You know, this really makes me ponder…

You know, this really makes me ponder…

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Though i have no love for Nazis even i can admit that a lot of the numbers were pumped up as Zionist propaganda

But commies killed 10 million ukrainians in 5 and 40 million chinese in 4.

Welcome to the propaganda game kid.

A lot of them died. At most imma say 3-pssibly 4 million but again I'm not a numbers guy. I imagine most killings were done by frontline troops and troops in charge of administration. The idea of massive death camps doesn't seem like it could keep killing that many forever. 6 million seems fucking impossible especially considering how overstretched the Axis was military wise. The idea of keeping troops and resources away from the frontlines just to kill some Euromutt wannabe hebrews is fucking stupid.

According to most of Holla Forums, Stalin killed 10,000 people per day during the 30s

Only 10,000? Weak

You mean literally MILLIONS of people died 1934-45??? Really activates my almonds.

Weren't many of them just brought to firing squads?

It was just short of 11 million. It wasn't just Jews being exterminated.

There were 11 Nazi extermination camps. Assuming they were killing at roughly the same rate, that means each extermination camp was responsible for about a million deaths each.

That's about 685 people per day per extermination camp.

A big number, no doubt, but not unrealistic for execution on an industrial scale.

That would be the most efficient way. Transporting them from Balls deep, Eastern Europe to a concentration camp is a waste of fuel, manpower and time

Yeah, but weren't only like half of them death camps?

Well, yeah, that's also assuming that every death occurred at an extermination camp. The number is even lower when you consider that this wasn't the case.

Do you know how many Jewish people there were in the world at that time? I wonder how significantly their population numbers were affected, ya know? I've already read that there aren't that many across the world amongst today's populations, so I imagine then it was even less

Really jogs your noggin

Why are you even giving them a four year window? The Nazi's didn't come up with the 'Final Solution' to the 'Jewish Question' until January 1942.

First liberation of concentration camps: Jully 1942.
So that's just a little over 2 years for peak 'Final Solution' implementation.

4 million Jews died at the camps, the other 2 million died in purges.

I'm pretty sure if you deny a million people water then you'd easily have a million deaths in a week or so.

If we are to drink the infograph koolaid and assume the Nazis didn't kill 11 million Jews, Communists, Ethnic Minorities, Faggots, and others they didn't like and only killed say 1 million with no death camps, would they make any difference in our opposition to them? They are still class collaborationists who will defend capitalism from us at all costs. They are getting shot regardless if they are peaceful or murderous.



The nazis did indeed kill over 12 million people in those camps. However they only gassed around 4-5 million.

Haha yeah man ALL the documents detailing extermination were forgeries and ALL the testimony was forced confession.


Reminder that the Jewish were a minority of the people the Nazis killed. They targeted other ethnicities, sick people, "sick" people, etc.

6 million is racist (Zionist) propaganda.

This. I also fucking hate how Zionists pretend that other genocides didn't happen, or that no genocide is as significant as the holocaust. I think that minimization of other genocides is actually a big reason why holocaust denial is so big tbh.

you're doing it wrong. brainlets can only compute memes.

Holy shit your hatred for Israel blinds you to the truth.

Lowest estimate made by scholar = 5.1 mil
Highest = >6 mil

I think that they were saying that 11-17 million people died in the holocaust depending on how you count, so the focus solely on the Jewish deaths by Zionists is shitty.

Scholar also estimated 100 million communism death

Oh shut the fuck up, nobody takes the 100 million figure seriously. The 6 million figure is actually fairly well grounded.

IIRC the kill rate during the Rwandan genocide was higher than during the Holocaust. So much for the superior Aryans.

History is written by the victor. Almost always exaggerated in various ways. Not exactly a profound revelation. Doesn't mean history is complete fantasy.
People who experience this fact as a profound revelation in their lives are fucking retards who think they are geniuses for finally realizing something that everyone else takes for granted that everyone else sees a obvious.

I've heard right wingers say Stalin killed 50 million. Stalin was in charge for 30 years, which would average out to 5000 a day.

>I find it hard to believe that a modern industrialized nation killed 6 million people in death camps even though it's the most well researched genocide in the history of mankind and that death camps and genocide happen to this day, because 6 million is a big number that seems too big even though Ghengis Khan killed 40 million people which was 10% of the worlds population back in his day with primitive technology!
Modern education was a mistake

500,000+ Tutsis were killed in around 3 months during the Rwandan genocide — an average of 5,000 killings a day. Were German Nazis and their collaborators all over Europe not capable of being more efficient than a bunch of undisciplined niggers with rusty machetes? So much for the superior race…

i hate ISISrael and the Zionists inflated the WW2 death toll what about it?
dosent make me a stormfag

Christ-chan is right. The death toll was never "inflated", 4-6 million dead Jews is the consensus among historians.

thats literally nothing but three hundred images/pages of "muh six million"


it's 1.3 million actually. But the holocaust happened. Research it.

hell even just 1 jews killed for being a jew is enough. Anything involving a racist ideology must not be tolerated by those who don't want to. Nazis lost because they had to this is the best time line.

burning away all the skin, flesh and organs doesn't take that long, it's the bones which take a fuckton of time
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Best timeline would be the second Internationale going for a general strike to prevent world war one, and end up starting the international communist revolution

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thats really not alot the 60,000 British died on the first day of the Somme, and those were strong young men with guns not unarmed civilians of all ages