What are some practical mechanisms you can keep in place to stop SJWs from overrunning your organization?

What are some practical mechanisms you can keep in place to stop SJWs from overrunning your organization?

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Always respect women.

The wall

Don't let them in and have a ready answer to address idpol.

But respecters of women almost always end up being rapists or abusers.

Keep a photo of Stalin above all main entrances, and enforce a dress code to keep the degeneratęs away.

Make your oganization explicitly anti idpol.

In fact, you should explicitly make a rule (preferably one of the first ones) against talking about idpol.

Not having democracy.

Also this. No dyed hair, crust punk look or any cooky subcultures.

And keep a ratio of your organization be atleast 3/4 wage workers (Doctors, welders, fast food, journalists, plumbers; workers, man) and 1/4 at most everything else (like college students) because most college students that are political are the insufferable "woke" type and won't shut the fuck up about idpol.

That is why you never recruit on universities or colleges or whatever. It'll get coopted by liberal bullshit.

literally nothing wronf with SJW unless they forget the main problem is private property

Tankie SJWs love Stalin. This is a naive answer

By forming a large group of people, wearing masks, beating up people of your own race and smiling and laughing about it.

Then being paid by George Soros to attend even larger events where you cause further division within a previously peaceful society.
Then just wait for a totalitarian one world government to reveal themselves and take full control in order to 'resolve the public unrest and dangers', which the people in the traumatised society will accept completely as servants.


and then covering up all the evidence, going back to the secret White House, murdering a poor Aryan Christian Anglo-Saxon baby and drinking its blood from a novelty mug

Uninronically only allowing heterosexual working class men to join.
Women and faggots always devolve into idpol tardness.

It's time to stop.

Except that's exactly what happens. idpol and petty arguments take center stage and anything relevant that might have happened just stops

Has that happened here? We've had endless hordes of SJWs screamimg about how oppressed their race or gender is, but eventually the polyp reads a book or fucks off.

I don't hang out here all that much, but the chapo post for example has a ton of idpol discussion going on that I never remember seeing here before. Ultimately though, this place is safer than most just because it's on a chan site, which repels a lot of people by reputation alone

I really wish there wasn't a grain of truth to this obvious shitpost, but there's something to it. I know this from Pan-African/pro-black internet communities I've been a part of. You let too many of them in and before you know it people are getting banned for "toxic black masculinity" and "devaluing black trans women's struggle".




Very simple.
1. No one paid by a third party is allowed, and therefore can not subvert with sjw tactics on behalf of a third party.
2. No narcissism, no virtue signaling, no celebrities.
3. Solid and set in stone goals and the means to achieve them, must be attainable and legal and agreed to by anyone participating.
4. No pedos and no secondary causes.
5. No indie game devs.

Yes there is. They turn the movement into an insufferable, humorless mess where no one feels welcome in and no one wants to be part of. Time and time again it has been proven that this attitude repels regular people, and that it puts your organization just one big drama away from collapsing entirely.

Can we exclude niggers too?

They can't forget something they never knew. Even when they join the most extreme leftist factions all they really want deep inside is just "capitalism with a human face" and that's it.


feels good tbh

I can fathom why it exists. Just like I can fathom why lgbt exists. Just don't be a fucking hypocrite

what exactly is postfeminism?

A spook. Read Stirner.

Promoting physical fitness, theory, and gun ownership.

African American men have done more for Socialism than women tbh. It was African Americans who took to the streets, it was African American soldiers who fought in Europe against the reich, it was African American men who built platforms for liberation not just of their own race but of all peoples

I'd only be a hypocrite if I was okay with hotep-tier "communists" bastardizing Marxism which I'm not.

It's not a contest. The only thing that matters is Marxist thought being at the center of every leftist online community.

The fact that you want to exclude actual communists on the basis of their sexual identity tells me that identity is top priority for you. Which you constantly prove with your panafricanism

Well maybe half of them aren't going to do that, on top of that good luck on getting Marxists to agree on which sect is correct.

I know it's not a contest and all assistance helps but from my observations the dedication of the black proletariat is far more impressive than that of female contributions to socialism.

