You are chosen randomly to create one federal law in the USA

You are chosen randomly to create one federal law in the USA.
It can't ever be repealed, Congress, the President and the Supreme Court can never get rid of it.
What law do you write?

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Traps are gay

Ban the US

I'm surprised that this isn't getting more responses.

Squats will be required as part of a workout routine for all women so every woman has at least a bubble butt.

illegalize the formation of corporations
co-ops only



"Private ownership over manufacturing facilities, land and housing, service sector facilities and anything else whose intent is to generate income off of the labor of others or rent paid in exchange for occupancy is henceforth no longer legal. The laborers within an individual firm have a legal stake in the division of produces wealth within said firm. An individual only has a legal stake in a house if he or she is currently residing in it. Any individuals attempting to flee with their wealth shall be let to leave under the condition that they pay all but 100,000 USD to the state, to be dispersed among those who once worked for the firms owned by said individual. Any individuals caught attempting to circumvent said appropriation shall be given the death penalty with the form of firing squad."

No laws.

fuck off utopians.


But all their money is in a Swiss bank anyway. I say take everything but the clothes they wear.

Toothbrushes limited to one per house/apartment building on pain of death

forced nudity

" The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition […] Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary."

People can't leave the continent

A more interesting one would be "people have to move to a new, significantly far-away place every 5 years" tbh

Death sentence for all porkies.

Death sentence for the porkies.

Illegal for any state to ban indoor smoking.

non-interracial marriage is now illegal

I was going to say no electoral college but is right at home

Id outlaw making victimless crimes illegal

Legalize indoor smoking and dueling.

Women who don't ask me out have to go to labor camps

declare everything and everyone my property

The state is united under one socialist party where i would rule over forever

Outlaw every party except for the WPK in government

Balkanize America