The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets

Take the vegpill.

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Well the FBI have to occupy their time somehow when they're not making mentally disabled people participate in terror plots.

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just look at this


Whoa animal rights btfo

Enjoy the colon cancer.

Damn, you sure showed those vegan fags.

doesnt even look yummy, this does tho

Yummy is subjective.

Look guys, I understand that veganism is healthy and whatnot. But when you put this kinds of pictures you make me feel ashamed of taking part in this activity and I feel like my ethics are being questioned and refuted so I try to think of something that proves my ethics are completely correct and that vegans are just SJW scum and have a blue dyed hair.

Fuck, this makes Okja look tame in comparison…

Just think for a second how fucking stupid, idealist, and removed from political economy this notion is.

That's from the additive E250 and not from the meat itself. If you buy your bacon from the butcher you'll be just fine.

apply your own logic

I'd mix the two together.

It's not, actually. There's a growing record of "vegan science" being faked by moralist faggots who dare to call themselves scientists.

You are a fucking omnivore biologically. Your body needs meat. Vegans need to take supplementary vitamins to function.

Try a central nervous system.

big if true

Spoiler, it's not. The people who think meat being unhealthy is a conspiracy are the same people who thought that cigarettes were healthy too. Eating meat is propagandized, not the other way around.

there is enough research proving that you can survive AND thrive on a vegan diet, the only supplement which is not found in non animal products is b-12 and there is no problem with that since taking one pill each week is not really a problem, even less when this supplement is added to almost all vegan milk alternatives

Plus meat is a major factor on CVD's which is one of the biggest killer right now

This, trying to convince people to become vegan/vegetarian online is fruitless, since it always begets an autistic backlash against it.

Besides, climate annihilation will spell the demise of factory farming anyways, we'll all be eating mostly plant and insect protein in the not too distant future.

Im kinda skeptical about the whole insect eating thing. Is there any illnesses related to consuming insect meat?

No, it's actually healthier than eating mammals.

For all of History humans have eat meat.
You got me. Alex Jones also drinks water. I should clearly stop drinking water. That’ll show them.

Thats kinda obvius, but is whats the point of spending time and energy when its more effecient to plant protein rich plants like soy and beans

Yes and we did many fucked up things troughout all human history, and its not like we have consumed meat in the same amounts we are doing now, places like china that had only recently started consuming meat deemed normal by western standards are suffering the consequences since they have a lot more diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The government went as far as planning on cutting meat consumption by half

One of the gentlemen:

The Eskimo's traditional diet consists of 95% meat and show one of the lowest cancer rates and cardiac problems.

You. Are. An. Omnivore.

Myth. Vegan diet lacks fat soluble A & D vitamins, K2, and has super low levels of iron. It also relies heavily on soy which fucks up your hormones.

Look up Chris Kresser's article on the defects of vegan diet for more.

Again, a fucking myth, spread by "did you know"-tier vegan sites. Occurrence of CVD shows consistent correlation with the spread of anti-depressants, and carbohydrate intake. See David Jankins et al. on how carbohydrates are the ones to blame for raised triglyceride and LDL levels, and lowering HDL.

It's worse than pseudo-activity. It's effectively campaigning for making your fellow men less healthy. It's evil in the veil of liberal moralism.


No, it is not. It's more economical.

This is a myth. You are relying on analysis of data done by vegan ideologues. China didn't just start eating more meat, globalized capitalism reformed their entire dietary culture.

Veganism literally has the same type of ideological fixation as anti-semitism. China leaves behind a feudal and colonial society, million different phenomena evolve and interact but NOOOOOO, it's the meatjews! It makes sense now!

[Trypophobia intensifies]

Your original sentence was: "I'm going to eat the flesh of animals that spent their entire lives caked in their own feces." To which I pointed out that your vegetables are caked in other specie's feces.

When you "finally liberate the animals" natural predators will give the prey a horrible and long death instead a fast and humane one like we can. I just wish I could see the vegans' reaction to similar a graphic propaganda video similar to what they make of cow's intestines being torn out by hungry wolves while it's still screaming for minutes. The subtitle would be "this is what vegans want".

LMAO enjoy your limp wristed noodle arms you fucking faggot soyboy

High iron & cancer risk.
Long-term consumption of a low-calorie low-protein vegan diet OR regular endurance exercise training is associated with low cardiometabolic risk

It's actually from PhIP which is formed in the chemical reaction of cooking meat.
Cooked meat and colon cancer


Thanks, boy.