Except that he probably hasn't done anything like that you fucking ponce. Its just like the polyps that accuse people of being proggresivist cucks.

Its all moralist bullshit.

Fellas, fellas. This is exact kind of Oppression Olympics idpol shit that divides us.

Women don't exist. Niggers don't exist. There is only class.

He literally said at the beginning of his post chain that he agrees women and fags shouldn't be allowed in left groups. Then he slinks away after being challenged because mulatoplasm is an effiminite passive aggressive loser.


Eh I guess thats what I get for defending Quadroonplasm.

My point still stands, Idpolers jump to bite your neck for nothing. Look at Reddit. Look at pol.

Yugofag I will fucking rape you


Well yeah preaching to the choir my dude. The big draw of idpolers is how much social capital it gives them to defend "marginalized groups". Nobody being explicitly marginalized at the moment? Just make up something new to get mad about!

read Exiting the Vampire Castle


im being serious mate
a women in the mid-east has a lot more to worry about then pure class struggle
minorities in a lot of nations in the americas have a lot more to worry about then pure class-struggle

just expecting these people to ignore all the other issues in their lives to focus on class struggle wont get them on the left
it needs to be explained to them how socialism/leftism/communism will help them with these issues as well as economic ones


You could stop being a fucking opportunist.

Here's my take on everything.

To a fair extent, I think this board is suffering from the jackal like social scavenger problems this board crucifies others for. It gets systemic issues, but it hyper focuses on the problems of men, and shames those who don't agree with it. A problem, also seen in what's being described.

The only difference is this board seems to hold itself to a higher standard regarding idpol, a standard I think it fails and always has failed at. And while this board claims for proactive action, it does little, while the Democratic Cops of America can sometimes promote policy that's actively beneficial to the American public against private interests, health care being a large problem the Democratic Cops of America is tackling. This board isn't. People go bankrupt for medical bills and people here just say allowing single payer is petty reformism, I disagree.

While neither party wants to admit they research or know anything about the activities of the upper class today, nobody here or there does any digging littlesis.org and anything that uses its data. To monitor the upper class.

All in all, both of you are completely out of touch and will forever be biting at each other's legs about your own various weaknesses without actually improving. Improving in the minds of either is trying to one up the other.

You are all addicted to shitting and no one is free of sin.

I'll never admit to shitting

If either of you were to monitor not only current legislative activity, but the

private activity

Of corporations, both big and both small, I would give you some credit. But ultimately I don't think this board cares much in being the proactive presence it maybe once was, or could currently be. I think when it comes down to it the people who do this infighting little shit can't show much for what they're doing the opposite.

I mean are we organizing at all? No, and we're thinking the wrong reasons for why we aren't. We can organize in a capacity, but I don't think many on this board would know how to unfortunately.

Organic centralism.

Lmao, I love the implication that people here give a shit about men's issues as an identity issue, that's laughable and you know it.
Nobody on this board pretends that posting is real activism, dipshit. Furthermore, it's absurd to suggest that criticism of the D​SA (and others) for their rabid call-outs and brutal struggle sessions is somehow not valid because the one making that criticism isn't taking proactive action.
That's a gross generalization. Both sides have a ton of reasonable people, and they have their flaws as well. Your shitty, centrist take here erases all of the nuance to be had. Your criticisms are stupid.

No, it really isn't. It isn't laughable at all.

I never suggested they did. What I was suggesting was something else entirely.

Well, you addressed my secondary criticism. What I was suggesting as my primary was something else entirely. This board does the very same thing, of all call outs of the other side, and neither side is actually being proactive about what this board should be doing, according to its self.

No, it isn't.

What nuances? Neither of you are doing a good damn job at following what needs to be followed and doing what needs to be done.

For fucks sakes I don't think a quarter of you know what Littlesis.org actually does or the data it collects, while more Democratic Cops of America people do. What people here could be willing to do if they used that data actively, could be monumental considering its a collective database of every rich bastard and bitch in America. Considering we're a chan, we can double that.

