There wasn't a sticky explaining what idpol is and why is it so bad...

There wasn't a sticky explaining what idpol is and why is it so bad? I'm trying to explain to my sjw girlfriend that shouts to be "asexual" while we are having sex why all of that shit is delusional, but i don't know where to begin.
Can someone link me that sticky (maybe it was on some other comrade imageboard) or any longform against leftist idpol from a radical left prospective? I'll be very grateful.
(If you have one in spanish it would be perfect, cause she doesn't understand english very well, but obviously in english is good tough, i can translate to her)

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How about you man the fuck up, and get a traditional female. It’s almost like subservience, and cuckoldry is hardwired into leftists brains 🤔

Why is left idpol and right idpol in every fucking country now.

idpol is bad because it is divisive
you won't get through to an SJW why idpol is bad though, because they see division as good as long as the subsections are "equal" to each other

How is fucking your gf cuckoldry?

asexuality does exist tho

Holla Forumsyps are stupid

dump her and find someone with more than two neurons to rub together

Are there really no reformed SJWs on Holla Forums? There has to be some argument that convinces these kinds of people.

They're so averse to being challenged they're probably a tiny minority. When loads got kicked off reddit and told to come here they asked if we would change the rules for them immediately and everyone told them to fuck off and so they did.

not really, no
if someone refuses to see material conditions and blames everything on cis heterosexual white males, youcan't really fix them
the closest we have are reformed red liberals
i hate to reference horseshit theory but like… sjws and polJWs are really 2 opposite but similar ends of a hoirseshoe when you think about it..

but we have reformed poltards here don't we?

Yes and when leftypol says reactionaries have the highest conversion potential they are correct

It is far easier to reform a nazi than a liberal. The nazi for all his spooks and clinging to the capitalist system is at least aware something is gravely wrong even if he has no understanding of what that is or how to change it. Conversely the liberal believes things to be working, or at least functioning well enough that reform will bring desired results.

Not sure if these are what you're looking for, but here are some essays about and against identity politics. The second has been posted here a few times.

I think most former Holla Forumstards here were people who browsed Holla Forums but weren't full 14/88 yet.

Weird fringe ideas about sex and sexuality don't automatically make someone an SJW in my opinion. They're only an SJW if their ideas are wrong and they try to enforce them in an authoritarian way. From the sounds of it your girlfriend isn't guilty of idpol so much as she just has some weird ideas about sex.

Ask her to explain what asexuality means to her, ask her why she thinks she is asexual, then use this information to try and figure out a way to make your relationship work. If it doesn't seem worth the effort, then just break up.


I think you have it just a little off. Nazis are convertible because they are aware the system has problems but also because they're already social outcasts believing in something despised by their liberal governments. So it's not like they have much left to lose. While liberals, life you said, have to make the switch from the mainstream accepted ideology to something radical.

Also liberals aren't SJWs automatically just like conservatives aren't Nazis automatically.

That actually seems more accurate I guess.

I used a bit of a left reddit SJW. After the catgirl fiasco made me leave reddit and be come exposed to leftypol -back when it was still good, I came to understand that idpol externalizes problems created by Capitalism onto identity (Capitalism is inherently muh hwite supremacy, muh patri archy, muh cisgenders), which suffocates any talk of class with dumb shit.

Like seriously go to fucking r/ ANYTHING and they'll be talking about this dude that got away raping this girl, or x tv show being RAYCISS or le Ronald Clunch.

Idpol from a socialist point of view is also specially self defeating. Because (much like how polyps think) either people are inherently racist and what's keeping them from acting out are Rated PG Parental Guidances and socjus shit, or it is all mechanisms meant to keep Capitalism in place.

The way Redditors talk about this place is as we were fucking r9k type white supremacists when in truth we equally denounce all that putrid shit; Because racism, just like muh black pride or muh patri archy, are all idpol. And that in turn creates true, Socialist Universalism rather than this double standard shit about "punching up"

I mean fucking hell, Leftypol has more niggers, trannies and faggots than reddit both percentually and numerically. On fucking Holla Forums. So our materialism MUST be better than their bullshit "Intersectionality"

Also more women

I think you're reading too much into being an outcast because of ideology. There is not much preventing a nazi from going to being a basic bitch conservative and there are plenty of liberals with a "radical youth".

Yeah we're more diverse because reddit doesn't want niggers who talk like niggers. They want faggots who talk like hysterical cunts screeching "literally" or responding to offense with "that's not fucking funny". I doubt they would know what to do if trying to communicate with a working-class black person, or anything else that doesn't fit their mold of decently educated middle class which ends up being mostly pasty crackers. They also have less women because Holla Forums are chads.

oh man, thanks for reminding me about the catgirls in reddit

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Why don't you stop being a beta faggot and actually read some feminist literature? Maybe you're the one who's wrong?
All you "actually reactionary leftists" are completely missing the point of the leftist critique of idpol.

Why don't you make a list?

Reddit is COINTELPRO man I'm telling ya. We need a Brocialism Renaissance to steer the board in a better direction and bring the right kind of people in. Bat'ko was godsend in this regard.

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I'm on my phone but I'll post standard issue jpeg any oldfag has tomorrow, or some famrade can post it for me. Until then i personally recommend Emma Goldman

DemocraticSocialist01 is that you?

Also totally forgot the so.cially conservative word filter. Nice

If somebody thinks red liberals are retarded it isn't because they're conservative (socially) you fucking dingus.

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Asked her for further explanation, aparently she is "demisexual", aka a subtype of asexuals who can like sex but only with persons they like romantically.
I continue to think this definition is retarded, influenced by the fact that it's in the same wikipedia page of the glorious pic related one, but hey, at least it doesn't breaks the rules of physics now.

Oh, and thanks for these user, i'll check em later

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