Holla Forums we totally have to watch Halloween 3 together, it was a movie made for us

Holla Forums we totally have to watch Halloween 3 together, it was a movie made for us
Shit is so relevant to the board and our memes. We need a way to watch it together.

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I just don't get slasher/horror movies personally. Who wants to see a bunch of mostly innocent people get butchered for no real point? I mean if you like them that's cool. But I just don't see the appeal.

stay fucking spooked kiddo

Daily reminder that this man was a communist

It's even better because in this movie the targets are children wearing masks.


where's the stream with chat you 19th century autist?

No idea, what's a good service for that?

dubtrack, for one

get something that doesnt require registration or other accounts

It might not be on youtube for copyright reasons so it would be a good idea to look at a streaming service that uses something other than youtube

are you doing a streaming or not, OP?

No, but we could watch it separated like a book club

Ayy… what else is there?

One person can just torrent the movie then stream it, oy vey. I don't even want to watch this but make an effort.

Who though

I think it's Euronymous from the black metal band Mayhem


I'd rather watch the original Halloween. It's one of my favorite horror movies.

Honestly this but if it's 3 then ok. A bit boring but the soundtrack is 13/10

Torrenting is not a problem for me, streaming is

So I guess there is no convenient site for live streaming movies anymore? I had been wondering what options were available to do a /leftyweebpol/ stream at some point.


just watched it.
was shit.
thanks OP for wasting my time.

Is not my fault you have shit taste