But nobody is willing, or knowledgeable, to organize the way we can in this medium, and we would rather shit sectarian bullshit all day and respond to Holla Forums bait until the cows come bloody home.

put "no faggots" on your recruitment materials

You'll sure attract a lot of people to your populist movement by emulating what Holla Forums does, a board that's full of men who complain about being lonely all their lives and isolated



I haven't noticed this to any kind of significant degree, no idea what you're talking about here

That's strange because I have for a long time.

Whelp, littlesis looks dope as fuck.

Yes it is. Masculinity as an idealized identity is largely seen as childish and impotent here.
Bullshit. Unlike many "SJ​Ws", Holla Forums doesn't pretend to be changing anything with their cultural criticism. The entire dynamic of "call outs" on Holla Forums is different because the people here aren't trying to change anything outside of this board. There's no viscous campaigns or other bullshit like that. Equating Holla Forums with the types of people it tends to criticize because they're both not politically active is lame, centrist garbage.
Most people aren't activists, and that's fine. Not everyone needs to be an activist.

This alone tells you a lot.


I've known about this site since at least 2011. But nobody here seems to bother even mentioning it. Which is odd considering how many movements this board, sometimes rightly criticizes, do know about it.

Like what? Be more specific.

I don't know if you're being dishonest, looked at the threads with a shit OP, or both. Holla Forums does a great job at making clear robotfags and other random assorted fags they're not welcome here.

I mean this is the first time I've seen it described that way. I wasn't even suggesting it did?

That is one reason I am criticizing this board for, as of late.

No, it's the same behavior. Its just the effects are different. The impetus of the behavior is still largely similar.

Well, I'm not just equating you because you lack any energy for organization or activity.

I never said you had to be. I'm saying with what you have available, this board could be a lot more. And it's not. It's not above what it criticizes most of the time.

How specific do I have to be? Identity politics to the contrary of Twitter is just off hand on places like this, the problem is we're supposed to be above all that aren't we.

It's just second nature for Holla Forums to leak it, and what you're describing is one form of it, but there's really more of it than that. I'm being boxed in to "be more specific", but I think you know as well as I do that this board has some problems that lead to circular thread after circular thread after argument. Because it's in conflict with itself and its own demographics.

Because we aren't doing anything new with our resources at our disposal.

More specific than some vague assertion of the entire board being obsessed with men's issues, surely. If you can't at least provide some concrete reasons for why you think that then there's no reason for anyone to take that argument seriously.

I never said the entire board to the degree you're saying, I just think its involved in fighting it or promoting it or just bringing it on itself, than it is seeing the problem for what it is.

Could you be specific as to why? I mean I think you're the one being dishonest right now.

The implication that you've been making is that Holla Forums is guilty of the same kind of identity politics as the people it opposes, and you cited Holla Forums's focus on the problems of men as an example. This is reductive because Holla Forums isn't focused on male problems specifically as an issue of identity.
It's not the same behavior. The focus, motivation, and goals are all entirely different. Holla Forums's criticism is moreso a reaction to the shitty behavior of other leftists, and tends to focus on the ways that "SJW" types fail to embody the beliefs they claim to stand for and the ways that their ideas are incoherent. This board's "hyper-focus" on men's problems that you point out is due to this, and not an attempt to simply adopt positions opposite to the "SJWs"
I'm interested in hearing more about what you think this board could be tbh

Firearm execution.

Because if you don't actually substantiate your opinions/arguments, it becomes your word against ours. You're more than likely not going to convince anyone by tossing out hot takes without anything to back them up. Not sure what's so difficult to understand about that.

Good idea. A requirement for physical fitness would de facto exclude all women, queers, and nu males.

I think it's safe to say it's similar.

Focus, motivation, and goals, I would agree aren't that different. But that doesn't matter. It's still the same behavior in the end.

A monitor of the activities of the ruling class in such a way other social media websites can't do, and all they have to do is just use the data we use. Similar to what the "alt right" sometimes engages in with just regular people. But this wouldn't be just regular people.

