Right wing video

We are losing the culture war.

Which begs the question. Why are there so many rightwing class cucks in the west?

the future for leftism looks bleak lads…

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More like losing the botnet war. But I digress.

If you have ever actually looked at the youtube comments section you're going to the gulag.

Because you can easily propagandize right wing talking points, whereas left-wing theory often needs abstract background.

The entire "populist" left is completely overrun with IdPol, so there is that

Most of mainstream media is anti far right and thats more important than youtube videos.

Literally the goofiest shit there is.


I don't think many young people pay attention to the big media anymore. We have to prepare for a generation that has not been conditioned by the mainstream media. It's gonna be interesting. I can see the established parties in the west loosing a lot of their voter base once all the old fuck die out, the ones who have traditionally voted for the same big party everytime no matter the candidate/content

children who actually listen to people begging them to like comment and subscribe because they think Sargon of Akkad is their ersatz friend

mature adults who don't like anything, only comment to tell children about the impending bleak future and don't subscribe to anything but the immortal science of dialectical materialism, and understand that friends are a lie told to gullible children like Santa Claus and American Freedom.


It's a lot easier to hear comforting lies than hard truths. We just need more of us making videos (and more average people / brainlets because right now the left looks like a pseudo-intellectual circlejerk to the extreme)

who gives a shit nigga

Back to Hell you go, Andy!


That's the problem tho, these people unironically believe sargon, steven crowder, and black pigeon speaks are morally righteous rebels fighting the "cultural marxist esjaydubya" establishment.

We are going to get a non meme rightwinger in the whitehouse within 20 yrs. We are fucked

They're fucking powerless to stop it m8. We're fucked…

right wingers are quite well organised online tbqh. at least on twitter/youtube. swarm effect.

You may think it's goofy (it is) but that dosen't change the fact that it's working.

ya'll niggas is 30 years behind the ball with your book club you have here every day

That's not what I'm saying actually. What I'm suggesting is that the left comes of as preachy navel gazers. Our arguments are not at all difficult to grasp if we don't get caught up in the sort of trifling sectarian arguments where we argue over minutiae. But nobody seems to want to actually talk about this shit and instead spouts memes that you need to know those arguments to understand (which only works on people so insecure they'll learn on their own because they're desperate to feel included).

Video strongly related:
Right-wing friend of contrapoints who went and did research on Marxism to better reply and found ideas she'd literally never heard before and though were good.

We shouldn't be trying to win the culture war but destroy it altogether.

The right have been waging their goofy-ass "culture war" against ghosts at least since the 1990s and it has never been anything more than dickswinging. Not to mention it's pure idealism.

um actually it's more like 43 years sweaty x…

Nonetheless, the fact he got elected and managed to create a safe space for neonazis in American discourse is pretty troubling


Sure sure but the economy was worse in 2008 and we didn't see these people then in any kind of as big a way.

Fascism doesn't just appear immediately when shit goes bad. The economy has largely still been shit after 08, and it's only recently the fascists have come out. It took a while after WWI for fascism to rise in Europe (Mussolini came to power in 22).

We need to approach the culture wars differently imo. These things usually start with an economic or social project being advocated by a group, and then the people who benefit from it mobilize online and elsewhere in order to advance it in the world of ideas, since they feel like it's in their self-interest to spend hours making propaganda, debating, circulating material, giving money to pundits, etc.

The Right became so good at this shit because they had a bunch of complaints and grievances (even personal ones, like the shit dealt with by the self-help nonsense of Gavin, Jordan, etc) addressed by a niche of people that were mostly active on Youtube.

So IMO if we want to fight back we need to create content that is not merely defensive (e.g. "why Marx was right", "why Venezuela is not that bad", "why human nature is a fallacy") and actually go in the offensive, talking about shorter working hours, better salaries, better infrastructure and how these things are difficult to attain because of mechanisms that are built-in in our economic system.

Socialism is often presented (wrongly) as a question of solidarity and helping others with no regards for your own self-interest, and that may appeal to some people rationally but it won't get anyone to feel the urge to spend a significant chunk of your day engaging opposing schools of thought.