Which is disproven when you break down your analysis between processed and unprocessed meat consumers, the latter while still cooking their meat have no increased cancer rate. PhIP is in the same category for cancer risk as working in a hair salon, while the meat lobby spends millions yearly funding "research" to disprove the facts about E250.

You need iron to fucking function you degenerate mongrel. Have you heard about anemia? And again, the fucking "cancer risk," it's basically in the category of oxygen.

DoEs BreAthINg CaUSe CanCeR?
Scientists consider it for its prooxidant quality.

>vegan diet and endurance exercise are associated with low cardiometabolic risk
Same goes with smoking and endurance exercise vs. just smoking I guess. Can't you understand how fucking biased this is from the getgo? Also

So let's recap what we learned today. Vegans like yourself when confronted with contrary evidence go on google and type in
"[I want this to be bad] cancer"
then dump them on their opponents not even having read them or having the capacity to understand what is discussed and what weight it carries.

Was hoping there would be some discussion of the FBI's autism but instead nobody called out the witless samefag at the start and now the thread is LOOK AT DIS SALAD LOOK AT DIS BACON DOE LMAO
Vegans are insufferable because they think me and others must give a shit and get preachy the very second they start posting. This could have been a decent thread but they couldn't help but out-tism the FBI.

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vegans btfo


Vegetables aren't made of flesh and they don't get diseases from manure.

This but unironically

that's right


The sad fact that the FBI isn't even considered to be discussed ITT is due to OP just using the otherwise interesting topic to push his one sided agenda. But it isn't even a comprehensive agenda, if you really look at it. I'm more and more convinced that vegans don't actually give a shit about animals or healthy diet since for them this (like every other) opportunity is just a chance to flaunt their superior morals and superior lifestyles.

Ever had a vegan friend? He'll bring up the topic every 30 minutes with essentially this message: people = bad, ignorant, dangerous; me = good, enlightened, trustworthy. Naturally this has a class angle to it as well, but it is clear that psychologically it falls under the same category as philanthropy for the bourgeoisie: a meaningless routine that reinforces a set of beliefs. With veganism you have the same three elements (spending, repetition, reinforcement) as with philanthropy, but spending is lower but all-encompassing, repetition is more often, reinforcement somehow not as satisfying and long lasting as with weekly charity balls.

Yeah no doubt, it seems like several vegans circlejerking each other too.

You have failed to consider the option of simply not breeding new animals to replace the ones which are humanely killed. We should be working towards the near extinction of livestock and the development of meat production technology which does not involve any brains being grown.

I very much doubt the person you described exists. I've known a bunch of vegans but never known one to bring the topic up frequently or be aggressive or condescending about it. Maybe things are just different in the US, but I suspect that it's just another strawman based on rare outliers.
It doesn't help that you'll probably never know about most of the vegans you meet who aren't obnoxious because they won't announce their dietary preferences to you. That's a big source of confirmation bias.

So let's take that image and see what gay frogs man is actually holding in his hands.
Depends where he bought it. If from a supermarket it's almost entirely sure the cow was treated with growth hormones, ater cutting it they could have used syringes to inject shit that increases the volume of it and neither of that is good for you.
Guaranteed to have bought it packaged and pre-sliced, with a good dose of E250 in it which is again, pretty shit for you.
E250, preservatives, taste enhancers, etc. The dog consists of 40-80% of soy which fucks with your hormone levels, the "meat" used is factory waste (skin, ligaments, bones, etc.) which isn't harmful just not very flavorful.
Sauce most likely contains good dose of sugar, corn syrup, soy, etc. – not very nice for you.

It's almost as if the dietary problems falsely attributed meat has more to do with capitalism than with the meat itself.

Should remember to write animal abuse in the Black Book of Capitalism (not the leaflet crap that was printed with that name), along with environmental damage, mental disorder epidemics, deteriorating social cohesion and other factors other than how many Brazilion people dieded.

It's been observed by many.

what's he going to do with those entire heads of garlic?

Well I honestly feel for vegans. They're objectively right, and if a God put me in hell for eating animals he'd be pretty justified honestly. I don't have too, yet I do. I'm more or less paying a man to raise and slaughter a living animal, deliver and possibly cook for me. It doesn't change that it's crowd funded for lower costs y'know. I agree about the "meat has been marketed and you have been fooled" line too. It's like weddings and cigarettes, and probably a bunch of other things people like and don't question. I just can't be roused to action, much like religion, people enjoy this way too much to change. Like atheism, this will be a pet opinion that will die alone away from all the other, much prettier opinions unless I dress it up.

You're the only one sperging out in this thread because vegans replied to an image of bacon.