With websites like LittleSis we can document a large chunk of the upper class, and from there and a little detective work we can see their goals. These people's lives and decisions are public.

But I am you. I post here regularly. I am just as much of a word on Holla Forums as you are.

We've all seen exactly what I'm talking about. We don't have to be shy about it.

The more time I've been getting involved in local activism the less concerned I am about SJWs. Rather than a purely cultural virus as people here treat them I think they're actually the material result of how capitalism has been developing in the 20th/21st century and as actual living standards have dropped the spectacle has fallen apart to the point SJW crazies are losing relevance. Most of the people bitching about SJWs on Holla Forums tend to be recent Holla Forums converts(still racist/sexist/whatever) or otherwise well meaning people that completely fail to see how completely fucked being a black/transgendered/whatever is in our society. Of course our organizations need to be primarily focused on the class issues affecting everyone, but that does not make race/gender/whatever irrelevant. I don't see a repeat of what came out of the 60/70s as being likely and as a result think this SJW bogeyman a pointless topic of discussion. Really, people are far more focused on actual class issues and are constantly calling out these bourgeois liberal assholes. This is the case even in the Democratic Cops of America. Rather than worry about this shit I think everyone here should be focused on serious political work in your own communities. The material conditions have made SJWs irrelevant without any effort from the anti-SJW crowd as far as I can tell. Maybe I've just grown out of imageboards, but this discourse has been increasingly grating for me. I know most people here are cool, but a lot of people act like SJWs are a bigger threat than the actual racism/misogyny/homophobia we're dealing with.

Sorry for the rant.


This is a good example.

It's the same vain of identity politics. It's just rooted in spite.

Where did I say that? I never said such thing. I'm saying, you and twitter are doing a real shit job at class struggle. You should be doing things they aren't. You're not. You're turning circles every day.

That's not a good representative of the board fam. But I do agree with some of what you've been saying here.

How though? Holla Forums generally tackles issues related to identity in a universalist context, while "SJW" types tend to focus more on the particular aspects associated with identity issues and their intersections. It's very different. I'm not saying that Holla Forums doesn't have flaws, or that it doesn't mirror "SJW" positions at all. My claim is only about the general tendency among the users here.
Honestly, I'm a little disappointed with this response. Good data journalism is really hard to do right, and a venture like the one you're describing would likely just turn out like one of Holla Forums's shitty, paranoid operations. There'd need to be some sort of coherant leadership for this to work, and imageboards aren't exactly great places for organizing to happen given their chaotic nature.

What I'm saying is the behavior is the same regardless of the motivations and to specify it further and further seeks to distract from the problem the behavior exists at all. And for many varied reasons.

Not surprised by yours.

How. How is it. The internet can tell you more about the upper class than any other point in history. The paper trails exist more than any Holla Forums bullshit. Littlesis is a website dedicated to documenting who lobbies and associates with who from the food industry to the defense industry

You're saying that's the same as Holla Forums? It isn't. And a little detective work wouldn't be hard either.

You are claiming either it's too hard or that keeping a tab on the ruling class in a way we haven't been able to the past century isn't as worthwhile as shit posting. This is the problem this board has. This attitude.


But Holla Forums is a magnet to the kind of work we could do showing and educating others about lobbying, about this corrupt capitalist bullshit in INDIVIDUALS, not just power structures. And we can do it a lot more thoroughly with high profile rich people, they're fairly easy to doxx even.

Our position puts us in a place where this becomes opportune outside of the moral boundaries of social media but you don't like it because it seems a little too hard. I don't think any of us should have had the presumption it would be easy.

yes it is.
if your community subscribes to nothing but liberal idpol then you're a waste of fucking time.

I meant that more in the sense of you vs. your detractors, not you vs. the entirety of leftypol.
Then by all means, enlighten us. If you can't actually be specific about what needs changing then nothing is going to change. In this case, it's not enough to say that you think something is bad or needs changing, you have to actually explain why you think that.

