam.

What's skewed? Radical trade unionists organized miners in rural West Virginia to fight against the hired guns and state forces of capitalists. I have a feeling a lot more rural people would be on board with our ideas if they knew what they actually entailed and didn't base their ideas entirely on retarded shit liberals and tankies say.

Sure there is. England transitioned from a feudal to a capitalist system relatively peacefully. Ghandi toppled the British Raj primarily through nonviolence. Salvador Allende was on his way to establishing Socialism in Chile before the burgers intervened.

If they were the greatest fighting force of the time then the Wehrmacht wouldn't have gotten even close to St. Petersburg. At the time the USSR was using outdated antiquated USA lend lease.

Hopefully doing civil engineering after going to college for it. Or some form of administration even if it's just being a notary or something. I enjoy monotonous work.

i'd like to help with economic planning software or algorithm design

Only one of these is actually considered by credible historians as a transition through revolution. and all but one Argentina went from a very oppressive form of rule to a free or near free rule of the people through election. Allendre himself was a war criminal and violated many human rights in his own country. That's why the people declared his rule unconstitutional. And that is what caused the civil war. Not the Burgess. England was still in a very oppressive Monarchy under Charles I until Cromwell forced changes through war. So that leaves Gandhi as the only truly peaceful transition of power but that lead to a parliamentary democracy based on what? England. Please don't make yourself delusional.
>What's skewed? Radical trade unionists organized miners in rural West Virginia to fight against the hired guns and state forces of capitalists. I have a feeling a lot more rural people would be on board with our ideas if they knew what they actually entailed and didn't base their ideas entirely on retarded shit liberals and tankies say.
Actually it is what most of us want over what the city wants. rural vs. city would be the next civil war. actually will be the civil war. Freedom over how we use our private property, something that was listed by the miners that fought in the battle of blair mountain did say" vs. someone else coming in and stealing it. If you actually would please quit trying to hijack history through discredited word press articles you might be able to learn how the real world works.

Stop using Cuckbook.

either teaching math & engineering in a small commune or Planetary defense & exploration coordination commisar

i hope i can neet for the rest of my life tbh

Animate, hopefully.

Who the fuck knows. A revolution would change me completely.

Someone post this on the booru

Move to Greenland to live out of rest of my days

and exactly what guns were they giving them? not exactly adequate for self defence were they? Single shot muzzle-loading shotguns. and it is easy to hand out empty guns and not ammo to go with them.

All of this talk of continuing your passions after the revolution is in stark contrast with what I would do.
Kill myself.
Is there something off with me?

and then in which case your revolution would be short lived. The majority of white army and followers were executed following the death of the Czar family.
Socialism can only survive with a complacent populace. Any form of complacent populace will only be complacent as long as the government can provide everything it wants. That is where I say sweat of your brow vs. ease of access. Now which is easier to accomplish? Ease of access on paper can always be achieved.
Now for historical facts and effects of WW2. The Red Army raped the hell out of East Germany. Rape culture? Yep communism has it. Victims, girls, the youngest documented was 8 years old, to 80 all women, (why? Homosexuality was outlawed in communism) raped after the men of the soviet red army raped its way through eastern germany and east berlin. Yet what I get from this board is "We will get it right. we will follow the paper model of communism. I still call BS. why? History shows communism can only survive through nepotism and favoritism. Human nature itself destroys communism.

complain that my neighbors are freeloading

I'd fuck your bitch.

Shut the fuck up AW.


No, I'm saying the Wehrmacht was the best fighting force of the era.

Ill make like a startrek post bourgie and grow some hybrid fruit to trade for status and sex.

"Once the bourgeoisie realise the apparatus of the state has been turned against them they will inevitably fire the first shot"

A counter revolution against demsoc gains could wake up the proles though and give them some to be radical and fight for.


lets do an orgy dude

Exactly the same shit I do, because nothing would change.

Sadly my dog would bite your balls off before you got close enough to her. She is decidedly anti communist

Pansexual Socialist Sex Parties

Carpenter or Brickmason


Probably get kidnapped in the night by a secret police staffed by literal sociopaths that used to be SJWs and executed by some Weird Twitter top dog. But I will have the last laugh as they would have no one to whom to send the cost of the bullet.

There's nothing to do post revolution because revolution is the end of humanity fam

I'm not sure really. Maybe try to solve the other injustices in the world.

I'd have to rewrite most of the scripts I've been working on to be historical or update then for communism. Otherwise I'd try to get my pretentious garbage films made and make a qt comrade a commie mommy.

Make the films I'd always wanted to but couldn't afford to, or convince others to invest in. Have the wedding we planned, with barbeque outdoors, live music played by my comrades. Raise kids, try to get them to read so they can be smarter than me. I'd probably participate in whatever local labor is being done, help farmers in the morning, local TV other times.

From your ranting and rambling post it's clear that you don't even know what socialism is. Personally I would like to see less centralized government, power concentrated at the local level, and institutions of direct democracy. This doesn't require a complacent populace, on the contrary it requires on that is active and engaged.

Celebrate then ensure no autistic individuals do not seize power and turn it into some shit authoritarian regime

you drunk again mate?

Export the Revolution.