Animals fuck, dude. Are we going to euthanize them too? Produce cow condoms…? Do chicken abortions?

Gives flavor/smellz I guess.

That's not true, I said I'd eat the two together, actually.

Oh for fucks same, this shit does not need to devolve into PETA Egan bullshit. Factory farms my is inherently repulsive and should be avoided as much as possible. You don't have to be a vegetarian to see OPs story is fucked up and animals do not deserve the abuse they are subjected to, even if they are bred for slaughter. Even for solely egotistical purposes it suits your interests for the animals you consume to live healthier lives, since this translates to healthier food

Also fuck the class traitors in the FBI. First against the wall


Yes. Because eating meat didn’t start in capitalism. It’s been done sense humans have been alive.

He’s a southerner, so probably eat them whole.

So has every other retarded strawman reddit comes up with. You might as well have said, "it's just common sense" for all the authority it adds to your claim.

Dead animals don't. The rate of new animals being born, and hence the level of suffering necessary to prevent population growth, is proportional to the population. The smaller the population, the less suffering there will be.
You're going to kill them for food anyway, right? If you want to dress it up as euthanasia, you can.
Have you considered the possibility that you're just an idiot?

This is peak ideology, and you know it. "Natural balance" doesn't exist.

This isn't true. Living life forms over-produce all the fucking time causing constant crises in nature. But most obviously this doesn't hold for us either.

Well let's just thank God that I'm not from reddit and my arguments don't rely on reddit.

You realize that that is unironically the logic people used to keep slavery going, right?

Those images got deleted. I guess I'm pretty fucked up if I didn't feel any discomfort from seeing them…


Eat shit


Serious question
Is fecal matter vegan?

It's an animal product so probably not

On topic I think it's both on some level hilarious the FBI has wasted so much resources tracking some fucking pigs, but also horrifying since even this can't be the biggest concern of a fucking corporation. As much a mess as the Soviet system was I imagine their intelligence/police services had better focus than this.

Also, factory farming is a nightmare and literally no one in this thread advocates this bullshit. I won't even call the vegan asshole in this thread a moralfag because that's an almost positive distinction. Vegans are fine, but don't be a fucking faggot about it. None of my vegan or vegetarian friends push that shit on me because they aren't lifestylist faggots that feel like lording their diet over everyone. Seriously kys you vegan piece of shit.

Yes, given current trends most people will be eating a plant-based diet in about 40 years. People seem to be way too spooked by their diet and porky is happier than ever with people being sick. Hopefully it comes sooner before it's too late for our ecosystem. Even if you're a sociopath and don't care about animals eating a "vegan" diet is in your best interest:

You reverse CVD with plant-based diet lad, the only diet known to reserve it.

And here's your cancer study:

Porky protects his own.

Is this the same woman crying for the poor Zionists in that Norman Finkelstein video?

What if I don't like the taste of meat and simply take a shit out of spooked fleshgobblers?

Damn vegans are cringy as fuck.

I found one of them :^)


Meat won’t be the most smoking. Vegans have to take special pills in order to function.Most people, myself included don’t want to do that.

Wrong. Porky is happy selling vitamins to restarted Vegans and if he was to stop selling them, in a time of insurrection he could do a lot of harm.


The fuck kind of board is this?

You are complete retard, and even if you feel like not taking vitamins b12 is found in most vegan milk alternatives

Try reading what you're replying to

Reply was mean for

It's all good, fam.


Are these federal nutrition recommendations the old pyramid or a new one? Because the old one turned out to have been bought out by Porky, and it's arguably one of the biggest reasons for the world obesity epidemic.

Pretty sure thats the old one, here in europe thanks dog we dont have it on food packages. What about murica?

Most people are getting their B12 by eating supplemented foods. Health conscious vegans stop eating those foods so they have supplement it directly. It's a modern day problem. How do you think herbivorous animals get their B12? People should also supplement DHA/EPA for optimal nutrition, but you'd have to eat fish everyday to the adequate amounts, this is why you supplement fish oil, the alternative to this is algae oil which is the safest to digest given the pollutants found in fish oil.

Less than 1% of the human population is vegan, the vast majority of supplements are targeted and consumed by meat eaters. You're delusional.

This is a SFW board. Unspoilered dead pig fetuses and vandalized pig tits are not SFW content. If you don't like the rule post your gore to Holla Forums or Holla Forums.




I can feel the frustration in your post. How's it like being spooked by meat and conned by porky?


Not all meat comes from factory farms.

I prefer not to be able to have my life destroyed by not being able to axces a single commodity.

like pottery

Why do veteran vegans look like ghouls?