You will never browse revleft circa 2010-2015 just in time for the bordigist/leftcom revival and rafiq posts again


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fuck off rafiq, no one cares about your (literally) autistic rants

no u

Wouldn't doubt it


rafiq thinks imageboards are too de.generate for him though

Anybody got the pet post from rafiq?

Dunno if it's one of those because honestly I never read any of his posts despite saving them.

fuck off rafiq


how embarrassing

It's okay rafiq, don't listen to this guy. I care.

Feels good.

idiot, you're saying that good posts aren't worth posting about

but none of your posts are good, rafiq

why don't you then explain this and ascend from being a useless hit and run shitposter

Explain what? One shouldn't explain the lumps of corn in a big meaty shit.

you could've just said nothing, it would have sent the same message that you're useless Holla Forums-tier dead-weight

Read bordiga

It's like Rafiq is a 420dimensional reactionary trying to prove De Maistre right in over-rationality being the essence of madness and the enlightenment being a death cult.

The guy is incapable of actually talking to another person, he takes one thing a person said, applies his botched lacanianism to it and then goes of in a chain of statements in which he asks a question to himself, answers it and then repeats the process filling pages and pages, the conclusion always being that his fatalistic death cult that will be the end and answer to everything is the only true communism and that everyone who doesn't follow this (which is every single person on the planet except for him) should be killed.

This is your brain on communism.

I browsed revleft between 2006-7 until there was massive purge of users and mods, after that it became kind of dead
I also remember the war between revleft and MRN, today I will think it was hilarious.

Remember when they believed there was a fascist secret society infiltrating revleft through some sort of forum game and all trotskyists somehow being a part of this conspiracy?

I never got to knew if they actually believed that or of it was just some ego-bruising among the mods that needed to be justified.

eRegime and trot banning episodes were at different times

Rafiq was an ML

I don't remember it too well and was never into the clique so I only ever got to see the fallout.

Do you what really was behind the eregime and trot banning drama?

i'm assuming there was one big purge of trots, which happened a few years back on the pretense that they were apologists for isis via "anti-imperialism". i think they deserved warnings rather than permanent bans.


So this is the intellectual might of leftcoms…

how about you stop assuming the intent of posts on Holla Forums

revleft was actually pretty lively for a longer while since the years around 2010, i'd say since this year it's the most dead in recent memory

Rafiq 'ownership is reactionary' Khan. Seriously though, I didn't read that post but it's impossible to collective the vast majority of goods today given things aren't produced to last as long as possible, to obviously keep cost down. Probably need socialism first before we can get to checking out technology like books at a library. At best we can turn mansions into something more useful like how anarchist turned one into a hospital in Revolutionary Catalonia. Thinking about it, would be pretty neat if there was a bourgeoisie museum in the future.

My point exactly, he's obsessively ego-centric and bears grudges towards everyone he converses with, going so far as calling for the execution of other marxists over things like supporting animal rights, yet always speaks of himself in the plural We marxists are such and so, we marxists demand this and that. He speaks of agency and how everyone but him sees people as slaves to this or that, yet constantly positions himself as the perfect servant of communism, a pure tool whose tasks is all that is to him.

The one on memes is like fine wine. Should be required reading for everyone on this board, really.

t. rafiq!!?p=2873134#post2873134

If you are caught kissing during the building of a hydro-electric dam you will be shot. No, not even that, you will be shot if there even exists the possibility of you doing so. IngSoc were a bunch of fucking amateurs compared to Father Rafiq.

When everyone is free, they will all be rafiq drones, because to be free means that one needs to be reasonable and to be reasonable means to be a rafiq drone. One can only not be a rafiq drone by having a Big Other think for him because any person who would think for themselves would think like rafiq. To be free, is to be free from all the constraints that hold one back in being their fully responsfile selves, which means being rafiq.

This is what not having a theory-of-mind looks like. Rafiq is literally incapable of imagining a person thinking differently than he does, his explanation for people still doing so is that all others are instead controlled by Big Others who render them thoughtless, or simply defective idiots. His argumentative style being characterized by asking questions that he then provides the answers for himself isn't just the use of an argumentative device, he is quite literally talking to himself.

This. I seriously doubt rafiq posts here, not only does he hate image boards but his post tend to be fucking massive: something we don't see much of around these parts.

This is Rafiq's exact writing style. Just replace the capitalized words with italicized ones and sprinkle in a fuckton of "righteous" indignation.

Is it this one? Just found it in another thread.

He's a Stalinist, read more carefully, left-com.

A stalinist that denies the socialist nature of the USSR? Are you an idiot?

Holla Forums in a nutshell

Only liberals use this term, as it implicitly submits to the ideology that socialism is inherently dictatorial and that the democratic aspect has to be specified.

current front page is worse than this thread, bump

Uhhhh, you're naive.

It's Evola and he didn't say that, he rather despised fascists for the most part.
He rather pointedly stated that with writings like the protocols and monica secreta the issue isn't really if they're forgeries or not but if the things they're describing is truthful or not.

Anyway Rafiq isn't particularly interesting, as a thinker or a writer, he likes to take comments out of context and use it to rantingly shit out everything that's on his mind even if it means taking a simple statement and bloating it into fifteen by turning everything into a repartee with himself. It's all very livejournal of him.

fuck off rafiq

These are legit terrible and I'm afraid socialist theory is not for the likes of you if you consider that drivel smart or insightful

Rafiq-worshipping is very consistent with this board's overall trend of consistently lowering the level of your intellectual heroes as soon as you realise that prominent intellectuals and historical Marxists don't really believe the same nonsense as you do

the state of liberals itt

in all likelihood these posters are strangely attached to shit theory because there is no way someone can genuinely say that rafiq isn't actually a good marxist tbh

fuck off rafiq

But you're still wrong

it's almost like you're not a leftist or something

fuck off rafiq

no, honestly, stop. you're embarrassing yourself if you think you have a place in leftism while throwing this tantrum in this thread of all places.

fuck off rafiq

how embarrassing

Rafiq is a good Marxist boy, which also makes him a shit theorist.



It wasn't that great and they purged most of the remaining good posters in like 2012 I think.

rafiq wasn't purged though (it was probably to though)

they said good posters

not an argument

Encoding got fucked somehow.

no one's clicking that

It's just a text file of Ismail ranting about revleft infiltration by neonazis. Was too long to post here.

Fucked the link. Here is a new one. A couple of the files don't show up right.!Gd4GhLAC!vsnyuIZ5j0Qv42ovGoGoLQ

Actually ignore it. It's just old revleft drama no one care about anymore.

but that's wrong