I understood what you've been saying. I disagreed with this claim and provided an explanation why. If you're going to make a claim, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask you to back it up.
Wew, why not? I honestly thought the vision you had in mind would be a little more substantial. Don't take it personally, fam.
Because there's a hell of a lot more to interpreting data than you're claiming there is, and most people here wouldn't be able to form a coherent narrative when presented with some data. I hate to be a downer, but it's true. You'd likely just end up with about a million paranoiac narratives and not much else.
Fuck off, there's no point in acting if the actions you're undertaking will be pointless. Either ague why they aren't or fuck off. Claiming that your opponent embodies everything wrong with a movement is a dishonest rhetorical strategy. Please actually defend your point instead.

Did they all also secretly swear not to fuck you?

How is lobbying data not fucking clear

I swear at this point you're just committed to keeping your head in the sand.

I doubt you can even name a single member of the ruling class

My claim was that the people here likely wouldn't be able to form a coherent narrative out of data, not that you were being unclear. But on that note, you are actually being pretty unclear here. What would we be lobbying for? What's the angle we'd take on that topic? How could this board actually influence the real world? Even if the users here had the skills necessary to do what you're saying, there'd still be several insanely huge hurdles to clear before we'd be anywhere near being able to change anything.
Not an argument. Wew. Thx for tipping us off about littlesis tho :^)


The lobbying data recorded by lobby-ists. Einstein.

The word "lobby" is a verb that means to "seek to influence (a politician or public official) on an issue". Your claim is that this board could use littlesis and detective work to actually do something, to change the world. How the fuck would we do that? We're a fucking image board, not a think tank. We're not an interest group. We don't have any political sway or connections. How the fuck would we have a meaningful effect on the political reality that we live in, you dunce?

I never fucking claimed anything to that scale. In fact what I was suggesting was an addition to work that's freely publicly available, already.

Your argument is misinterpreting what I'm saying, and also, not having faith in anyone else here not to come to the correct conclusions about data; for example, from something like The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would know that's beyond naive. Beyond how naive you think I'm even being.

Almost nobody here knows where to look for that kind of stuff, and furthermore they wouldn't know how to interpret the data if they did. I know I fucking don't. You're fucking pretentious for assuming that everyone here knows how to research and interpret data just because you do. I'd wager that most people don't have the skills required to interpret connection to the degree needed to make decisive statements on an issue (or even to draw a connection to any particular issue for that matter).

Start a thread about this if you think your idea has merit, I really don't give a shit. I'm just telling you that your idea is vague and unrealistic.

interpret these connections*

That's damning that the D.S.A knows what LittleSis is but you don't.

That's great because it interprets the data for you already.

The amount of research you have to do to find out what the ruling class is doing is pathetically low. A junior high school student could do it.

The DS​A are activists and we aren't, you daft cunt.
Ok then. Using your example, explain without using any info outside of the info on littlesis, why the The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is significant.

It's donated to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Obama and George W. Bush. It's members include heavy hitters in the defense industry.

But why does it matter? What does it actually do?

Do you welcome Asserists too? Movements based on ethnic/gender prejudice are inherently tools of capital, no matter how much they claim otherwise.

Are you saying a data bank on the ruling class is useless? And any conversation following from it useless as well?

No, I'm asking you to answer a simple question. Your claim was that it was incredibly easy to interpret data. My question is what the The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars does. It's a think tank, that's obvious, but what are it's politics?

Research emerging technologies and policy that, given its membership of high ups in defense and foreign policy, can be used in the future for defense.

One interesting thing of note they're interested in is nanotechnology. Or, "The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies". It's long gone, though their interest probably not. It was to research not an opinion, but how to develop nanomechanics safely. Now what would a policy forum who's big names are all defense and foreign policy, and donations are bipartisan, possibly mean?

I guess we'll never know.

wat? am I missing something?

And what new does this tell us? Fucking nothing. You've failed to establish it's significance.

My, you're a juvenile nihilist. You don't find the donations and research interesting at all? You must be great at parties.

Answer the question. What new does this tell us about the state of American politics? You've revealed no new insights.

It's not my fault you don't know how to use LittleSis.org, and research from there. Nor is it my fault you didn't know it existed.

