Who will win the civil war? :^)

Who will win the civil war? :^)

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We all know who wins this.

They both look as dementia addled as their namesakes.

Come on user.

So Trump will launch the primmie revolution and destroy the USA's economy?

tbh that would be comfy as fuck
i know its full of suc-dems but ehh gotta start somewhere

the rest of the world

Clinton. Population density.

Whoever wins, though, we lose.

You understand who controls the food and water supplies?

imports are a thing

Look up how much food the cities import compared to how much they get from kulaks

Best America


So how is a county with like 3 people living in it going to defend itself from hordes of city raiders?


Egoist win in the end.


There won't be a civil war

i see no downsides to this


also Trumpland looks like it's from either Ghost in the Shell or Mortal Engines

polite sage for doublepost

You know who deeply depends on the consumption of food from the cities?

Dialectics. There's no such thing as a one-way street.

Why don't conservatives understand population density? More people voted for Clinton.

urban zones will be absolute warzones. there will be no camaraderie between any people at all. it will be kill or be killed.

Depends on where the weapons are manufactured. Massachusetts and California are major hubs, I forget where the others are.

Vs. land-whales no army in the world would take even as a fixer-upper.

that guy might die from cholesterol induced heart attack, but he wont be eaten alive by a pack of crazed coons like city liberals will be

Oh nos! My garbage cans!

i'm talking about niggers

What's this?????

hmmm almost like urban centers have no go zones based on the concentration of blacks in those areas and if a civil war erupted those blacks would leave their areas and loot/murder anything and everything in sight

good time to be an inbred hick



nice maymay

Only once the score was runup with millions of Mexicans in California


I really think a balkanization is far more likely.


liberal urbanite whites sure

though i think the family oriented blacks will fight on the side of the republicans/right wing/anti-government side

That's still an utterly unsustainable low birth rate.

Top wew, conservatives love to suck cop cock and army ass. When they see the riot pigs putting down a protest they're just sad they don't use guns.

when i say government i mean like deep state establishment government (john mccain pelosi types). the ones who hate trump and try to undermine him at every turn

Yes you can, as long as you have an army of shitosters spamming it until the masses beleive it.

The whole world wins when we get rid of that cancer

Over 70% of the population lives in the archipelago. Most of Oklahoma to North Dakota is farmland, unless they taught corn and wheat to use guns rural america would get wrecked real fast.

wrecked by what? urban zones will just be self-contained meatgrinders


who are you quoting

Right wing: Has all the guns, knows how to use them, regularly forms militias and practices survivalism. Most of the military recruits come from the south or middle america. Both the military and police lean heavily in favor of the right.

Left wing: Hate guns, read books, regurlery form anime clubs and practice pacifism. Constant in fighting, circular firing squad, and oppression Olympics.

rural areas are the fucking best areas in a war. The taliban hide in the mountains not the cities.




Are you going to bomb your own cities to get rid of a handful of people though?

Arithmetic is a right wing conspiracy right? The national popular vote margin was 2.8 million. Her margin in California was 4.3 million.

Do you have any evidence there were millions of fraudulent votes?

america is a very vast land with large forests, swamps, desert, and mountain. There are so many great places to hide. War would be asymmetrical. The rednecks would be funded by russians and other anti american states. They would hide in rural areas. And blend in in the cities. They would blow things up in the city and kill people to induce fear. Its how muslims do it.

The entire south was burned down in the first war, its called scorched earth policy.

Nothing gets through your Californian skull does it? MY point was that she only won the popular vote with Californian votes. I made no claim to their validity.

Got that? Get a response that isn't cribbed from Vox,


So what? They're entirely valid votes. You could claim that they came from anywhere.

Are you going to go scorched earth against insurgents in the places where you get your own revenue from?

The urbanites would swarm out with bombers and tanks, squashing the hicks. Conquered territory would be colonized with 3rd-world slaves to farm and secure the area. Hicks would be driven into the mountains without mechanical assets, medicine, or a source of agriculture, many would starve.

This isn't isn't a controversial subject. Clinton won the popular vote, Trump won the electoral vote, they were both trying to win the electoral vote, so Clinton was the one who failed. And both of them got far lower turnout than prior elections. Why are we discussing this again?

so what?
is someone from Californias vote magical worth less?

fuck clinton btw

there is no such thing as a war crime, this is a Jewish invention. All that matters in war is winning and destroying your enemy.

Even trotsky and the red army committed heinous acts. I admire those old commies more because they actually fought in wars instead of modern commies that just make snarky ass comments on twitter.


Lol if you think the millitary would work in favor of globalist scum. Like 80% of them would be on the side of the hicks

kill yourself son

Is that why they all go out and bomb places and die for the financial interests of the global elite every single day for a decade and a half now?

There's a reason why California is hated by every other region of the country,

Thankfully your ability to impact the rest of the country is limited.

Literally not an argument.

i hate to agree with a Holla Forumsyp but this
the idea of a warcrime is derived from a few individuals idea of morals
and morals that work against me are spooks

That's the same of all law.

The burgerstani military, even after the end of the draft, are still mostly drawn from city slums.

The thing that distinguishes Stirner's "spooks" from the anti-intellectual concept of "social constructs" is precisely that if you consciously choose to abide by an idea, it is no longer a spook invisibly ruling over you, but something you choose to honor for your own purposes.

wow user, epic, just what we want

user, trump ==is== the establishment now. You can stop deflecting.

California is out of touch with America. Get over yourself, the NPV will never pass because it keeps your failure of a state in check.

Please secede. Nobody would miss you.

Still not a single argument presented.
Even without CA's votes, the popular vote would have been extremely close.
Even discounting California, that means that the amount for Trump would be only ahead by 1.5 million.
There was no overwhelming "pro-Trump majority outside of California", your delusional graphs and maps will not hide that when your own numbers betray you.

There was no debate. All you had was a stale accusation that I was claiming voter fraud. I've only highlighted that California is far divorced from the rest of America.

It was overwhelming if the demographic minorities are excluded.


Oh, also
Your political analytic ability astounds me.

trump supporter is not a census demographic. Your feigned ignorance is truly amusing.

You walked right into that one.