I'm a semi well known troll on yt. Any advice on how I should act like a nazbol?

I'm a semi well known troll on yt. Any advice on how I should act like a nazbol?

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NazBol is something you're born with, it is for those who feel different

If you have what it takes it will come to you.

Read Dugin tbh


Hello, Evalion.

this lol

Read Franco Freda


Engage with your inner autistic neanderthal ancestry.


like fuck my own life isnt that nice but…fuck
gets things in order mate


Like this.

Jesus wept

1. Actually read Dugin.

2. Hate on Ukrainians.

3. Hate on Sunni Muslims.

4. Promote irrelevant shiting with Turkroaches and Chinese.

Currently reading Eurasian mission tbh. It's alright so far.

The trick is that whenever a normal leftists would use "bourgeoisie", or "boss" or whatever, you just have to put "Jewish" in front of it. Bam! you're now NAZBOL

5. Hate anyone that isn't white

6. Hate jews as much as your regular Holla Forums poster

7. Hate any kind of idpol

I wish it was just a stereotype

What did he mean by this?

None of those are entirely true if we're going to be serious here


There's this small fringe on youtube where fascists and communists get along, videos about Huey Long or Gadaffi. But that's only a very small minority of fascists who are spooked but not completely cucked (99% of fascists are just neocons on steroids)

Nazbol is cool with a lot of non-whites. It's just not cool with blacks.

Like a Nazi but in for social stability of the worker. Aka more humane than a Nazi. Aka still a piece of shit but less so.

like Varg Virgin basically.



Like the shit anyone else does is any more meaningful in the end.

Autists are the radical subject of the fourth political theory, deal with it


Fight them where they gather. Nowadays it seems like they are fairly active on telegram judging from the follower counts on some of their channels.


Sadly I dont have the links right now, but I saved this one with the names of a few Telegram channels/chats.