The significance is a treasure trove of data of lobbyists and think tanks and ceos and board members and the career histories of thousands of documented porkies.

'What do you mean, what does it tell us about the state of American Politics? I was just using the The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars as an example initially, of something you didn't even know existed either. So I guess the purpose was education.

My entire point here is that littlesis is mostly a useful tool for activists, and not for the people here, who are mostly concerned with political theory. Your not being able to tell me why The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is significant demonstrates this fact.

This board is also here for news and information. Not just political theory. I haven't seen a good theory thread in weeks anyways. It's not the only purpose of this board.


Fair enough, I'm not really too invested in this argument tbh. I was really only arguing because I didn't like their smug claim that leftypol is flawed and identitarian because it doesn't get deep into the weeds of public policy like the D​SA does.

This is the only rule you need. A lot of idpol is about people who desperately want to make things about them, and talk endlessly about all their unique experiences and struggles and sleights they suffered and so on until your ears bleed.

This but unironically.

You can't. There are literally zero leftist groups I can name that aren't idpol or into socjus retardation. It's over.

Ban all personal pronouns except nigger.

this is the correct opinion

this tbh

offer them as blood scarifies to Lord Stalin

I'd like seeing that

yeah only white men and black men, no homo!

Basically you have to be overtly hostile to them. Any organization which doesn't make them recoil in horror and write lengthy Jezebel shitposts about how offensive and patriarchal it is will eventually get infected. You have to make them not want to co-opt your organization in the first place.

The other thing that makes them flee in terror is actual work. If your organization is a glorified debate club, they will be attracted like flies to shit because they love arguing with people. If your organization is tackling capitalism on a strictly material level by, say, developing disruptive technology to hasten its implosion, they'll quickly find their gender studies degree doesn't qualify them to get in the front door. If you screen people based on the quality of their work alone, you will automatically reject 99.9% of SJWs.

Open meetings with racist/sexist/homophobic/etc jokes to unite everyone in vulgarity and then get to the real matters at hand.


Yeah, it's pretty clear that this fixation on sjws is a carry over from Holla Forums converts and their assorted baggage that they bring with them, out of all the issues leftists face, easily offended people are far from the real enemy.

I think you are mostly correct but I've also seen this kind of politicking distract people. It's definitely overstated but it's also something to be prepared for and discussed so that one dipshit flying a confederate flag won't cause half your march stop in its tracks to yell at him when they have somewhere to fucking be.

I'd say they're actually the biggest issue because they're the reason the left has been flailing around on the floor pissing on itself for the last few decades. Their actions are exactly in line with the NSA and GCHQ advice on how to disrupt, divide, and neutralize online communities.

I can't find the slide I was thinking of, but this one is similar.

Also, to be clear, I was never a Holla Forums user and have always considered myself more left-wing.

Here's a better example:

Except I never said I wanted to exclude nobody. I just said from my own experience movements run by women and gays *tend* to degenerate into idpol instead of staying true to Marxism or Pan-Africanism. Just look at Black Lives Matter or r/Socialism.

RNS. The Black Panther Party *did* mandate carrying Mao's little red book after all.

to all the people who says "ban idpol", how do you deal with the material reality that disproportionately large numbers of poor americans are black, trans, etc

I have a plan, kind of…

I just have to finish writing the rules list and a possible introduction.

In the mean time. What do you comrades think? You think we could use this image board as a sort of center for producing propaganda and to coordinate some organization?

You don't ban "idpol" you just ban idpolers somehow.

without banning idpol? if by idpoler you just mean liberal feminists then yes i agree they should be kept from leadership

Smells fashy.


If someone is pushing hardcore idpol shit in your group then speak up and say something about it, disagree. There is no need to be silent and complacent

Dumbass. Nothing to do with the fact the imagery invokes this historical and more recognisable image and "Labor, Class and Unity" sounds like something the Traditional Workers Party would use as a hook.

Yeah, this has clearly worked wonders in the past.

