We should not be subjecting children's brains to WiFi

was she right?

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yes wifi literally causes cancer look it up it's all true it's the facts it's in the data seriously just look it up



People who voted for these idiots even ironically or just to spite Clinton need to evaluate themselves and their lives

Wifi is a fucking meme. Wired connections are far superior in just about every single way.


Microwaves don't cause cancer, they just heat things up.

Is porky behind this?

No people like that always existed among us. It's easy to ignore them now because they're kind of segregated and mostly over 40, but in the early 2000s they were like SJWs now, something you keep trying to push away from your movements and spaces to keep them from ruining it.

"Alternative" parties and organizations get swamped by weirdos all the time. Porky doesn't really have to do anything. The only way to keep the fringe at bay is to aggressively market your movement to normies.

Someone should tell that to the Democratic Cops of America before they start expelling members for making excellent jokes on Twitter

wifi - also known as microwave spectrum radiation - is not harmful to biological tissues outside of the potential for heating, though you'd have to seriously jack with your wifi to get it to burn anything.

No, the corporate media's smear of an anti-corporate party's candidate was not right.

People who believe these kinds of lazy smears uncritically, especially if they profess to be on the Left, need to re-evaluate themselves and their lives.

t. porky

I’m glad she decided against studying naturopathy but her views on it worry me a lot. I told her if we ever had kids I would go get them vaccinated even if she said she didn’t want them to be vaccinated. I also said parents should be forced to vaccinate their kids under threat of jail. She’s not an “anti-vaxxer” per se but she keeps claiming kids get them “too fast in succession” which sounds pretty suspect to me but I don’t know enough about it to say she’s wrong or right

The thing about vaccinations that irks me isn't muh autism or any nonsense like that, it's that it would be a great way to clandestinely microchip a shitload of people so they can be tracked even if they never have a smartphone.

Good point, never though about that.

Don't be a retard user.


This, more or less.

This may be the spookiest thing I've ever read. It was literally spooky and Stirner spooky. Alternative medicine should be picked clean like a corpse and be lit on fire. Tell us about some of your girlfriend's crazier opinions.

I hope this is the case. Getting chipped secretly would totally be great, imagine all the reactionary government types we would just suck up. If it happened with public consent though, I might just an hero.

Good excuse to keep people away from the retardation that is the internet.

There is actually shockingly few studies done on the effects of wi-fi signals on biological systems. People who notice that microwaves ovens use the same frequency as wifi are rights. There is also no inherent reason to think EM waves cannot effect cellular processes. It does actually warrant investigation, but almost nobody will do that because they are scared of being labeled a crank. Food for thought.

They cause water molecules, at least, to rotate. They can effect other polar molecules too.

But microwaves aren't ionizing either, and wifi isnt even as bad as the sun. Even if it had some magic reaction, there is no proof so no reason to believe.

wifi shill detected

enjoy your cancer

No evidence.

Y-you too.

Yeah I guess polarity and temperature aren't important to biological systems, which are generally not sensitive and work equally well in environment which they did not evolve in,

Look, I gave you multiple points to deconstruct at your leisure so we could have a discussion. You can continue to be sassy or we can have an actual conversation. I have an open mind on this, but I don't think there is evidence to support your side. This is your choice.

I wish she had jumped on the #FreeTheNipple campaign. She's so hot.

This. Jill is a total GILF. Her being a new age / alternative medicine kook just makes her more qt.

She's a physician with a doctoral degree who's published works where encouraging vaccination was a core theme. Stop spreading propaganda.

She has that creepy ass cult leader/yoko ono vibe: youtube.com/watch?v=hTz8j0VirLE



It's more that that was a phase that she went through (possibly) and has that vibe which is really hot. You get the positives of crazy but she's moved on past the negatives. It's like a formerly fat girl or an ex-Mormon. They still have the good things from when they were coping with their bullshit (fat girls suck a mean dick; mormons are freaks), but they're clean now so they could actually be a good partner.



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people will only care about the environment until it's no longer necessary to sustain human life, which is most likely very soon.
eco-fascism is quite literally degenerate and ultra-reactionary.

Yes but i think that should extend to any form of Internet access.


Microwaves don't work by transmitting heat, they work by shaking molecules around. The heat is a side effect. Microwave bombardment produces chemical alterations to proteins. When your phone softens the side of your face it's not sweat from being smothered. The skin on your face is literally melting.




WiFi uses RF and microwaves are a frequency of that sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0891061815000599


The Greens were always like this, they were even worse off in the 2000’s before 2008 when actual leftism was dead in America.

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It's not insane. They support it only as a complimentary medicine it for where there is no other treatment. There is a fuck ton of natural treatments to some conditions that have been proven by various peer reviewed studies. Only psuedo-intellectual faux-skeptics lump. Jill Stein is an actual doctor for fuck sake. The views are hugely misrepresented slanderously by Holla Forumsaks and porky. Don't be scouter idiot that falls for it.

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