On the same year the conveyor belt was introduced into the soviet union they revised their textbooks to say that the...

On the same year the conveyor belt was introduced into the soviet union they revised their textbooks to say that the law of value applied in socialism.

they were right, you’re wrong.

I don't really think you fully realize the extent of the compromise you've made here. Defending the SU from fascist lies is all well and good but when it gets to the point where you accept the subordination of human needs to profit as a distinguishing feature of socialist society you've effectively abandoned any real argument for socialism in general. It's fucking reformism.

The SU introduced the Conveyor Belt because they needed the most Value created by there limited workforce in order to advance there society. Not for profit.

You are missing the point

Everyday we stray farther from marx's light

can we just systematically kill all primies???

Conveyer belts are exploitative and dictate the pace of the work as to squeze out more value and have the worker work at SNLT.

How does it feel to be this dumb?


How does it fell to be a mark succ?

But the law of value would have killed the Soviet economy, if the crypto-porkies hadn't dismantled the State first.

This post is bad, yet very short. Overall I'd say it's okay.

marxists being autistic as usual

Where have I heard this argument before?

So what. They do more good then harm for workers. With conveyor belts the SU could increase the quality of life of it’s citizens by having more value.

They had a portrait of Ford next to Lenin in the factories.

Lenin always said the people must industrialize as fast as possible under socialism.


I've heard that the SU in the Stalin years had a somewhat fetishistic appreciation with Fordism. Are there any good books on the subject?

After coming to power Lenin himself became a big fan of Taylorism, despite strongly denouncing it before.

The law of value is capitalism.

It is true that under capitalism, the more efficient the tech, the more expendable the worker, however it's not the conveyor belts fault, it's the workers relationship to the conveyor belt

They relationship was the same

I guess feudalism was capitalism to.