Let them have their temper tantrums. Just stay cool and collect. I'm not saying it's a guaranteed method but shit it's better than nothing

Thats not even the org symbol you aspie. Its 4 harpoons for Massachussets as they're big into fishing and were the last state to give up whaling

Also I have never in my fucking life heard a fashy make a reference to labor or class in their rhetoric. And even if, so fucking what? They stole it from US in the first place. Where the fuck in the political spectrum do you think most "worker's parties" are on? You imbecile. You fucking moron.

This is some revolutionary praxis. Why did nobody think of it earlier?

QQ fatso
Hurrrr yeah just stick the words "class and unity" together, that's a real fucking clever bit of agitprop you've got there Goebbels.

You are the total opposite of a nuanced human being.

Nigger I really am pissed that you think that out of all things making appeals to "Labor" and "Class" are fascism.

Like Jesus Christ, how much of a deadweight can you be if you're not even for uniting the working class.


Have you got some sort of brain tumour? "Working Class Unity" has much less wiggle room for interpretation than "Labor, Class and Unity". I know you burgers fucking love boiling everything down to a formulaic "x, y and z" mantra because of all the corn syrup or lead in the water or whatever making you all incredibly autistic, but the fact you're even dodging using the colour red is, funnily enough, a red flag.
You must legit have some sort of learning disability if you think I think the words "labor" and "class" are inherently fascist on their own. If "class" and "unity" are so anti-fascist, just change the logo to "class unity" - you'd have to be a fucking idiot to think that implies anything other than working class unity, right?

there is no revolution without the emancipation of women and people of colour. However you are correct in suggesting that class struggle should take precedence over identity struggles in the sense that identity struggles emerge from a material basis, one that can only be abolished through the eventual abolition of class society / the material basis that give rise to them.

there's nothing wrong with supporting black struggle or women's rights, but in the context of a Western country with full "formal freedom", where disadvantaged groups have (for the most part) full equal rights under the law as others, there is no more need for identity movements. Disadvantaged groups are all viewed equally under the law formally, however effectively they are not equal, so identity groups starting shit about recognition is pointless liberal pablum that wont change anything because people are already recognized. We now need a movement that pushes to increase peoples effective freedom and equality in society and this is not done by recognizing identity as oppressed, it is done by eliminating the conditions that persist to keep people unequal or subjugated despite the full recognition they already have.

Then say that you useless cunt. I'm not even set on the name LCU because it sounds like some Uni in burgerland. Pic related.
Except that I'm not even american you fucker. I just thought that the name could double as a slogan.

Aha! The Nazis used red on their flag you fucking fascist!

How about we do things differently to what every communist or socislist party/org/soiree/etc is doing. Why does it have to be fucking red?


I said that immediately you stupid fuck, I'm sorry you're so fucking slow it took me rewording it three times for it to register in that smoothened, heavy metal caked brain of yours. Don't accuse me of sperging out when all you've done is act a bitch because I criticised your gay as fuck liberal orange, socdem motto and logo.
Get a brain scan.

No. You didn't. I called you out on it so then you backtracked about how ACKSHULLY its open to interpretation:

I can't make logos for Americans because I'm not American? Also they're symbols that would be relevant there. Blow me.

And what would you use? The same shit every CP uses? Are you gonna plaster Lenin's bald along with Marx and Engels on a red flag? Good job buddy.

You bitched about the symbol so I explained it to you. Are you just a retard that wants something to get mad about?

Fascist, proggressivist, neocon, zionist, petty bourgeois. Bla bla bla bla bla.

Golly gee, just how can I tell you're a massive faggot?

get a room

this guy gets it


Fair enough, as much as I find the anxiety over this overstated it makes sense to deal with this issue now than let it grow big enough to actually be the biggest problem the left faces
I stand corrected

Accuse a leukaemia patient of being a skknhead (actually happened lol)

Also lie a lot. Just lie. Invent crap out of the air. Slander people. Just really prove that you're an untrustworthy piece of shit. It makes people keen to have you making policy choices.

You say this, and at the same time the Chapo boys were being the target of an inane witch hunt over some dumb tweet. SJWism is alive and well on the "left" unfortunately.


It's time to "speak truth to power"