The thing about that is the economy had barely just started sucking in 2008 and the economic stress we have right now is still within the fallout of that. Only now people have had time to react to it and organize in response to it, not least of all fascists.

People don't go from vanilla neocons to what we have now overnight when the economy tanks, it's a process that takes some years. Likewise I don't think anyone here on Holla Forums was sitting around in the late 2000s then woke up one morning when the economy crashed and thought "Oh well, guess I'm communist now".

I don't get it either. Reactionaries have a stranglehold on youtube while claiming they're counter-cultural, being opressed by evil leftists.

OP is an autistic who can't be reasoned with, sage and hide

How does one destroy a war?

With peace.

t. HillaryDumbledore2016




The major problem is that the right is more united than the left, people on the right are friendly with each other just for the simple reason that they are in the same "political spectrum", as a comparasion you can see that here people hate each other and when some left-wing channel starts to make videos they have 0 support.

citation needed

no citation
its just a hunch of mine
i should have phrased that shit better
all the other shit i said is true though




meant for


the most important thread on leftypol rn

I see ur point m8 but if we're all banking on the workers revolution idk how much youtube matters. How many employed people watch political youtube videos. Of that number how many work in industries that the workers could ever actually seize the workplace effectively? It's far fetched but farmhands could seize the farm and continue operations. Same can't be said for some wagie cuck pushing numbers for the insurance companies.

Yeah, and for all their youtube videos and botnets, what do they get for an effective moblized force? A bunch of literally LARPing autistic tards who think they're being revolutionary by walking around in their homemade frog costumes and screeching about THE MEMES!
These are people who are so scared of a couple of skinnyfat antifas that they tell each other made up stories about how horrible antifa is and need to find ways to justify attacking them.

you guys keep screaming culture war and I look around and say WHAT CULTURE? what we have is a disenfranchised splintering of american values. There is no culture culture is singular yet every communist and SJW treats it as multiple entities. Scripture time children please follow along. A house divided against itself can not stand.

We're losing the culture war because in the popular imagination (created by these rightwingers) Marxists are aligned with the idpol SJW forces, we're all part of the Cultural Marxist conspiracy. And so we're smeared by association. Most people have no idea that Marxists are actually radically at odds with idpol and liberals. And it probably doesn't help that we show up at the same marches, antifa in their black bloc marching alongside Hillary supporters on the Trump inauguration day protest for example.

If there were a few Marxist-leaning youtubers who had the popularity of say the Amazing Atheist or Black Pigeon Speaks we could reverse this association in the populist imagination. It really destroys their whole argument because "muh SJWS" is really all they got.

That's amazing. His gut literally looks just like the memes.

Mainstream cable media is also dying off at a rapid pace, sooooo…..

The fourth empire has moved left and they cant see beyond their shallow interpretation of an ideology they follow because it is perceived as hip in the circles they run in and it makes them feel closer to the celebrities that they worship. Anything these hipsters touch is tainted by their cancer in the eyes of the average person (note the butthurt in this very thread).
This cycle has been going since the dawn of civilization. Give it a few years and we will regress to the mean.

Holla Forums: Hijacks popular culture, organizes marches, creates easy to understand material, propagandises all over youtube, reddit, twitter and social media in general, and is united by the 14 words regardless of internal differences.

Holla Forums: Establishes an online book club/circlejerk for 19th century tomes and keeps fighting over whose special snowflake brand of communism (Trots, anarkiddies, tankies, ML, Mautism, anprims, "let's sit in the chair until everything sorts itself out", etc.)

So much for left being for "the people".

Holla Forums is directly funded by the bourgeoisie and yet they still have no IRL presence.

Youtube is shit tho, join an union or a party, post shit on twitter/facebook


This is probably the best thread to post this but has anyone else noticed the increased tendency on 4ch or anywhere else on the web that isn't SA for someone to go on literal paragraphs about SJWs and cultural marxism even if it's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, it's like these people are ready to sperg out at the drop of a hat

Spoiler alert: they are

OK so how do we organize similarly

This is going to sound incredibly fucking around and “tfw to intelligent” but here goes: YouTube is for the lowest common denominator and to really get into leftism you have to not be a brainlet. Smart people are on the right and brainlets are on the left, but the average brainlet is a right winger.
I feel like a lot of right wing politics is just being mad at people pointing out ideas and values that are non-obvious and anything non-obvious must be wrong to a brainlet rightist.

