Jason Unruhe is a Rapist

Reminder that Jason Unruhe raped a girl in the 90s.

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Don't give a fuck, take the Beria pill

wasn't be like 5 in the 90s?

He's 36 years old so he would have been 17 in 1998/1999.

he literally looks like Alexander Dugins illegitimate child

I don't know what to believe anymore.





Is Jason Unruhe the Sam Hyde of Holla Forums?


It says a lot about media bias that Sam got a TV show but Roo didn't.

Roo goes on PressTV and Sam's show got shut down by Eric Andre.

Jason appears on tv though. And he has his own show (which hasn't gotten cancelled)

He goes on Iranian state media to bash the US. It's illegal to be a communist in Iran.

And yet he does it anyway.

I feel like I'm the only one who got the joke


I assumed it was a reference to that meme where everyone went around claiming that Glenn Beck raped a girl in the 90's.

And who's going to stop me? You? None of you are worth shit, meanwhile I'm a published author with a large Internet following, what do you do all day besides posting on pedo boards? Talk to me when you are capable of articulating a coeherent argument and not just repeat the same old slanderous personal attacks.



Is this scholarship?

woah really makes you think

u the roo or u a larper?

Like - Muke critiquing your videos?

You should never tell people how you really feel tbh.

and you're schizophrenic or something

Can someone PLEASE leak Roo's MTWism book?

Roo confirmed for closeted NazBol.

More like closeted homosexual

he's bi dumbass

oh look, it's RAIM 'tard Aidan Acquaire

It's all true, he also did September eleven

same thing


i was right…

forgot flag

Nah. Unruhe is totally a virgin to this day.

Irrelevant. In regards to his views.

Just move on, OP…

Why the fuck would he publish this?

Third worldists are basically nazbols. This has been obvious for a while.


worse, he is the Gavin Mccinnes

So he was angry at work. So what? Most of us feel the urge to rage at our jobs.

anyone who likes these people are not my comrades

it's most likely actually him

You forgot the part where he is funded by George Soros to destroy America through cultural marxism because he hates freedom.

you mean like the FARC?

And why is that relevant?



He's bi yet transphobic, itreallymakesyouthink.jpg


Stop bullying Roo, if you have a problem with him go debate him. He has annihilated everybody in a debate so far so people stopped trying to debate him but rather smear him.

Remember that Roo absolutely MURDERED the r/socialism crew in a one on five while casually eating a sandwich


I'm waiting for Jason to completely lose it.

Who gives a shit faggot?

He did nothing wrong in the first image.
Calling oneself "agender" is the equivalent of saying "Well, I don't see race." Your manufactured narratives don't nullify very real social constructs. All gender-trending is inherently reactionary and socialists are right to call it out.

Also it should be noted that the "agender anarchist" tried to crucify Jason for "misgendering" them by using the pronoun "him."

Fuck off TERF.

Exactly. No better than white people getting mad when you point out they're white.

Can somebody explain the whole Sam Hyde meme to me? You know, the one where posters rage bout him getting away with whatever it is he does.

Every time there's a mass shooting, people go on Twitter and start rumors about the shooter being Sam Hyde.
Since all journalists are hacks who paste three tweets in an article and call it a story, it inevitably gets picked up by some outlet.
You'd think they'd wisen up at this point, but even after the Vegas shooting, Sam Hyde was on Russian TV.

Sam Hyde is actually funny, for the Roo the epitome of humor is nicknaming someone "Gulag Starwars"

I just asked Roo in a DM over Twitter about whether or not he, as a M3Wist, agrees with the postcolonial theorists' understanding of the Enlightenment. He responded with: "what's the enlightenment?"

I'd expect the Russians to be smarter than that.

Un de la Roo should get someone to ghostwrite his tweets as well


Ask him about it yourself.

I mean Roo is a cool guy but I'm starting to question how much he really knows.

He refused to have a discussion with Anal Water on a topic he knows a lot about (Mao's dialectics). Didn't Roo write a book on Mao's dialectics at one point?

I'm Jason's ex-ex-girlfriend, I went by the name "Comrade_Trisha" on his old tinychat, comdeb. Back in 2013, Jason had me fly up to see him. Things were nice at first, despite having to stay in a tiny apartment with his roommate who was a total loon, but Jason's porn addiction started to cause a serious rift between us. He knew how I felt about the porn and sex industry as a former dancer, and he'd always agree with the feminist criticisms of porn, but he'd still try to convince me to let him watch porn while we were being intimate, and I caught him on numerous occasions looking at really vile stuff. He was really into barely legal and fetish porn, hardcore BDSM, always with women being abused and violated, and it made me feel really uncomfortable. The weekend I left him, I caught Jason talking to a MtF transgender prostitute online while I was snooping on his computer, and that was the final straw. When I confronted him about it, his face went white, and his eyes went all scary and vacant. Out of nowhere, he slapped me across the face extremely hard and proceeded to choke me out on the floor. As tears were streaming down my face, he suddenly broke out of his trance-like rage and let me go. He tried apologizing to me countless times, telling me I was the best thing that had ever happened to him, but no amount of apologizing could bring me back to him, to feel comfortable and safe enough to feel vulnerable with him, after such a traumatic violation of trust. I couldn't bring myself to report the incident to the police though. Deep down, I still cared about him, even after everything.

Long story short, Jason is dangerous. Be careful.


Are you sure it wasn't hentai?

Is this why he went to jail?

What is wrong with Anarchopac?

you have all been visited by the Chiang Kai-shek of Mautist and IJA removal

dead Mautists and Imperialists will come to you if you type "Mao Zedong? more like Mao NO-DONG!" in this thread

all that is good taste honestly. but if only the dude was less ugly.

also this never happened. Jason is a virgin.

Also jason stop posting lies to look cool man. You will never be cool.

Big if true.

This never happened, nice job trying to make your thread seem real, OP.

So what. Sexuality and gender expression are two different things.

Seriously Jason did nothing wrong.

Nice Spooks Nerd

/r/socialism needs to leave

Being a misogynous sadist is cool

>>>Holla Forums