100% my dude, it’s insane. If I watch a clip of any movie where some character gets mad or over reacts or just acts shrill the top comment 300+ likes will be “reminds me of those feminazis SJWs when you sssume their gender xD.”

If what you preach is truth, then it should not require conditioning beyond a simple education in the matter to instill. Lies require subversion. Truth is taken for granted, and cannot be suppressed.

You are critically underestimating ideology's hold on people.

Yeah, well, their ideology means life for multiple ethnic groups and the cultural identities that they happen to be a part of. Maybe they would have chosen ethnic and cultural suicide if we had at least sweetened the deal and allowed them to be martyrs, but every non-european seemed to be lining up to spit on their graves before they had even flatlined.
So, they choose the greater of the two evils, the one that allows them to live. Am I supposed to be shocked?

What the fuck are you going on about?

Look, comrade, you can pretend to not know what I'm talking about, or you can contribute something to the discussion.
In case you're serious: Marxism, or "leftism" generally speaking, as it has been expressed, portrayed in mainstream outlets, has either been subtly or overtly against the interests of European ethnic groups and men, and aligns itself more with POC and women. This makes sense, and some may see it as just, but that's not what matter. What matters is that the result of our influence is ethnic shame among europeans, rampant idpol among all classes, ethnic displacement among europeans, to the point where, for example, "White" Americans are expected to be a minority by the 2040s if current trends continue. Did we expect them to simply not give a shit? To lie down and die for the benefit of minority groups that now overtly and unabashedly hate them? For migrants that overtly and unabashedly hate them? They would rather go down in history as the intolerant, bigoted racists that lived, than the intolerant, bigoted racists that got fucked, literally and metaphorically, into oblivion. Personally, I can't blame them for feeling that way.

The capitalist MSM…? The literal Powers That Be support (albeit often indirectly) 'Left Wing' idealogy, and this doesn't concern you? It doesn't fly in the face of anti-establishment rhetoric..?


The main problem I have seen since browsing here for a while (Im relative new your circlejerk site) is that you cunts waste way too much time with in-fighting and is hard to take you seriously when all those cunts like some other user has pointed out, they tend to usually work together to an extend as long as they are center to the right in spectrum and hate Idpol, so unless you cunts get your shit together, the future will just look keep looking bleaker

you're both irrelevant irl.
rightwing videos are only viewed by rightwing fucks same thing for lefty.
the average Joe doesn't give a fuck about politics.

Average Joe hates commies and nazis

This user is right. We need to get on the offense.

To be fair, you need a very high Autism Level to understand Bookchin

I'm sorry but could you turn down the gendered language ^_^


nah get fucked with that stupid minor shit some you cunts want is why your average normie cant take you seriously. Man is there anyone on this side of the political spectrum that is not a batshit insane lolcow? this really saddens me since I dont want to support the current reactionaries

i think American have more racial identity then European.
thats actually something you strongly notice, Americans define themselves by race.

Satan, is that you?

I hate right wingers, nothing wrong with that.


It's not that hard to see, all right-wingers will tell you why they hold the beliefs they do. Didn't Marx write about this in an English context? Of course, you could argue that it's the duty of Communists to abolish bourgeois nation-states and promote diversity and solidarity, especially for the greater good of the Global South if you are of a more Third-Worldist persuasion, but you can't expect to not meet any resistance here.

Uh, European ethnic men have been either subtly or overtly against the interest of POC and women for centuries. I don't think all white people should be made to feel guilty or anything, but perhaps a little historical context is in order? I don't think your ethnic group can dominate the globe, colonizing pretty much a whole continent after 90% of the indigenous population is literally wiped out due to disease, war, and slavery, and then complain about some SJWs making jokes about white tears. Grow some balls and face up to the reality of what the "white race" has done. Anything else is just childish SJWism for white people.

Because in reality that's what you actually are


The fact that you replied to that sincerely is really embarrassing and makes you look really autistic. Lurk more.